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Viagra for teens So the Mets are a win away from closing out a 5-3 West Coast road trip. Viagra for teens Not bad for a team that most Mets fans felt threw in the towel because the GM failed to make a trade deadline deal.

Viagra for teens Chris Young goes for the Mets and hopefully he can bounce back from his poor showing in his last start against the Snakes. Viagra for teens  A win today would be a huge boost to the team after such a dismal start to the second half. Viagra for teens Again the resilience of this team is to be admired.

Viagra for teens So Jordany Valdespin got his first taste of veteran wrath yesterday in San Fran. Viagra for teens Seems Mets have a rule that collared shirts must be worn on the road. Viagra for teens JV1 must have thought that rule wasn’t meant for him so he wore a white t-shirt to the ballpark. Viagra for teens Someone in the clubhouse decided it was time for a little rough justice and the Valdy’ tee was destroyed. Viagra for teens I love the fact that whoever gave out the punishment wrote El Hombre on the shirt because Valdespin does walk around like he is “THE MAN” and I bet he embraces that nickname unlike the original El Hombre who despises it. Viagra for teens  Seems after first getting pissed off, viagra for teens Valdy realized the error in his ways and laughed it off to the point he wore the shirt during batting practice.

Viagra for teens The big knock on Valdespin is his maturity in fact it was such a problem in Binghamton that Wally Backman told the Mets brass that if Valdy kept it up he was going to ring his neck. Viagra for teens  Valdespin still irks some in the Mets clubhouse but hopefully yesterday was just another chapter in the Big League Education of Jordany Vladespin.

Viagra for teens So the hot rumor is the Mets offered Jason Bay to the Fish for Heath Bell and John Buck. Viagra for teens All three stink and all three are overpaid but all three are in dire need of change of scenery. Viagra for teens I voted in favor of this deal as I’d wager that Bell will bounce back from this season of suckitude much more than Bay by the way, viagra for teens have you ever seen a player with as bad of body language as Bay recently?  I actually feel sorry for him as he knows he’s at the end of the line not just with Mets but with playing major league baseball, viagra for teens and Buck as bad as he’s been this year would automatically become the best catcher in the Mets organization. Viagra for teens Not saying much I know. Viagra for teens   

Viagra for teens When you look at the money involved in this deal starting in 2013 Bay would cost $19 mil while Bell and Buck are due $24 mil. Viagra for teens I can’t see the Mets making this deal man for man, viagra for teens they would insist in the Fish sending both players to them along with a check for the $5 mil difference. Viagra for teens      

Viagra for teens Anyway the deal never happened but the end of the line for Bay is close like this weekend close. Viagra for teens The Mets won’t cut Bay this season but this off season they will either sit down with him to work out a buy out or they will try very hard to trade him. Viagra for teens Bet on the buyout release.

Viagra for teens A Wall-Mart next to Citi Field? Forget that. Viagra for teens Now a Costco with their $1.50 hot dog/soda combo? OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Viagra prescription uk I didn’t see any of yesterday’s game as it was Mother’s Day and my kids had no sporting events (all through Little League we never scheduled games on Mother’s Day, viagra prescription uk I can’t say the same for youth soccer my kids regularly played on Mother’s Day making life difficult for a bunch of families, viagra prescription uk thankfully this season the schedule worked in our favor) but I received updates on my phone, viagra prescription uk it’s tough to be sitting in a theater during a play to check my phone when it’s vibrating with Mets news especially when my wife is sitting next to me, viagra prescription uk so it wasn’t until the conclusion of Perfect Crime did I see the carnage in Miami by left by the Mets bullpen.

Viagra prescription uk So instead of a beyond belief 6-0 road trip the Mets head home to Flushing with a 4-2 mark instead. Viagra prescription uk Now we all would have co-signed for that record at the start of the trip but since the two losses were of the blown by bullpen variety, viagra prescription uk it made for an angry fandom after the game because as I discussed on Saturday, viagra prescription uk nothing turns a baseball fans red like a blown save to lose a game, viagra prescription uk in fact Jon Rauch took to Twitter to lay some knowledge on some fans when it came to commitment to winning and having your teammates back. Viagra prescription uk As we saw with the Frank Francisco taking on inept home plate umpire Todd Tichenor, viagra prescription uk who by the way is in his first season as an everyday MLB umpire, viagra prescription uk this Mets team has passion and they seem to have enacted the practice of no teammate left behind as Rauch put on display last night. Viagra prescription uk They win as a team and they lose as a team. Viagra prescription uk It seems some Mets fans are not grasping this concept; maybe some of you are pining for the days of “One Met Said” cowardice we’ve seen in the Mets clubhouse during past administrations.  Thankfully those days look to be over.

Viagra prescription uk Now that doesn’t mean Terry Collins will keep the status quo in the bullpen as the manager stated he has “8 options” to use as a game closer and let’s be honest here Mets fans, viagra prescription uk you can scream and curse Frank Francisco and Manny Acosta for yesterday and Friday but the toughest thing to build in baseball today is a proficient bullpen. Viagra prescription uk Look at the regal Bronx Bastards, viagra prescription uk they need help in their pen but even with their unlimited financial resources, viagra prescription uk they can’t go out and buy a closer to replace the Sainted Mariano the Majestic. Viagra prescription uk So TC may have to go with the hot hand to close games or use a combo of Tim Byrdak, viagra prescription uk Bobby Parnell and Jon Rauch, viagra prescription uk the three most effective relievers so far, viagra prescription uk to finish out games.

Viagra prescription uk At the end of last season, viagra prescription uk Sandy Alderson pointed out that all the blown saves that led to losses at the end of the season were unacceptable and that these types of situation’s can bring down a team. Viagra prescription uk Right now this Mets team is united but you wonder how much that unity can stand if the late game meltdowns continue?

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Viagra sales in canada I’m looking forward to getting out to Citi Field this evening to watch R.A Dickey battle Aaron Harang and the Pads as it’s been awhile since I’ve been out there. Viagra sales in canada Between work, viagra sales in canada vacations and baseball coaching obligations (our season ended by the way with my team losing in the Championship Series 2 games to 1, viagra sales in canada we finished in 1st place but giving up 4 and 5 out innings in the final round killed us) and the team on a long road trip, viagra sales in canada a trip to Flushing has been long overdue, viagra sales in canada I’m pumped up to get  out there tonight.

Viagra sales in canada Seems the MSM is as usual a little late in picking up the fact that Mets fans really like this team. Viagra sales in canada Better late than never I guess. Viagra sales in canada One quote in this piece by Larry Brooks in the Post today made me smile when I read it, viagra sales in canada it comes from Ginger Turner:

Viagra sales in canada “I don’t know why anyone would have thought our team would throw in the towel or give up, viagra sales in canada” Justin Turner told The Post. Viagra sales in canada “That’s kind of a slap in the face to the guys who are here.

Viagra sales in canada “Players get traded and players get hurt. Viagra sales in canada That’s part of baseball. Viagra sales in canada We’ve got 25 guys in here busting their butts to try to win games and who believe in ourselves and our team.”

Viagra sales in canada Can’t you tell that Turner is new around here? Maybe it because the last two season the team has laid down and played dead but thankfully those days are gone. Viagra sales in canada Did you see Terry Collins jumping up and down in the dugout the other night after Lucas Duda’ game winning single? That is passion.

Viagra sales in canada Good news on Johan Santana as it “only” fatigue in the shoulder not anything structural that’s derailed is rehab from shoulder surgery.

Viagra sales in canada Great story in the Times today (guess they had to make up for Jim Luttrells’ hack piece the other day) on Mike Baxter who will get a start in the outfield today. Viagra sales in canada I love the part about Baxter organizing the purchase of championships rings for his Archbishop Molloy team and that legendary coach, viagra sales in canada Tom Curran still wears his every day. Viagra sales in canada That is impressive.

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Viagra tablets no prescription Maybe it’s me. Viagra tablets no prescription I’ve been told that I can be a bit dense at times but for the life of me I can’t understand how some Mets fans feel that the recently completed road trip from hell was because of Carlos Beltran’ return to the lineup ? Now let me set the record straight here, viagra tablets no prescription I am not the President nor a member of the Carlos Beltran Fan Club, viagra tablets no prescription in fact I have called on the Mets to deal Beltran since 2008 and I would hope he has a great second half as getting out from his contract would a huge plus for the organization, viagra tablets no prescription but to say that Beltran has hurt the team chemistry by coming back, viagra tablets no prescription is beyond stupid.

Viagra tablets no prescription This team is only acts as  a cohesive bunch when they win, viagra tablets no prescription once adversity hits and that by the way is how you measure this worn out word chemistry, viagra tablets no prescription the NY Mets turn into the French Army. Viagra tablets no prescription After wining games, viagra tablets no prescription especially at home, viagra tablets no prescription shirts are flying out of pants, viagra tablets no prescription hats are tilted to the side, viagra tablets no prescription players are jumping up and “high fiving” it’s quite the spectacle. Viagra tablets no prescription But when they lose, viagra tablets no prescription and they do this with regularity on the road, viagra tablets no prescription their heads are down, viagra tablets no prescription shirts stay neatly in their pants, viagra tablets no prescription blank stares into space replace high jumping hand slaps. Viagra tablets no prescription No team in sports acts in such a bi-polar way than the NY Mets.

Viagra tablets no prescription Now the fans are starting to get like that. Viagra tablets no prescription Beltran is a “clubhouse cancer” they say, viagra tablets no prescription huh, viagra tablets no prescription if anything Beltran is a low flame kind of guy, viagra tablets no prescription but he produces both with the bat and the glove. Viagra tablets no prescription He has looked very rusty with both so far since his return from knee surgery but it’s such a small sampling but who knows, viagra tablets no prescription maybe he will never regain his old form. Viagra tablets no prescription The same fans that hate Beltran, viagra tablets no prescription have fallen in love with Jeff Francoeur and seem to think he was a big reason the Mets went on a nice run in June, viagra tablets no prescription I guess an OPS of .845 is impressive to some. Viagra tablets no prescription If Beltran had a month like that he’d be an underachiever.

Viagra tablets no prescription I really don’t get it. Viagra tablets no prescription The Mets right now are playing their three best outfielders in Bay, viagra tablets no prescription Beltran and Pagan. Viagra tablets no prescription Unfortunately, viagra tablets no prescription Bay and Beltran are struggling but what both have over Francoeur is they have a body of work that is All Star caliber, viagra tablets no prescription whereas Frenchy has a strong right arm and a great smile. Viagra tablets no prescription I’d rather take the proven All Stars myself.

Viagra tablets no prescription Again it comes down to what has been a problem in Flushing for the past couple or three years, viagra tablets no prescription this team is made up of some very fragile folks who turn to over cooked spaghetti when times get tough. Viagra tablets no prescription See, viagra tablets no prescription  a guy like Jason Bay has surprised me as he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t make a lot of noise with his mouth and has proven to be capable of stepping up and performing when the spotlight is blinding as we saw when he went to Boston to replace Manny Ramirez. Viagra tablets no prescription But then again when you have guys like Big Papi, viagra tablets no prescription Mike Lowell, viagra tablets no prescription Youk and Dustin Pedrioa it helps. Viagra tablets no prescription The Mets don’t have anyone close to those guys on their team. Viagra tablets no prescription Sure you have a  fake tough guy like Leader of Men, viagra tablets no prescription Alex Cora but there is no one (sadly David Wright isn’t one either) who says” jump on my back boys and I’ll carry you” the closet guy like that amongst the everyday players right now is Angel Pagan. Viagra tablets no prescription It’s not the loudest guy or the rah-rah guy who fits the leader mold, viagra tablets no prescription it’s the guy who knows when to take pitches to get on base, viagra tablets no prescription who gets the big base hit with two out man in scoring position but Mets fans seem to think the louder you shout the more productive you are, viagra tablets no prescription that’s a fallacy. Viagra tablets no prescription The People’s Cherce, viagra tablets no prescription Jeff Francoeur with all his personality had never carried a team but the guy Mets fans love to hate, viagra tablets no prescription Carlos Beltran has.

Viagra tablets no prescription I can’t figure you people out sometimes.

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Viagra blog Has there ever been two groups so closely aligned but such poplar opposites like Mets fans and Mets management? The one thing both groups have in common is they both root for the Mets to win (as inept as ownership is they want to win, viagra blog they don’t have a clue as to how to accomplish that but they want to win) and that’s where the similarities end.

Viagra blog Mets fans are furious with the way this team has gone into the shitter on this past road trip. Viagra blog If your fans are going to stay up until 1AM then goddamnit we want a win. Viagra blog But with the anemic offense and the bumbling managerial tactics, viagra blog this was one of the worst west cost trips ever for the Mets.

Viagra blog When the team left Flushing after losing four of six games to the Reds and Braves, viagra blog we figured the All-Star break would be a good tonic for the club to recharge and get rested for the second half before the start of an 11 game West Coast road trip. Viagra blog I think we all felt if the Mets could go 6-5 on this trip that would be great. Viagra blog The road has been a house of horrors for the team all year but this would be a test for the team and a good trip would solidify the Mets as a true contender in the NL. Viagra blog Who knew that the 11 game trip would turn into Armageddon!  

Viagra blog So from optimism, viagra blog we Mets fans have turned into an angry mob, viagra blog something we’ve gotten very good at the last couple of seasons, viagra blog and we want a body. Viagra blog Someone has to be sacrificed, viagra blog but who?

Viagra blog There’s talk of Howard Johnson getting either fired or reassigned in the organization. Viagra blog HoJo is a Mets lifer but quite frankly firing HoJo is just window dressing. Viagra blog In fact firing any of the coaches makes no sense as it’s not coaches’ fault this team can’t hit. Viagra blog So that leaves the manager.

Viagra blog If any coach gets the boot, viagra blog and Jerry Manuel gets to stay on then that is just an insult to Mets fans and a good reason for them to keep their credit cards in their pocket and to stay off Mets.com to but tickets. Viagra blog The news I would like to see today is Ken Oberkfell named as interim manager, viagra blog then reassign HoJo to manage Buffalo and leave the rest of the staff intact.

Viagra blog After the season, viagra blog then it will be time for an organization wide colonic. Viagra blog Reassign Omar Minaya to head of scouting, viagra blog in fact give his a fancy title like Czar of Player Development and Scouting and make it like it’s a real important high fluent position that will shape the feature of the franchise and then go out find a GM who is not locked in the dark ages. Viagra blog A guy who understands that statistical analysis is a must for success but can also meld that in with good old fashion boots on the ground scouting. Viagra blog    

Viagra blog Seems to me, viagra blog Bobby Valentine is kind of forcing the Mets hand to make some sort of move by throwing his hat in the ring to succeed Lou Pinella in Chicago.  Most Mets fans are split between Bobby V and Wally Backman as to who they’d like see manage the Mets and with BV open politicking for the Cubs job he’s let it be known he’s more than ready for a high profile managing position.

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Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Where to begin with another losing road trip, uk pharmacies cheap viagra tons of Mets road kill all around so lets hit it:

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Johan Santana threw his heart and soul into yesterday’s game. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra It wasn’t pretty but like I’ve said before, uk pharmacies cheap viagra sometime the game where your pitcher doesn’t have his best stuff and still finds a way to be effective is as impressive as a 3 hit shutout. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra But it seems all Santana’ starts end with a no-decision for him and a bullpen induced loss for the Mets.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra After the game Jerry Manuel was asked about his bullpen and said it may be time to look for other options, uk pharmacies cheap viagra well yeah Jerry since most of your relievers arms are ready to fall off and it’s only June. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Check out this graph by Justin Bopp of Beyond the Boxscore that shows the average number of relief appearances by all MLB teams. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Of course the Mets lead all of baseball in use of relievers and one of Manuel’s big faults is he has absolutely no clue on how to run a bullpen.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Manuel threw a fit about keeping Jenry Mejia on the team saying he needed this kid’ electric arm in the pen. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Fine, uk pharmacies cheap viagra but Manuel has no idea how to use him. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra At first Mejia was to be the set up man for Frankie Rodriguez because Kelvin Escobar the guy with the sore arm that Omar Minaya signed over the winter for the job came up with a sore arm. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Go figure?

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra But Manuel decided that the role of set up was too much for the 20 year old Mejia so when Pedro Feliciano screamed PICK ME! PICK ME! Manuel did but then felt Felicano was better served in a situational role. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra That led to Fernando Nieve getting the nod and he did well for a while until he was used everyday and his arm turned to overcooked linguine. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Then Ryaota Igarashi took over the roll or did Igarashi come before Nieve I don’t know, uk pharmacies cheap viagra I’m as confused as Jerry Manuel, uk pharmacies cheap viagra but anyway, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Igarashi was the set up guy until he pulled a hammy. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Now all I’ve heard about Japanese baseball players is their dedication to conditioning but leave it to the Mets to find the one slacker in all of Japanese baseball but then again the Mets training staff could help itself by watching some tapes of Jack LaLane. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Now the set up role has fallen on Old Uncle Elmer Dessens, uk pharmacies cheap viagra the released, uk pharmacies cheap viagra DFA, uk pharmacies cheap viagra minor league contract, uk pharmacies cheap viagra scrap heap pitcher from Mexico. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Maybe Uncle Elmer can do the job with his combo special of fastball/slider and if he doesn’t, uk pharmacies cheap viagra I’m sure Jerry Manuel can find another sacrificial arm to offer up.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I, uk pharmacies cheap viagra like the majority of Mets fans wish the team would have left Jenry Mejia in the minors to work on his craft and blossom but if you’re going to keep him here why not let him be the set up man? His walk rate is high but he throws gas and gets tons of ground ball outs then add in the fact you’ve already screwed him over this season and ruined a year of his development, uk pharmacies cheap viagra why not?  What could happen? Failure? Shit we’re used to that by now around here. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Last night as Adrian Gonzalez’ Granny was sailing over the left field wall I had no emotion at all. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra This is what it’s come down to, uk pharmacies cheap viagra the Mets lose on a walk off Grand Slam home run and my reaction is “Honey? Is dinner ready”?

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I have a feeling that by this afternoon, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Ollie Perez will accept an assignment to either Buffalo or St. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Lonesome. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra The heat is on Scott Boras more than Ollie to make this move as Ollie isn’t smart enough to know what damage he is doing to his team and his reputation but Boras isn’t a dummy, uk pharmacies cheap viagra he knows Perez needs to do this and with players coming out voicing their resentment to his selfishness and that guys at MLB Network speaking out in unison that Perez is a selfish prick, uk pharmacies cheap viagra and the fact that the mere site of #46 in the bullpen will incite the crowd at $tit Field, uk pharmacies cheap viagra it’s in everyone’s best interest, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Perez, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Boras, uk pharmacies cheap viagra General Manager Jeffey Skill Sets, uk pharmacies cheap viagra to bring this distraction to a close.    

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Just like last year the Mets can’t make up their mind about putting a player on the DL. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra This time is Luis Castillo and his bad feet. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra We’ve been hearing for about two weeks that Castillo has foot problems and to the Gimps credit he has hung in there without much production but he’s a real (broken down) trooper but it seems like a trip to the DL is in his immediate future so who gets the call? It looked like Daniel Murphy but last night he was helped off the field in Buffalo with a knee injury after getting knocked over at 2nd base, uk pharmacies cheap viagra then there is scuttlebutt that Jesus is coming. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Fleiciano that is but he’s not an infielder (could this be the end of GMJ? Please say it’s so GM Jeffey) so look for Ruben Tejada to get the recall notice and that’s fine with me but how about a really bold move and letting Reese Havens get a chance? How great would it be to have Ike Davis and Reese Havens, uk pharmacies cheap viagra two former Brooklyn Cyclones make up half the infield?

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra By the way how much do you think the Mets fortunes would be different if David Eckstein played for the Mets?

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra What more can be said about what happened last night in Detroit? I’d have to think that Jim Joyce was of sound mind and knew he was in the middle of history here. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra It wasn’t even a difficult call, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Jason Donald was so out that he couldn’t believe he was called safe. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra All the name calling of Joyce is all emotion and Joyce later admitted he blew the call and Armado Galarraga’s moment of fame but this is becoming a very serious issue for MLB. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Last post season we saw umpires screw up badly and that has carried over to the 2010 regular season as well. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Joe West and Mark Buehrle, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Angel Hernandez the other night with no clue of what the strike zone was during the Rays-Blue Jays game. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Bill Hohn tossing Roy Oswalt in the third inning of his start, uk pharmacies cheap viagra it’s Umpires Gone Wild. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Time for The Used Car Salesman to let Mike Port flex some muscle and start suspending these umpires and get some of the old goats an incentive package to retire and then stay true to the evaluation process and ban some of these incompetent ass’ from working in the post season.        

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I have been so unbelievably busy between blogging here and doing my This Call To The Bullpen Radio Show and getting ready to cheer on the Boston Celtics to Banner 18 and doing my job that pays me in real money and benefits that I’ve been looking to hire an assistant to help me out with some of my daily tasks and after reading this story in today’s NY Post I’m hoping Ms. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Debralee Lorenzana sends me her resume as I would really, uk pharmacies cheap viagra REALLY love to hire her for the position any position, uk pharmacies cheap viagra all positions, uk pharmacies cheap viagra missionary position. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra If you want to be accepted for who you are Ms. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Lorenzana, uk pharmacies cheap viagra you’ve come to the right place, uk pharmacies cheap viagra you will welcomed with open arms.

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Maybe it’s that phenomena of the Mets playing down to the competition as they come off a 2-4 abbreviated road trip against the Bucs and Nats the suck and suck more teams of baseball and now the biggest three weeks of the Mets 2009 season starts tomorrow here in the Greatest City on the Planet against the Phucking Phillies in the biggest series of the season.


To start off this series I sat with an enemy correspondent , cialis generic levitra viagra Bill Bear of Crashburn Alley who has been a guest on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL and a guy I like to e mail back and forth during the season as I like to be an annoying ball breaker but even though Bill has a major character flaw being a Phucking Phillies fan he’s a good guy and is always great when he comes on PBC and I like his in depth stat work on Crashburn Alley so click here to read the Q & A I did with Bill .


Over at Jorge Says No they have a very good interview with Wally Backman who is now managing in the Northern League for the Joilet Jackhamers. Cialis generic levitra viagra Backman of course would love to get a shot at a big league managerial job and the hard work as a player and perseverance as a manager at the most obscure outposts of baseball only make his resolve stronger. Cialis generic levitra viagra Maybe some day he will be back in Flushing where his work ethic and passion for the game would be a boost for the organization and the fans.


Doug Branch at Mets Merized Online is getting drawn and quartered for a post that suggests that the Mets might look at being sellers and if they do maybe Carlos Beltran would be the guy to trade. Cialis generic levitra viagra Well if you read the comments Branch is called out for not only suggesting that the Mets become sellers but think about trading Beltran. Cialis generic levitra viagra I won’t speak for Branch but as for myself I’ll say I don’t want the Mets to be sellers and I don’t want to deal off Beltran but as I wrote in a post over the weekend maybe it’s time for the front office and ownership to take stock in what it is the team and what this franchise is looking to accomplish. Cialis generic levitra viagra The reason I think like this is that as much as I think Omar Minaya has done a pretty good job he could do much better and I never feel like there is a plan in place or a course of action for this team. Cialis generic levitra viagra Sure Omar went out and retooled the bullpen to the point it’s one of the best in baseball but he never addressed the need for a left fielder with power and seems to be more enthralled with finding players left on the side of the curb than being creative in making a deal for bona fide major league talent. Cialis generic levitra viagra


It is good though to see the Mets fan exuding passion like the commentators are doing on that site and of course here. Cialis generic levitra viagra Too bad that ownership is to inept to realize what a great fan base they have.



The Mets Police checked out the cuisine at Highlander Stadium and found it to be overpriced and bland just like its tenants.


After watching my kid’s soccer games yesterday I had to make a trip to the mall to buy a sports jacket (one that didn’t have METS or an NY on it but a sports jacket that adult men wear. Cialis generic levitra viagra The two that I own are way too big and my son is graduating from grammar school this Friday and I need to dress up like a grown up so hence the sports jacket. Cialis generic levitra viagra I guess it’s a shame that a soon to be 51 year old man owns just two pair of slacks but 12 pairs of jeans, cialis generic levitra viagra and has more than 200 t-shirts and maybe three dress shirts, cialis generic levitra viagra one pair of shoes but  2 pair of Cons’ 3 pair of running shoes, cialis generic levitra viagra 2 pair of basketball shoes, cialis generic levitra viagra and 2 pair of baseball cleats and the only neck ties I have are hand me downs from my brothers. Cialis generic levitra viagra I’d be more than happy to live everyday in shorts, cialis generic levitra viagra a t shirt, cialis generic levitra viagra flip flops and my Mets cap) when I returned home I relaxed by watching the Padres-D’Backs game that went to 18 innings. I picked the game up in the 10th inning and when it ended in the 18th I realized the D’Backs bullpen did not give up a hit from the 10th to the 18th inning an extra inning no hitter! The D’Backs blew a 6-0 lead and the Padres had shortstop Josh Wilson pitch the 18th and he almost got out of jam with two on and 0-2 count on Mark Reynolds before Reynolds put one just over the right field wall. Cialis generic levitra viagra Wilson by the way was a D’Back just a month ago before he was claimed by the Padres. Cialis generic levitra viagra Even stranger was of the 27, cialis generic levitra viagra000 plus who were in attendance for the beginning of the game morphed into empty seats by the 18th inning.


I’ll leave you with this from Henry Aaron on the release of Tom Glavine and the apology from John Schuerholz:


“I wouldn’t have said anything if I were John Schuerholz. Cialis generic levitra viagra I think that was a mistake, cialis generic levitra viagra because it was a no-win situation in his case, cialis generic levitra viagra as much as [Schuerholz] tried to patch up the differences, cialis generic levitra viagra” Aaron said. Cialis generic levitra viagra Then he laughed, cialis generic levitra viagra adding, cialis generic levitra viagra “This is the first time I’ve ever been on management’s side. Cialis generic levitra viagra I mean, cialis generic levitra viagra Glavine got paid very well through the years to play here, cialis generic levitra viagra and there’s never a good way to handle these situations. Cialis generic levitra viagra But if you’re the Braves, cialis generic levitra viagra you’ve got to throw those kids out there and let them pitch. Cialis generic levitra viagra If you’re Glavine, cialis generic levitra viagra you have to be gracious enough to step aside.”


Why don’t the Glavines of any sport do so? “The hardest thing for anybody — especially athletes — is to wake up in the morning and realize everything has stopped for them, cialis generic levitra viagra” Aaron said. Cialis generic levitra viagra “The cheering. Cialis generic levitra viagra The booing. Cialis generic levitra viagra The traveling. Cialis generic levitra viagra All the things that you used to be doing are no longer there, cialis generic levitra viagra and it’s hard for you to realize that, cialis generic levitra viagra along with the idea of losing all of the money that I made. Cialis generic levitra viagra It’s just not there any more.


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Generic Viagra Canadian

I’m starting to realize that I am more of a fan of Jerry Manuel the person than I am of Jerry Manuel the manager. Viagra pfizer Most nights win or lose Manuel is usually a cool cat at his press conference as he never gets rattled by questions and he takes his time giving an answer to the tough inquiries. Viagra pfizer In that, viagra pfizer Manuel reminds me of St Joseph of Torre in his handling of the media and that is a major challenge for any manager or head coach in this town.  But some of the tactical moves that Manuel has made on this road trip and in the recent weeks have be befuddled.

Take last night. Viagra pfizer When Jeremy Reed was obtained in the Putz deal this past winter we were told he was as good as Endy Chavez at bat and in the field. Viagra pfizer So if Reed is such a good outfielder why was he playing first base last night while the defensively challenged Daniel Murphy  was put in left field. Viagra pfizer I swear I was in a daze for the first inning trying to figure the logic here and sure enough the first batter for the Hollywood Bums, viagra pfizer Juan Pierre hits a ball to left that Murphy botched. Viagra pfizer Just stunning.

Why not just leave Murphy at first base and tell him it’s all yours until Delgado gets back maybe it would relive a bit of pressure off this kid because this is not the same Daniel Murphy we fell in love with. Viagra pfizer The Murphy kid I saw last year and early this year does not get picked off first base like an inept little leaguer. Viagra pfizer How many times have we heard Keith Hernandez say that “someone taught Murphy the right way to play baseball”?

Same with second base. Viagra pfizer If Ramon Martinez is the best we have to play back up infielder then we’re in trouble. Viagra pfizer I know that Castillo has sucked at the plate lately so if you’re going to give him the night off the let the Latin Joe McEwing (Fernando Tatis) play second he can’t do any worse than Martinez.



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