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Performance anxiety viagra With a big workload staring back at me today I thought I’d just drop a short post and get to work. Performance anxiety viagra I took Friday off to head to the mountains of Pennsylvania, performance anxiety viagra Resica Falls Scout camp to be precise, performance anxiety viagra for a weekend camping trip (kids complained of a 7AM wakeup call on Sunday, performance anxiety viagra “Why do we have to get up so early”? “Because the Giants-Redskins kick off at 1PM that’s why”)so of course there is a ton of work to be processed on my desk that I have to tackle this morning but I have a couple of points to put out there:

Performance anxiety viagra After seeing how the NY Highlanders are now kicking themselves in their pinstriped ass over the 5 years $117M+ owed to the fading fast Alex Rodriguez, performance anxiety viagra has that changed your view on the Mets signing David Wright to a long term deal? Obliviously Wright is a more important part of the Mets organization than Rodriguez is to the Highlanders as an on field leader and off field wonderful spokesman for the team but he is hitting that magic baseball age of 30 that is the fork in the road of a baseball career. Performance anxiety viagra The majority of Mets fans want Wright to retire a Met and the organization feels the same way but anything more than 5 years for Wright could change that whole dynamic.  A deal of 5/$110M with team option on 6th year should be more than enough to keep Wright in orange and blue.

Performance anxiety viagra When I first started doing this blogger thingy over ten years ago, performance anxiety viagra Marco Scutaro was a favorite of the small group of Mets fans on the internet who were blogging or commenting on message boards. Performance anxiety viagra Many fans started a FREE MARCO movement back in the 2002 season exalting to Art (Lights Up A Room) Howe to give Scutaro more playing time and sit the fading superstar Roberto Alomar. Performance anxiety viagra Seems like eons ago that Scutaro was a Met. Performance anxiety viagra Now here he is 9 years later as one of the most valuable cogs in the SF Giants great comeback to be one win away from a NL Pennant and a trip to the World Series. Performance anxiety viagra RE-MARCO-ABLE!

Performance anxiety viagra Speaking of flashbacks, performance anxiety viagra did you see Jeffery “Penitentiary Face” Leonard throw out the first pitch last night?

Performance anxiety viagra Who doesn’t love a Game 7? No matter the sport, performance anxiety viagra Game 7 is always a must see and be. Performance anxiety viagra It would be even better if it was at Citi Field tonight. Performance anxiety viagra I’m rooting for the Giants tonight to win and go on to win the World Series since I am the off spring of a John McGraw NY Giants fanatic. Performance anxiety viagra I always think about what would’ve have been if the Giants and Dodgers never left town and the Mets would never have been, performance anxiety viagra you would most likely be reading the Sid Gordon Society right now.

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Cialis for sale Chris Jaffe over at The Hardball Times has another stellar article up at that site this time chronicling the career of Roberto Alomar who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

Cialis for sale The highlights of the article are Alomar’s halcyon days as a Blue Jay and the dramatic fall his career took when he came to the Mets from the Indians.

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How to buy viagra Roberto Alomar had one of the more bizarre tenures as a NY Met. How to buy viagra How did a now Hall of Fame player, how to buy viagra go from hitting .336/.415/.541 with 30 stolen bases and 100 RBI along with 113 runs scored topped off with 66 xbh along with an All Star appearance, how to buy viagra Gold Glove Award and a fourth place finish in the MVP vote in 2001, how to buy viagra become a underachieving malingering  pariah as a NY Met in 2002?

How to buy viagra Talk about your unsolved mysteries. How to buy viagra Alomar just could not find comfort in Queens. How to buy viagra He never fit in with the Mets. How to buy viagra Maybe it was going from a first place Indians team to a losing situation with the Mets? Maybe all the baggage that Alomar checked in with at Shea Stadium, how to buy viagra the Hrishbeck spitting saga which weighed on him considerably and the constant meddling of fans and media about his sexual preference led to his down fall with the Mets, how to buy viagra I don’t know but I do know that he was one of the most hated Mets of all time.

How to buy viagra When the deal was made though, how to buy viagra we Mets fans were a giddy bunch even praising Smarmy Steve Phillips for obtaining a talent of Alomar’s caliber but we didn’t get the 2001 Roberto Alomar, how to buy viagra instead we received a cheap knock off. How to buy viagra It sure was a bad time to come to Mets as a “savior” or a difference maker and not produce and also come off as a malcontent. How to buy viagra The club came off a great 2000 by winning the NL Penannt but losing to the Highlanders in the World Series. How to buy viagra In 2001 the Mets got off to an awful start but rebounded in the second half of the season with a 44-29 recorded but the club faltered down the stretch and most folks didn’t care at that point as we all dealt with the attack on September 11th. How to buy viagra  So on December 11th of 2001 when it was announced that the Mets had made a deal with the Indians for Alomar, how to buy viagra it brought hope to Mets fans that this move would get the team back into a post season berth. How to buy viagra No need for revisionist history of the failure all around the organization during this time but Roberto Alomar was the guy who took the bulk of the beating from Mets fans, how to buy viagra venting their frustration with boos and cat calls until he was mercifully dealt to the Chicago White Sox in 2003.

How to buy viagra In a story in the NY Times the day after he was dealt to the White Sox, how to buy viagra some evidence of Alomar’s unhappiness came out:

How to buy viagra Exactly why Alomar was not himself in 222 games with the Mets will seemingly remain a mystery. How to buy viagra Alomar said in a conference call with reporters yesterday that he liked New York, how to buy viagra and he made sure to add that he had great teammates.

How to buy viagra He did not sound as if he could cope with the malaise that came from losing, how to buy viagra and the Mets lost 20 more games than they won while he was here.

How to buy viagra ”The team, how to buy viagra maybe, how to buy viagra I didn’t really feel comfortable with the situation, how to buy viagra” said Alomar, how to buy viagra who batted .265 with the Mets, how to buy viagra far below his career average of .302. How to buy viagra ”Sometimes, how to buy viagra teams don’t work for you. How to buy viagra I think the New York Mets weren’t the right team for me.”    

How to buy viagra When Alomar went to the South Side of Chicago, how to buy viagra guess who greeted him as skipper of the Pale Hose, how to buy viagra the Gangsta’ himself:

How to buy viagra There was not much doubt even at the start of the regular season that Alomar would be the Mets’ second baseman, how to buy viagra but the team began to founder, how to buy viagra and Alomar became a target of the fans, how to buy viagra who thought he was not playing hard enough.

How to buy viagra  ”I’ve seen a lot of players have a tough time in New York, how to buy viagra” Jerry Manuel, how to buy viagra the manager of the White Sox, how to buy viagra said in Chicago last night before his team beat Minnesota. How to buy viagra ”New York is a tough place to play.”

How to buy viagra Tough place to play, how to buy viagra tough place to be a manager too.

How to buy viagra I’ll say this for Alomar with all the scandal that has followed him since leaving New York; his induction speech should be riveting.

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