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Did you feel that jolt of cool air this morning? How invigorating. Get viagra drug online It’s what I like to call World Series weather. Get viagra drug online  Nothing beats World Series weather, get viagra drug online 70 degrees in the day and 50 by night. Get viagra drug online As baseball fans we live to spend a few glorious nights rooting for our team wearing  our team colors on jackets, get viagra drug online caps and even a blanket if needed. Get viagra drug online You are never cold or uncomfortable in World Series weather because the thought of a championship is all you need to give you a warm feeling.

Get viagra drug online The last five seasons as a Mets fan, get viagra drug online we haven’t come close to experiencing World Series weather at Citi Field. Get viagra drug online  No, get viagra drug online as a Mets fan, get viagra drug online that first autumn chill is just a reminder to call the boiler company to do a clean out of the furnace, get viagra drug online to go to Home Depot and get some bags to collect the soon to be falling leaves and to take inventory of the rock salt supply. Get viagra drug online I’d much rather be getting my Mets jacket ready for use, get viagra drug online along with my Mr. Get viagra drug online Mets cap and maybe just maybe my blue and orange gloves with the Mets logo on them.

Get viagra drug online While I will still wear those articles of Mets clothing throughout the fall and winter in what will be a non-combative situation. Get viagra drug online  It’s been seven seasons since we’ve worn the post season war paint as Mets fans, get viagra drug online we have become just a bunch of post season spectators, get viagra drug online like Iceland at the United Nations, get viagra drug online we’re a member of the league but have no real influence in the serious stuff going on.

Get viagra drug online I’m not happy about the situation in fact I’m totally pissed off. Get viagra drug online  I guess 49 years of being a Mets fan, get viagra drug online you remember the best and the worst of times. Get viagra drug online You revel in the high moments and fall into despair over the low moments and you know your heart is still into being a Mets fan because things that shouldn’t bother you eat at your soul. Get viagra drug online Tonight is one of those nights that looks like it going to be noshing on my blue and orange soul.

Get viagra drug online Jerry Seinfeld will be a part of the Mets broadcast tonight on SNY. Get viagra drug online I’m am a very big Seinfeld fan, get viagra drug online his work is so outstanding that whenever I come by a re-run of SEINFELD I stop and watch no matter that I’ve seen the episode about 100 times. Get viagra drug online Seinfeld will be on the pre-game show with Chris Carllin and Bobby Ojeda as Seinfeld has a huge man crush on Bobby O and from there, get viagra drug online he will join Gary, get viagra drug online Keith and Ron (I guess) in the TV booth at Citi Field. Get viagra drug online I have a big time problem with this because this is not what September baseball is about.

Get viagra drug online Instead of Jerry Seinfeld doing Mets-Giants tonight, get viagra drug online I should be hearing Gary Cohen updating me on the Mets Magic Number to clinch the NL East. Get viagra drug online I should be hearing Keith and Ron going over the hypothetical pitching matchup for the Mets in the post season and busting our buttons with pride as Ronnie says, get viagra drug online “No one wants to be the first team to face the Mets with Harvey, get viagra drug online Niese and Wheeler starting a series”  I should be hearing that David Wright is the odds on choice to be the NL MVP and Harvey the NL Cy Young. Get viagra drug online I should be getting my post season groove ready. Get viagra drug online But I’m not.

Get viagra drug online The Mets are playing out the string for the fifth season in a row. Get viagra drug online It’s so bad the team has to resort to a side show of adding a standup comic to the best TV booth not just in baseball but all of sports. Get viagra drug online  Excuse me for not laughing at the jokes because I don’t see anything funny in losing.

Get viagra drug online When I made my feelings known on Twitter last late on how I’m not happy with Seinfeld in the booth, get viagra drug online I was treated like an Asian-American who just won the Miss America pageant. Get viagra drug online  Most folks called me cranky and old and someone who needs to get over themselves. Get viagra drug online  Some said it’s no big deal; some it seems are ok with all the losing as for they look at Mets games and Mets Twitter as more a social event. Get viagra drug online I’ve thought about those people.

Get viagra drug online Most of them weren’t even born when on August 20th 1985, get viagra drug online the day Dwight Gooden struck out 16 San Francisco Giants in a game the Mets won 3-0 and had them in first place by a game and a half, get viagra drug online at which point Mets fans were drooling over themselves and our reemergence as a World Series contender. Get viagra drug online  They have only seen on a You Tube what I watched live when Eric Davis of the Reds slid hard into third base and into Ray Knight and Knight taking exception and flatting Davis with a serious right hook. Get viagra drug online This was also the game that Davey Johnson used Jesse Orosco and Roger McDowell in the same inning by shuttling both pitchers from the mound to the outfield, get viagra drug online switching each pitcher for right or lefty batters. Get viagra drug online  These same people never met Homer the Dog or have had their head patted by Joan Payson. Get viagra drug online They have never heard Jane Jarvis play live at Shea Stadium. Get viagra drug online They didn’t cry tears of sorrow on June 15, get viagra drug online 1977. Get viagra drug online They never heard Lindsay Nelson, get viagra drug online Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner do a Mets game. Get viagra drug online  They’ve never drank an R.C. Get viagra drug online Cola.

Get viagra drug online With all the losing seasons and ineptness of the present ownership, get viagra drug online it would be so easy to walk away and say who cares. Get viagra drug online I will never do that. Get viagra drug online Like the lyrics say in our Alma matter “Meet the Mets” (by the way who besides me has this song on their iPod?)”The fans are true to the orange and blue” , get viagra drug online I’ll be here reacting to the situation with this team as I see fit, get viagra drug online hoping those who don’t care start caring and those who wear their Mets heart on their sleeve get rewarded for the undying support they have given an organization that doesn’t know how to love them back.

Get viagra drug online  

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Buy viagra online cheap First off congratualtions to the St Lousi Cardinals for winning their 11th World Series in franchise history. Buy viagra online cheap Some folks on Twitter can’t understand why I was rooting for the Cards to win this Series. Buy viagra online cheap With the exception of 2008 and 2009 when I just couldn’t bring myself to rally for the Phuck Phaces (in 2009 I abstained from rooting as much as I hate the Phuck Phaces, buy viagra online cheap rooting for the Bronx Bastards would be a mortal sin) I always support the NL and I’ll say this the Senior Circuit has won the last 4 of 6 World Series.

Buy viagra online cheap Now that the World Series is over and we are getting out our snow shovels (WHAT?) it’s time for the Hot Stove to rev up and of course the first order of business will be the signing or non-signing of Jose Reyes. Buy viagra online cheap Sandy Alderson will handle the negotiation with the team coming first and the fan base second. Buy viagra online cheap For those of you who clamor for Reyes back at any price, buy viagra online cheap haven’t we gone down that road of destruction too many times in Flushing ? The days of winning the tabloid back pages in the winter are over. Buy viagra online cheap Of course I want to see Reyes back as the Mets shortstop but not at a ridiculous price. Buy viagra online cheap I’m more concerned about the years than I am the money. Buy viagra online cheap Four years, buy viagra online cheap I’m fine with five would have to be an option with incentives; six would be thank you for your years of service Jose.

Buy viagra online cheap The Highlanders were smart to sign a 1 year extension with WCBS 880 for the rights to broadcast their games on radio. Buy viagra online cheap The Met deal on WFAN is up after this season and I’d bet anything that WFAN wants those Highlander games badly. Buy viagra online cheap  That’s fine by me as that would then conclude me from being a WFAN listener ever again. Buy viagra online cheap As it is now, buy viagra online cheap I turn on the station out of boredom or just tired of listening to music at work.

Buy viagra online cheap If I were the owner of a MLB team I’d be pissed with Bud Selig today as he stated the deadbeat Skill Sets have not paid off their $25 mil loan to MLB. Buy viagra online cheap I wonder what Frank McCourt has to say about that. Buy viagra online cheap Call it BuddyCare.

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Picture viagra pill As I just try to take it easy for a few hours before heading out to watch my fourth CYO Basketball game in three days and arranging my shovels and rock salt for what is supposed to be the mother of all snow storms headed toward NYC (Please let’s hope the weather dopes keep their forecast losing streak intact because the last thing I want to do is shovel 8 plus inches of snow. Picture viagra pill The only way I would enjoy this storm though would be if Megan Glaros personally came to my home to deliver the forecast.) News out of St Lonesome today was Johan Santana throwing 35 pitches and not running off the mound in pain but saying he feels “pretty good” but the Mets are not taking any chances so he will put on a plane (hopefully soon to avoid the snow storm) to be evaluated by Mets top doc David Altcheck.

Picture viagra pill Old School Dan Werthen feels that Johan tried to get back faster than he should have because he had ideas of pitching for Team Venezuela in the WBC and if that is not enough to end this ridiculous tournament what else is? If there were no WBC Santana would have come to camp working on getting to opening day but instead he pushed himself to much in early training and now there is a good chance we won’t be ready for opening day. Picture viagra pill Yeah Bud your doing a heck of a job.

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