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Real viagra without prescription I don’t know if you heard but the Mets are rebuilding…………shhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep it on the downlow.

Real viagra without prescription Rod Barajas has been emancipated and is on his way home to LA and the team he rooted for as a boy, real viagra without prescription the Hollywood Bums. Real viagra without prescription This wavier deal works out for everyone as Barajas had a great month or two as a Met and Josh Thole has earned an everyday promotion with Hank White as the sage back up. Real viagra without prescription Too bad Barajas couldn’t sneak Ollie Perez in his suitcase.

Real viagra without prescription Apparently there is a bit of dissension in the Mets clubhouse. Real viagra without prescription First, real viagra without prescription a few players were upset with HoJo taking them to task and now when Barajas was waving bye-bye, real viagra without prescription an unnamed Mets player wished he was joining him. Real viagra without prescription When “One Met says” and “an unidentified player” show up, real viagra without prescription you know the end is near.

Real viagra without prescription “Dant-dadant-dadant-dant-dant, real viagra without prescription dant-dadant-dan-da” (Flag of Victory) KINER’S KORNER is back!!!!!! Pay attention kids, real viagra without prescription pay attention!!!!!!

Real viagra without prescription F-Mart is hurt again (you don’t say?) what makes me happy about this is at 52 years old, real viagra without prescription I’m in better shape than the 21 year old Martinez.

Real viagra without prescription Good bye Sweet Lou, real viagra without prescription you had a great run.

Real viagra without prescription Vin Scully will be back for another season so that means at least another year of late nights for me watching and listening to Dodgers games via Extra Innings.

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Cialis samples Sorry for the late post but I was conferring with my attorneys, cialis samples to see is we Mets fans can file a grievance against the MLBPA for filing a grievance against the Mets in the Mets v. Cialis samples K-Rod case.

Cialis samples I did not watch any of the Mets-Astros game last night and I’m glad I didn’t as it seems the play of the field made people wretch.

Cialis samples Rod Barajas will be activated some time today and word is Josh Thole’s spot is safe. Cialis samples So the Mets will go with 3 players out of 25 who play catcher. Cialis samples Then they have a pitcher who may as well sit in the bullpen in a Snuggie with a bowl of pop corn as he never gets to see the light of the pitchers mound. Cialis samples Now you know why the Mets organization is baseball’s equivalent of the person coming out of the bathroom with toilet paper sticking out the back of their pants.

Cialis samples I  have my doubts about people like Tony Dungy, cialis samples who is one of  these holier

Cialis samples  than thou types, cialis samples than I do about a guy like Rex Ryan. Cialis samples In fact, cialis samples I would trust Rex Ryan more than I would Dungy. 

Cialis samples Matthew Cerrone thinks Bobby Parnell should be the Mets closer now and next year in the event that Francisco Rodriguez is gone from the team. Cialis samples Hard to argue that point in fact I’ve been saying for awhile the most overrated position in sports is the closer, cialis samples with the exception of Mariano Rivera.

Cialis samples If you haven’t heard my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show with Howard Megdal, cialis samples it’s well worth your while, cialis samples also don’t forget to vote of Howard for Mets GM right here.

Cialis samples Alex Belth has touched on a great subject at his Bronx Banter site, cialis samples film crews in NYC. Cialis samples Where my office is located downtown we have crews for the now off the air Ugly Betty, cialis samples Law and Order, cialis samples and Rescue Me. Cialis samples There is nothing funnier than a crew trying to shoot a scene and telling pedestrians to please wait before crossing a street and having New Yorkers telling to go fuck themselves and keep walking.    

Cialis samples Now that the Mets are done for the year, cialis samples are you following any other team that’s on the march to the post season? I always have a soft spot for the Giants so I like to watch their run (even though they’ve dropped 4 of 5 to the Padres and Phillies, cialis samples two teams that if they needed to beat) for the NL West or Wild Card and the watching the White Sox-Twins series has been a thrill. Cialis samples So tell me is their a team your following or are you just waiting for football season?

Cialis samples Don’t forget to check out my NO PSL REQUIRED Fantasy Football League as there are some spots remaining.

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Buy viagra on line God almighty I’m so sick and tired of this and it seems I’m not the only one. Buy viagra on line Bob Ojeda it seems took an ax and gave Jerry Manuel 40 whacks. Buy viagra on line The night before when asked about the Toxic Ollie situation, buy viagra on line Ojeda gave a great reply by saying he fought through three work stoppages to get guys like Ollie Perez the right to make a decision to either go to the minors or not because of tenure. Buy viagra on line Ojeda then said that he will keep his opinion on what Ollie is doing to himself which to me says while he defends OP’s deciosn to invoke his refusal to go to Buffalo, buy viagra on line he would love to ring his neck for being a selfish prick.

Buy viagra on line Mike Silva over at NY Baseball Digest has a post about the Mets players not taking losing personally and how they get this from the manager and management, buy viagra on line here is my comment that I posted on Mike’s site:

Buy viagra on line  The players are taking their queue from management as the owner has not countered the claims that the team has money trouble. Buy viagra on line When players see Ollie Perez come back just as bad as when he left and know the only reason he’s here is the money he’s due. Buy viagra on line Same with Castillo. Buy viagra on line Now the team has 3 catchers on the roster as no one will pull the plug on Rod Barajas with either a trade or his release. Buy viagra on line Same with Jeff Francouer. Buy viagra on line Then you have Alex Cora who for all his “leadership” qualities produces next to nothing on the field.

Buy viagra on line Same reason Jerry Manuel still has a job the Wilpons would rather lose and pay a manager than try to win with a new manager while paying his replacement.

Buy viagra on line  The fans are on to this con set by the Wilpon’s no wonder they were friends with someone like Bernie Maddoff.

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line Even when this team wins, buy viagra on line we don’t enjoy it as Mets fans are preoccupied with the awful in game moves by Jerry Manuel. Buy viagra on line Now it seems he is losing the clubhouse, buy viagra on line especially after Grandstand Cora took Mike Pelfrey to task for his jovial behavior in the clubhouse. Buy viagra on line That should be the managers’ job in fact why not just make Grandstand the bench player/manager since he so full of piss and vinegar? The guy should do something to earn his $2mil a year than to just be a grouch. Buy viagra on line Oh and speaking of Grandstand Cora, buy viagra on line it seems as per Kevin Kernan that Johan Santana and Frankie Rodriguez were sharing a smile as well in the clubhouse but Grandstand Cora must have had his hearing aid off:

Buy viagra on line After Tuesday’s loss to the Diamondbacks, buy viagra on line Rodriguez and Johan Santana were seen laughing in a corner of the clubhouse. Buy viagra on line A few minutes later Mike Pelfrey was joking with a group of reporters. Buy viagra on line Alex Cora yelled in the direction of Pelfrey’s locker and reporters to “show some respect.”

Buy viagra on line  

Buy viagra on line I just want the Skill Sets to be honest with us about whether or not they have the coin to compete for big ticket items. Buy viagra on line If they can’t, buy viagra on line it’s no disgrace; in fact it may be to the Mets advantage. Buy viagra on line Just think, buy viagra on line how happy was the fan base when we saw the home grown infield this season? How great is it to watch Ike Davis and Jon Niese and Josh Thole?  The franchise is 323 games BELOW .500 since its inception so losing is not a deterrent for Mets fans but indifference; lack of a plan and deceit from ownership will not be tolerated. Buy viagra on line So com’on Skill Sets free your conscience, buy viagra on line the truth shall set you free.      

Buy viagra on line So now what, buy viagra on line well there are reports today that the Mets are looking to move Jeff Francouer. Buy viagra on line That’s a good start. Buy viagra on line Next should be sending Rod Barajas somewhere and letting Josh Thole catch when RA Dickey, buy viagra on line Jon Niese and who ever the fifth starter is and then give Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey to Henry Blanco. Buy viagra on line Let Chris Carter be the 4th outfielder, buy viagra on line I know his arm is atrocious but his bat is wasting away on the bench. Buy viagra on line I love defense but I’m willing to sacrifice some of it for offense. Buy viagra on line Then it’s time for the obvious move, buy viagra on line relieve Jerry Manuel of his position as manager. Buy viagra on line It doesn’t make sense to bring in a big name manager right now, buy viagra on line give the job to Ken Oberkfell or Tim Teufel as interim managers but if Omar Minaya is more than a figurehead he needs to go into the clubhouse along with Jeffey Skill Sets and let the team know it’s time for a change and jobs are on the line no matter what kind of contract you have. Buy viagra on line      

Buy viagra on line Awwwww who am I kidding this will never happen, buy viagra on line I’m so fucking delusional, buy viagra on line   forget that motto of Prevention and Recovery that real motto of the New York Mets is “Same Shit, buy viagra on line Different Day”

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United healthcare viagra Is there a team in any sport that goes from sugar to shit faster than the NY Mets? Before the All Star break we Mets fans were pumped for the second half, united healthcare viagra I mean think about the names we were banding about getting, united healthcare viagra Cliff Lee, united healthcare viagra Roy Oswalt, united healthcare viagra Ted Lilly. United healthcare viagra Now fast forward a week later, united healthcare viagra and the talk is it’s better to dump Rod Barajas and play that cute little Josh Thole, united healthcare viagra Toxic Ollie is back, united healthcare viagra the most popular boy in the class, united healthcare viagra Jeff Francouer and his putrid bat has been replaced by the star some Mets fans hate, united healthcare viagra Carlos Beltran who at 75% is still superior to Frenchy in every way except in personality and the ability to sell a perp phone (Metro PCS according to my cop buddies is the phone service of choice for NYC criminals)  in radio ads. United healthcare viagra Oh yeah and the acquisition of Chad Cordero to a minor league deal. United healthcare viagra Meanwhile the Phuck Phaces are on the verge of landing Roy Oswalt and the Braves just keep padding their NL East lead. United healthcare viagra With all that should we be surprised by the latest cliff dive by the Mets especially how this team is the most homesick team in baseball?

United healthcare viagra The mark of a true contending team is how the play in tight situations and the Mets fail terribly in that situation as their 11-17 record in one run games and the shocking 10 walk off losses indicate. United healthcare viagra The only saving grace with this team is their ability to win at home. United healthcare viagra For all the bullshit talk about Citi Field hurting the Mets, united healthcare viagra this season is quite the opposite as the club has wins at a 65 % clip in Flushing. United healthcare viagra But on the road it’s just a disaster.

United healthcare viagra So Leader of Men, united healthcare viagra Alex Cora wasn’t happy that Mike Pelfrey, united healthcare viagra while talking to reporters last night, united healthcare viagra was laughing and let him know about it. United healthcare viagra What’s missing in the story was why Big Pelf was laughing and what kind of laugh it was. United healthcare viagra Was is a smirk/chuckle (a Big Pelf trademark) explaining why he went with a ‘buzz cut” to try and change his luck? Or was a laugh over a joking about Jeff Francoeur commiserating at his locker on why Jerry Manuel has fallen out of love with him? Or was a piss your pants gut buster over seeing Oliver Perez’ pay stub? Until I find out which one of these Big Pelf is guilty of, united healthcare viagra I will reserve judgment on him. United healthcare viagra As for Cora, united healthcare viagra as much as there is sometimes ‘false hustle” on the field there is also “false leadership” off it and maybe Alex Cora is guilty of the latter.

United healthcare viagra As I said before, united healthcare viagra Chad Cordero is now a Met. United healthcare viagra No shock there except we all figured this would have happened a lot sooner as all former Expos have a home in Queens.

United healthcare viagra One of the positives from last nights game was the fact that R.A. United healthcare viagra Dickey remained on the bench after being removed and he and Josh Thole sat together in deep conversation. United healthcare viagra The more I see Thole the more impressed I am with him not just with the bat but also the way he handles himself on the field and how involved he is in discussions on the mound whenever Manuel or Old School Warthen come out to talk to the pitcher. United healthcare viagra I’m sure all the chemistry majors in Mets fandom love that fact.

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Viagra order No much to say about last night’s game except Big Pelf has had trouble with the Snakes for his whole career and maybe that neck of his was still stiff, viagra order but you still have to take into account that Pelfrey hasn’t pitched well in a month. Viagra order No worries, viagra order because Ollie Perez is back, viagra order pass the Imodium AD.

Viagra order The concern over Francoeur riding the pine still has be stupefied, viagra order as does the call fro Jason Bay to sit. Viagra order Forget for a moment that Bay is being paid a shit load of dough, viagra order he also has a body of work that Francoeur could only dream about. Viagra order The one good move that Jerry Manuel has made this month is telling Angel Pagan he will play day in, viagra order day out.

Viagra order On top of this awful second half start, viagra order it seems like the Mets will not be players in either the Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren sweepstakes. Viagra order From trying to piece together the reasons it seems a combination of not wanting to over pay in prospects, viagra order which is fine by me, viagra order and the lack of dead presidents in the Skill Sets bank account. Viagra order That part worries me. Viagra order    

Viagra order Remember when Rod Barajas was a stud? That was when? Back in May? I know Josh Thole is up as showcase item but maybe it’s time to put young Thole on the protected list?

Viagra order While most of us clicked off the television in disgust last night, viagra order Greg Prince hung in there long enough to report that Justin Turner came in to play for David Wright in the 7th and thus, viagra order became the 141st third baseman in the history of the NY Mets. Viagra order Where have you gone, viagra order Roy Staiger?

Viagra order Don’t forget to join me tonight THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN RADIO SHOW on Blog Talk Radio 10PM ET  

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Generic viagra in canada I don’t know who I’m sick of hearing about more LeBron James or Cliff Lee? In Lee’s defense, generic viagra in canada it’s not his fault as he is no where near a self promoting Ring Leader of a media circus, generic viagra in canada that LBJ is. Generic viagra in canada As much as Cliff Lee would be an injection of adrenaline to both the Mets pitching staff and it’s fan base, generic viagra in canada I feel the price for Lee will be too expensive for the Mets. Generic viagra in canada Not monetarily but player wise.

Generic viagra in canada I am enjoying watching the Mets this season unlike any Mets team that’s been assembled since 2006. Generic viagra in canada I love watching a home grown infield and the fact that Angel Pagan a one time farm hand that returned home, generic viagra in canada and is playing All-Star caliber baseball. Generic viagra in canada On the pitching side, generic viagra in canada how nice is it to see Mike Pelfrey grow up before our eyes, generic viagra in canada his lasted slump not withstanding? Jon Niese also pitching better than his scouting reports said he would.  Even Bobby Parnell coming back from a trip to Buffalo looks more grown up on the mound as well. Generic viagra in canada It makes rooting for this team much more fun than when the roster is constructed of mainly mercenaries. Generic viagra in canada That’s why I hope Cliff Lee goes to the Twins or Rays.

Generic viagra in canada I’m sure some of you think that’s very short sighted of me to feel like that way and you may be right, generic viagra in canada maybe Josh Thole, generic viagra in canada Wilmer Flores and Jenry Mejia (the three players it would take to land Lee) never flourish in the big leagues and I know some say don’t fall in love with prospects but I guess I’m smitten by the Mets farmhands. Generic viagra in canada I see Ike Davis and Jon Niese making a strong case for Rookie of Year and Ruben Tejada and his supersonic range at 2nd base (not even his natural position) and then Josh Thole comes up and shows a productive bat (his at bats against the Second Coming of Christ a/k/a Stephen Strasburg have raised Thole stock even higher) and his handling of R.A. Generic viagra in canada Dickey and his magical knuckle ball has him pushing Rod Barajas for playing time.  Then there is the financial situation of the team.

Generic viagra in canada This is the great mystery that surrounds this franchise. Generic viagra in canada Are the Mets broke, generic viagra in canada solvent or just keeping their heads above water? No one knows. Generic viagra in canada I don’t think the Skill Sets are a bunch of brokesters but they’re not exactly livin’ large either. Generic viagra in canada So even if you trade your fine farm fresh products for Cliff Lee, generic viagra in canada what’s the odds you’re going to sign him long term? Not very good if you ask me.

Generic viagra in canada That’s why Ted Lilly makes the most sense to try to acquire. Generic viagra in canada I’m sure the Cubs would take F-Mart and a minor league pitcher of lesser renown for Lilly.

Generic viagra in canada Lilly is a perfect Citi Field pitcher as he is an extreme fly ball pitcher. Generic viagra in canada His velocity has been down early in the season but like Johan Santana he is coming off injury and little by little getting some speed back on his fastball that in the second half of the season should benefit him by making his change up more effective. Generic viagra in canada A rotation of Santana, generic viagra in canada Big Pelf, generic viagra in canada Lilly, generic viagra in canada Neise and Dickey looks very solid to me.

Generic viagra in canada Sure Cliff Lee would be a huge score but I don’t want to pay the high price in kids. Generic viagra in canada Get Lilly and a reliever either Chad Qualls or Matt Lindstrom and take your shot.

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Viagra next day delivery Unfortunately last night, viagra next day delivery Doug Glanville had a family emergency to tend to and had to cancel his appearance with me on This Call To The Bullpen but we are both working on finding another day for Doug to come on the program to talk about his book The Game From Where I Stand (Henry Holt/Times Books) and we hope to have that hashed out in a few days. Viagra next day delivery So I had to decide, viagra next day delivery cancel the show or just go on and rant for an hour and the hour rant won out. Viagra next day delivery So if you want to hear me talk about Jerry Manuel, viagra next day delivery playing games that count in Puerto Rico, viagra next day delivery Bobby Valentine and Wally Backman, viagra next day delivery then check out last nights This Call To The Bullpen.

Viagra next day delivery don’t forget to check out the THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN shop at Cafe Press

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Viagra next day delivery It’s game like last night that stirs the demons of my Mets soul. Viagra next day delivery I want nothing more than to stand on Broadway decked out in every piece of Met clothing I own and celebrate the ticker tape parade that no other city in the world gives to his championship sports teams. Viagra next day delivery What has me conflicted is, viagra next day delivery if that happens, viagra next day delivery then Jerry Manuel will be the Mets manager for a minimum of three more years. Viagra next day delivery Last nights game showed just about ever deficiency in Manuel’ game. Viagra next day delivery Stephen Hanks of Mets Merized Online lays each and every flaw (save maybe for number one and the author agrees that my be picking at nits as well) from not running for Rod Barajas and even the pinch hitting for Ruben Tejeda but the big one for me was using Frankie Rodriguez in the 8th inning last which goes with Manuel’ “throw a reliever against the wall and see what sticks” bullpen management.

Viagra next day delivery We are starting to get inundated with Cliff Lee rumors, viagra next day delivery not just every day but just about every hour. Viagra next day delivery I don’t think there is a Mets fan out there who doesn’t want Lee on the team, viagra next day delivery as his presence alone will make the Phuck Phaces and Squaws go “GULP”. Viagra next day delivery But at what price would you pay for this rental Ace? At this point there is no way you can trade Angel Pagan. Viagra next day delivery Saying that, viagra next day delivery when Carlos Beltran does come back, viagra next day delivery Beltran is THE CENTERFIELDER and he is the centerfielder until he shows he physically can’t play the position any longer. Viagra next day delivery However, viagra next day delivery Beltran will not be out there day after day so Pagan gets say two days a week in CF, viagra next day delivery then another couple in the corners with more time in RF. Viagra next day delivery Beltran is not a corner outfield and there is a huge difference between playing CF from playing a corner outfield spot as we saw with the horrific collision between Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran back in San Diego a few years ago. Viagra next day delivery Pagan has played corner outfield so the transition is easier for him.

Viagra next day delivery The price on Roy Oswalt may not be too high but Drayton McClain is an Al Davis clone. Viagra next day delivery He wants to shed payroll but he hates to part with his good ol’ boys like Oswalt and Lance Berkman, viagra next day delivery even when both player say it’s best for the organization to trade both of them.

Viagra next day delivery The most intriguing move would be to get Carlos Zambrano as the Cubs would move the high strung Z and take players non grata, viagra next day delivery Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo. Viagra next day delivery The problem is when all the contracts change hands it could cost the Mets $18 mil for Z . Viagra next day delivery Ted Lilly is attractive as well after pitching a great game last night so there are some options for the Mets (Jeffey Skill Sets and John Ricco that is I still say Ricco is running the baseball ops with Jeffey and Omar has been relegated to high paid scout)

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Zocor alternative viagra I figure sooner or later the bill on R.A. Zocor alternative viagra Dickey’s career resurgence will come due, zocor alternative viagra so until then let’s just enjoy his knuckler and the fact that he’s been rock solid in his five starts, zocor alternative viagra the anti-Ollie so to speak.

Zocor alternative viagra Rod Barajas had a tough night behind the plate trying to catch those floaters by Dickey saying as much after the game as he claimed it was his toughest night as a catcher but as bad as it looks on Barajas’ stat sheet it looks better for Dickey as it means his knuckler was getting’ jiggy with it all night.

Zocor alternative viagra One of the story lines of the last month or so has been that this year’s Mets are very easy to root for and no one player personifies that trait like Chris Carter. Zocor alternative viagra Finally getting a chance to play a full game The Animal hit his first big league home run and look very pleased about it as were his teammates, zocor alternative viagra the same teammates who respect the hell out him for his work ethic. Zocor alternative viagra I’d love to see The Animal get a few more starts.

Zocor alternative viagra Bingo (and NY Mets future) 2nd baseman Reese Havens had a bit of a set back as he was scratched from the Binghamton lineup for soreness. Zocor alternative viagra It could be an aggravation of an oblique injury Havens has been nagged with but I sure hope not as Havens is showing signs of being a power bat at 2nd base that would be a boon to the Mets

Zocor alternative viagra Jerry Manuel is nuts if he thinks the Mets will activate Carlos Beltran next week so he can use him as a DH in Highlander Park. Zocor alternative viagra De-Facto GM John Ricco said as much when informed by the Daily News of Manuel’ thinking out loud scheme. Zocor alternative viagra  The most optimistic view of when we will see Beltran in a big league game, zocor alternative viagra August 1st is my guess.

Zocor alternative viagra Anyone have a 2013 calendar?

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When did viagra come out It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the Mets win in walk off fashion, when did viagra come out in fact the last time was August 7, when did viagra come out 2008 as David Wright took Heath Bell of the Padres yard, when did viagra come out so watching the mosh pit at home plate for Rod Barajas was special. When did viagra come out With all the negativity that has surrounded the Mets just seeing all the players waiting for Barajas at home plate and slamming him around was wonderful. When did viagra come out But the best part of the celebration was after they mugged the catcher for his blast, when did viagra come out the players all ran to Ike Davis and hugged him and patted him on the back  not just for the fact he hit two bombs in the game but his defensive play in the 9th inning saved the game.

When did viagra come out For the second time in his short stint with the Mets, when did viagra come out Davis grabbed a foul pop and then used the dugout railing as a parallel bar which at 6’4” is an astonishing act of athleticism and kudos to Alex Cora for breaking his fall.

When did viagra come out Listening to Barajas in the post game interview with Kevin Burkhardt its clear the Mets have taken on a “no one believes in us but us” approach. When did viagra come out Barajas deflected all the talk of what he did to talking about what the team did and he also sent a message to Mets fans who have sworn off attending games at $iti Field, when did viagra come out get your tickets now or you’ll be shit outta luck latter.

When did viagra come out The biggest improvement with the Mets is all the news on focused on the field. When did viagra come out No one is talking about ownership or the front office. When did viagra come out Sure Jerry Manuel gets slapped around every other game but that’s part of the managers job to take the hits as the out front guy. When did viagra come out Talk to Mets fans and you here real live baseball talk, when did viagra come out sure after the Cincinnati defeats we wanted to cut a lot of guys but still it’s on field baseball talk.

When did viagra come out If the Mets keep playing as hard nosed as they have the past couple of weeks, when did viagra come out I’ll put up with clueless “Hospitality agents” , when did viagra come out snail like speed of concession workers, when did viagra come out and even the dreaded black jerseys, when did viagra come out just keep giving us games like last night and Mets will put up with anything management tosses at them.

When did viagra come out Not only was Rod Barajas the hero last night but he hit that home run while Bengi Molina was behind the plate. When did viagra come out Molina did not start the game and during an interview with Kevin Burkhardt, when did viagra come out Molina whined about how he wanted t be a Met sooooo badddddddddly and was upset a deal could not be reached. When did viagra come out What a cry baby, when did viagra come out I wonder how Bruce Bochy and Brain Sabean feel hearing this whine session. When did viagra come out The Giants did Moilina a favor by bringing him back as they’ve wanted top prospect Buster Posey to take over the job. When did viagra come out When Posey was brought up late last season, when did viagra come out Molina was pissed and never helped the young catcher that’s why the Giants didn’t want Molina back. When did viagra come out But once they figured to give Posey a little more time in Triple A, when did viagra come out they threw Molina a bone, when did viagra come out and after hearing him last night with KB, when did viagra come out one of the best moves Omar made this past off season was not bringing this ingrate on board.

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Cialis 50 mg At the end of the day, cialis 50 mg you know what I mean, cialis 50 mg it is what it is, cialis 50 mg at the end of the day that is”

Cialis 50 mg From the Tao of Omar

Cialis 50 mg If you came here to day for an explanation on the moves made by Jerry Manuel, cialis 50 mg well, cialis 50 mg you came to the wrong place. Cialis 50 mg How do you explain taking out David Wright for Fernando Tatis ? By saying Tatis is the emergency 3rd catcher? Well, cialis 50 mg fine but how do you justify keeping GMJ in the game in left field? How do you justify GMJ being on this team?  

Cialis 50 mg The shame here is the waste of good pitching by the Mets with this anemic offense, cialis 50 mg The Jose Reyes experiment as the 3 hitter should end right now. Cialis 50 mg I don’t know if it’s a matter of not being comfortable in that spot or if it’s just that Reyes was rushed back, cialis 50 mg whatever it is something’s not right with Reyes. Cialis 50 mg So put him back on the top of the order. Cialis 50 mg I hate to go after Luis Castillo as he is the only one other than Wright who actually gets on base, cialis 50 mg but he’s not even a banjo hitter at this point, cialis 50 mg he’s more ukulele at this point, cialis 50 mg so drop him to 8th .  Rod Barajas has the hot power bat so keep in the 7 spot. Cialis 50 mg As for Jason Bay, cialis 50 mg there is no sense in benching him, cialis 50 mg this is a bad slump for sure but if you did give him a day or two off who do you replace him with ? The Mets bench sucks, cialis 50 mg except for Hank White.  So what to do, cialis 50 mg well here would be my lineup for Friday vs the Giants

Cialis 50 mg Reyes

Cialis 50 mg Pagan

Cialis 50 mg Wright

Cialis 50 mg Bay

Cialis 50 mg Davis

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Cialis 50 mg I know that Manuel likes to spilt up left/right but you don’t have personnel for that set up. Cialis 50 mg By letting Davis hit 5th that’s the best you can do to keep from tipping too much to the right.

Cialis 50 mg The biggest knock I have with management is the lack of creativity. Cialis 50 mg As I stated , cialis 50 mgthe Mets bench is awful. Cialis 50 mg Mets fans want GMJ gone and I agree but Frank Catalanotto is just as bad and needs to go as well. Cialis 50 mg Daniel Murphy is a long way from getting back to Flushing so he’s not an option right now. Cialis 50 mg But Chris Carter is an option right now. Cialis 50 mg Carter can’t do anymore than he’s doing in Buffalo and with GMJ proving the Angles right in giving him away, cialis 50 mg it reeks of penny pinching that GMJ is not shown the door and Carter is not given a  shot with the big league team. Cialis 50 mg I have no problem keeping Tatis as he had value as a pinch hitter and can fill in any where on the field.

Cialis 50 mg How about going after Matt Stairs of the Padres ? or Mark Kotsay of the White Sox or Scott Podsednik and Willie Bloomquist of the Royals. Cialis 50 mg Time for Omar and Manuel to stop with all the double talk jive bullshit and shake this offense up. Cialis 50 mg If neither guy is up to the job then get out and let someone in who can. Cialis 50 mg No team is going to run away with the NL east nor the Wild Card, cialis 50 mg it’s time to get aggressive.

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