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Cialis overnight delivery I know we of the Blue and Orange persuasion are not patience but to get bent out of shape over the lack of moves made by Sandy Alderson so far this off season is really off base and this is coming from a guy who is not known as patient. Cialis overnight delivery To fillip your Mets cap over Jonathan Broxton signing with the KC Royals is very shortsighted and again this coming from a guy who wanted to see a back end of a bullpen of Broxton and Joe Nathan. Cialis overnight delivery  The Texas Rangers really over paid for Nathan and his Tommy John repaired elbow and his diminishing WAR at 2yr/$14 mil as did the Royals taking on Frenchy’s new BFF at a $4mil tab for the sore armed Broxton. Cialis overnight delivery   As much as I would have like to take a flyer on both Nathan and Broxton it wouldn’t be worth it at the price. Cialis overnight delivery Sandy Alderson felt the same way.

Cialis overnight delivery We all know that relievers are as unpredictable as a house full of Kardashians, cialis overnight delivery that’s why instead of being so damn jumpy, cialis overnight delivery Mets fans need to sit back a bit and let this off season play out. Cialis overnight delivery If I could give Alderson some advice I’d feel out the Royals about a deal for Greg Holland and talk to Texas about a deal for arbitration eligible reliever Mike Adams. Cialis overnight delivery  I’m sure Alderson will speak with Chisox about a deal for Matt Thornton who would fit nicely as well in Flushing pen. Cialis overnight delivery There are options out there for the Mets fans and Alderson and his staff know it and have a plan of attack.

Cialis overnight delivery Let’s just stay calm and let the man do his due diligence and if on reporting day at St. Cialis overnight delivery Lonesome this team is not improved on the overrated “paper”, cialis overnight delivery then we can have a mass melt down, cialis overnight delivery this is not pie in sky horseshit and I understand that the fan base is not in a positive frame of mind, cialis overnight delivery and believe me I don’t fault you for that, cialis overnight delivery but let’s just see what this front office has up its sleeve before we light the torches and converge on 126th St and Roosevelt Ave.

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Viagra competition Listened to the Terry Collins presser on WFAN and the two whinny hosts, viagra competition Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who I think were more upset that the Collins intro took away from them rubbing Rex Ryan’ ample belly in worship. Viagra competition But a couple of observations:

Viagra competition WHOA!!!! Collins is a bundle of energy that’s for sure and complete opposite from Jerry Manuel. Viagra competition It felt like Collins picked a couple of Four Lokos at a bodega on Roosevelt Ave before hitting Citi Field.

Viagra competition Collins said all the right things (all the things we’ve heard in the past 10 of these pressers) about stressing fundi’s, viagra competition pitching and the big one, viagra competition ACCOUNTABILITY .  Like a batter spouse, viagra competition we’ve heard this all before.

Viagra competition I understand the love for Wally Backman but why turn it to hate towards Collins? That I don’t get. Viagra competition As I said I would have loved to see Wally on that podium today but Alderson & Co. Viagra competition thought otherwise, viagra competition so at this point in the first month of the new management I have to give them the benefit of the doubt .

Viagra competition By a show of hands (or comments) how many of you think the Mets will be Pennant contenders next year?

Viagra competition Don’t forget to tune into THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN tonight on BLOG TALK RADIO as Doug Gladstone and George  “The Stork” Theodore will be my guests.

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Viagra contraindications Think about this for a minute, viagra contraindications the Mets have lost their closer for the remainder of the season and maybe part of next season and instead of panic and angst, viagra contraindications Mets fan are celebrating like the team just won the NL Pennant. Viagra contraindications Francisco Rodriguez has torn ligaments in his right thumb, viagra contraindications HOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra contraindications Any other season the scramble would be on to find someone to pitch the 9th inning, viagra contraindications instead Mets fans are full of optimism that the team will void Rodriguez contract. Viagra contraindications Fans don’t even care if they can legally do this it’s more like the want to see Rodriguez suffer and maybe that the great legal mind of David Howard can take on the MLBPA and win, viagra contraindications what could be the most important contest the Mets have been involved in two years. 

Viagra contraindications Speaking for myself, viagra contraindications I don’t care if the Mets have to pay K-Rod the rest of this year and next, viagra contraindications although I’d think if the Mets could win a case against Rodriguez a ticker tape parade down Roosevelt Ave would be appropriate, viagra contraindications I just want to see the front office show some fight and send a message that they actually give a shit about the team and are tired of being portrayed as bungling douche bags.

Viagra contraindications Maybe the tide is turning in Flushing, viagra contraindications as the Mets not only signed their number one pick RHP Matt Harvey but they went over slot price as well.

Viagra contraindications As another Mets season goes down the shitter, viagra contraindications what better time to worry about next years contract right? That’s what’s on the mind of Pedro Feliciano. Viagra contraindications Daily Pedro will be a free agent after this season and is looking to re-up with the Mets and raise up his salary from this years $2.9 mil. Viagra contraindications I’m sure Feliciano will be looking for a healthy bump in pay and years but at what point do the Mets say farewell as the price in both cash and time becomes prohibited? A LOOGY on a mediocre team is a luxury you don’t really need so it’s more the Mets missed the boat at the trading deadline by not dealing Feliciano. Viagra contraindications I’m pretty sure you can find a Quadruple A or league average player to play the LOOGY role for a fraction of the price of Daily Pedro.

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Levitra vs viagra What the hell is going on in Flushing ? Did Frankie Rodriguez mistake his father in law for Jerry Manuel ? I mean if KO-Rod was going to yoke someone, levitra vs viagra Manuel would have been the best target for not brining him into the game in the 8th inning. Levitra vs viagra How do you justify leaving your best reliever with his ass nailed to a seat in the bullpen in big spot late in the game?

Levitra vs viagra So today KO-Rod will be arraigned in Queen Criminal Court on domestic violence charges and no matter if his father in law doesn’t want to press charges it’s out of his hands as in NYC the law is the City of NY is now the plaintiff in this case.  This could be the best news the Mets get all year, levitra vs viagra maybe Rodriguez gets two years in the slammer and the Mets get to void his contract. Levitra vs viagra Props to the Pops for taking one for the team.

Levitra vs viagra I have a very funny feeling that David Wright will go to management very very quietly this winter and ask to be traded.

Levitra vs viagra I’m leaving the Cape tomorrow and heading back to NYC and what I’ll miss most besides the beach and Main St in Hyannis is the great baseball I’ve seen here the last 10 days. Levitra vs viagra  Yesterday in Game 1 of the Cape League Finals I saw one of the best pitching performances of the year as  RHP Matt Andreise out of Cal-Riverside pitched a complete game shutout to give the Cotuit Kettlers a 3-0 win over the Y-D Red Sox. Y-D is an offensive power house and that makes this game more special.

Levitra vs viagra Then I’ve been watching some Red Sox games as you can’t help it they are on every TV in every bar and restaurant on the Cape. Levitra vs viagra  For all the injuries the club has suffered this year they keep on playing good hard fundi baseball and are still on the Highlanders tail.

Levitra vs viagra There is a ton of good baseball and well run baseball teams out there just don’t go looking on 126th St and Roosevelt Ave in Queens for it though.

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Cialis daily So much for the talk of $iti Field being a detriment to the Mets winning. Cialis daily Talk about ‘there’s no place like home” Welcome to Citi Field Home of Citi Ball. Cialis daily It’s a little bit of small ball, cialis daily a dash of long ball and three parts big balls pitching.

Cialis daily Not only did the Mets take two series from the Taliban (Highlanders) and Al-Qeda (Phuck Phaces) of MLB they did it with the one thing that all winning Mets teams have possessed, cialis daily outstanding pitching and timely hitting. Cialis daily Now the challenge is to do it on the road as the Mets have an NBA team like split of 19-9 at 126th & Roosevelt Ave and an embarrassing 6-14 when the bags are packed, cialis daily that has to change and change this on this road trip to show the league and Mets fans that this run of success is not a mirage.

Cialis daily It’s quite obvious that “as goes Jose Reyes, cialis daily so goes the Mets” is not hyperbole, cialis daily when it’s Jose Being Jose, cialis daily hitting line drives in the gaps, cialis daily running like his feet are on fire, cialis daily making tremendous defensive plays, cialis daily and reacting with all the animation of a Looney Tunes cartoon, cialis daily the team and the fans feed off the Jose Reyes Experience and I for one am glad it’s back by popular demand.   

Cialis daily I could’ve done without Big Pelf doing his Dice K imitation last night with the five free passes but other than that, cialis daily the continuation of the Summer of Pelf was a pleasure to watch. Cialis daily  Now that Big Pelf has incorporated the split-finger fastball with great success mixed in with his 90+ FB effective slider and a much better curveball and the big ingredient, cialis daily maturation what we are seeing is the blossoming of a star pitcher that is quite impressive.

Cialis daily I like to compare Hisanori Takahashi to the late Bob Ross of the Joy of Painting, cialis daily he makes pitching look so easy. Cialis daily Takahashi’s “happy little trees” is his fastball that he places on the inside strike zone and outside strike zone and maybe one here up in the strike zone or one here down and in. Cialis daily It’s like Takahashi has a baseball palette on the mound, cialis daily just mix a little bit of fast ball with some slider to create at a cutter, cialis daily just a little bit of slider on those bristles, cialis daily oh that one is out of the strike zone ? Not a problem we can fix that it’s just a happy little accident. Cialis daily That’s Hisanori Takahashi pitching in his moment of Zen.

Cialis daily You know something, cialis daily the way the Mets are treating Oliver Perez is better than just releasing him. Cialis daily The Mets have become Amish elders with Perez as he is shunned by management for not accepting assignment to Buffalo. Cialis daily Ollie has become a non-factor on this team, cialis daily only to be used in blowout conditions. Cialis daily Here are the Mets scrambling for a starter for Saturday and the names being tossed around are Raul Valdes, cialis daily or R.A. Cialis daily Dickey on three days rest or just let Fernando Nieve start as a resurrection of the spot starter, cialis daily not one mention of letting Ollie P take the mound. Cialis daily I wonder if Perez is bright enough to be embarrassed about this?        

Cialis daily As long time readers here know, cialis daily I am not a big fan of Mike Piazza. Cialis daily I acknowledge the he is arguably the best offensive catcher of all time and a first ballot Hall of Famer and I hope he goes in as a Met. Cialis daily But he always struck me as a me guy and a phony because in my opinion, cialis daily he was more concerned about his personal stats than winning baseball games. Cialis daily However, cialis daily when it comes to speculation that he was a steroid user all of those who come out and say that Piazza used PED’s , cialis daily show your proof or shut the fuck up. Cialis daily Show the test results that separates fact from fiction and I’m looking square at you Murray Chass you old broken down fucking hack. Cialis daily I wish Piazza would sue you for defamation of character to expose you as the irresponsible dolt that you are. Cialis daily If you want to read Chass’ bullshit post, cialis daily Google it, cialis daily there will be no links to his site here ever!!!!!!

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What is viagra made of The off season is not even 24 hours old and I want to rip someone throat out in the Mets front  office. What is viagra made of The shit heads in charge have made their big announcement on the changes in the coaching staff.  Sandy Alomar Sr and Luis Alicea get the ax and Hojo, what is viagra made of Razor Shines and Old School Dan Warthen  get to stay.

What is viagra made of Sandy Sr. What is viagra made of will be reassigned to another job in the organization most likely tending bar in the Aclea Club, what is viagra made of Alicea will be reassigned to body and fender work across the street at Minaya’s Auto Repairs.

What is viagra made of Hojo stays because David Wright says he stays, what is viagra made of and Wright is the highest ranking Caucasian in the clubhouse so he gets to make a minority hire . What is viagra made of You wouldn’t have to be an online betting specialist to know that was going to happen.

What is viagra made of Razor Shines stays because he and Jerry are tight which makes Shines, what is viagra made of Jerry’s Art Fowler with the cirosess of the liver of course. What is viagra made of Thankfully Razor will be assigned to bench coach job so no more innocent base runners get injured. What is viagra made of Look for Obie One Oberkfell named as third base traffic cop.

What is viagra made of Old School Dan Warthen stays because he has threatened to go public with stories of Jeffey Skill Sets, what is viagra made of Mr. What is viagra made of Met and Charlie Samuels hooking up at the Holiday Inn on Roosevelt Ave for an erotic adventure. What is viagra made of My sources tell me there is a picture of all three involved in a ménage au trois while wearing black Mets uniform tops and black Mets caps with blue bills. What is viagra made of Mr Met now answers to the name “Lucky Pierre.” NFL Odds weren’t even taken on this one.

What is viagra made of Sandy Alomar Jr and Randy Niemann are staying as well because there is no definitive proof that Sandy Alomar Jr or Randy Niemann actually exists.

What is viagra made of So far the off season is off to a less than rousing start.

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Only the New York Mets could finish an 8 game home stand with 6 wins and have the fan base up in arms. Where can i buy illegal viagra Bad base running , where can i buy illegal viagra lack of late inning hitting, where can i buy illegal viagra and pitching failures have made our puss’s sour. Where can i buy illegal viagra Now we have a 10 game roadie that makes stop in San Francisco and a meeting with the  Great Lincicum, where can i buy illegal viagra Brooklyn West (LA) and Boston, where can i buy illegal viagra home of a team that I root for proudly and has the heart and soul of the many championships and champion players that have worn the shamrock, where can i buy illegal viagra the Celtics (maybe someday D-Wright and Jose Reyes can grow up to be like Rajon Rondo and Big Baby Davis) that could be the difference between a great summer and a shitty summer on 126th and Roosevelt Ave.


Oh where oh where to start on my bitch and moan session on this team. Where can i buy illegal viagra First I’m ready to give Jose Reyes the nickname of Scarecrow (if he only had a brain) because he knows his base running is fucked up and he knows that he needs to use his head better but he still makes the most mind boggling blunders. Where can i buy illegal viagra At some point we have to drop the “he’s young and still learning” bullshit and admit that he is baseball retarded.


Same with Wright maybe it’s enough with the face of the franchise stuff and put a foot in his ass as well. Where can i buy illegal viagra I’m sorry for attacking the children like this but as I mention above I’m a fan of the Boston Celtics and watching two kids like Rajon Rondo and Big Baby step up like men when their team has been hit by injury after injury and they have stepped up and taken charge in this playoff series against the Magic. Where can i buy illegal viagra Of course it helps that Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are their to lead (Carlos Beltran is our Ray Allen) but Rondo and Big Baby (is there a better nickname in sports than a 6’7” 280 lbs man who is called Baby by teammates and fans?) have not once blinked when the game was on the line. Where can i buy illegal viagra Rondo has turned into Bob Cousy and Baby has not only hit big shots but he has played a physical game that has pussified the Magic. Where can i buy illegal viagra I want Reyes to be our Rondo and Wright to be our Paul Pierce unfortunately we don’t have a Big Baby (maybe Frankie Rodriguez) 


In the time honored tradition of being clueless about how to treat their injured players the Mets put Carlos Delgado and his bad hip on a cross country flight to then decided if he should go on the DL  Yeah I love this team!!!!!!!!!


Hey J J Putz why not draw a big “L” on your forehead as well. Where can i buy illegal viagra Putz claims he can’t get his adrenalin up when he comes into to pitch as a set up guy and not a save situation. Where can i buy illegal viagra The guy saved 15 games last year for a team that lost over 100 games. Where can i buy illegal viagra Really tough pressure situation there JJ how much adrenalin was oozing out you then?  Just shut up and pitch



Pro Baseball Central will be on tomorrow night  Friday May 15th at 9PM EDST as Joe McDonald and I will preview Mets-Giants and talk about the big 10 games road trip and other news and notes from around MLB


Sunday night at 7PM I will be join the guys at Seven Train to Shea as their guest.


I’ve been fired up like this since Dave Singer sent me this clip of Wally Backman addressing his team. Where can i buy illegal viagra I’m thinking of using this on Saturday before our Babe Ruth League game. Where can i buy illegal viagra Our game Saturday is at 8:30 AM and my son has warned all of his teammates not to even mention the early start to me as he did and got the whole “I walked though 10 miles of broken glass with snipers on the roof through the streets of Brooklyn in the dark to play ball you little candy ass” rant. Where can i buy illegal viagra





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You know what? I’m going to take credit for last nights Mets win. Viagra tablets Yeah that’s right , viagra tablets if the Mets go off and rack off 15 or 17 game in a row I’m taking full credit, viagra tablets in fact if the Mets win the NL East and Carlos Beltran wins the NL MVP Award I want that trophy delivered to me with  a note from Beltran thanking me for my motivational push that made him the best player in baseball in 2009.  The Mets were looking for an “edge” and that’s me THE EDGE.  David Evans better get a new nickname because I earned mine.


Please, viagra tablets please people hold your applause, viagra tablets my work isn’t done yet as one game does not a turnaround make but I’m working on it. Viagra tablets


My next pupil will be Sean Green, viagra tablets I have to get into his head and make him a feared warrior when he comes to the mound. Viagra tablets My first order to him will be to grow a Fu Manchu moustache and then we are going to a hair salon on Roosevelt Ave to get him hair extensions (goin’ old school mullet here) and before every game I will beat him with a Kimbo stick.


Now all this I’ve done for the Mets have been at no charge, viagra tablets if they want Ollie P straight that will cost them as I’m THE EDGE not JESUS.



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Who turned up the heat?  WHEW!!!! It was a hot one at $iti Field today but leave it to Ollie Perez to turn a beautiful day to shit.

Today had to be Omar Minaya’s worst nightmare.  A guy he could have been rid of in O.P. Viagra alternative levitra  whose contract is ready to bypass Luis Castillo’ as the worst deal signed in the Minaya Era. Viagra alternative levitra Daniel Murphy played LF again without a clue and it’s not all the kids fault as he has never played there so in Mets logic he’s the perfect candidate for the outfield job. Viagra alternative levitra Then Jesus Flores the former Mets famer who was stolen in the Rule 5 draft smacked Mets pitching around.  Then after the game Casey Fosum was DFA’s and 40 year old (Omar is a cougar chaser) LHP Ken Takahashi. Viagra alternative levitra Oh yeah and now there is talk that OP will be skipped in his next start (vs. Viagra alternative levitra Philly) and banished to the pen when Tim Redding decides it’s time to earn a paycheck. Viagra alternative levitra But the good news is Carlos Beltran saved the Mets some money on bleach again as he pulled up at 2nd base on a steal attempt. Viagra alternative levitra Quite the gentleman that Beltran.

I have to say I’m not angry or disgusted in the play of this team so far in fact I’m quite intrigued on what the front office will do to get this thing in the right direction. Viagra alternative levitra   The players can give quotes on how they are a good team and how they will get it together and all that but we know better that it’s just bullshit right now the story here is how does Omar Minaya save his job as Mets VP and GM and that of his staff.

Minaya won’t be axed during the season but without a post season game in the House That Jeffey Built, viagra alternative levitra there will be a second demolition in two years at 126th and Roosevelt Ave. Viagra alternative levitra     


Couple of things from $iti Field today. Viagra alternative levitra I love the Jackie Robinson Rotunda but why does everyone think it’s the only entrance to the ball park? We entered at the Right Field Gate and there was no one on line to get in.

When it got to 8-1 we went to get something to eat and of course the lines at the Shake Shack were ridiculous. Viagra alternative levitra But we hung in there and got some burgers and found refuge down by the visiting bullpen where the old Apple resides. Viagra alternative levitra Its’ a great spot with tables and shade but one little problem, viagra alternative levitra you can’t see the game from there and there are no TV’s either. Viagra alternative levitra Now the Field Level where you can see the game from any place you stand has more TV’s on display than P.C. Viagra alternative levitra Richards showroom. Viagra alternative levitra I think it would be wise to move a TV or two to that little picnic area by the pens.

I was very happy to see the Mets Yearbook and Media Guide was finally available. Viagra alternative levitra Last week they were selling neither  so there is some progress.

If today’s game was played at Shea there would have been a mass exodus to the exits by the 6th inning. Viagra alternative levitra The Mets were losing, viagra alternative levitra the game was lousy and it was hot as hell but a game like this gives you a chance to enjoy the amenities of $iti Field. Viagra alternative levitra I would not be off base if I said there were more fans in the center field food court than in the seats by the 7th inning. Viagra alternative levitra  






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So Omar and his lieutenants sat down with Scott Boras at $it Field yesterday and while Omar sent Jeffey down the block on Roosevelt Ave to pick up some empanadas and plantains, cialis on sale the big boys talked contract with Borras’ stable of stars.


The top starlet on the list is Derek Lowe who won’t settle for the 3yr/$36 mil initial offer from the Mets but a face saving 3yr/$42 mil with a vesting option on a 4th year could make for a deal as it seems the propaganda out of the Lowe/Boras camp of suitors lining up is pure hearsay.

(UPDATE: Lowe will now meet with the Braves as they look to fill the void left by Smoltz shipping off to Boston. Now the off season is heating up GIDDY UP!!!!) 


Could there be a way for the Mets to sign both Lowe and OP? I’m not even going in the Manny direction as it looks like that won’t happen but is there a way that Omar could squeeze a few more million out of the Skill Sets to make arguably the best starting rotation in baseball?


Talk about out of nowhere? John Smoltz to the Red Sox?


Dear Joe Girardi, cialis on sale


                          Please excuse my husband Mark for being absent for last nights game. He did not finish his chores at home and had to be punished. Cialis on sale Hopefully Mark learned his lesson and will make sure there are no dishes left in the sink over night and use coupons when I send him to the Stop and Shop.


                       I know the team really needs Mark, cialis on sale put as you know sometimes you just have to put your foot down. Cialis on sale I’m sure you understand my predicament.


                                                                         Sincerely, cialis on sale

                                                                         Leigh Teixeira




“WHO LET THE DOGS OUT”- Seems a stray dog from the junk yards of Willets Point ran a muck over $iti Field yesterday and was captured by construction workers and animal control officers. Cialis on sale When questioned the dog stated she was just looking for the season ticket office as she wanted to buy 4 seats in the Sterling Section. Cialis on sale Jeffey loves his Bitches!


Don’t forget to set you alarm for 9PM tonight and join myself and Joe McDonald for our first Pro Baseball Central of the new year on Blog Talk Radio. Cialis on sale We want you to join in on the show so call in at (646) 595-4462 



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