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Discount canadian cialis Just a few loose ends from yesterday’s press conference:

Discount canadian cialis The date for Banner Day will be announced shortly. Discount canadian cialis It will not be between games of a double header (I guess that’s too old school) but after the completion of a game most likely a weekend game.

Discount canadian cialis There is a website dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Mets, discount canadian cialis, discount canadian cialis where you can enter a contest to win Mets season tickets by submitting your Mets memories

Discount canadian cialis Old Timers Day as we know it will not be on the schedule instead the Mets Alumni will be out in full force throughout the season. Discount canadian cialis If you have ever attended a game and came in through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda while members of the Alumni were on hand you know how special it is to meet and greet the former Mets.

Discount canadian cialis The team is putting together a 5 for 50 ticket plan where you can buy a ticket for 5 games for $50 bucks. Discount canadian cialis Get it? $50 for 5 tickets for the 50th Anniversary

Discount canadian cialis Big thank you to Danielle and Shannon for inviting me to yesterday’s festivities, discount canadian cialis it was nice to see Shannon running around on her healed up ankle but the sight of the day was Ike Davis pushing Jay Horowitz around in his wheelchair as he recovers from a broken ankle.

Discount canadian cialis I have a ton of real work to get to today so this post will be it for now. Discount canadian cialis Enjoy my soft and fuzzy side for today. Discount canadian cialis Tomorrow I’ll get to real baseball stuff with the Mets which means my snarl should be back.

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Price check 50mg viagra The Mets have announced today that they are expanding the Fanwalk where you can purchase a brick with this years 50th Anniversary patch on it. Price check 50mg viagra I have a brick from when the Mets first offered them for the Fanwalk, price check 50mg viagra in fact when you purchase a Fanwalk brick you get one on either the first or third base side outside of Citi Field and you get one for your home, price check 50mg viagra mine is on the mantle of the fireplace in my dining room so when family and friends who are Highlander fans they must stare at it while having dinner.

Price check 50mg viagra Here is the release put out by the Mets on how who can purchase your Fanwalk Brick:



“Citi Field Fanwalk: Mets 50th Anniversary” Bricks Are On Sale Now


Purchase Includes Brick Replica, price check 50mg viagra Net Proceeds to Benefit Mets Foundation;

Mets 2011 Season Ticket and Plan Holders to Receive 15% Discount


Price check 50mg viagra FLUSHING, price check 50mg viagra N.Y., price check 50mg viagra November 2 – The New York Mets today announced the expansion of the Citi Field Fanwalk to include a new offering of bricks in honor of the franchise’s 50th anniversary to be installed for the 2012 season along the first and third base sides of the ballpark outside the Hodges VIP and Seaver VIP entrances. Price check 50mg viagra Citi Field Fanwalk: Mets 50th Anniversary commemorative bricks will provide fans the opportunity to recognize their families, price check 50mg viagra friends, price check 50mg viagra and favorite Mets memories since the franchise first began play in 1962.

Price check 50mg viagra  

Price check 50mg viagra Bricks are on sale now at or by phone at 877-NYM-WALK (696-9255).

Price check 50mg viagra  

Price check 50mg viagra The first two editions of Citi Field Fanwalk bricks sold out with fans purchasing more than 24, price check 50mg viagra000 bricks.  The first offering of bricks directly outside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda was installed prior to the inaugural season at the new Mets home in 2009. Price check 50mg viagra  The Fanwalk was extended down the first base and third base lines the following year with Citi Field Fanwalk: Amazin’ Moments bricks commemorating great moments in Mets history.

Price check 50mg viagra  

Price check 50mg viagra Fans will be able to purchase bricks in three sizes:

  • 8” x 8” brick engraved with the Mets 50th anniversary logo or Mets script logo and four lines of text for $395
  • 8” x 8” brick with six lines of text for $340
  • 4” x 8” brick with three lines of text for $195

Price check 50mg viagra  

Price check 50mg viagra Each Citi Field Fanwalk: Mets 50th Anniversary brick includes a complimentary replica, price check 50mg viagra with additional copies and display cases available for purchase.  All brick engravings will be text only, price check 50mg viagra and each proposed message is subject to the approval of the Mets.  Corporate logos and slogans are not permitted.

Price check 50mg viagra  

Price check 50mg viagra Mets 2011 Season Ticket and Plan Holders will receive a 15% discount on Fanwalk bricks.

Price check 50mg viagra  

Price check 50mg viagra A portion of each brick purchase is tax deductible and net proceeds will be donated to the Mets Foundation, price check 50mg viagra which will distribute the funds to area charities.  A registered 501(c) 3 charity, price check 50mg viagra the Mets Foundation takes no portion of the funds raised to offset internal costs. Price check 50mg viagra The Mets pay 100% of the Foundation’s overhead to ensure that the entirety of a donation is directed toward helping others.

Price check 50mg viagra  

Price check 50mg viagra The Mets will reveal the design for their 50th anniversary logo and plans for the season-long celebration in the coming weeks.

Price check 50mg viagra  

Price check 50mg viagra  

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Sildenafil citrate soft tabs This card will be in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda tonight before the Mets-Angels game. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs It will be signed first by the Mets players and broadcasters then fans will be able to send their best wishes to the Kid. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs When the card is full of names and well wishes, sildenafil citrate soft tabs the Mets will send it off to Gary Carter as he battles with brain cancer.

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Viagra discussion

Viagra discussion Looks like Minority Einhorn is getting quite cozy at Citi Field. Viagra discussion I’m sure the Skill Sets are sweating and not just because of this recent hot spell in NYC. Viagra discussion  Einhorn seems to fancy this period of the media swooning over him trying to feel him out as the white knight that will come in a save the franchise. Viagra discussion   

Viagra discussion Right now, viagra discussion Einhorn can’t say much as the shysters are still finalizing the paper work but when the ink dries on his signature what happens then? How much say does Minority Einhorn have?  As much as he enjoys taking his kids to Citi Field, viagra discussion I’m sure he didn’t write a $200 mil check just to visit the Mets dugout and avoid the lines at the Shake Shack .

Viagra discussion Does Einhorn whisper in Sandy Alderson’ ear “don’t trade Reyes, viagra discussion we’ll pay him but keep it on the down low”?

Viagra discussion How about on the day the deal is final, viagra discussion Einhorn announces that he is taking bids from area sculptures for a statue of Tom Seaver that will be placed in the newly renamed Metropolitan Rotunda with Jackie Robinson’s 42 and tribute to John McGraw.

Viagra discussion How great would it be if Einhorn came out against the black unis and caps.

Viagra discussion How about letting everyone know that #8 will never be worn by a Mets player ever again and as soon as Gary Carter lets the organization know he’s up to it, viagra discussion the Mets will celebrate Gary Carter Day with a number retirement ceremony  

Viagra discussion  How about if his kid’s say to him “Dad bring back Banner Day”

Viagra discussion Since Einhorn is a family man maybe he will take into account that not all family men run hedge funds but most work at jobs that pay far less. Viagra discussion So he will institute family packs at Citi Field for reduced tickets and concessions. Viagra discussion Not everyone can feed a family of four at the Shake Shack you know.

Viagra discussion Maybe this all just my imagination running wild too. Viagra discussion I don’t know what the future holds with Minority Einhorn but from reading about this guy, viagra discussion he didn’t get into this partnership to sit back and watch the Skill Sets piss away what’s left of this organization. Viagra discussion The next couple of months could be the most interesting and crucial months in Mets history.

Viagra discussion Join me tonight at 11PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN as my guest Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr) of The Real Dirty Mets and I recap tonight’s Mets-Pirates game and talk about the on and off the field Mets news on Blog Talk Radio. Viagra discussion If you can’t join us live you can hear the podcast here at Kranepool Society (bottom right side bar) or at our show page on Blog Talk Radio or download the show on iTunes.

Viagra discussion  THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN is part of the Seamheads National Podcasting Network.   

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Viagra cialis

Viagra cialis I’m exhausted. Viagra cialis After sitting through last nights game, viagra cialis then heading home and getting to bed about four hours before I needed to get up to go to work, viagra cialis I’m going to need three XL Dunkin’ Dounts coffee’s to get through the work day.

Viagra cialis My day at Citi Field started out with a great surprise. Viagra cialis As we were walking from the car to the front of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, viagra cialis I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Ed Kranepool. Viagra cialis Yes, viagra cialis THE Ed Kranepool, viagra cialis my FME (Favorite Met Ever). Viagra cialis He was with a bunch of people and was busy distributing tickets to them when I went over to say hello. Viagra cialis I reminded him that we met at a luncheon at Gallagher’s for the 69 Champs and that I run this blog named after him, viagra cialis he started laughing and said “Oh now I remember you” we just chatted for a minute or two before we shook hands and bid each other well. Viagra cialis  That was my “Let It Be” moment as a Mets fan. Viagra cialis Just when I wonder is all this worth it, viagra cialis as I get more and more aggravated with the ownership, viagra cialis front office and manager and question why I actually give a shit about this team, viagra cialis I hear that song in my head:

Viagra cialis When I find myself in times of trouble, viagra cialis

Viagra cialis Eddie Kranepool comes to me, viagra cialis

Viagra cialis Speaking words of wisdom, viagra cialis

Viagra cialis Let it be, viagra cialis let it be.

Viagra cialis After my Kranepool encounter, viagra cialis we then took a stroll through the Mets Museum. Viagra cialis This was just my third trip to Citi Field this season (now that my baseball season has come to a close with a second round ousting in the playoffs, viagra cialis I hope to make a few more trips this summer to Flushing) but the first time I had the time to go a look around the Hall of Fame. Viagra cialis I must say, viagra cialis I was thoroughly impressed. Viagra cialis I love the fact that the two World Series trophies are on displayed for us, viagra cialis the great unwashed, viagra cialis to look at and enjoy instead of the days at Shea when the swells in the suites and Diamond Club, viagra cialis the folks who have zero attachment to them, viagra cialis had them in plain view. Viagra cialis I also like how the plaques are made just like the one’s in Cooperstown. Viagra cialis The display of Mets uniforms of the past is a treat as well and the baseballs from the first and last games at the Polo Grounds and Shea Stadium scream of our history. Viagra cialis I don’t say this too many times but bravo Mets management on putting together a great place for Mets fans to relive and learn Mets history.

Viagra cialis A few thoughts on last night’s game:

Viagra cialis This team is madding. Viagra cialis How does Johan Santana go from throwing batting practice in the first inning to morphing back into an Ace from innings 2-5?    

Viagra cialis We sat in seats last night that allowed us access to the Caesars Club, viagra cialis as my wife said we needed to splurge since it was my birthday. Viagra cialis Our seats were great, viagra cialis section 326 between third and home, viagra cialis but I’m just not cut out to be among the people who frequent that area. Viagra cialis We may have been the only ones in the section actually watching the action on the field.  I was not impressed with the surroundings of the Cesar’s Club either. Viagra cialis The furnishings look like the came off the set of Mad Men, viagra cialis with the couches and coffee tables that looked just like the furniture in my living room when I celebrated my 6th birthday in 1964. Viagra cialis One very nice feature though was the air conditioning which was welcome relief on a stifling night.

Viagra cialis I also grew weary of telling all the “Johnny Come Lately” Mets fans that life story of Mike Hessman.

Viagra cialis I’m sure Jerry Manuel has all sorts of facts and figures in his binder that he keeps in the dugout. Viagra cialis I am also sure that on one of those pages there shows Pedro Feliciano gets pounded by right handed hitters to the tune of .333/.446/.405 and that Raul Valdes, viagra cialis even though he’s a lefty, viagra cialis has success versus righties  .206/.322/.284 so why was Feliciano left to face El Hombre? I can accept not walking Pujols but why not go with Valdes? It’s your nightly “Gangsta’ Jerry’s Head Scratcher of the Game”.

Viagra cialis I have really, viagra cialis really REALLY had enough of Luis Castillo.

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Who turned up the heat?  WHEW!!!! It was a hot one at $iti Field today but leave it to Ollie Perez to turn a beautiful day to shit.

Today had to be Omar Minaya’s worst nightmare.  A guy he could have been rid of in O.P. Index  whose contract is ready to bypass Luis Castillo’ as the worst deal signed in the Minaya Era. Index Daniel Murphy played LF again without a clue and it’s not all the kids fault as he has never played there so in Mets logic he’s the perfect candidate for the outfield job. Index Then Jesus Flores the former Mets famer who was stolen in the Rule 5 draft smacked Mets pitching around.  Then after the game Casey Fosum was DFA’s and 40 year old (Omar is a cougar chaser) LHP Ken Takahashi. Index Oh yeah and now there is talk that OP will be skipped in his next start (vs. Index Philly) and banished to the pen when Tim Redding decides it’s time to earn a paycheck. Index But the good news is Carlos Beltran saved the Mets some money on bleach again as he pulled up at 2nd base on a steal attempt. Index Quite the gentleman that Beltran.

I have to say I’m not angry or disgusted in the play of this team so far in fact I’m quite intrigued on what the front office will do to get this thing in the right direction. Index   The players can give quotes on how they are a good team and how they will get it together and all that but we know better that it’s just bullshit right now the story here is how does Omar Minaya save his job as Mets VP and GM and that of his staff.

Minaya won’t be axed during the season but without a post season game in the House That Jeffey Built, index there will be a second demolition in two years at 126th and Roosevelt Ave. Index     


Couple of things from $iti Field today. Index I love the Jackie Robinson Rotunda but why does everyone think it’s the only entrance to the ball park? We entered at the Right Field Gate and there was no one on line to get in.

When it got to 8-1 we went to get something to eat and of course the lines at the Shake Shack were ridiculous. Index But we hung in there and got some burgers and found refuge down by the visiting bullpen where the old Apple resides. Index Its’ a great spot with tables and shade but one little problem, index you can’t see the game from there and there are no TV’s either. Index Now the Field Level where you can see the game from any place you stand has more TV’s on display than P.C. Index Richards showroom. Index I think it would be wise to move a TV or two to that little picnic area by the pens.

I was very happy to see the Mets Yearbook and Media Guide was finally available. Index Last week they were selling neither  so there is some progress.

If today’s game was played at Shea there would have been a mass exodus to the exits by the 6th inning. Index The Mets were losing, index the game was lousy and it was hot as hell but a game like this gives you a chance to enjoy the amenities of $iti Field. Index I would not be off base if I said there were more fans in the center field food court than in the seats by the 7th inning. Index  






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This was my first visit to 126th and Roosevelt since the last game at Shea and as the 7 train rumbled toward Willets Pt not seeing the familiar blue horseshoe stadium was a bit unnerving, where to buy viagra but $iti Field did looking striking in the foreground.  Stepping off the train and walking to the exit (I still miss the landing where you could see the field and the souvenir stand there too) I had to stop and take it all in, where to buy viagra what once was a parking lot has now come to life as the new home of the Mets. Where to buy viagra I was a bit discombobulated as I asked my son “should we walk around the outside”? “Sholud we go in”? My son made the decision, where to buy viagra “Dad, where to buy viagra we can walk around the outside after the game, where to buy viagra right now let’s get the SANTANA draw string bag” Atta boy, where to buy viagra always get your swag. Where to buy viagra  So in we go with our new drawstring bags in tow. Where to buy viagra    

I will say I was impressed by the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Where to buy viagra I love the look with the hanging light fixtures and the words of inspiration on the walls and marble floors that surround the area. Where to buy viagra But what made the biggest impression on me  watching an African American family taking pictures on the steps leading up to the stands and then down at the big 42 in the center of the Rotunda. Where to buy viagra  The Dad was beaming telling his two kids about Robinson and how he changes not just the landscape of baseball but the country and it reinforced to me why the Jackie Robinson Rotunda is the Jewel of $iti Field.

There was one drawback to the JRR that left me dumb struck. Where to buy viagra There are two escalators leading up to the field levels. Where to buy viagra My son and I were in deep conversation and just walking to the escalator closest to us. Where to buy viagra As we ready to step on the moving stair case a “Hospitality Agent” asked to see our tickets. Where to buy viagra When she saw Promenade on them she smirked and said “this escalator is for Club Members only”  so in this grand entrance dedicated to a man who fought against  prejudice and for inclusion of all, where to buy viagra there exists segregation of the fans The escalators  might as well be marked “SWELLS” and “GREAT UNWASHED”

As we made our way up “our” escalator, where to buy viagra more signs of the haves and have nots were present. Where to buy viagra  There is enclave known as the Ebbets Club that is manned by a security guard whose job is to stand at the entrance to make sure none of  us street urchins go near the door. Where to buy viagra The windows of the club are also blocked by murals of $iti Field or wait I’m sorry they are murals of Ebbets Field. Where to buy viagra I get them both confused. Where to buy viagra   My son pleaded with me to please stop staring at the Ebbets Club as he feared the security/ bouncer would take me in for questioning.


We got to the ball park early (yes it is a ball park Mets fans our Stadium is just a pile of rubble next door) with more than enough time to walk all around the place. Where to buy viagra The concourses are very wide and you can see the field as you stroll. Where to buy viagra We stopped to watch the Brewers take batting practice and to watch Willie Randolph have a catch with Bill Hall. Where to buy viagra To digress a bit, where to buy viagra Randolph was in his right element as a coach. Where to buy viagra I always said his biggest strength is as an instructor than a field manager. Where to buy viagra  Okay back to my $iti Field stroll. Where to buy viagra

As I said you can stop and watch BP but you cannot go down by the field unless you have a ticket for that section and since you either have to be a pimp , where to buy viagra drug dealer, where to buy viagra or a CEO of a failed Fortune 500 business to be able to afford tickets in that close to the field  we  just keep walking.

We made our way to the Centerfield Taste of New York Food Court area and this is where we made our $iti Field experience rookie mistake. Where to buy viagra We should have had our Shake Shack burger and shake and our Box Frites fires then instead of coming back in the third inning. Where to buy viagra The lines are long and if you go during the game you miss at least two innings of the game and as good as that burger, where to buy viagra fries and shake were it wasn’t that good that I should miss two innings of Johan Santana pitching. Where to buy viagra But live and learn. Where to buy viagra

The food court area reminds me of the San Genareo Feast . Where to buy viagra Wall to wall people, where to buy viagra plenty of beer and greasy food. Where to buy viagra  As great as the food areas are in this Taste of New York Food Court it’s really nothing you can’t get any day of the week in NYC. Where to buy viagra  The Shake Shack burger? It was very good but I’ve had as good if not better at any bar in Bay Ridge (Pipins Pub and Skinflints to name two) the Taco stand? I can go to Port Richmond here on Staten Island and have real Tacos made by real Mexican cooks. Where to buy viagra  Pizza? Are you kidding ?  Look I guess if you live in the ‘burbs these gastric delights are unique and I’m not saying it was n’t delicious but I wasn’t  blown away. Where to buy viagra Next week when I go back for the Mets-Nats on Sunday I’m going to the World’s Fare Market to get a sandwich at Mama’s of Corona. Where to buy viagra When I went in there to look around I was very surprised how little foot traffic there was there, where to buy viagra and a Mama’s Turkey and Mozzarella on semolina hero kicks the Shake Shack burgers ass.

Our next stop was the Pepsi Porch. Where to buy viagra If it were up to me I’d have stayed up there for the rest of the game but my son wanted to go back to our seats. Where to buy viagra The PP reminded me of the Right Field Pavilion at Fenway Park with the large concession stand and vast walking area. Where to buy viagra The security guards were nice as they said we could stay and watch but please don’t block the aisles. Where to buy viagra That kind of pleasantness will get you fired mister!

I wish I knew how the Mets are counting the attendance here at $iti. Where to buy viagra The Skill Sets were criticized at Shea for announcing crowds of 40 or 50, where to buy viagra000 when there were maybe 30 or 35, where to buy viagra000 yesterday I’d have sworn the game was sold out a solid 42, where to buy viagra 000 and change on hand but the announced attendance was a shade over 32, where to buy viagra000. Where to buy viagra That brings me to the empty seat scenario.

I sat in Section 511 in the Promenade at this seems to be the part of the park where the die hards are. Where to buy viagra From my eye it looked to me the whole level was full. Where to buy viagra When you look down to the lower bowl there were pockets of unoccupied seats that have been the talk of the town this week. Where to buy viagra  Why would you be surprised that the corporate fat cats would rather sit at a bar and drink Martini’s and talk about how they got their bonus out of government TARP money and the great rental in South Hampton rather than get up close and personal with the best pitcher in baseball and watch him dominate hitters with a fastball/change-up combo not matched in the big leagues ? You reap what you sow Skill Sets. Where to buy viagra

With all that, where to buy viagra I really like $iti Field. Where to buy viagra I think. Where to buy viagra I love the architecture. Where to buy viagra I love that it looks like Ebbits Field. Where to buy viagra I love the dark blue exposed steel girders especially the ones holding up the bridge that leads you into the Taste of NY Food Court. Where to buy viagra  I love the deep green seats. Where to buy viagra It is a beautiful ball park but there are some things that need improvement.

If you were blindfolded and brought into the park and plopped in a seat, where to buy viagra then had the blindfold taken off and told if you can guess the team that plays here you go free if you can’t, where to buy viagra BANG you’re dead. Where to buy viagra Chances are you’d better say your prayers as there is more Brooklyn Dodgers feel to the place than Mets and that is a major problem. Where to buy viagra I hear you Freddie, where to buy viagra BROOKLYN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this is Queens and these are the Mets and we are Mets fans and you need to make the place more Mets-ecentic. Where to buy viagra It’s embarrassing. Where to buy viagra

The scoreboard sucks. Where to buy viagra All the adds on the board are so low rent –Buy your Gold Jewelry, where to buy viagra Used Cars Dealers (Bud Selig?), where to buy viagra Construction Equipment (Tony Soprano) Free Credit Report and Cesars Casinos-they only business missing up there are Madam Marie’s Rub and a Tug and the Canarsie Indians Tax Free Cigarettes Shack. Where to buy viagra The old board at Shea , where to buy viagra kicks $iti’s ass everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Where to buy viagra When you walked into Shea the first thing you checked was the day’s lineup. Where to buy viagra Not on the $iti board until game time. Where to buy viagra Out of Town Scores?  At Shea right in front of you. Where to buy viagra  At $iti? Up high near the lights plus you need Lasix  surgery to see it properly. Where to buy viagra Thank God for the Black Berry.

And what is with these metal guard rails on the seats? And the Plexiglas on the railings next to the seats?  If anyone can tell me what purpose they serve please e mail me or leave a comment because the only purpose I can see them serving is to annoy the shit out of me. Where to buy viagra   

I’m sure $iti Field will grow on me and seriously I hate being negative about the place like I said it is a beautiful place but I just wish the Skill Sets would stop catering to the corporate assholes and start making the real Mets fan happy. Where to buy viagra There is a real venomous vibe coming from a segment of Mets fan base that I have never experienced before in all the years I’ve rooted for this team. Where to buy viagra There is an unbelievable disconnect between the owner of this team and it’s loyal fan base.  I understand it is a business and the Skill Sets are hurting since the Madoff scandal but this organization is at a cross roads now. 

Always remember Skill Sets the people in the Delta, where to buy viagra Acela, where to buy viagra Ebbits, where to buy viagra Excelsior or whatever swanky club you  have at $iti won’t be there when times are tough, where to buy viagra it’s the Promenade folks who will keep you solvent during tough times but don’t take us for granted. Where to buy viagra If you think it can’t happen give Lorinda de Roulet a call and ask her about the mid and late 70’s. Where to buy viagra   

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Price of cialis in canada I will have a longer post on this tomorrow (hopefully both my kids have soccer games so I’ll try) but today my son and I  made our maiden voyage to $iti Field and I’ll just say it was better than I expected. Price of cialis in canada I admit I went in with a bit of reluctence as I’m trying to hold on to the Spirt of Shea but I’ll say this when I walked into the Jackie Robinson Rotunda (I pronounce it RA-TUN-DUH ) I was smitten.

Price of cialis in canada I then met up with glitterari  of Mets fandom and blogdom. Price of cialis in canada Charley Hagerly, price of cialis in canada Taryn Cooper, price of cialis in canada Zoe Rice, price of cialis in canada Greg Prince, price of cialis in canada Mike Silva his brother Chris and From SNY/Bronx Banter Alex Bleth 

Price of cialis in canada I’ll just leave you with this quick thought on $iti. Price of cialis in canada It has some flaws. Price of cialis in canada Flaws that can be corrected and it will take a bit to get used to. Price of cialis in canada There are things that annoyed me and things that were great about the place and I’ll go into detail on that tomorrow.

Price of cialis in canada When the 7 train pulled up to the Shea, price of cialis in canada errrrrr Mets/Willets Point Station I go a bit weak in the knees seeing a pile of rumble that we used to call home but then I saw the shinny new house and I said to myself  time to let it go move on I think we all should Move On it’s a new era in Mets baseball

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 Then something else came to mind

That was the mirror

It made everything clearer

That you’re more beautiful compelling and stronger

It didn’t take much longer

Just for me to realize I love all the little things

And the beauty that they’re gonna bring

I dig your little laugh and I’m lovin’ your quick wit

I even love it when you’re faking it

And it might sound a little strange for me to say to you

But I’m proud to be you


And I’m slowly turning into you

And I’m slowly turning into you

And I’m slowly turning into you

And I’m slowly turning into you


The more I see of $iti Field the more I’m coming around to the fact that this will be at least from a structural point, cialis levitra viagra vs a baseball palace.  From looking at the pictures that Joe McDonald took while on a tour of the new ballpark the first thing that strikes me is the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Cialis levitra viagra vs It is magnificent. Cialis levitra viagra vs I know there is alot of anti-Brooklyn Dodgers sentiment among Mets fans and the naming and the reproduction of the Ebbets Field rotunda of $iti Field has been debated as some segment of Mets fans feel the Mets should honor their own and other part of the fans base wants the New York Giants/Polo Ground element to be added and both sides make fine arguments but to bash the design of the ball park and to be upset that the rotunda is named after Jackie Robinson is ridiculous in my view. Cialis levitra viagra vs In fact I wanted the ball park named after Robinson but I know that is just a pipe dream.


Any way not just the rotunda is breath taking up the view from the section show that Mets fans will have that up close and personal feel and be right on top of the action. Cialis levitra viagra vs I also LOVE the forest green seats which will give the park that old time feel.


Maybe it’s the cold weather and wishing it was 80 degrees and sunny or maybe it’s the Rangers getting the ass handed to them last night by Les Habitants that has me getting antsy for spring training and then opening day at the new place. Cialis levitra viagra vs (We have to come up with a better name though as I’m still going to use $iti Field so if you have any suggestions for me pass them along through the comments or e-mail )



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