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Viagra competition Sometimes I just don’t get the anger that spews from what I hope is a minority of the Mets fan base. Viagra competition Yes it sucked to lose three in the South Bronx this past weekend and yes the defense and the bullpen along with zero production from Ike Davis and Jason Bay when he’s healthy have led to a nasty slide, viagra competition but has it gotten to the point where some of our Mets brethren have lost their ever lovin’ minds?

Viagra competition If you took to Twitter yesterday and you are a follower of Jon Rauch you got to see the worst and thankfully the best in Mets fans. Viagra competition  Some of the angry mob attacked Rauch in such a way that it made me blush, viagra competition not an easy thing to do. Viagra competition There were calls for Rauch to just go on the DL and never be heard from again and others who feel if it weren’t for him the Mets would be 1st place by a wide margin and there were some you called Rauch names in a screen that never in a million years would ever say to his face. Viagra competition In fact I tweeted to Rauch that the same “fans” who say you suck and that you’re a big pussy are the same ones who hang out by the player’s entrance at Citi Field begging for your autograph. Viagra competition  I know the club has lost a lot of games of late but have we all lost our minds as well?

Viagra competition Jon Rauch will be the first to tell you he’s “pitching like horseshit” as he said after giving up the game winning HR to Russell Martin. Viagra competition He gave no excuses and stood at his locker and showed his emotions on how it sucked for the team and him to give up that shot. Viagra competition That kind of accountably had been lost in the Mets clubhouse but not anymore. Viagra competition That’s a big step forward. Viagra competition No one on this team hides in the trainer’s room after a loss, viagra competition no one  says “no comment” to any question, viagra competition which is why this is an easy Mets team to root for, viagra competition they’re stand up guys.

Viagra competition I’ve been called a sellout, viagra competition a stooge and an apologist because the Mets have been gracious in allowing me and my fellow bloggers access to the players, viagra competition if that’s what you think that’s fine by me. Viagra competition I will gladly admit I have not posted many negative posts here as I’ve done in the past, viagra competition that’s because I really like this team, viagra competition the manager and the front office. Viagra competition Before I was invited to such events at Citi Field, viagra competition I advocated hiring Sandy Alderson to run the organization and when the Mets not only hired Alderson but got Paul DePodesta and J.P. Viagra competition Riccardi on board it was in my opinion, viagra competition one of the best days in Mets history. Viagra competition I still feel that way.

Viagra competition The only people who mock and can’t see the future of the Mets is on the upswing are the ignorant. Viagra competition Those who refuse to see the good work that is going on in the minor league system and in the front office. Viagra competition Of course there is plenty of work to be done, viagra competition this team not only has to pitch and catch the ball better and they have to play smarter baseball as well, viagra competition we know that, viagra competition the team knows that.

Viagra competition Believe me there have been Mets teams in the past like the Jeff Torborg and Art Howe led teams, viagra competition and the end of the Willie Randolph era teams and the Jerry Manuel teams that I have despised. Viagra competition  This team is the opposite of any of those lazy ass teams that embarrassed me as a Mets fans. Viagra competition This year’s team has me rooting harder for the Mets than I have in a long time.

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Get viagra avoid prescription If you’re going to lose three straight in the South Bronx, get viagra avoid prescription at least get blown out in all three so it doesn’t hurt Mets fans so much. Get viagra avoid prescription Friday night was easier to take than the last two losses as we can expect Johan Santana to bounce back and pitch well but in the Saturday and Sunday losses to the Highlanders the two big deficiencies of this Mets team were highlighted for all to see, get viagra avoid prescription the inability to execute the fundamentals of baseball and a bullpen that doesn’t know how to pitch.

Get viagra avoid prescription The lack of “fundi’s” were on full display yesterday. Get viagra avoid prescription I know Andy Pettite has been gone for a year but everyone knows he has one of the greatest move to first base in the history of baseball. Get viagra avoid prescription The Mets who are now a station to station base running team decide yesterday was the day to get aggressive on the base paths and it bit them in the ass as David Wright and Scott Hariston were picked off, get viagra avoid prescription with Hairston looking like deer on back road upset in the dead of winter look as Petitte ran right at him to get him out.

Get viagra avoid prescription Then there were the errors. Get viagra avoid prescription Wright was charged with a throwing error which was followed by the first Russell Martin homer to cut the Mets lead to 3-2 and before that Omar Quintanilla’s error allowed Jeter to go to second and that opened the flood gates for Bobby Parnell because no one in that Mets bullpen ever picks up a teammate. Get viagra avoid prescription  So from a 3-0 lead the Mets are now down 4-3 heading to the 9th inning. Get viagra avoid prescription Lucas Duda and Ike (That’s Right) Davis hits a game tying double and the Met tie the game at 4. Get viagra avoid prescription Now’s the time to get that go ahead run over to 3rd base with Quintanilla with a sac bunt but of course he doesn’t execute the bunt because just like last year no one on the Mets can lay down a bunt, get viagra avoid prescription Q then hits a bullshit roller to short and Jayson Nix throws to 3rd to get Ike who runs like he’s pulling a frost free refrigerator, get viagra avoid prescription again poor execution. Get viagra avoid prescription  Murph hits for Valdespin and gets a base hit with would have scored Ike had he stayed a 2nd base, get viagra avoid prescription so now it’s Q on 3rd 1 out and contact hitter Josh Thole up. Get viagra avoid prescription A base hit would be great but fly ball to one of those noodle armed Highlander outfielders would suffice. Get viagra avoid prescription  Thole works the count to 3-2 and leaves the bat on his shoulder to take a called third strike, get viagra avoid prescription then has the balls to argue the call with home plate Mike Muchlinski, get viagra avoid prescription are you kidding? SWING THE BAT!!!!!

Get viagra avoid prescription So the Mets fight back to tie the score at 4 and in comes Jon Rau………………………game over 5-4 Highlanders on a Russell Martin home run.

Get viagra avoid prescription Off to Tampa. Get viagra avoid prescription Ya Gotta Believe!!!

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Non prescription viagra I hope J-Man shows a video in spring training of last nights NLCS game. It would help to show it to his ladies (they’ve kind of lost the honor to be called Gangsta’s) the tape is good way to show how a team is supposed to act and stick up for one and other something that is lacking in Flushing. Non prescription viagra What made it even better was that young Chad Billingsley was called out as a pussy by teammates for not retailing for the second time that Manny Ramirez had a Rawlings aimed at his coconut. Non prescription viagra Also it seems the young catcher Russell Martin has been told to take charge of this pitching staff and get his pitchers to throw inside.

Non prescription viagra Sometime you hear that phrase said so much on baseball telecast that it becomes a worn cliche but it really is the top baseball commandment to throw inside. Non prescription viagra Throwing  inside and throwing at a batter are two different things. Non prescription viagra As a pitcher you have to make that batter sooooooo uncomfortable in that batter box because not only is it one more thing for the batter to think about but also if you get that pitch inside over for a strike it just makes your pitching life so much easier as now the hitter has to work on protecting himself inside and he can’t extend his arms to drive the ball. Non prescription viagra This is what makes the Phucks pitching staff so good, non prescription viagra they have the balls to throw inside and keep batters off balance. Non prescription viagra I hate Brett Myers but he is as intimidating a pitcehrs as there is and that leads to his success. 

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Non prescription viagra I know I’m beating a dead horse here but for the love of God can McFullofshit and Doofus Joe stop already telling the same Manny bashing story for the 1, non prescription viagra000th time? We get it, non prescription viagra you guys hate Manny almost as much as the viewers hate you two hacks. Non prescription viagra Seriously do you get the same impression I get that Doofus Joe hates doing baseball games? There have been rumors that he yearns to be a late night talk show host and it shows. Non prescription viagra Doofus Joe is so bad that I’m looking forward to listening to Chip Carey on the ALCS today.

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