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Discount viagra If my beloved New York Mets can’t win the World Series then I’m glad my dads beloved Giants won. Discount viagra My father came to America from Ireland in 1929 and landed with four of his brothers in Salem MA to live with their aunt. Discount viagra In 1930 my dad and one brother took off for NYC and never went back. Discount viagra He and my uncle wanted to see Babe Ruth play as they heard all these stories about the great baseball slugger. Discount viagra So off to Yankee Stadium they go but one problem, discount viagra the Yankees were on the road. Discount viagra A cop walking the beat around the ball park told them if they wanted to see a baseball game today go over the bridge into Manhattan as the Giants were playing that day.

Discount viagra The legend as my father told me time and time again was , discount viagrawhen they got to the Polo Grounds, discount viagra John McGraw was barking orders to his players. Discount viagra My dad asked who he was and a guy next to him said “That’s McGraw he runs this team”. Discount viagra With that my father looked at my uncle and said, discount viagra “They let an Irishman run a baseball team”? They were both flabbergasted. Discount viagra Remember this was back in the day of businesses putting up signs “NO IRSH NEED APPLY and “ALL DOGS AND IRSH KEEP OFF THE GRASS” so to see a man who traced his ancestry back to the Motherland in a position of authority was extraordinary.

Discount viagra So from that day on, discount viagra my father’ baseball devotion was to the NY Giants and to Little Napoleon. Discount viagra My dad would tell me it was heartbreaking when the Giants moved West (I’d tell him, discount viagra you couldn’t have been that broken up since I was born in 1958 eighteen years after my sister) but then in 1962 the Mets were born and he had another team to root for.

Discount viagra But I always remember as a kid, discount viagra when the Giants and Dodgers came to Shea, discount viagra it seem like it was always a weekend series, discount viagra and we always went to the games when the Giants came to town. Discount viagra Even though his new allegiance was to the Mets, discount viagra my dad always remembered the Giants were his first baseball love. Discount viagra I’m sure he would have loved to see this years Giants celebrate wining the World Series, discount viagra not as much as if it were the Mets but I know he would light up a cigar and say “At least it’s not those god damn Yankees”

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Alternate to viagra As NY NL Chapter President of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, alternate to viagra I am proud to present our vote for the Willie Mays Award given to the  outstanding rookie of the National League in 2010:

Alternate to viagra 1st Place- Buster Posey, alternate to viagra San Fransisco Giants

Alternate to viagra 2nd Place-Jason Heywood, alternate to viagra Atlanta Braves

Alternate to viagra 3rd Place-Ike Davis, alternate to viagra  New York Mets

Alternate to viagra

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Price cialis The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is ready to announce it’s first post season award, price cialis the Connie Mack Award for manager of the year in the NL and AL. Price cialis As the NY NL Chapter President, price cialis I am proud to announce our vote:

Price cialis 1st Place- Dusty Baker, price cialis Cincinnati Reds

Price cialis 2nd Place-Bruce Bochy, price cialis San Fransisco Giants

Price cialis 3rd Place-Bobby Cox, price cialis Atlanta Braves

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I still don’t know what to make of the sslllllllllowwwwwww cooking hot stove but all this idle time has me making up deals in my head. Get cialis online Some of course are ridiculous like how about Aaron Heilman for Luis Puljos? Or Gimp Castillo and prospects for Roy Halliday (I came up with those after I ate some odd looking mushrooms) but one I came up could fly at least in my simple mind:


Gimp Castillo, get cialis online Aaron Heilman, get cialis online Brian Schneider a prospect and money (half of Castillo’s ill gotten gains) to the San Fransisco Giants for Bengi Molina and Randy Winn. Get cialis online The Giants get a second baseman for half price, get cialis online plus a back end of rotation pitcher in Heilman and choice of a B level prospect (from a list the Mets provide) and they get relived of close to $15 mil in salary relief. Get cialis online  The Mets get a big upgrade at catcher plus a switch hitting bat for RF which in turn makes Ryan Church a bargaining chip for pitching.


Go ahead and flame away!


Saw these pics on Dom’ D’s Mets info laden site of Bailout Park. Get cialis online There is one shot of the bullpen that I hope is still under construction because I don’t see the Kevlar roof that will be needed to protect the relievers from the angry mob of Mets fans.


Mike Silva has a great post on his site on the 2nd base black hole and the lack of leadership that is needed on the Mets. Get cialis online When we think of leaders we always go with fiery types like guys Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter but sometimes leaders are guys like Eli Manning who is far from being a spitfire in the personality department but he has stepped up and become the leader of the New York Football Giants by stepping up his game and remaining clam when tough and tense times occur. Get cialis online It also helped him immensely that two of his biggest critics and the biggest wash women on the team Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey were gone from the team and in turn Manning flourished. Get cialis online That’s why I would have loved to see Omar deal off Carlos Delgado to get not only max return off his stellar half season but them maybe David Wright would feel more comfortable to exert his leadership to the team. Get cialis online There is a part of that feels a team with mostly younger players would be more beneficial to the Mets winning than having older players. Get cialis online Maybe it’s still the hangover from the Famous Rays season but I like watching young guys bust their ass day after day than old ones drag their saggy butts around all season.


The Angels look like they are gearing up to offer C C Sabathia a Johan Santana like contract. Get cialis online I really don’t care where Sabathia goes but as long as he doesn’t end up in the Bronx just watching Mike Francesa look like more of a horse’s ass than usual will be a great holiday gift.


How come no one talks about Nick Evans? Talk about a forgotten man. Get cialis online Another reason why I’d move Delgado as a platoon of Dan Murphy and Evans at first would be more than adequate and then if the Mets made my Giants deal you could keep Church and Winn together with Endy Chavez and Fernando Tatis leading a strong bench (Omar go get Willie Bloomquist please)


Check out Toby Hyde’s Mets Minor League Blog as he has a post on Tigers catcher James Skelton who could be available as a Rule 5 draftee. Get cialis online Skelton is very slight in built especially for a catcher (5’11” 165lbs) but he has a good batting eye and could be converted to a 2nd baseman a la Craig Biggio. Get cialis online It never ceases to amaze me how progressive thinking the Mets bloggers are compared to the organization which sometimes is stuck in the old time baseball mentality.


Do you think the message has sunk in to the Mets brain trust’ heads that there is no way on earth Mets fans want to see Gimp Castillo at 2nd base on opening day 2009?




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