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Low cost viagra  In honor of the Mets playing the Indians this weekend

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Low cost viagra I was all pumped up for last night’s Ravens-Broncos game, low cost viagra even with the usually silly bullshit pre-game hoopla that the NFL loves that probably says more about the American viewing public that the league and the NFL (give the people what they want, low cost viagra I guess) itself. Low cost viagra So after the insufferable Ryan Seacrest came on the field, low cost viagra I was begging, low cost viagra PLEASE, low cost viagra PLEASE  LET”S HAVE THE KICK OFF!!!!!!! Next thing you know Al (I’ve got the horse right here, low cost viagra his name is Paul Revere…) Michaels tells me there is a weather delay due to lighting in the area. Low cost viagra “Sigh”, low cost viagra something’s telling me check my At Bat app and watch some baseball.

Low cost viagra I tuned into the Yankees-Red Sox and let me just give a few observations on that experience:

Low cost viagra Michael Kay is not a good baseball play by play man. Low cost viagra I’m not trying to be nasty here, low cost viagra after listening to him for a few innings he doesn’t have the voice or the right style or cadence you need to announce baseball games.

Low cost viagra Where were all the Yankee fans? Lots of empty seats and the big ball orchard in the South Bronx. Low cost viagra Just goes to show, low cost viagra there is no such thing as a diehard Yankee fan.

Low cost viagra The Yankees sure could use a catcher.

Low cost viagra With the exception of Robinson Cano, low cost viagra there is no everyday Yankee I’d take over the Mets starting 8.

Low cost viagra It’s painful to watch Nora Desmond Derek Jeter play shortstop

Low cost viagra Just looking at the Red Sox with those scraggly beards makes me itchy.

Low cost viagra Joba Chamberlain sucks

Low cost viagra I switched back and forth from Ravens-Broncos to Yankees-Red Sox, low cost viagra when the Yankees started to make a game out this in the 7th inning; I abandoned the football game and stuck with baseball. Low cost viagra For all the hype the first game of the NFL had and I bought into the hype, low cost viagra it took Yankees-Red Sox to show me that baseball is still KING!  

Low cost viagra Scott Kazmir will match up with Zack Wheeler tonight in Cleveland in a game of Mets Phenoms’ past and present.  I found the post I wrote after the Kazmir-Victor Zambrano trade from 9 years ago WOW!

Low cost viagra I’m starting to be swayed by Lucas Duda as the 2014 Mets first baseman. Low cost viagra I think the front office might be leaning in that direction as well. Low cost viagra A tandem of Duda/Josh Satin in 2014 at 1st base may not be too bad. Low cost viagra It is amazing how comfortable and more confident Duda is when playing 1st base. Low cost viagra Duda reacts to playing left field the way I do when my wife asks me to clean out the garage.

Low cost viagra I don’t understand some Mets fans upset that the club hasn’t called up Ruben Tejada to take over for Omar Quintanila. Low cost viagra Do you think Sandy Alderson is enjoying watching Q or Justin Turner play shortstop instead of the 23 year old Tejada? Don’t you think with all the holes Alderson has to fill this off season, low cost viagra he wishes shortstop wasn’t one of them? Don’t you think the reason that Ruben Tejada is not up with the big club is Ruben Tejada? Alderson let the fan base know in a non-sugar coated way that Tejada’s work ethic sucks and his time in the bushes is for him to reflect if he really wants to be a big leaguer and if he does, low cost viagra he needs to work and work harder to make it. Low cost viagra This is nothing new with Tejada, low cost viagra Terry Collins has had a red ass over Tejada, low cost viagra the last two seasons, low cost viagra not because he dislikes Ruben but because he sees a talent being wasted by a piss poor attitude and work ethic. Low cost viagra You want to be angry about Q starting at short every game? Direct that anger where it belongs, low cost viagra at Ruben Tejada.

Low cost viagra I’d love to see Hunter Pence in right field for the 2014 Mets

Low cost viagra How about taking a run at obtaining Jose Bautista? You have to figure with the Jays ownership can’t be happy with the way this season has gone after investing money and trading for players they felt would lead them to the post season.

Low cost viagra Joey Bats will make $14 mil next season and in 2015, low cost viagra with a team option in 2016 for $14 mil or a $1 mil buyout. Low cost viagra Bats solves your power problem and left field problem as well .

Low cost viagra Oh by the way, low cost viagra the Blue Jays play the Twins tonight. Low cost viagra So what? The pitching matchup is R.A. Low cost viagra Dickey vs. Low cost viagra Mike Pelfrey. Low cost viagra  

Low cost viagra The Irish will kick some Blue and Maze ass tomorrow night.

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Cialis online sales Time for some Metscellaneous:

Cialis online sales I thought Terry Collins struck the right cord with his State of the Team address yesterday, cialis online sales why strive for mediocrity and why put that type of thinking in his players heads. Cialis online sales Collins has to make this team believe they can play with any team in baseball, cialis online sales that’s his job and his players have to know that they are being held accountable.

Cialis online sales All I know about Johan Santana status so far is what I read from the folks in St. Cialis online sales Lonesome covering the team, cialis online sales and it’s great that TC feels Santana will be his opening day starter but I’ll stick with my Memorial Day weekend target date for Santana.

Cialis online sales Ruben Tejada will report to camp by Saturday, cialis online sales he would have been in camp already but he had visa problems. Cialis online sales Every year there is always a player (Ronnie Paulino last year) who has issues with their papers to play baseball in this country. Cialis online sales You would think this would be #1 on their to do list in the off season.

Cialis online sales Charlie Samuels is an A-1 scumbag who got off rather easy from ripping off the Mets for the years he did. Cialis online sales Samuels was fined and given probation but no jail time for stealing Mets uniforms and other items that he got autographed and held on to, cialis online sales to supplement his retirement fund, cialis online sales plus he has to make financial restitution to the Mets, cialis online sales and the State and City of New York. Cialis online sales Samuels worked for the Mets for 34 years which means he started back in the Payson/DeRoulet era and now is banned from Citi Field, cialis online sales MCU Park and Digital Domain Park as well. Cialis online sales  Good riddance Charlie, cialis online sales and shove those black jerseys and caps up your arse.

Cialis online sales The Mets are one of the teams that Scott Kazmir has on his list of teams he’d like to sign with. Cialis online sales Sorry Scott your ship has sailed and we have no place for an Oliver Perez wanna be.

Cialis online sales Check out this outstanding job by Rob Castellano putting together Mets Jeopardy

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Buying viagra with no prescription Time for a stream of semi-consciousness not all of it Mets related :

Buying viagra with no prescription I’m as upset as most Mets fans with the inactivity so far by the front office in procurement of players but when you look at the list of free agents still available I’m hoping its Sandy Alderson playing the supply and demand game and not the We’re broke game. Buying viagra with no prescription  There are still some good players and some serviceable ones still looking for employment and as every day goes by without these players signed to a contract I have to believe it’s a day closer to desperation.

Buying viagra with no prescription One player on the free agent pitchers list is Scott Kazmir, buying viagra with no prescription I’d love to see the Mets offer him a minor league deal and an invite to spring training.

Buying viagra with no prescription I wish HBO’s Rangers-Flyers 24/7 could go on for the whole season. Buying viagra with no prescription In the three weeks the show has aired, buying viagra with no prescription I’ve gotten a better appreciation for Coach Tortorella and his work as a master motivator. Buying viagra with no prescription The on ice stuff is unbelievably good as Brad Richards tells Flyers career minor leaguer Tom Sestito, buying viagra with no prescription who is going off at the Rangers bench like a fucking moron on how he’s going to beat the shit out of every Ranger, buying viagra with no prescription “Wow on day in the NHL, buying viagra with no prescription it’s like fuckin’ fantasy camp” or Flyer Coach Peter Laviolette telling Dallas Stars to “go fuck himself” when Ott feels Laviolette disrespects his Stars teammates by using their exit to get to the locker room. Buying viagra with no prescription  By the way, buying viagra with no prescription how did the Islanders ever fire Laviolette?  Oh that’s right, buying viagra with no prescription Mike Milburry was in charge.

Buying viagra with no prescription I guess the euphoria over the NY Knickerbockers has died down a bit after back to back losses to Golden State and the Hollywood Fakers. Buying viagra with no prescription It’s very hard to win in this league without a true point guard who can distribute the ball and keep Stoudimire and ‘Melo happy with dimes leading to points. Buying viagra with no prescription  Some scoring off the bench, buying viagra with no prescription especially at the 2 guard would be nice as well and of course playing defense, buying viagra with no prescription especially in the interior is a must. Buying viagra with no prescription But we know defense and Coach D’Antoni don’t mix, buying viagra with no prescription which is why Jimmy Dolan will regret the day he didn’t can Coach D and hire Mark Jackson .

Buying viagra with no prescription In my Blue heart of hearts, buying viagra with no prescription I believe the NY Football Giants will beat the Dallas Cowgirls on Sunday night and win the NFC East but my stomach is still in knots thinking about the porous Giants secondary getting lit up by Tony Romo. Buying viagra with no prescription  Just got to hope that JPP gets to Romo early and often.

Buying viagra with no prescription The question Stephen A. Buying viagra with no prescription Smith should have asked Rex Ryan was not if he’d take Peyton Manning over Mark Sanchez  but would Coach Big Mouth rather have Cam Newton over Dirty Sanchez? With all the Tebowing going on in the MSM, buying viagra with no prescription they have of course missed the obvious that Cam Newton is the NEXT BIG THING in the NFL.

Buying viagra with no prescription If it weren’t for the assholes who make up the New York Highlander hierarchy, buying viagra with no prescription we NY Rangers fans would be getting ready to head to the South Bronx for Rangers-Flyers in the Winter Classic. Buying viagra with no prescription But instead, buying viagra with no prescription the House That AJ Burnett Built will host a small time bullshit college football game. Buying viagra with no prescription I guess it hasn’t sunk in to the powers that be who run the Bronx Bastards that no one in NYC gives a rat’s ass about college football but I guess they will realize it today when about a quarter of the stadium will have ass’s in the seats as opposed to the full house they would have had if they were hosting the Winter Classic.

Buying viagra with no prescription Plus you know the NHL wanted the Rangers to play either the Montreal Canadiens or the Toronto Maple Leafs at Highlander Stadium but will settle for Rangers-Flyers in Philly just so the NY fan can bring his deep pockets 90 miles south.

Buying viagra with no prescription To one and all I want to wish a Happy and most importantly a Healthy New Year.

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Types of viagra You can look at the Mets reaching the .500 mark as nothing to celebrate, types of viagra as .500 means you’ve reached a level of mediocrity. Types of viagra But if you look at the overall standings of the National League, types of viagra that .500 mark is much more impressive, types of viagra especially in the light of injuries and starting pitching rotation led by two neophytes, types of viagra a philosopher, types of viagra a reclamation project and a schizophrenic. Types of viagra  

Types of viagra Taking the Phuck Phaces out of the equation, types of viagra and their NL and MLB leading 43-26 record, types of viagra the Mets are a mere 5 games back of the SF Giants (39-29) for the second best record in the league. Types of viagra For those who feel it’s never too early to follow the NL Wild Card standings, types of viagra the Mets are 3.5 games behind the Cardinals for the NL Wild Card spot.

Types of viagra All this without the two corner infielders who provide power, types of viagra the Ace of the starting rotation and the Left Fielder (although 2 hits and an SB for Jason Bay maybe just maybe it’s the start of his renaissance) an emotional baseball mess, types of viagra it’s quite impressive that the Mets are in the race for a post season berth. Types of viagra If anything comes as a positive so far this season is the culture of failure has been eradicated on the field and in the clubhouse. Types of viagra Maybe it will move to the owners level as well but that would take a giving the blind sight kind of miracle that doesn’t happen too often. Types of viagra   Like Rome, types of viagra Flushing was built in a day.

Types of viagra Scott Kazmir has been released by the Angels, types of viagra he can be picked up for the major league minimum. Types of viagra I don’t think a Mets reunion will happen but I could see the Highlanders signing him and assigning him to Scranton/Wilkes Barre because they are DES-PER-ATE for starting pitching. Types of viagra   

Types of viagra I wish the Mets would announce that the next time Johan Santana will pitch for the team in February 2012 in St. Types of viagra Lonesome.

Types of viagra Last night I had the honor of being a guest on the Seamheads Podcasting Network’s Fantasy Baseball Show on Blog Talk Radio it was a fast paced hour of great baseball talk a very worthy listen. Types of viagra

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Sure it sucked seeing Scott Kazmir on the mound for the Famous Rays last night but to be honest, buy viagra without a prescription  as much as I’m a Kazmir fanboy I thought he stunk last night. Buy viagra without a prescription How the hell do you walk Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz for God sake you have to let those two swing the bat CHALLENGE THEM DAMIT! Kaz was lucky that Upton made a strong throw to nail the little prick Victorino at the plate for an inning ending DP as that at least let the Rays stay in the game.


I though the 3rd inning was the turning point in the game as the Rays had a chance to make Cole Hamels life difficult with the bases juiced and 1 out with hot hitting BJ Upton at bat. Buy viagra without a prescription Upton this past season hit a robust .353 in a bases loaded situation, buy viagra without a prescription so the odds looked good that even a fly ball would at least get the Rays on the board but Upton hit into an inning ending DP something he did only 13 times all season. 


Add that to Kazmir having runners on base every inning he pitched four of them via the base on balls and this game wasn’t as close as the score board showed. Buy viagra without a prescription It’s up to James Shields to get the Pizza Guys even in the series. Buy viagra without a prescription In my mind Game 2 is a must win for the Rays.


Who knew Wee Willie Randolph was such a catch? The Rockies and Nats want him to be a   bench coach and the Brewski’s are looking at him as a skipper. Buy viagra without a prescription I still think Randolph best position is as an infield coach/instructor as a bench coach you’re involved in strategy which we know too well is not Willie’s strong suit.


With the economic climate in this country and newspapers facing extinction why in the world did the NY Daily News waste money by sending Bill Madden to the World Series to write about how all the team in the NL East hate the Mets. Buy viagra without a prescription Not exactly ground breaking there Billy Pinstripes. Buy viagra without a prescription You almost nailed a good column as you wrote about Pat Gillick turning around the Phillies and the Mariners but you missed the boat on the big story as Gillick was the Skill Sets choice to take over the Mets after the Steve Phillips disaster era but turned them down due to Jeffey Skill Sets meddling ways.



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I know a lot of you in Orange and Blue Country don’t give a rat’s ass about this post season (Most Mets fans it seems are like my Ranger fans brethren as when the Rangers are not in the Stanley Cup hunt that’s the end of hockey season for them) but I do as I have put my angst and despair of the 2008 Mets campaign behind me and quite frankly I am very much looking forward to both LCS series.


I’m hoping the Dodgers take the NLCS and I’m also hoping that Omar Minaya is hiding outside the Dodgers hotel with a big bowl of rice and beans from one of the fine Dominican eating establishment in The Heights to lure Manny back home, cheap viagra online but this series is sooooooo close that the only thing I’ll predict is a Seventh Game. Cheap viagra online This series comes down to bullpens as the Phinks have Brad Lidge and the Bums have Guns of Broxton to close for them. Cheap viagra online The supporting cast in each pen has Mets fans drooling and hopefully Omar is taking notes on how to build a better pen. Cheap viagra online This series goes 7 games and that’s as far out on a limb as I’ll go. Cheap viagra online    


Same for the ALCS, cheap viagra online my appeal for the Rays of Tampa is the owners Mets/Brooklyn roots, cheap viagra online Scot Kazmir and the fact they take their name from one of my favorite pizzerias in Manhattan but then I have the issue with the Old Town Team of summer on Cape Cod and the Dropkick Murphy’s on my iPod and of course my close encounter with the Rem Dawg .  Tito is rolling the Dice (K) here by starting Matsuzaka over Jon Lester and then going with Josh Beckett in Game 2 saving Jon Lester for Game 3. Cheap viagra online The Rays counter with James Shields, cheap viagra online Scott Kazmir and Matt Garza so I’ll say whoever is up 2 games to 1 will win this series. Cheap viagra online  


Tony B is such a bad guy that the Mariners are looking at him for their GM spot. Cheap viagra online Sure I’m a cynic as I think it’s just window dressing as Bernazard meets the Latinio requirement for the interview process, cheap viagra online Kim Ng filling two spots as an Asian-American woman so the minority window dressing will be complete this way the M’’s can give the job to Pat Gillick as he returns to the Emerald City.


I’m having the TiVo set for Life on Mars as I’m all over this show like a pair of Jordache Jeans. Cheap viagra online If I see Michael Imperiolli walking around the neighborhood I’ll ask him if he wants some of my old quinoa shirts, cheap viagra online wrap around sweaters, cheap viagra online or platform shoes. Cheap viagra online Don’t laugh I was a hottie back in those days.


What a night NLCS, cheap viagra online Life on Mars and Opening Night of the NHL!!!!!! WOOOO-HHHHHHHOOOOOOO


Speaking of the NHL, cheap viagra online Republican VP candidate Sarah Youbetcha will drop the first puck at Saturday’ Rangers-Flyers game  Also the Stepford Governor will be selling Tupperwear between periods .


WOW I haven’t bought an issue of Playboy since I wore those quinoa shirts and platform shoes but this issue is a must for me. Cheap viagra online


Tonight in Philly, cheap viagra online Deion Sanders get to throw out the ceremonial first bucket of ice water over Tim McFullofshit’s head.


     Looks like I better chop some more wood for the Hot Stove. Cheap viagra online This sucks it really really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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