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Viagra with no prescription All I know about Brandon Nimmo is what I‘ve read. Viagra with no prescription He comes from Wyoming which is a state that doesn’t have High School baseball ( The population of the state of Wyoming is the same as Staten Island’s minus the Mob Wives)  so he had to play American Legion ball which, viagra with no prescription in the case of young men of Wyoming, viagra with no prescription is their high school team.  It seem that besides a headline writers dream last name, viagra with no prescription he’s athletic and has a quick bat, viagra with no prescription a strong arm and at 6’2 “185lbs so at 17 years old he should fill out another couple of inches and maybe 25-30 lbs. Viagra with no prescription  He has speed even though he has had knee surgery and the Mets will have to go over slot to sign him.

Viagra with no prescription I also know the Mets VP of Player Development, viagra with no prescription Paul DePodesta and Scouting Director, viagra with no prescription Chad MacDonald and his staff have followed Nimmo very, viagra with no prescription very closely and extensively and are confident that this young man will project into a solid major league corner outfielder with power, viagra with no prescription speed and a great throwing arm. Viagra with no prescription All of this is pure speculation and DePo and MacDonald would be the first ones to tell you that. Viagra with no prescription But they felt with the hours and hours of work and study and checking and cross-checking they have done on this prospect, viagra with no prescription will pay off in the years to come.

Viagra with no prescription What we as Mets fans have is someone to watch grow over the next three-four years and to root for to make it to the big league’s as a Met and be that impact player, viagra with no prescription the front office feels he can be.

Viagra with no prescription We don’t really need to analyze the picks the Mets make or speculate on whether they drafted a guy to early or too late because quite frankly, viagra with no prescription what the hell do we know about these players? The MLB Entry Draft is unlike the NFL or NBA Draft, viagra with no prescription we’ve seen (for the most part) the players who make the jump from college to pros and in those two sports, viagra with no prescription your first round pick better make a contribution to your team or you as GM or Player Personnel Director won’t be in the War Room much longer.

Viagra with no prescription So let’s start off small here and hope that Nimmo and the Mets compensation pick RHP Michael Fulmer sign with the team (both players have commitments to University of Arkansas ) and head to the Gulf Coast League. Viagra with no prescription On second thought, viagra with no prescription that’s not a small item, viagra with no prescription let’s hope Sandy Alderson can get the Skill Sets and Minority Einhorn to pony up the dough to sign these two kids, viagra with no prescription otherwise all DePo will have to show for his first draft for the Mets is a lot of frequent flyer miles. Viagra with no prescription   

Viagra with no prescription MLB either has to jazz up the telecast of this draft or scrap it altogether. Viagra with no prescription What a bore. Viagra with no prescription My wife sat on the couch next to me reading while I watched it drone on and on and said “I know you love baseball but my god how can you watch this”?  There was absolutely no juice, viagra with no prescription no bling, viagra with no prescription no posse and the only bad suit in the place belonged to Bud Selig. Viagra with no prescription Just  dreadful.

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Purchase cialis overnight delivery In a story today in the New York Post, purchase cialis overnight delivery Davey Johnson is quoted as saying that Terry Collins would be the right choice by the Mets to be the next manager. Purchase cialis overnight delivery  As much as Johnson loves Wally Backman, purchase cialis overnight delivery it’s his opinion that Collins’ experience as the Mets Minor League Coordinator would help with the organization making a determination as to which farm hands are of immediate help to the big league club.

Purchase cialis overnight delivery On the same day of this story comes word that Scouting Director Rudy Terrasas will be reassigned in the organization. Purchase cialis overnight delivery So if Collins does get the job then the message sent will be that main job by this front office is to rebuild the farm system and the way they draft talent. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Even if Bob Melvin gets the job I think the rebuilding of the farm system will still be the Alderson mission statement with Collins staying with the organization and working with DePo in such a capacity.

Purchase cialis overnight delivery That’s why as Mets fans you need to forget about any big splash signings of free agents and unless Alderson is bowled over with a great return on a trade, purchase cialis overnight delivery the best moves you can hope for this off season would be the release of Ollie Perez (and the more he’s sucks in winter ball the better the chance that Alderson tells the Skill Sets “EAT THE CONTRACT “) and Luis Castillo. Purchase cialis overnight delivery I’m fine with that.

Purchase cialis overnight delivery There is a segment of Mets fans who feel the Mets should have gone after Dan Uggla. Purchase cialis overnight delivery That would be fine if the Mets were a player or two away from being a contender but they’re not, purchase cialis overnight delivery so Uggla is not the answer.

Purchase cialis overnight delivery This doesn’t mean the winter will be boring around here, purchase cialis overnight delivery just the opposite. Purchase cialis overnight delivery This will be the most interesting hot stove since 1980 when Frank Cashen came aboard and was handed a mess to clean up and clean it up he did. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Let’s hope history repeats itself.

Purchase cialis overnight delivery Hojo’s Mojo at Mets Merized Online posts that the Sports Pope broke from his Pop Warner persona this morning to report that the Texas Rangers have inquired about Carlos Beltran and are willing to take on $10-$12 mil of his contract. Purchase cialis overnight delivery If this is true, purchase cialis overnight delivery the Mets have to make this deal. Purchase cialis overnight delivery Even if you get back a couple of prospects just the fact you’re freeing up $6-$8 mil dollars to spend on much needed pitching would push me to make this deal.

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Female viagra alternative Before we look at some Mets-Minutia and the fact that there are 24 days until pitchers and catchers, female viagra alternative   a few football thoughts:

Female viagra alternative I guess this is not a great revelation but Peyton Manning is not just a great QB but he is an immortal football player. Female viagra alternative His dissection of the Jets secondary was surgeon like.

Female viagra alternative Sorry Lito Shepard for the kiss of death yesterday.

Female viagra alternative There is a fine line between confidence and assholeness and the Jets were heading to asshole-ness. Female viagra alternative None other than Peyton Manning made that known in his post game interview when he said his team knew when to keep their mouth’s shut. Female viagra alternative You know the rallying cry all week in Indy’s locker room was shutting up Sexy Rexy and his team, female viagra alternative which is what Manning did.

Female viagra alternative I’m not a fan of Brett Farve as I feel is a lot over exposed and a bit overrated but I have new found respect for after yesterday. Female viagra alternative Farve is one tough sumnabitch.

Female viagra alternative Get ready for two weeks of Archie Manning career retrospective with the Saints and stories of the son of New Orleans, female viagra alternative Peyton going against his daddy’s team and the team he grew up with.

Female viagra alternative 12 men in the huddle late in a Championship game is unacceptable. Female viagra alternative Brad Childress is lucky he doesn’t coach in NYC, female viagra alternative Philly or Boston  if he did he’d have to enter the witness protection program.

Female viagra alternative Back to baseball

Female viagra alternative Mets mini-camp opens today and Jerry Manuel will grace the club with his prescience. Female viagra alternative Adam Rubin (of course!) is on the scene with the first dispatch.

Female viagra alternative Mike Silva thinks that Ben Sheets is there for the taking for the Mets if they are creative.

Female viagra alternative Last week there were two great columns about Mariners GM and former Mets Scouting Director Jack Zduriencik who has made his mark and his team a contender this off season.

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