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Cialis philippines This Ike Davis Bobblehead was given out at MCU Park and is one my favorties  

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Cialis philippines The New York Mets have released their schedule of bobblehead giveaways and each one is a must have if you are like me a serious bobblehead collector.

Cialis philippines On Sunday April 22nd at 1:10PM vs. Cialis philippines the SF Giants will be Tom Seaver Bobblehead  Day

Cialis philippines Saturday May 26th at 1:10PM vs. Cialis philippines the SD Padres will be Rusty Staub Bobblehead Day

Cialis philippines Sunday June 17th at 1:100PM vs. Cialis philippines the Cincinnati Reds will be Keith Hernandez Bobblehead Day

Cialis philippines Saturday July 21st at 1:10PM vs. Cialis philippines the Los Angeles Dodgers will be Edgardo Alfonzo Bobblehead Day

Cialis philippines Saturday August 25 at 1:10PM vs. Cialis philippines Houston Astros will be Mike Piazza Bobblehead Day

Cialis philippines An impressive list of bobblehead honorees even with the omission of Ed Kranepool Bobblehead day.

Cialis philippines To get tickets for these games go to and   

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Should i chew cialis A very busy Memorial Day weekend continues, should i chew cialis first it was a trip to the Staten Island Homeport for Fleet Week and a visit on the battleships in port, should i chew cialis then yesterday it was chillin’ and grillin’ in the backyard and today my family is honored to march in the Staten Island Memorial Day parade as both my kids will be flag bearers and then off to another barbeque. Should i chew cialis How can anyone like winter over summer ? I dread heading to work tomorrow for the fact I have to wear real pants and a shirt, should i chew cialis I could be extremely happy spending the rest of my life in shorts, should i chew cialis t-shirt and flip flops.

Should i chew cialis Take time out of your busy weekend to give a thought about the brave men and women of our military who have put their lives on the line for us and for our country and if there is a parade in your area today try to get out to it and show your support for those who have given the supreme sacrifice.

Should i chew cialis I’m not happy with just one win in Milwaukee this weekend, should i chew cialis if this Mets team would have gone 11-12 on the road, should i chew cialis to go with that great home record of 19-9 that’s 30-21 overall just a shade under .600 ball and in 1st place in the NL East. Should i chew cialis Now it’s on to the 1st place SD Padres and their top ranked pitching staff, should i chew cialis 2 out of 3 here for the Mets would be sweet.

Should i chew cialis At some point Jeffey Skill Sets has to have a sit down with Ollie Perez and Scott Boras to get Perez to go to Buffalo. Should i chew cialis I’m sure Perez’ teammates are not happy by his selfishness and me attitude but when the team comes back home this weekend, should i chew cialis just the sight of Perez at the ballpark will set off an ugly reaction by the fans. Should i chew cialis Jerry Manuel said in so many words that it would take a disastrous situation before he calls Perez on the bullpen phone so really Ollie man up and go to Buffalo.

Should i chew cialis Fernando Tatis was in the lineup for Ike Davis yesterday and batted clean up. Should i chew cialis That’s worse that the other Manuel line up staple of whoever plays 2nd must bat 2nd.  Do any of the other coaches go to Jerry and say enough is enough with these ridiculous lineup he puts together ?

Should i chew cialis If my vote means anything I vote YES on brining Dontrelle Willis to the Mets.

Should i chew cialis There is nothing sadder than seeing a house without an American flag outside of it especially on a holiday like Memorial Day.

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Woman and cialis

Woman and cialis I hope Frankie Rodriguez can pick up a fork and knife this morning to eat his breakfast, woman and cialis I mean the guy had to come in to pitch in the 8th inning last night instead of his customary 9th inning to get a (GASP!!!!) 5 out save!!!!!! Rodriguez had to throw 25 pitches to complete this unbelievable test of endurance and I’m hopping the 6ft 200lbd K-Rod is not just totally exhausted from that heavy duty work load.

Woman and cialis All sarcasm aside here, woman and cialis when did baseball lose its way when it comes to pitching? Sure we could throw this all on The Genius as he reinvented bullpen use with the A’s and Denis Eckersley in the late 80’s but why did the rest of the sport follow suit and turn TLR into the baseball version of L. Woman and cialis Ron Hubbard? Why hasn’t any organization stepped  up and denounced LaRussa-ology ? I know Nolan Ryan has as he is going about changing the mind set of the Texas Rangers organization into developing starting pitchers to go deep into there starts, woman and cialis but why are other organization so scared to follow The Express’ as an example?

Woman and cialis As far as I know, woman and cialis TLR was a marginal journeyman player and as much as I can’t stand his hide behind his Foster Grants ass, woman and cialis he knows baseball. Woman and cialis Just ask him he’ll tell you but when it comes to pitching if it comes down to TLR or even his top disciple Dave Duncan, woman and cialis or Nolan Ryan, woman and cialis I’m going with the Hall of Famer fireballer.

Woman and cialis Watching Jerry Manuel work this bullpen drives me up a fucking wall. Woman and cialis Fernando Nieve pitches in every game, woman and cialis as does Vitamin Pedro. Woman and cialis Jenry Mejia, woman and cialis the kid who Manuel told management he needed desperately is being totally misused. Woman and cialis Now that Ryota Igarhasi is on the DL look for Ruben Valdes to become an everyday pitcher.

Woman and cialis Manuel manages his pen like he still in the American League, woman and cialis it’s excruciating to watch. Woman and cialis But back to my original question, woman and cialis why does it have to be this way?

Woman and cialis Yesterday I wrote about the 40th anniversary of Tom Seaver’ 19 K game against the SD Padres. Woman and cialis That year the 25 year old Seaver threw a baseball in 290 innings. Woman and cialis That’s almost two seasons worth of innings in today’s game. Woman and cialis Seaver threw for the fourth most innings that season in the NL as Bob Gibson was third with 294 IP, woman and cialis Fergie Jenkins was second with 313 and Gaylord Perry led the league with 328.2 IP.

Woman and cialis In 2009 Justin Verlander led MLB pitchers in innings pitched with 240. Woman and cialis In 1970 that would have ranked him 29th overall (Dick Drago of the Royals threw 240 IP in 1970) Bronson Arroyo was10th overall in IP last year with 220.1 IP. Woman and cialis In 1970 Rick Wise of the Phillies threw for 220.1 IP good for 40th overall.

Woman and cialis One would think with the advancements today in the physical training and with all the computer and video that teams have they could come up with some kind of pitching program that would get more length and production out of starting pitchers. Woman and cialis Instead of paying tens of millions of dollars to a guy to come in and work one inning and throw 15-20 pitches wouldn’t it make sense to spend those millions on cultivating an organizational pitching program to train pitchers go deeper into games they’ve started ? Call it Reverse-LaRussa-ology.

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