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When do i take viagra While I sit and wait for the Skill Sets to pick a new baseball czar, when do i take viagra there is post season baseball to revel in starting today with a triple header on TBS. When do i take viagra As viewers, when do i take viagra we can be thankful that this year we won’t get “fisted” while watching the coverage but he have to hope that Ernie Johnson knows the difference between a suicide squeeze and a pick and roll. When do i take viagra On to my predictions:

When do i take viagra Phuck Phaces vs. When do i take viagra Cincin-NATTA Red Stockings

When do i take viagra Let’s be truthful here the Phuck Phaces have the best three man rotation in the playoffs with Halladay, when do i take viagra Oswalt and the Girlie Man so this is a tough assignment for ol’ Dust-aroo and his Queen City Rollers. When do i take viagra If Edison Volquez can beat Doc Halladay in game 1 we could have the makings of a great upset but that’s asking a lot but if the Reds can win game 1 and then have Mike Francesa Boy Toy, when do i take viagra Bronson Arroyo going in game 2 then their will a ton o’ pressure on Cholly Chuckles boys. When do i take viagra I want to say Reds in 4 but it ain’t gonna happen. When do i take viagra Phuck Phaces in 4

When do i take viagra Small Cox vs The Fuck Yeahs

When do i take viagra Has word gotten to Braves fans that their team is in the post season? Maybe a couple of them would like to go to a game or two ? My rooting interest is with the San Francisco By Way of W 155 St & 8th Avenue Giants. When do i take viagra It’s part nostalgia and part that I’m a Tim Lincecum fanboy and part I find the Braves and the city of Atlanta revolting. When do i take viagra The Bochy Boys have too much pitching to lose here in fact I’m calling this one Giants in 3.

When do i take viagra Lone Stars vs Men in Plaid

When do i take viagra This is a tough choice here as I love Nolan Ryan but I find Joe Maddon cute and goofy plus there is the Stu Sternberg Brooklyn/Mets fan factor so I’ll go with the Rays in 4. When do i take viagra Of all the game 1 match ups today the Cliff Lee -David Price engagement is the best. When do i take viagra  It’s a shame that this game is not the prime time game but hey, when do i take viagra it’s my day off so I’ll have ass in seat at 1:30 to watch it.

When do i take viagra Bronx Bastards vs. When do i take viagra Gardy’s Gang

When do i take viagra It’s that time of year kids, when do i take viagra time to get your Highlander Hate On. When do i take viagra You know I’m going all out to root for the Men of the Land O Lakes and I think they will dispose of the Highlanders in 5 games, when do i take viagra Just to make it even more painful for those who call themselves Disciples of the Bronx Robber Baron, when do i take viagra let’s have Delmon Young hit a game tying homer of Joba and Jim Thome, when do i take viagra the game winner off Mariano in game 5. When do i take viagra By the way who wants to join me on Halloween to go egg the Robber Baron’s plaque in Monument To Douchebagery Park ?

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Buy porn viagra The current state of the New York Mets is abysmal. Buy porn viagra The long term state of the New York Mets is very promising. Buy porn viagra This is a tale of two states.

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Buy porn viagra As a fan base we Mets fans need to come to grips that the only place we will see post season baseball is on our televisions. Buy porn viagra I hate to break this news to Freddie Skill Sets that the only meaningful games being played in Flushing in September will be the Bingo games at St Andrew Avelino Church and until Freddie and Jeffie come to grips with this the organization can move forward and re-organize the goal of building a contending team.

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Buy porn viagra The upper reaches of the farm system is bankrupt of immediate talent as we have seen this season but when you look at the lower end that’s where the future lays and the word we hate to hear “patience” will have to be practiced.

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Buy porn viagra I’ve heard calls for the team going out on a spending spree in the off season and that is the exact wrong approach to take. Buy porn viagra As much as I kill the Skill Sets, buy porn viagra it’s hard to call them cheap when they have a $140 mil payroll. Buy porn viagra It’s not cheapness it’s cluelessness. Buy porn viagra The Skill Sets have absolutely no baseball acumen, buy porn viagra they are real estate men, buy porn viagra and would serve the team best if they did what they do best, buy porn viagra collect rent.

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Buy porn viagra Is Omar Minaya a great GM? NO! Is he an awful GM? NO! Is he a good GM? Ahhhhh here is where the debate begins. Buy porn viagra There is a ground swell in the fan base to FIRE OMAR and I admit that even though I’m an Omar fan, buy porn viagra the thought has run through my head would the team be better served with a new GM? Most of this thinking is out of frustration that the team keeps crying about injuries which have nothing to do with lack of hustle and overall retarded baseball the team has played of late. Buy porn viagra The biggest indictment of Omar regime as the head of the baseball ops is when F-Mart did not run out a ball in his first game as a Met. Buy porn viagra The excuse that he is “only 20” holds no water as he has been in the Mets farm system since he was 16 years old so to me it shows that the farm system is broke. Buy porn viagra Now does it just need some repair or does Omar need to clean house and bring in some new blood with new ideas? Tony Bernanzard seems to be a polarizing force in the organization as he has Jeffy’s ear (maybe he tells him that Shemp Howard hair cut is becoming) and that goes back to the problem of Jeffy being way to close to the baseball operation and until he stays out of personnel moves, buy porn viagra the better for the organization.

Buy porn viagra  

Buy porn viagra I guess the whole Mets organization is like the Home Run Apple yesterday it’s not ready to go when we want it but after a little bit of  patience it could function nicely.

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Viagra discussions No I still don’t believe it although I kind of saw it coming. Viagra discussions When Luis was drifting and crossing his feet he looked like a guy stumbling out of the Blarney Stone at 3 AM. Viagra discussions I felt this could be bad. Viagra discussions How bad? Not as bad as it ended.

Viagra discussions First it pains me to do this but I have to tip my Mets cap to Mark Texiera who proved what me and every other Little League coach has preached since we had 5 year olds hitting off a tee, viagra discussions always bust it down the line and on two outs run like your pants are on fire and to Texiera’ credit he did. Viagra discussions We have all killed the Mets for lack of hustle so we all have to be honest and give Texiera his due.

Viagra discussions When the ball was dropped of course me first words were HOLY SHIT!!!!! plus a stare of disbelief but for some odd reason I wasn’t mad. Viagra discussions I mean I should have been “throw the remote against the fucking wall mad” at Luis Castillo, viagra discussions for costing the Mets not only a win but a win against a team that thinks it’s superior but ain’t shit. Viagra discussions And to all you Highlander fans out there celebrating this win let me tell you folks something you will be spending your October watching Stan Bahnsen’ and Ron Woods Highlanderorgrophy and not post season baseball. Viagra discussions Your manager is a scared little rat that had to bring in the Most Holy Mariano to save this game in the 8th inning. Viagra discussions Your boy Joba is the most overrated tub of shit to hit this town since that fat-pussy todt Hideki Irabu, viagra discussions I’ll take Big Pelf over Joba The Hut any day. Viagra discussions Sure celebrate the gift that Looie gave you last night but remember up in Boston, viagra discussions the Red Sox say to you, viagra discussions “tell me how our ass tastes”

Viagra discussions I can’t find anger toward Castillo. Viagra discussions Last year I ripped him daily as he was over weight and lackadaisical and his contract was the huge burden holding the Mets back from upgrading the position.. Viagra discussions I had wrote during the winter that the Mets couldn’t give away Castillo with millions of dollars stuff in his pocket, viagra discussions hell they couldn’t give this guy away for free. Viagra discussions But the man has shown his pride. Viagra discussions He came to camp fit and trim and out to prove he’s no bum. Viagra discussions Castillo has been one of the more steady Mets all season both at the plate and before last night in the field. Viagra discussions Does he have the range he once did? No and he might never get back to that but at least at 2nd base his defense is league average. Viagra discussions He gets on base in fact with Jose Reyes out, viagra discussions his .376 OBP has kept the team afloat.

Viagra discussions If you would have bet me in the winter that on a Saturday in June I’s be writing a post defending Luis Castillo afer a disastrous error, viagra discussions I’d have bet my house that you were wrong. Viagra discussions Good think that didn’t happen or my family would be living in a card board box.

Viagra discussions The big reason that I can’t get mad at Luis is he took it like a man. Viagra discussions He didn’t run off and hide he stood in front of the cameras and microphones and said he fucked up and just by looking at him you could see the pain. Viagra discussions I can’t beat a guy up when he’s already hurt.

Viagra discussions If you want to take a positive about this it’s that this Mets team may not be a championship team but it’s a all for one, viagra discussions one for all team. Viagra discussions Every guy backed Luis up and had his back as did the manager. Viagra discussions A lot of Mets fans have been after J-Man lately over his strategical moves and that’s a legit complaint but where a big league manager makes his mark is how he handles his clubhouse and after reading Ken Rosenthal’s story on how the vets on the Mets are miffed at Jerry, viagra discussions Rosenthal looks so clueless he must be a Highlander fan. Viagra discussions J-Man has his players back and they have his. Viagra discussions Joe Giradi should be so lucky.

Viagra discussions What else is there to say? Hang with ‘em Looie and go get ‘em Fernando Nieve? UGH!

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First and foremost a Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone and a huge thank you for your support of this site and of Pro Baseball Central and my wish to you is good health and happiness and hopefully post season baseball for our Mets.


Finally Omar has reached out to Scott Boras and Derek Lowe with an offer. While the Mets offer of 3yrs/$36mil is nowhere near the reported 5yr/$90mil that Boras was looking for, levitra vs cialis it is a starting point.  The Mets do not want to go more than 3 years with Lowe and with the big boys on the sideline (Highlanders and Red Sox) this looks like advantage Mets. Levitra vs cialis  I could see a scenario where there is a 4th year option and maybe the money goes up two or three million with Omar telling Scot Boras he’s doing it as a face saving measure and let Boras know he “owes him one” but it looks like this will get done soon.

Then it will be interesting to see where Omar turns next. Levitra vs cialis The longer Manny Ramirez sits out on the open market the more pressure there is on the Skill Sets to get in the Manny game. Levitra vs cialis Word is leaking out of the air tight front office bunker that Omar wants to get Manny in Blue and Orange but the stumbling block is getting the Skill Sets to release the purse strings. Levitra vs cialis If Manny slips through the Mets hands due to Jeffey and Freddie not giving Omar FULL AUTONOMY  to make this deal and Manny Ramirez signs with GOD FORBID the Highlanders or goes back to LA for a 2 year deal I am putting the Mets on notice that whatever past posting here toward management they thought were venomous and nasty will look like love letters  compared to the carpet bombing I have in store for them if they pussy out with Manny. Levitra vs cialis I’m not looking for them to go more than 2yrs for Manny so I don’t think that’s outlandish.


Long time reader of this site Nik Kolidas has a new Mets blog Kiner’s Korner which not only has a terrific layout but the content is first rate. Levitra vs cialis Click on the link and bookmark the page and thank me latter.


Outstanding job by Amazin’ Avenue with their detailed comparison of Oliver Perez vs. Levitra vs cialis Ben Sheets. Levitra vs cialis If or when Derek Lowe signs with the Mets adding Ben Sheets to a 2yr deal would an outstanding outside the box move by the Mets. Levitra vs cialis Which means it won’t happen.


Over at Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest there are a couple of items that are must reads. Levitra vs cialis First Mike has a posting on January as the Month of Manny and this passage should be e-mailed to Jeffey Skill Sets or better yet I would love to hand deliver it to him and shove it in his face to make sure he gets the message:

Levitra vs cialis    {The Mets, levitra vs cialis although improved, levitra vs cialis might need something to get past their 2007/2008 failures. Levitra vs cialis Johan Santana should have done it, levitra vs cialis but the dour Willie Randolph negated all good will from that coup of a signing. Levitra vs cialis The excitement of having two closers is nice, levitra vs cialis but putting Ramirez in left field would create a fresh buzz to the new ballpark. Levitra vs cialis Imagine opening day and Manny hits a three run homer in the first. Levitra vs cialis They may need to check the new buildings structure to ensure it’s ready for that kind of punishment. Levitra vs cialis Manny would take a solid lineup and make it great. Levitra vs cialis There is that g-word again. Levitra vs cialis Unfortunately, levitra vs cialis there is no Hank Steinbrenner in the Wilpon family. Levitra vs cialis Even an engaging salesman like Omar MInaya has been unable to convince Fred and Jeff on Ramirez. Levitra vs cialis The fans remember Vladimir Guerrero and the winter of 2003. Levitra vs cialis Maybe another rally with Craig Carton at Citi Field would help the Wilpon’s remember.}

Levitra vs cialis  

Levitra vs cialis BRAVO MIKE!!!!!

Levitra vs cialis  

Levitra vs cialis Also on NYBD is Frank Maniscalco who will be the sites Czar of Fantasy Baseball this year. Levitra vs cialis You may know Frank as Frankie The Sports Guy and now he has added fantasy baseball to his ever growing résumé. Levitra vs cialis

Levitra vs cialis  

Levitra vs cialis Good to see Charles Barkley getting that last DUI of 2008 out of the way early. Levitra vs cialis

Levitra vs cialis  

Levitra vs cialis  


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Effects alcohol viagra When did winning a playoff series turn into an all night celebration? All these champagne and beer baths after the Division Series is a bit much. Effects alcohol viagra Look, effects alcohol viagra I can see the Tampa Bay Rays going nuts after beating the White Sox as losings ones virginity is a cause to celebrate but the Dodgers, effects alcohol viagra Red Sox, effects alcohol viagra and the Phucking Phillies? Com’on you guys know you’re better than that? Yeah, effects alcohol viagra yeah I know you think it’s sour grapes on a Mets fan part as we are still kept behind the velvet rope of post season baseball but it’s not we gotten over it (I think we have?) but with the wild celebrations after a first round win what do you guys do if you win the World Series? Make a snuff film?

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Professional cialis online There is no better place on earth than New York City on the first crisp cool fall day even though we haven’t had one of those classic “Con Edison can’t handle the electrical demand summers” there is something invigorating when you step out the door and it’s 51 degrees with a chilly breeze. Professional cialis online The afternoons are even better as the shadows of the sky scrapers bring back memories of Seaver/Cuellar and Koosman/McNally and just makes me root harder for the Mets to get into the post season as this season HAS TO KEEP GOING. Professional cialis online Not just because fall baseball is the ultimate sporting event (made even better that my son was asked to play on a team in a fall baseball league today even though he didn’t sign up as he rather play soccer this time of year but the coach knew of him from Little League and asked him to play for his team today. Professional cialis online Talk about your late season call up)  but it’s only fitting that the team from the South Bronx which has looked down it’s nose at us for years closes it’s stadium doors with no post season game but a with a meaningless play out the string game tomorrow night and that Shea the old clapboard house that many an insult has been hurled at it finishes out in style with post season baseball. 

Professional cialis online Last night’s game was no work of art by any means but OP was great, professional cialis online Brain Stokes had his fastball back and Daniel Murphy will find a place to play for the Mets this post season and for many seasons to come.

Professional cialis online Is FOX kidding by putting Cards-Cubs on in NYC with the Brewers-Reds on at the same time?

Professional cialis online Let’s hope Petey has some magic left in that right arm tonight

Professional cialis online I can’t say this enough please Skill Sets and Omar shut down John Maine for the season get him the surgery he needs and let the cow chips of the bullpen fall where they may.

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