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Effects alcohol viagra So Daniel Murphy has a rough couple of games and some so called Mets fans have turned on him. Effects alcohol viagra There are times, effects alcohol viagra and this in one of those times, effects alcohol viagra that this fan base deserved to treated like shit by the likes of Bobby Bonnila, effects alcohol viagra Jeff Kent and the immortal Richie Hebner. Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra Murph had a bad game last night; for sure in fact he said it himself after the game as he faced the media. Effects alcohol viagra There is no run and hide in Murphy he acknowledged his bad play at 2nd base last night and addressed the fielding problems the Mets have had most of the season and he took the first shot at himself:

Effects alcohol viagra “You don’t have to look any farther than this locker here where to start with some of our poor play the last couple of days. Effects alcohol viagra It starts right here.”

Effects alcohol viagra Before last night, effects alcohol viagra the jackals were quiet but with a two error game coming on the heels of an 0-14 offensive bump in the road, effects alcohol viagra the Murphy detractors have come out in full force, effects alcohol viagra none more prominent than the wanna-be Mike Francesa’s Mark Malusis and Sal Licata two of the many uniformed and untalented talking shit heads on SNY.

Effects alcohol viagra Before last night, effects alcohol viagra there was no one taking Murphy to task about his fielding, effects alcohol viagra in fact Keith Hernandez who may be a bit more qualified that a stooge like Licata, effects alcohol viagra has praised the work Murph has put in with Tim Teufel to make himself into a serviceable second baseman. Effects alcohol viagra  It’s more sad than funny how the Murphy bashers go on and on about his defensive deficiencies but never talk about the hours of hard work Murph puts in to make himself better, effects alcohol viagra see in order to observe this, effects alcohol viagra you would have to get out to the ball park early and watch Murph take ground ball after ground ball but of course that would take commitment to your craft which many TV and sports talk radio nimrods in this town lack in spades. Effects alcohol viagra  Maybe if Licatta worked as hard at his job like Murph does he’d still be employed at WFAN.

Effects alcohol viagra We all know that Murphy can hit, effects alcohol viagra in fact his bat with RISP has been a solid .333/.369/.433 so far this year and when its 2outs/RISP Murph raises his game to .391/.440/.522 and is one of the main reasons the Mets have played above many expectations.

Effects alcohol viagra Maybe it’s good that many so called Mets fans can forget the malcontents and lazy asses that paraded on the Shea Stadium field back in the 90’s.  For all you so called Mets enthusiast who are calling for the Mets to deal Murph I have a better idea one that would make us both very happy, effects alcohol viagra GO ROOT FOR ANOTHER TEAM!

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Indian cialis Here is the press release from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance announcing the BBA’s selections for the NL an AL starters for the 2011 All Star Game:

Indian cialis


Indian cialis  

Indian cialis Outfielders Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays and Matt Kemp from the Los Angeles Dodgers led their respective leagues in balloting for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game as conducted by members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and announced today.

Indian cialis Bautista, indian cialis who has an American League-leading 1.133 OPS to go along with his 24 home runs, indian cialis was named on 50 ballots, indian cialis not including one ballot that placed him at third base. Indian cialis  Bautista was joined in the outfield by Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees, indian cialis who received 48 votes, indian cialis and Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox, indian cialis who tallied 23 votes.

Indian cialis There were few close races in the AL voting by the BBA. Indian cialis  The tightest was at third base, indian cialis where Yankee Alex Rodriguez outpolled Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers 30-16. Indian cialis  All other races were decided by at least twenty votes save the nod for starting pitcher. Indian cialis  Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander won that 16-6 over Jered Weaver of the Los Angeles Angels, indian cialis but many bloggers did not designate a specific starter so fewer votes were cast in that category.

Indian cialis Other American League nods were to Tigers catcher Alex Avila, indian cialis first baseman Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox, indian cialis Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano, indian cialis and shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera of the Cleveland Indians. Indian cialis  Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz was selected at that position.

Indian cialis Over in the National League, indian cialis Kemp’s stellar first half–he sits second in batting average, indian cialis first in home runs, indian cialis second in RBI and has 21 stolen bases to boot–earned him mention on 54 ballots. Indian cialis  Accompanying him in the outfield was Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers and Lance Berkman of the St. Indian cialis Louis Cardinals.

Indian cialis As in the junior circuit, indian cialis the closest race in the NL was at the hot corner. Indian cialis  Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Placido Polanco edged out Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres 21-14, indian cialis with Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones receiving 10 votes.

Indian cialis The other races were not a contest, indian cialis as Braves catcher Brian McCann, indian cialis Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder and second baseman Rickie Weeks, indian cialis and New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes all won their slots by at least 25 votes.

Indian cialis Starting the contest for the NL was Roy Halladay, indian cialis who easily outpolled his Philadelphia teammate Cole Hamels for the honor.

Indian cialis The Baseball Bloggers Alliance was formed in 2009 with the purpose of encouraging collaboration and communication among bloggers from across baseball. Indian cialis  As a secondary goal, indian cialis they vote on various awards throughout the year. Indian cialis  In January, indian cialis they recommended Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven for the Baseball Hall of Fame and in March, indian cialis they created a new award to honor the top internet writer and then named it after the first recipient, indian cialis Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski. Indian cialis  You can find the BBA at their website or on Facebook. Indian cialis  You can follow the Alliance at @baseballblogs on Twitter or via the hashtag #BBBA.

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Cialis women No sports team in NYC has the amount of drama than the NY Mets. Cialis women  Every statement or move made by the team is dissected and debated and met with skepticism. Cialis women A simple report stating that shoulder surgery outpatient John Santana, cialis women has a bit of discomfort in his repaired shoulder is met with fans crying about the new front office covering up the severity of the pitchers injury and not being up front about his recovery. Cialis women WHEW!!! And this is only March!!!! Hopefully this is just a symptom of the dog days of spring training as we near the two week mark to opening day when the real fun around here will start.

Cialis women So with the Santana news subsiding a bit, cialis women another controversial story grabbed Mets fans by their blue and orange collar (this is why a day off in spring training is bad thing in St Lonesome) as the NY Post reports that Terry Collins will name Luis Hernandez the Mets opening day 2nd baseman.

Cialis women This report has been met with a collective head scratching by the fan base as the move to Hernandez really makes no sense except when you really think about it, cialis women the message being sent is the Mets have no second baseman.

Cialis women While Hernandez is a fine glove man he possesses none of the characteristics of an Alderson player by getting on base via walks or having some power, cialis women so his being ordained the 2nd baseman is hard to swallow.

Cialis women Daniel Murphy, cialis women works his ass off trying to play whatever position he’s asked to by the organization. Cialis women Unfortunately, cialis women that hard work on defense has not translated into Murph being a very good 2nd baseman. Cialis women Murph will make the team as a super sub/lefty bat off the bench.

Cialis women Justin Turner has the Scarlet letter “O” planted on him the “O” standing for options to the minors. Cialis women Turner  and Brad Emaus fit the mold of the player this front offices fancies solid on base numbers, cialis women pop in the bat as well and ready and able to field the position.

Cialis women That leaves Luis Castillo last and least as the second sack option.  As much as Castillo has hit very well this spring, cialis women the manager is fed up with his piss poor attitude in the clubhouse. Cialis women Instead of sulking like the overpaid has been that he is, cialis women if Castillo embraced the competition at the position and fought for his job, cialis women most likely it would have been his but at this point in his Mets career he has earned the right to be known as an ex-Met.

Cialis women Who knows maybe the opening day  2nd baseman isn’t even in Mets camp ?

Cialis women My guess is Brad Emaus gets the opening day job with Murphy playing when fly ball pitcher takes the mound. Cialis women Justin Turner gets optioned to Buffalo, cialis women Luis Hernandez goes on waivers and does not get claimed and is signed by Mets to minor league deal. Cialis women Castillo gets his $6 mil severance pay and sits on his front porch sulking when the mail man is late with the check.

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Viagra side effects Let me offer my condolences to you NY Jets fans out there and I know the Mets/Jets connection runs deep (most people when they hear I’m a Mets/Giants fans seem very surprised. Viagra side effects What surprises me are the number of people I know who are Highlander/Jets fans those are really rare birds) and team just could not overcome that brutal first half. Viagra side effects  

Viagra side effects Meanwhile, viagra side effects just 22 days until pitchers and catchers so while you long time Jets fans but those Richard Caster jersey’s in moth balls and the bandwagon jumpers run to Models to get their money back on their SANCHEZ 6 shirts they wore yesterday, viagra side effects let’s turn our attention to our favorite baseball team, viagra side effects besides it’s 7 degrees in NYC today so thoughts of warm breezes and palm trees are in order:

Viagra side effects Ed Ryan writes about how keeping Ollie Perez around is bad karma and in a way I agree. Viagra side effects If I had my way both Perez and Castillo would be bad memories and the fact is neither one of these slugs will make the team, viagra side effects the question is can the Mets get even a low level minor leaguer for either player and that’s why they’re still around. Viagra side effects The Mets have a better shot of getting something of low value for Castillo, viagra side effects especially if a team loses a second baseman during spring training. Viagra side effects Perez looks unmovable as no fan base would ever accept their team taking on this lead weight. Viagra side effects  The funny part is last week when Mike Pelfrey was asked about Perez, viagra side effects he was quite diplomatic saying the understood it’s been rough for him but Pelf claims Ollie would report every day and workout and go to the bullpen and not really make any waves. Viagra side effects Pelf hinted it would have been nice if Perez took the assignment to Buffalo and if he just showed up and ate seeds in the dugout that would have been a problem. Viagra side effects Still it’s a thorn in all Mets fans sides seeing both Castillo and Perez in blue and orange and none of us will be happy until we see DFA next to both their names.

Viagra side effects The Mets Police asks the question ‘Would you want a Mets FanFest” Well, viagra side effects since I’ve be advocating this for a few years now I guess my answer is HELL YEAH!!!!! Mets PoPo also asks where should it be held and what players, viagra side effects current and former, viagra side effects would you like to see at this event. Viagra side effects Most fans would say have it at Citi Field on a Saturday but I think the Javits Center would be better and make a weekend deal out it. Viagra side effects You would love to have all the current players attend and as many former one’s as you can. Viagra side effects The Mets could sell a lot of merchandise and season tickets at the event as well. Viagra side effects You could have Gary Cohen and Howie Rose hold a Mets trivia contest too. Viagra side effects I hope you’re reading this David Newman. Viagra side effects      

Viagra side effects Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times has a follow up to his 15 Worst Endings To A Regular Season Game with 10 Worst Endings to Postseason Games. Viagra side effects Both posts are based on a column by Joe Posnanski on The Agony of Defeat but in his posts, viagra side effects Chris doesn’t use any of the items that Joe Pos had. Viagra side effects The Mets made the list twice. Viagra side effects Guess which games they are?

Viagra side effects I got some exciting news from Bill Ivie of I-70 Baseball Radio:

Viagra side effects  I-70 Baseball Radio will air tonight and announce to the world one of
the largest and most unique baseball sites to come about in a long
time.  The site will go live in a few weeks but tonight we will make
everyone aware that it is on it’s way.

Viagra side effects In addition, viagra side effects we will feature a “I Miss Baseball” discussion and talk
to quite a few writers for the new site on the air about their passion
for this game.  We will also open the phone lines to anyone that wants
to call in and talk about why they love baseball.  Writers for the new
site are coming from all directions and backgrounds from people that
are new to the writing game to some of the most successful writers on
the internet today.

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How to get viagra Have you noticed that the Mets telecast on SNY has turned more into a sports/general interest talk show than focusing on the action on the field? Not that I have a problem with that, how to get viagra not at all, how to get viagra in fact if it weren’t for Gary Cohen, how to get viagra Keith Hernandez, how to get viagra Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt along with Bobby Ojeda in the studio, how to get viagra I don’t think I’d be watching many more Mets games. How to get viagra As much as I love our announcing crew though, how to get viagra it’s a sad state of affairs when they are the main draw to watching Mets baseball.

How to get viagra During the game yesterday, how to get viagra Gary posed the question to Hernandez about dangling the names Jose Reyes and David Wright out there as pieces in trade talk. How to get viagra Hernandez said (paraphrasing here) “of course you would; you’d have to as a GM just to see who is interested and what kind of package you’d get in return.” Now Hernandez DID NOT say Yes dump them, how to get viagra get rid of them, how to get viagra off with them. How to get viagra He just said what any smart thinking Mets fan would say, how to get viagra you have to at least see what you can get for either or both.

How to get viagra I am in no way advocating the trading of Wright or Reyes, how to get viagra in a perfect world both players would continue their careers as Mets and retire as Mets, how to get viagra I would be very happy if the end of their Mets careers finished with “…and they lived happily ever after…” but as we know too well we Mets fans live in a imperfect world.

How to get viagra When I Tweeted that I agreed with Hernandez on this issue you would have thought I opened up a Mosques R Us on Cortlandt St. How to get viagra The question I posed is this, how to get viagra Say the Skill Sets hire a new GM like Kevin Towers, how to get viagra or Mark Shapiro or even promote John Ricco and they get a call from an team with a deep farm and young players who are on the Major League team already. How to get viagra For either player I want a at least a starting pitcher, how to get viagra a second baseman, how to get viagra an outfielder and prospects (of course the Mets will throw in a few other players as well) as you see it would take a blockbuster to have me trade Wright and or Reyes but as a GM you have to see if that blockbuster is out there.

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New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano was the leading vote-getter in All-Star Game ballots cast by the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, cialis soft tabs 100 mg outpacing Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Cano received a whopping 45 votes, cialis soft tabs 100 mg with only Longoria and Texas’s Josh Hamilton also reaching the 35-vote level in the American League. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez of the Colorado Rockies led the National League with 36 votes.
Cano was the clear choice at second base by the BBA, cialis soft tabs 100 mg with only the one vote received by each of Seattle’s Chone Figgins, cialis soft tabs 100 mg Texas’s Ian Kinsler, cialis soft tabs 100 mg and Boston’s Dustin Pedroia keeping Cano from an unanimous decision. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Longoria’s 39 votes outpaced Boston’s Adrian Beltre (with six), cialis soft tabs 100 mg with Michael Young of the Texas Rangers a distant third with two votes.
The rest of the American League infield, cialis soft tabs 100 mg if selected by the BBA, cialis soft tabs 100 mg would feature Minnesota’s Justin Morneau, cialis soft tabs 100 mg who just edged out Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera by two votes for the first base nod, cialis soft tabs 100 mg and New York Yankees’ captain Derek Jeter at shortstop, cialis soft tabs 100 mg as he more comfortably finished ahead of Elvis Andrus of the Rangers and Alex Gonzalez of the Toronto Blue Jays.
While the Rangers were close with many of their infielders, cialis soft tabs 100 mg it is in the outfield that they finally break through, cialis soft tabs 100 mg as Hamilton led all outfielders with his 35 votes. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  He would be joined in the outfield by Tampa Bay’s Carl Crawford and Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki, cialis soft tabs 100 mg who used a late surge to surpass Alex Rios of the Chicago White Sox for the final slot. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Texas also would be honored with the designated hitter, cialis soft tabs 100 mg as Vladimir Guerrero easily outpolled the Red Sox’s David Ortiz for that position.
The battery for the American League was Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins and David Price of the Rays. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Mauer won handily over Boston’s Victor Martinez, cialis soft tabs 100 mg while Price got the nod to start over the Mariners’ Cliff Lee.
Races in the National League were a little more competitive.
The closest race was in the middle of the diamond. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  As of right before the deadline, cialis soft tabs 100 mg Philadelphia’s Chase Utley and Atlanta’s Martin Prado were tied with 16 votes apiece. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  The late votes pushed Utley over the top 19-16.
Other close races included third base, cialis soft tabs 100 mg which saw New York’s David Wright take out Washington’s Ryan Zimmerman by four votes and Cincinnati’s Scott Rolen by six, cialis soft tabs 100 mg and the last outfield slot. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers and Andre Ethier were overwhelming picks, cialis soft tabs 100 mg receiving 30 votes each, cialis soft tabs 100 mg but Chicago’s Marlon Byrd slipped past Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen by two votes in the last surge of voting to take the final position.
Rounding out the National League selections were Colorado catcher Miguel Olivo, cialis soft tabs 100 mg St. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg Louis first baseman Albert Pujols and Florida shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Jimenez was the overwhelming choice to take the ball for the senior circuit, cialis soft tabs 100 mg receiving over 30 more votes than his closest competitor.

All members of the BBA were eligible to make their selections. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Bloggers were allowed to vote for either the American League, cialis soft tabs 100 mg the National League, cialis soft tabs 100 mg or both leagues if they so desired. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Ballots were published on the individual blogs as a show of transparency.

Cialis soft tabs 100 mg

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance was formed in 2009 and numbers 184 blogs covering all major league teams and various other aspects of baseball among its members, cialis soft tabs 100 mg as well as blogs and sites that have affiliated as Friends of the BBA. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  The official website of the BBA is located at Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  The BBA can be found on Twitter by the handle @baseballblogs and by the hashmark #bbba. Cialis soft tabs 100 mg  Members of the BBA may be heard at Blog Talk Radio each Tuesday night with their call-in show, cialis soft tabs 100 mg BBA Baseball Talk.

Cialis soft tabs 100 mg

Cialis soft tabs 100 mg

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Free trial of viagra   13 days until pitchers and catchers

Free trial of viagra Last night’s hour long PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL show, free trial of viagra went by in a flash thanks our own Yankee-Doodle, free trial of viagra Michael calling in and Matt Silverman coming on to talk about the ’69 Mets. Free trial of viagra Some of the topics I wanted to get to in the opening of the show got pushed back as I went on a bit of a Fernando Martinez rant, free trial of viagra so I guess I’ll touch on those here.

Free trial of viagra By the way I got to see F-Mart’s AB last night with the bases loaded and two out in the Dominican Republic v. Free trial of viagra Venezuela Caribbean World Series game. Free trial of viagra Martinez did not get a hit in the AB but it was an impressive turn at the plate that lasted 10 pitches until he hit a foul pop that was caught by the Venezuelan right fielder.

Free trial of viagra I’m not anti-Fernando in any way; I just want the kid to stop acing like he’s a 27 year old journeyman who has never gotten a chance and be the 20 year old who plays so well this spring that he beats out Angel Pagan to be Carlos Beltran’s understudy.

Free trial of viagra Looks like me and Orlando Hudson have something in common; we both will never play second base for the Mets. So after all the debate about second base for the Mets what’s done is done, free trial of viagra Luis Castillo is the Mets second baseman for better or worse till death due us part (or until Reese Havens can prove he can play at the big league level) for 2010.

Free trial of viagra What is the under/over on how many times Gary Cohen or Howie Rose say “Just out of the reach of Castillo, free trial of viagra for a base hit” this season? Let’s set the number at 75.

Free trial of viagra The last place in the world I thought I’d ever see the name Municipal Credit Union would be on a ball park marquee.  I wonder if those of us with accounts at MCU will get a discount on Cyclones tickets.

Free trial of viagra I’m very happy for Nelly Figs and his great performance the other day for DR in the Caribbean Series but it wasn’t like he was pitching against the Phillies or Highlanders, free trial of viagra it was against Mexico and 45 year old  270 lb Vinny Castila, free trial of viagra The Big Fajita!

Free trial of viagra Maybe things are not as bleak for the Mets as we think. Free trial of viagra FOX has the Amazin’s scheduled for broadcast 8 times this coming season and one of the games is a prime timer versus the Bronx Bastards.

Free trial of viagra Maple Street Press is coming out with it’s Mets Annual in a few weeks and there will be a section on the Mets Blogosphere, free trial of viagra that will include yours truly.

Free trial of viagra Matt Silverman is putting out a revised paperback version of his book “100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” 

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I still don’t know what to make of the sslllllllllowwwwwww cooking hot stove but all this idle time has me making up deals in my head. Derph generic tablet viagra Some of course are ridiculous like how about Aaron Heilman for Luis Puljos? Or Gimp Castillo and prospects for Roy Halliday (I came up with those after I ate some odd looking mushrooms) but one I came up could fly at least in my simple mind:


Gimp Castillo, derph generic tablet viagra Aaron Heilman, derph generic tablet viagra Brian Schneider a prospect and money (half of Castillo’s ill gotten gains) to the San Fransisco Giants for Bengi Molina and Randy Winn. Derph generic tablet viagra The Giants get a second baseman for half price, derph generic tablet viagra plus a back end of rotation pitcher in Heilman and choice of a B level prospect (from a list the Mets provide) and they get relived of close to $15 mil in salary relief. Derph generic tablet viagra  The Mets get a big upgrade at catcher plus a switch hitting bat for RF which in turn makes Ryan Church a bargaining chip for pitching.


Go ahead and flame away!


Saw these pics on Dom’ D’s Mets info laden site of Bailout Park. Derph generic tablet viagra There is one shot of the bullpen that I hope is still under construction because I don’t see the Kevlar roof that will be needed to protect the relievers from the angry mob of Mets fans.


Mike Silva has a great post on his site on the 2nd base black hole and the lack of leadership that is needed on the Mets. Derph generic tablet viagra When we think of leaders we always go with fiery types like guys Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter but sometimes leaders are guys like Eli Manning who is far from being a spitfire in the personality department but he has stepped up and become the leader of the New York Football Giants by stepping up his game and remaining clam when tough and tense times occur. Derph generic tablet viagra It also helped him immensely that two of his biggest critics and the biggest wash women on the team Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey were gone from the team and in turn Manning flourished. Derph generic tablet viagra That’s why I would have loved to see Omar deal off Carlos Delgado to get not only max return off his stellar half season but them maybe David Wright would feel more comfortable to exert his leadership to the team. Derph generic tablet viagra There is a part of that feels a team with mostly younger players would be more beneficial to the Mets winning than having older players. Derph generic tablet viagra Maybe it’s still the hangover from the Famous Rays season but I like watching young guys bust their ass day after day than old ones drag their saggy butts around all season.


The Angels look like they are gearing up to offer C C Sabathia a Johan Santana like contract. Derph generic tablet viagra I really don’t care where Sabathia goes but as long as he doesn’t end up in the Bronx just watching Mike Francesa look like more of a horse’s ass than usual will be a great holiday gift.


How come no one talks about Nick Evans? Talk about a forgotten man. Derph generic tablet viagra Another reason why I’d move Delgado as a platoon of Dan Murphy and Evans at first would be more than adequate and then if the Mets made my Giants deal you could keep Church and Winn together with Endy Chavez and Fernando Tatis leading a strong bench (Omar go get Willie Bloomquist please)


Check out Toby Hyde’s Mets Minor League Blog as he has a post on Tigers catcher James Skelton who could be available as a Rule 5 draftee. Derph generic tablet viagra Skelton is very slight in built especially for a catcher (5’11” 165lbs) but he has a good batting eye and could be converted to a 2nd baseman a la Craig Biggio. Derph generic tablet viagra It never ceases to amaze me how progressive thinking the Mets bloggers are compared to the organization which sometimes is stuck in the old time baseball mentality.


Do you think the message has sunk in to the Mets brain trust’ heads that there is no way on earth Mets fans want to see Gimp Castillo at 2nd base on opening day 2009?




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How can i make homemade viagra Hey, how can i make homemade viagra get out of that tincan you call a car
‘Coz that old thing wont get you far
Don’t take a bus and don’t grab a cab
‘Coz I got a thing that’ll drive you mad

How can i make homemade viagra Come on ride my train
Come on ride my train

How can i make homemade viagra  

I’m waiting for a program on my computer to get fixed so I can get some work done so while I was waiting I was looking at some interesting articles from yesterday and this morning. How can i make homemade viagra The most interesting piece I found was Nick Cafardo’ from yesterday’s Boston Globe which talked about MLB GM’s doing a “Swap Meet” where you sell your junk for some other guys junk or as they say “One man’s trash is another one’s treasure”


When I look over the list one name made me stare at it for a long time, how can i make homemade viagra Dontrelle Willis. How can i make homemade viagra As I stared I saw a guy who is way down on his luck and has been God-awful the last two seasons but if you can get him right, how can i make homemade viagra you have a workhorse and a guy with a World Series ring and he can hit a lick as well. How can i make homemade viagra I bet returning to the NL East and to city with the baseball passion of NYC could be the elixir the D-Train needs to get back on track.


Willis would be up for trade not just due to poor performance but the big nut that comes with him. How can i make homemade viagra At the Skill Sets Pleasure Palace the side walks are line with money (thanks to all of you who bought bricks) and taking in bad contracts is our specialty. How can i make homemade viagra But not only would I take the D-Train bad contract and bad pitching as well but I’d make this a mega deal and grab Magglio Ordonez too.


D-Train has $22 mil left on the last two years of his contact. How can i make homemade viagra Ordonez has $18mil owed him for 2009 with a $15 mil club option for 2010 and $15 mil in 2011. How can i make homemade viagra


So now the Tigers would have to take “He Ain’t Heavy, how can i make homemade viagra He’s Just My Very Overpaid Second Baseman” Gimp Castillo (even though they have  Placido Polanco Hey, how can i make homemade viagra let’s put Polanco in the deal as well and really take over WFAN with 24/7 Mets calls!!!!!) then I’d put Ryan Church and Brian Schneider in the deal (no this is not some still pent up anger or the Milledege deal. How can i make homemade viagra Okay maybe a little bit) and a B-Level bush leaguer. How can i make homemade viagra Maybe even get Brandon Inge in the package as a just to make Mike Francesa cry.



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