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Cialis brand name The Mets have lost their share of games this season that would have you sit an ponder for a few minutes before you get on with  your life outside being a Mets fans , cialis brand name but last night’s game , cialis brand name some 12 hours later is still bothering me.  I was lucky enough to have Ed Marcus (rusty Jr.) of The Real Dirty Mets on with me last night after the game on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN podcast and we disscused the game plus a lot of other Mets news and views, cialis brand name but back to last night’s game.

Cialis brand name Last night Terry Collins managed more with his heart than his head, cialis brand name when he left R.A. Cialis brand name Dickey in the game in the 8th inning. Cialis brand name I’m not going to kill Collins on the move but I won’t argue with fans who feel  he  left Dickey in too long. Cialis brand name Where I take Collins to task is, cialis brand name and not to go all Tim McCarver on you, cialis brand name why do you have Izzy warming up in the pen, cialis brand name and then you don’t use him? Sure Collins brought  Izzy in after Neal  Walker’s  two-run single up the middle to break a 1-1 tie, cialis brand name but the formula all season has been Izzy in the 8th and Frankie Rodz in the 9th which has worked great for most of the season, cialis brand name so why re-write the strategy now?  Well, cialis brand name it seems Collins got caught up in the moment as did all the fans at Citi Field.

Cialis brand name R.A. Cialis brand name Dickey not only showed guts pitching in pain with his plantar fascia injury that has left him unable to run and walking with a bit of a limp but that did not affect his ability to toss a knuckleball that sashayed better than any contestant on Dancing With The Stars. Cialis brand name Maybe it was the warm humid night or just that Dickey got his mojo back but he was vintage Dickster last night.

Cialis brand name Every time Dickey came up to bat he was greeted with an ovation that was Seaver-Godden-ess and deservedly so. Cialis brand name  Problem for R.A. Cialis brand name was the lineup that Terry Collins used last night made a journeyman pitcher like James McDonald look like Dock Ellis, cialis brand name minus the hallucinogenics  of course. Cialis brand name I will give McDonald props on curve ball that was just a nasty 12 to 6 hook.

Cialis brand name It seemed that Collins was ready to let Dickey pitch a complete game hopefully with a shutout added to the back of his baseball card. Cialis brand name Dickey had retired 12 in a row until the 8th inning. Cialis brand name After a Ronny Cedeno’ leadoff single, cialis brand name Dickey got two quick outs, cialis brand name then hit a batter and let young James Harrison get another hit off him bringing up Neal Walker who hits much better from the left side than right, cialis brand name so maybe bringing  in Brydak or O’Connor would be the move here. Cialis brand name  Collins didn’t think so, cialis brand name it was Dickey’s game to win or lose.

Cialis brand name Now Dickey got two quick strikes on Walker but a combination of Dickey letting a knuckler float in the middle of the plate and Walker using good hitting technique and shorting up his swing with two strikes, cialis brand name sent the pitch right up the middle for a two run single which was like a swift kick in the nuts.

Cialis brand name If Dickey strikes out Walker there, cialis brand name R.A. Cialis brand name and Collins are heroes instead it’s become a second guesser’s paradise. Cialis brand name That’s baseball Suzyn.

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Cialis trazodone I’ll be calling in to Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest Podcast on Blog Talk Radio tonight at around 10:30pm to talk about the Subway Series and whether it has “jumped the shark” or not.

Cialis trazodone Can’t get on Terry Collins for letting Mike Pelfrey start the 7th inning as Pelf had pitched a strong 6 innings. Cialis trazodone It’s easy to second guess after the game got away from the Mets in that inning and the intentional walk to Texiera backfired on Collins as he didn’t know that A-Rod has great numbers when the batter in front of him has been IW’ed.  Even with those numbers, cialis trazodone I fear Tex more than I do A-Rod at this point. Cialis trazodone Rodriguez looks worn down to me.

Cialis trazodone Sucks to lose 2 of 3 to anyone and beating the Highlanders would have been sweet as the writers and YUCK announcers have beaten the Buffalo Mets angle to death.

Cialis trazodone Oh well, cialis trazodone on to Chicago

Cialis trazodone Keep Gary Carter in your thoughts and prayers

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Viagra non prescription drug Let us raise a Chug-A-Mug of Rehinglod today to the Tampa Famous Rays for winning the AL Pennant last night and giving Jackie Autry a reason to go to the beauty parlor and don some swanky polyester as she dutifully halndled her job as honorary AL President flawlwssly. Viagra non prescription drug How great is it to be the widow of the Singing Cowboy, viagra non prescription drug especially this time a year. Viagra non prescription drug You get to a trip to the ALCS and hand out a trophy and soon everytime Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is played another royalty check goes in the mail. Viagra non prescription drug Sweet, viagra non prescription drug  but of course I digress. Viagra non prescription drug Today we salute one of our own, viagra non prescription drug  Stuart Sternberg, viagra non prescription drug  he of the Carnarsie Sternberg’s and holder of Mets season tickets and unabashed Mets fan who used a little of his fortune to purchase the Tampa baseball franchise from  crazy old Vince Namoli and thorugh shrewed drafting and good trades now has not only a championship trophy but a snazy new t-shrt and  cap.

Viagra non prescription drug Now all the Famous Rays have to do is beat those in-bred slouths from Philly so at least one of “us” will call this season fulfiling.

Viagra non prescription drug All I did when David Price came on in the 8th inning last night was think about why didn’t the Mets just give the closers job to Eddie Kunz when Billy Wags went down? Looking back I agree this is an all time second guess but Kunz was a set up man and closer on two NCAA Champions and was closing at Bingo and with the jackpot of Dan Murphy and to a lesser degree Nick Evans and Jon Niese the talent from that team was quite rewarding but really instead of Dollar Store relevers like Luis Ayala and Brain Stokes you wonder what would have been if Kunz and Bobby Parnell were given the roles of set up and closer with the full backing of J-Man and Omar?    I know one thing, viagra non prescription drug it couldn’t have been worse.

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