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Well, 50 mg cialis if nothing else, 50 mg cialis Rauch and Francisco won’t tolerate much bullshit!

50 mg cialis  

50 mg cialis Well, 50 mg cialis the Mets won’t be coming home from Dallas empty handed. 50 mg cialis Maybe they are not the most sexy moves Mets fans wanted but they are practical, 50 mg cialis kind of like getting an iron or power tool for Christmas. 50 mg cialis  Let’s take a gander at the transaction shall we:

50 mg cialis Angel Pagan to the Giants for Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez

50 mg cialis Note to all Mets personnel, 50 mg cialis don’t piss off Terry Collins or you too will be shown the door. 50 mg cialis  It seems many of Pagan’s ex-teammates won’t be shedding any tears that he’s gone and neither will I. 50 mg cialis Talk about addition by subtraction. 50 mg cialis Pagan fell out of favor with the club because a piss poor attitude and putting oneself above the team that don’t fly here no more, 50 mg cialis especially when you’re fringe major leaguer.

50 mg cialis The return from the Giants is quite intriguing. 50 mg cialis Torres is an upgrade defensively but he not much to look at in the batter’s box. 50 mg cialis Can Dave Hudgens can do the voodoo they he do-do and bring Torres back offensively to where he was in 2010 (.268/.343/.479 16 HR 43 2b 6.8 WAR) ?

50 mg cialis The best part of the deal is getting Ramirez   added to this new look bullpen. 50 mg cialis Ramirez walks a few batters more than I like but he is effective against right handed hitters. 50 mg cialis I’m surprised Brian Sabean would include Ramirez in this deal because on the surface Pagan and Torres cancel each other at as both were non-tender candidates and if you’d look to deal Ramirez I’m sure the Giants could have gotten a better offer.

50 mg cialis Mets sign Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco

50 mg cialis One year deal for $3.5 mil for Rauch and a 2 year $12 mil for Francisco. 50 mg cialis Are either of these guys top flight pitchers? No , 50 mg cialisbut for the price they’ll should be more than serviceable . 50 mg cialis When you look at the Mets bullpen right now, 50 mg cialis it is far better than it was on the last day of the 2011 season. 50 mg cialis Rauch should be fine as the 8th inning set up man and Francisco  will take the role as closer but both could interchange the roles if need be. 50 mg cialis Francisco is a strike out pitcher who throws his fastball and split both effectively and comes with a manageable contract.

50 mg cialis So right now the Mets bullpen looks as so:

50 mg cialis Francisco  RHP

50 mg cialis Rauch  RHP

50 mg cialis Ramirez RHP

50 mg cialis Parnell RHP

50 mg cialis Acosta RHP

50 mg cialis Brydak LHP

50 mg cialis  

50 mg cialis I don’t think Bobby Parnell is a lock for a bullpen spot but to not have to close or set up in the 8th inning could help as he could be the ROOGY to Brydak’s LOOGY. 50 mg cialis I’m sure Alderson would love to add another lefty to this group. 50 mg cialis What to do with DJ Carrasco? He has another year left on his deal but it’s just for a million and change so he could see himself included as a thrown in a deal (with Daniel Murphy?) . 50 mg cialis It seems Pedro Beato is ticketed for Buffalo and there isn’t anyone else from last season arson squad I’d want to keep.

50 mg cialis You have to take these deals as a positive, 50 mg cialis not a jump up and down positive but the team is better than it was on the last day of the season positive.

50 mg cialis  

50 mg cialis  

50 mg cialis  

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