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It’s bad enough that the Mets embarrass David Wright by surrounding him with seven Schmohawks every game they now decide that wasn’t enough so they go and embarrass him off the field as well.

Some deep thinker in the marketing department thought it was a good idea to contact a dating site that caters to middle aged women looking to hook up with much younger men to help get David Wright voted in to the starting third base spot for the All-Star Game.  Thankfully an adult in the Mets marketing office got wind of this and put the kibosh on it. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra In fact Wright himself has told the club to cease and desist with the Vote Wright over done campaign. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  What started out as a fun thing to get Mets fans to vote Wright in as an All-Star starter has turned into an embarrassment. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra That’s so Mets.

The Mets have a bad case of SF Giants envy. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra They can’t understand how Giants fans turn out the vote for Pablo “Panda” Sandoval. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Well, uk pharmacies cheap viagra first it helps to have won a couple of World Series Championships In the last few years, uk pharmacies cheap viagra especially last year. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra It helps to play in a ball park that’s full  of fans and a gameday staff that wants you to  have the best time ever and it helps to have a very bright an progressive marketing staff that knows its fan base and its community.

The Giants were first major league sports team to make a It Gets Better video to help gay lesbian and transgender teens know that life is worth living and not to give in to bullies and haters. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra The Mets gave lip service to the idea of making a similar video, uk pharmacies cheap viagra its two years now and still no video.

The Giants also put out some of the best TV commercial to sell their team and tickets as well   

When you have a team that is underperforming on the field and not drawing anyone to your ballpark you need to get creative and find ways to make it worth someone’s while to come to Citi Field. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Catering to middle aged women looking for a boy toy is not the way to go about it.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra <><>

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Viagra sale  

Viagra sale  

Viagra sale We are somewhat back to normal, viagra sale whatever normal is. Viagra sale Roof is back on and today my ceiling should be finished and tomorrow I have someone coming in to steam clean and deodorize my carpet and couches just in time for the next storm tomorrow afternoon/night.

Viagra sale I’m starting to catch up on some of the Mets news of the last week or so and I see a lot of good opportunity for the Mets to add some players that bring a of of what’s missing on this team, viagra sale unfortunately these moves will take money something the Mets don’t have a lot of and that’s a damn shame because I think with a couple of key signings the Mets would morph into the SF Giants East.

Viagra sale I’ve said from the end of the season that the organization has an acceptance of failure as we’ve seen through the second halves of the last four seasons. Viagra sale This happens when you have a lack of battle tested players who know what it takes to win. Viagra sale From looking over the free agent list, viagra sale there are players available who fit that bill such as:

Viagra sale A.J. Viagra sale Pierzynski would be #1 on my wish list. Viagra sale I’ve been a fan of Pierzynski’s for a long time and have hoped the Mets would have traded for him as well, viagra sale now here he is sitting right there on the free agent front ready to picked by the Mets who are the neediest of teams when it comes to catching. Viagra sale You not only fill your huge need for a front line catcher but you add a guy with a World Series ring and a lot of snark and the Mets are sorely in need of snark. Viagra sale  How would a catching combo of Pierzynski and David Ross look in blue and orange?  Yes I know I’m asking too much.

Viagra sale I know we all hate Shane Victorino but if he were in a Mets uni that would all change for me. Viagra sale Please don’t give me he was Phuck Phace as a reason for the Mets not to sign him, viagra sale again he has a World Series ring and is an annoying little prick and that’s what the Mets need both a winner and annoying pricks. Viagra sale I’d take a shot at using him as the everyday center fielder even though he’s not the center fielder he used to be, viagra sale he’d still be a major upgrade over Andres Torres and don’t think if he became a Met he wouldn’t  ramp it up when the Mets take on the Phuck Phaces.

Viagra sale Cody Ross, viagra sale ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Cody Ross. Viagra sale Word out of Boston is Ross is looking for 3yrs/$25 mil a bit steep but then again it’s an negotiation and one the Mets should get involved in. Viagra sale Ross again comes with a winning pedigree and an edge which I know I’m sounding like a broken record, viagra sale the Mets sorely need. Viagra sale An outfield of Bay/Duda in LF, viagra sale Victorino in CF and Ross in RF with Ike, viagra sale Murph, viagra sale Tejeda, viagra sale Wright and Pierzynski added to the starting rotation and a couple of relievers added in make the Mets a true contender in NL. Viagra sale Sadly the odds of these moves happening as nil

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Buy levitra online viagra The Marco Scutaro Fairy Tale continues as he is not only headed to the World Series with his NL Pennant winning SF Giants teammates but he’s bringing the NLCS MVP Trophy along with him. Buy levitra online viagra WOW!! Simply WOW!!

Buy levitra online viagra As I said yesterday I’ll be rooting for the Giants to beat the Tigers who as Greg Prince eloquently posted on Faith and Fear in Flushing will be meeting for the first time ever in a World Series which is astonishing since both teams have been around for well over 100 years. Buy levitra online viagra  I could not help but sit and stare at the TV watching 45, buy levitra online viagra000+ sing and dance in a monsoon of a rain storm with a smile on my face as I dreamed about the day when I can feel that exaltation again about the NY Mets. Buy levitra online viagra  For those too young to have experienced the mid 80’s Mets and that championship season of 1986, buy levitra online viagra that crowd at ATT Park was us back in the day but ramped up more than 1, buy levitra online viagra000 decibels or more. Buy levitra online viagra  We made enough of a racket and disruption to make Shea Stadium literally rock and roll and then add in the anarchist behavior of the 80’s as we ran rough shod on Pete Flynn’s landscaped lawn to grab a souvenir slice of sod hoping that the rent a cops didn’t yank me by my pony tail.

Buy levitra online viagra When I watched the scene in San Francisco last night it just reinforced why I love baseball and of course the Mets, buy levitra online viagra I’ve been in the middle of the celebratory scrum and I’d love to be in the middle of another one al least I won’t have to worry about getting pulled by the pony tail.

Buy levitra online viagra I have no problem what so ever about the club bring back Mike Pelfrey on an incentive laden contract for 2013. Buy levitra online viagra I know many Mets fans have jump off the Big Pelf bandwagon but I think he can be a contributor out of the pen if not the 5th starter on the team next season.

Buy levitra online viagra As for Andres Torres, buy levitra online viagra what’s the decision he has got to go. Buy levitra online viagra If Torres is retained for 2013 I will be highly pissed off. Buy levitra online viagra Even if a deal can’t made for a center fielder, buy levitra online viagra either Kirk Nieuwenhuis or Matt den Dekker would be a solid upgrade over Torres. Buy levitra online viagra I can’t believe this even a discussion amongst the Mets decision makers.


This is a picture of the NY Giants of 1888 who defeated the St. Buy levitra online viagra Louis Browns of the American Association in the exhibiton known as the World Series. Buy levitra online viagra The man in the middle is Giants manager Big Jim Murrite. Buy levitra online viagra When you’re named Big Jim odds are you don’t tolorate too much bullshit!   

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Swiss oats a111

Swiss oats a111 With a big workload staring back at me today I thought I’d just drop a short post and get to work. Swiss oats a111 I took Friday off to head to the mountains of Pennsylvania, swiss oats a111 Resica Falls Scout camp to be precise, swiss oats a111 for a weekend camping trip (kids complained of a 7AM wakeup call on Sunday, swiss oats a111 “Why do we have to get up so early”? “Because the Giants-Redskins kick off at 1PM that’s why”)so of course there is a ton of work to be processed on my desk that I have to tackle this morning but I have a couple of points to put out there:

Swiss oats a111 After seeing how the NY Highlanders are now kicking themselves in their pinstriped ass over the 5 years $117M+ owed to the fading fast Alex Rodriguez, swiss oats a111 has that changed your view on the Mets signing David Wright to a long term deal? Obliviously Wright is a more important part of the Mets organization than Rodriguez is to the Highlanders as an on field leader and off field wonderful spokesman for the team but he is hitting that magic baseball age of 30 that is the fork in the road of a baseball career. Swiss oats a111 The majority of Mets fans want Wright to retire a Met and the organization feels the same way but anything more than 5 years for Wright could change that whole dynamic.  A deal of 5/$110M with team option on 6th year should be more than enough to keep Wright in orange and blue.

Swiss oats a111 When I first started doing this blogger thingy over ten years ago, swiss oats a111 Marco Scutaro was a favorite of the small group of Mets fans on the internet who were blogging or commenting on message boards. Swiss oats a111 Many fans started a FREE MARCO movement back in the 2002 season exalting to Art (Lights Up A Room) Howe to give Scutaro more playing time and sit the fading superstar Roberto Alomar. Swiss oats a111 Seems like eons ago that Scutaro was a Met. Swiss oats a111 Now here he is 9 years later as one of the most valuable cogs in the SF Giants great comeback to be one win away from a NL Pennant and a trip to the World Series. Swiss oats a111 RE-MARCO-ABLE!

Swiss oats a111 Speaking of flashbacks, swiss oats a111 did you see Jeffery “Penitentiary Face” Leonard throw out the first pitch last night?

Swiss oats a111 Who doesn’t love a Game 7? No matter the sport, swiss oats a111 Game 7 is always a must see and be. Swiss oats a111 It would be even better if it was at Citi Field tonight. Swiss oats a111 I’m rooting for the Giants tonight to win and go on to win the World Series since I am the off spring of a John McGraw NY Giants fanatic. Swiss oats a111 I always think about what would’ve have been if the Giants and Dodgers never left town and the Mets would never have been, swiss oats a111 you would most likely be reading the Sid Gordon Society right now.

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Viagra Mets news? What Mets news? This is what happens during the MLB post season as the Commissioner’s office like for it teams not participating in the post season to lay low on news of their own. Viagra Sure it looks like the Cleveland Indians get a pass by hiring Terry Francona as their manger and knowing the kinship the Skill Sets have with The Used Car Salesman they have carte blanch as well. Viagra But with the Skill Sets looking to re-finance their massive debt of the team via its 65 % share of SNY we will have to wait a while to see if David Wright will be a Met for at least then next 6 years and if R.A. Viagra Dickey will receive his Cy Young Award as a NY Met as well.

Viagra So until then here are some random observations:

Viagra After listening to Sandy Alderson on with Mike Francesa earlier this week, viagra it safe to say that Alderson is looking to add power, viagra power and more power to his lineup. Viagra I would love to see him swing a deal with Toronto to add C J.P. Viagra Arencibia and CF Colby Rasmus to the Mets. Viagra I bet the price wouldn’t be that prohibitive to get both. Viagra  You fill two big holes with both players and I bet it wouldn’t take Jon Niese to get them either. Viagra Maybe Mejia, viagra Familia and Duda ?

Viagra I’m pretty bummed that the two teams I’ve wanted to make it to the World Series, viagra the Oakland A’s and SF Giants are both in big time trouble in a 2-0 hole in both their series. Viagra  Got to tip your Mets cap to the Reds for bouncing back after their Ace Johnny Cueto came out of game one with back spasms after one hitter. Viagra  Reliever Sam LeCure stepped up big time with a 1.2 relief stint that allowed Matt Laos to get up and warmed up to go 4 solid innings as to not tax the Reds relief corps. Viagra This is what I mean about teams like the Mets who accept failure and teams like the Reds that do what it takes to win.

Viagra I can’t believe some folks are still talking about the infield fly rule call in the Braves-Cards knockout game. Viagra The Braves are using Sam Holbrook’s bad judgment as a crutch for dropping this game. Viagra Did Holbrook make the wrong call? No. Viagra Did he stretch the interpretation of the infield fly rule? Yes. Viagra The infield fly rule is all about the umpire’s judgment and in Holbrooks judgment as bad as it may have been, viagra Cards shortstop Pete Kozma was able to get in position to make a routine play on the fly ball hit by Anderlin Simons. Viagra The rule is in place to protect the runner from deception of a fielder dropping a routine fly ball in an attempt to get a double play, viagra as the rule states batter is out, viagra runners advance at their own risk. Viagra In the Braves case the runners Dan Uggla on 2nd and David Ross on 1st both advanced at that risk as the ball dropped between Kozma and LF’er Matt Holliday. Viagra So the Cardinals got the worst end of the play, viagra not the Braves. Viagra  By the way once the infield fly rule is called it doesn’t matter which fielder makes the catch so again it would have been a more favorable outcome for the Cardinals if Matt Holliday made the catch since he was coming in on the ball which would have prevented Uggla from advancing to 3rd base. Viagra I love baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra This kills me but I have to give the Highlanders and C.C. Viagra Sabathia their due this morning. Viagra Sabathia put on a clinic on how to pound the ball low in the strike zone.


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Viagra pharmacy

Viagra pharmacy This Ike Davis Bobblehead was given out at MCU Park and is one my favorties  

Viagra pharmacy  

Viagra pharmacy The New York Mets have released their schedule of bobblehead giveaways and each one is a must have if you are like me a serious bobblehead collector.

Viagra pharmacy On Sunday April 22nd at 1:10PM vs. Viagra pharmacy the SF Giants will be Tom Seaver Bobblehead  Day

Viagra pharmacy Saturday May 26th at 1:10PM vs. Viagra pharmacy the SD Padres will be Rusty Staub Bobblehead Day

Viagra pharmacy Sunday June 17th at 1:100PM vs. Viagra pharmacy the Cincinnati Reds will be Keith Hernandez Bobblehead Day

Viagra pharmacy Saturday July 21st at 1:10PM vs. Viagra pharmacy the Los Angeles Dodgers will be Edgardo Alfonzo Bobblehead Day

Viagra pharmacy Saturday August 25 at 1:10PM vs. Viagra pharmacy Houston Astros will be Mike Piazza Bobblehead Day

Viagra pharmacy An impressive list of bobblehead honorees even with the omission of Ed Kranepool Bobblehead day.

Viagra pharmacy To get tickets for these games go to and   

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Viagra faq You can look at the Mets reaching the .500 mark as nothing to celebrate, viagra faq as .500 means you’ve reached a level of mediocrity. Viagra faq But if you look at the overall standings of the National League, viagra faq that .500 mark is much more impressive, viagra faq especially in the light of injuries and starting pitching rotation led by two neophytes, viagra faq a philosopher, viagra faq a reclamation project and a schizophrenic. Viagra faq  

Viagra faq Taking the Phuck Phaces out of the equation, viagra faq and their NL and MLB leading 43-26 record, viagra faq the Mets are a mere 5 games back of the SF Giants (39-29) for the second best record in the league. Viagra faq For those who feel it’s never too early to follow the NL Wild Card standings, viagra faq the Mets are 3.5 games behind the Cardinals for the NL Wild Card spot.

Viagra faq All this without the two corner infielders who provide power, viagra faq the Ace of the starting rotation and the Left Fielder (although 2 hits and an SB for Jason Bay maybe just maybe it’s the start of his renaissance) an emotional baseball mess, viagra faq it’s quite impressive that the Mets are in the race for a post season berth. Viagra faq If anything comes as a positive so far this season is the culture of failure has been eradicated on the field and in the clubhouse. Viagra faq Maybe it will move to the owners level as well but that would take a giving the blind sight kind of miracle that doesn’t happen too often. Viagra faq   Like Rome, viagra faq Flushing was built in a day.

Viagra faq Scott Kazmir has been released by the Angels, viagra faq he can be picked up for the major league minimum. Viagra faq I don’t think a Mets reunion will happen but I could see the Highlanders signing him and assigning him to Scranton/Wilkes Barre because they are DES-PER-ATE for starting pitching. Viagra faq   

Viagra faq I wish the Mets would announce that the next time Johan Santana will pitch for the team in February 2012 in St. Viagra faq Lonesome.

Viagra faq Last night I had the honor of being a guest on the Seamheads Podcasting Network’s Fantasy Baseball Show on Blog Talk Radio it was a fast paced hour of great baseball talk a very worthy listen. Viagra faq

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When was viagra released As happy as last night’s win in the Mets House of Horrors made me I was even happier to read in today’s NY Daily News that Sandy Alderson , when was viagra released Jason Bay and R.A. When was viagra released Dickey were quoted as being interested in making a “It Gets Better” anti-bullying video like the one made by the SF Giants. When was viagra released The “It’s Gets Better” campaign focuses mostly on gay and lesbian teens that face awful discrimination and have a high suicide rate but it also includes all kids who are subjected to bully tactics by their peers. When was viagra released That part of it seems to be lost on the ownership of the Mets (shocking right?) as we see from a “team official”:

When was viagra released “We had already been looking around trying to find an organization to partner with on the bullying issue, when was viagra released” a team official said. When was viagra released “We are interested in inclusiveness. When was viagra released If you target one specific subset, when was viagra released what about the other groups that are bullied?”

When was viagra released Gee, when was viagra released I guess it’s a huge task to work with a group that is trying to help kids who are not only trying to come to grips with their sexuality and accept that’s who they are and not be ashamed and also work with kids who get bullied for no reason due to the inadequacies of the bully.

When was viagra released Thankfully there are stand up guys in the organization like Bay, when was viagra released Dickey and Alderson who have said they would lend their voices for this cause, when was viagra released Hopefully between them and  Mets fans there will be enough pressure put on the organization to get behind this cause.

When was viagra released Lisa Swan and Jon Levin over at Subway Squawkers are running a contest on their site, when was viagra released sponsored by Blimpies Sandwich Shops where you can win tickets to this Sunday’s Mets-Angels game at Citi Field.

When was viagra released Taryn Cooper gives her take on the future of Jose Reyes with the Mets by following the money.

When was viagra released Tim Smith would have been better off taking a sick day than writing this column. When was viagra released And you wonder why newspapers are going under.

When was viagra released It’s kind of refreshing to have a manager who plays his 8 best players on the field every night but I have to think the handling of Jason Bay and the fact that Bay sits more than he plays has to come to a head sooner or later. When was viagra released The biggest obstacle with Bay and his sudden inability to hit is that no one-Bay, when was viagra released Dave Hudgens, when was viagra released Terry Collins or  Sandy Alderson know how to get Bay back on the hitting track.

When was viagra released The Atlanta Braves have now gone to flooding the infield to slow down Jose Reyes and that didn’t work. When was viagra released What’s next kidnapping?

When was viagra released Matt Falkenberry has a great interview with The Immortal Chris “Maj” Majkowski the man who keeps the Mets on the air on WFAN

When was viagra released Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus has a great write up on today’s 34 Anniversary of the Midnight Massacre which I commemorate each year  by sitting in the dark all night in the fetal position crying like a baby. When was viagra released This day and the day Gil Hodges died are the worst days in the history of the NY Mets.

When was viagra released  

When was viagra released  

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Viagra I didn’t watch last night’s game as it was turn to work Bingo at my daughter’s school (you get a credit on your tuition payment every Bingo you work but last night was a bit of a rough crowd. Viagra When I first started working these Bingo nights, viagra it just a bunch of blue haired ladies now the crowd is getting younger and rowdier especially when they miss the Jackpot by one number. Viagra I don’t have to work it again until July, viagra I may bring a night stick for that one) so I missed The Freak mowing down the Mets but from the tone of stories I’ve read this morning, viagra it was just another night at Citi Field. Viagra  A descent starting pitching performance, viagra inability to get a big hit in a big spot and oh yeah, viagra a pitcher coming up with a sore arm.

Viagra Chris Capuano tossed ok, viagra a quality start in this modern era I guess.  Ryota Igarashi was very good in an inning and two-thirds of work and Dillon Gee was wasted again for one inning of relief.

Viagra Big Plef is the matinee idol on the mound today for the 1:10PM start at Citi Field against LHP Jonathan Sanchez. Viagra With Sanchez going for the Giants, viagra Ronnie Paulino gets to receive for Pelfrey and this could be quite the big start of Pelf. Viagra He loves throwing to a vet catcher who TELLS him what to throw which cuts down the amount of thinking Pelfrey has to do on the mound and the less he has to think the better Plefrey pitches. Viagra A strong start today will save Pelf’s ass from heading to Buffalo and will also give Paulino the job as Big Plef’s personal chauffer.

Viagra From what I did see and have heard, viagra there has been a large contingent of SF Giants fans in attendance at Citi Field the last two nights. Viagra Back in the mid to late 60’s, viagra a trip by the Giants and Dodgers were a HUGE attraction at Shea and MLB always seemed to schedule them for weekend series to boost the gate (Shea Stadium on a warm July or August Friday night with the Giants or Dodgers in town, viagra was a happening. Viagra There would be a ragtime band that would stroll through the Field Level playing between innings, viagra Mrs Payson in her box next to the Mets dugout, viagra Homer the Beagle holding his Let’s Go Mets sign on a stick held in his mouth and of course, viagra Karl Ehrhardt and his many signs. Viagra Good times.) I guess a World Series victory makes for new fans.

Viagra Well it looks like all the work Pedro Beato has had lately has taken a bit of a toll as he is has a 15 day stop order on his right elbow. Viagra Beato threw over 40 pitches in the 14 inning game which is a lot for a guy who was the set up to the set up man, viagra pitching just one inning. Viagra From the looks of things it’s just soreness in the elbow and not that serious…………………….I hope

Viagra Jason Bay should be back in the lineup today after taking Paternity leave to celebrate his baby boy.

Viagra Angel Pagan played 9 innings last night for St. Viagra Lonesome hitting a triple and scoring a run in four AB’s. Viagra Pagan is eligible to come off the DL on Saturday hopefully replacing Willie Harris on the roster.

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Herbal alternative to cialis

Herbal alternative to cialis I hope you have time to check out the BASEBALL BLOGGERS ALLIANCE BASEBALL TALK show on Blog Talk Radio last night as I hosted the show and my guests were SF Giants bloggers Scott of The Crazy Crabbers and Julian of Splashing Pumpkins, herbal alternative to cialis and we reviewed the Giants championship season.

Herbal alternative to cialis I also have to make a correction. Herbal alternative to cialis In the beginning of the show I made reference to the passing of Sparky Anderson and mentioned the Reds beating the Highlanders in 1975 World Series which was a huge blunder on my part when I should know it was the 1976 World Series where the Big Red Machine kicked the Highlanders ass. Herbal alternative to cialis I could blame it on the fact that I was up at 5AM and worked a ten hour shift and did this show at 11PM but that’s no excuse and your right I need to grow a pair.

Herbal alternative to cialis You just know that this Charlie Samuels mess is going to get worse before it gets better. Herbal alternative to cialis The Mets can say Samuels is indefinitely suspended but we all know Samuels will never work in baseball again. Herbal alternative to cialis As soon as he admitted to MLB investigators that he bet on baseball, herbal alternative to cialis he accepted his baseball death sentence. Herbal alternative to cialis I’m just concerned about how long this was going on, herbal alternative to cialis who knew what and when did they know it and I’m praying no Mets players were involved in this shit storm.

Herbal alternative to cialis I have no problem at all with the Mets cutting ties with Hisanori Takahashi for the price Taka and his agent were asking, herbal alternative to cialis 3yrs /$12-$15mil the Mets were offering what I believe is a more realistic contract of 1yr+an option for $3mil. Herbal alternative to cialis Taka was outstanding taking over for Frankie Rodriguez and that’s what he is, herbal alternative to cialis a reliever who can give you an inning, herbal alternative to cialis two tops. Herbal alternative to cialis As a starter, herbal alternative to cialis when he faces a lineup the second and third time around Taka gets pounded. Herbal alternative to cialis There is a good possibility that Pedro Feliciano will be coming out of someone else’s bullpen in 2011 as well since he has a higher opinion of his monetary value as a stone cold LOOGY than the Mets do.

Herbal alternative to cialis Wally Backman gets to WOW Sandy Alderson today as he interviews for the Mets Managers job. Herbal alternative to cialis Backman is the number one choice for most Mets fans let’s see if can make a big impression on Alderson.

Herbal alternative to cialis David Lennon says Don Wakamatsu will be the Mets manager. Herbal alternative to cialis Joel Sherman says Terry Collins will be the next Mets manager. Guess what? The MSM doesn’t have a fucking clue as to who will be the next Mets manager.

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