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Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Last night at Citi Field Sandy Alderson, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Paul DePodesta, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer JP Riccardi and John Ricco sat down for a Q & A session with Mets season tickets holders.  Of the season ticket holders in attendance were the first couple of Mets Blogdom Ed Leyro and Taryn Cooper. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer  On Ed’s Studious Metsimus site he gives a recap of the some of the questions posed to the group and the answers given by the Baseball Ops members assembled. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Some of these stood out to me, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer such as being asked why it’s taking so long for Alderson to make the Mets a contender. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer And Alderson replied “”We don’t want to be there one year and gone the next.” There is segment of Metsfandom whose craniums are as thick as a milk shake at the Shake Shack. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer When you inherit a holy mess both personnel and cash flow wise, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer it’s going to take some time to straighten things out. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Alderson and his crew have the Mets on the right path and the impatient Mets fan (who I believe like Chipper Jones said puts a Highlander cap on when the Bronx Bastards play in October)  is either too dense or quite frankly too ignorant to see this. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer In case you missed it, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer MLB on its 2013 Prospect Watch ranked three Mets in the top 30 of its top 100 list, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Travis d’Aranud  at #6, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Zack Wheeler #8 and Noah Syndergaard #29 . Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Wheeler and d’Aranud will be up by no later than mid-season, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Syndergaard in two seasons at least add them to Matt Harvey and you have a nice foundation for the future. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Oh yeah I know what you’re saying but the outfield sucks!!!!

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Alderson has let it be known in interview after interview that yes, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer the outfield is a problem spot and yes, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer I could have spent money to find a bonafide ML outfielder but he wasn’t happy with the sticker price, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer something he also admitted he has to get over:

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer   “We understand what the market dictates and we have to be prepared to exist in that market, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer” said Alderson, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer who indicated there is an urgency to winning, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer and that he has not set out on a 10-year plan

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Seems Alderson felt there were a couple or three players out there he could have signed but was unwilling to match the price set by the market. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer I wonder if he could have a do over, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer if he’d been a little more aggressive in bidding for Ryan Ludwick, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Cody Ross or even Reed Johnson as any of those three would be the Mets top outfielder and none of them broke the bank in their newly signed deals. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Ross was a player I wanted badly on the Mets as he hits with some pop from the right side of the plate and would have been a big upgrade in right field. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer  To be fair here as well, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer there was not much else to choose from in the outfield free agent pool since there was no way in hell Josh Hamilton or Nick Swisher were going to be Mets, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer nor should they have been and my other wish list outfielder Shane Victorino got a year a couple of million dollars more than I thought he would from Boston and even though he’s born and bred  Phuck Phace  I’d have taken a run at him. Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Would you be happy with a Duda, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Victorino, canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer Ross/Baxter outfield? I would.

Canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer The best part of all this is in 11 days Mets pitchers and catchers will report to Port St Lonesome and 5 days after that the full squad will be there and then we can see for ourselves what we have in store in 2013 with our own eyes (and the eyes of those covering the camp) and be done with all this off season speculation.

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Viagra next day delivery There is a segment of this fan base that really needs to stop listening to sports talk radio for your own good. Viagra next day delivery There are too many of you that take the word of the gasbags on WFAN and WEPN as sports gospel. Viagra next day delivery The biggest offender seem to be the wanna- be shock jock on WFAN in the early AM who threw out a line that a Mets “official” said the club was going to honor Chipper Jones during the Braves last visit to NYC. Viagra next day delivery I guess the fact that the wanna- be shock jock’ partner, viagra next day delivery the fair haired Norman Esiason has been taking days off here and there (maybe NFL Norman is trying to tell wanna- be shocks partner Norman that this morning gig is bad for you imagine and credibility) left the wanna-be shock with nothing to talk about since his scope of sports knowledge seems to be whatever is in the daily fish wraps and what he reads on blogs, viagra next day delivery so with no partner to banter with he decided to join in on every media types favorite target of belittlement, viagra next day delivery the NY Mets.

Viagra next day delivery After it was broadcast over the biggest waste of 50, viagra next day delivery000 watts in radio, viagra next day delivery that the Mets were thinking about honoring Chipper Jones, viagra next day delivery the lunatic fringe of Metsopotania flew into a Tweeting rage. Viagra next day delivery If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a lifelong Mets fans I’d have laughed my ass off over the over reaction by some fans but instead I’m left shaking my head and letting out a great big “sigh”.

Viagra next day delivery The Mets are not going to hold a “Larry Jones Night” at Citi Field. Viagra next day delivery If anything they will have a short and sweet pre-game annoucemnt that no one will even see as it will be so far from game time you will still be on the Shake Shack line. Viagra next day delivery The will give Jones a plaque and acknowledge his Hall of Fame career and wish him the best on his retirement. Viagra next day delivery It will take you longer to decide what dipping sauce you want with your Box Frites Belgian fries.

Viagra next day delivery Yes I understand that Jones was a one man wrecking crew against the Mets for his career but I also understand the he thoroughly enjoyed competing on the New York stage and he appreciates the rich history of New York baseball. Viagra next day delivery  As I’ve mentioned many times, viagra next day delivery he loved to interact with Mets fans and always found time to sign autographs. Viagra next day delivery Ask David Wright about Jones and how he has helped Wright with encouragement or a batting tip here or there.

Viagra next day delivery I guess if you haven’t been witness to Jones’ mingling with Mets fans all you would see is a guy who beat our brains in but if you’ve seen Jones up close at Shea or Citi dealing with Mets fans you know he’s a classy guy. Viagra next day delivery The Mets are just acknowledging that class.

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Cheep viagra  

Cheep viagra As cold and nasty as it is outside today, cheep viagra what would give to be at Citi Field tonight for Game 6 of the World Series?

Cheep viagra While watching this World Series and seeing the fans in St. Cheep viagra Louis and Arlington, cheep viagra revved up and waving their rally towels (don’t laugh I still have my Mets K Hanky from 1988) and living and enjoying the moment instead of what we as Mets fans are doing now, cheep viagra reminiscing about the past and waiting to see what our future looks like.

Cheep viagra I also wonder about what Citi Field will be like when we have our first great Mets moment there. Cheep viagra So far my great Citi Field moment is attending the last game of this past season and not having a long line at the Shake Shack. Cheep viagra  Will the atmosphere at Citi match that of Shea in the exhilarating days of yore?

Cheep viagra I’ve been in Shea when the stands were physically shaking, cheep viagra as the field level was on rollers and you see and feel the whole lower moving up and down.  I’ve been in the Upper Deck where fans stood and cheered (how many times have you heard Mets fans clap with two strikes on a batter? Sad isn’t it) and the sound of 55, cheep viagra000 loyalists was overwhelming. Cheep viagra There is no other fan mantra like “Let’s Go Mets” (Let’s Go Rang-ers at MSG comes close as does DEE-FENSE at a Knicks game but they are not Let’s Go Mets) and you get that kind of atmosphere when there are no clubs to hide in or team stores to shop in during a game or dunk tanks or hamburger stands to stand in line in. Cheep viagra That was the beauty of Shea, cheep viagra it was baseball’s dive bar, cheep viagra it had beer and hot dogs and peanuts what else do you need at a ball game. Cheep viagra Sure the bathrooms were a mess and the concourse ceilings leaked and yes I bitched and moaned about it but after a few years at the McMansion of baseball parks, cheep viagra maybe leaky roofs and sewer water wasn’t so bad.

Cheep viagra I guess I shouldn’t knock Citi Field for not having a Mets Moment yet as it’s not up to the building to provide that for me, cheep viagra it’s up to the team and my fellow Mets fans to do that. Cheep viagra I just hope that when this team does become a contender, cheep viagra that there will be fans in the stands to not just cheer the team on but intimidate the opponent. Cheep viagra  I fear that Citi Field will never rock n roll like Shea not because I don’t think the team will ever contend for a World Series again but that the fans closest to the action will be inside nice and warm watching on a big screen TV.

Cheep viagra With the cancelation of last night’s game 6 and the fact that this is the 25th Anniversary of the last Mets World Series win, cheep viagra I’ve been watching the DVD of Game 6 and 7 and what stands out is the volume of noise coming from the stands. Cheep viagra Just looking at Calvin Schiraldi’s face as the Mets began their 2 out rally in Game 6, cheep viagra tells you that the comeback and the crowd was becoming overwhelming for him. Cheep viagra In fact, cheep viagra the atmosphere at Shea could be counted as a contributor to the victory as roar and foot stomping just kept building and got more intense with each base hit, cheep viagra reaching a crescendo on the wild pitch to tie the game and just exploding on the Buckner Bungle to win it.

Cheep viagra Check out the fan shots from Game 6 or Game 7, cheep viagra how great is seeing Mets fans happy, cheep viagra loud and rowdy? I just hope Citi Field is not to prim and proper not to let its hair down when it’s needed.

Cheep viagra  

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Cialis online canada The “paid” attendance for last night’s Mets-Padres game was 39, cialis online canada589. Cialis online canada Many of those who paid to attend the game for one reason or another did not “attend” the game. Cialis online canada In fact I’d say between 13, cialis online canada 000 to 14, cialis online canada000 of the paid folks found something to do other than attend a baseball game they “paid” to attend. Cialis online canada If you are one of those paid attendees who didn’t bother showing up last night, cialis online canada can you let me know what big event was so great that you passed on this game?

Cialis online canada I knew this would not be a well-attended game since tickets were discounted 50%  but when I arrived at Citi Field parking lot that was so sparse I wondered if an inexperienced airline pilot might mistake the lot for a LaGuardia runway? This was a 6PM as well. Cialis online canada There were no lines to enter the ball park and as I headed to the Promenade I saw many of the concession stands closed. Cialis online canada That’s not good in September, cialis online canada but it’s downright depressing to see in August. Cialis online canada  The Shake Shack though still had a huge snaking line, cialis online canada I get the feeling they could open Citi Field in the middle of a winter snowstorm and there would be a line at the Shake Shack.

Cialis online canada I never tell people how to spend their money but if you’re a Mets fan and can afford the time and money (50 % off tickets has to be an incentive) why not go out to the ball park and watch this team?

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Viagra rx in canada Looks like Minority Einhorn is getting quite cozy at Citi Field. Viagra rx in canada I’m sure the Skill Sets are sweating and not just because of this recent hot spell in NYC. Viagra rx in canada  Einhorn seems to fancy this period of the media swooning over him trying to feel him out as the white knight that will come in a save the franchise. Viagra rx in canada   

Viagra rx in canada Right now, viagra rx in canada Einhorn can’t say much as the shysters are still finalizing the paper work but when the ink dries on his signature what happens then? How much say does Minority Einhorn have?  As much as he enjoys taking his kids to Citi Field, viagra rx in canada I’m sure he didn’t write a $200 mil check just to visit the Mets dugout and avoid the lines at the Shake Shack .

Viagra rx in canada Does Einhorn whisper in Sandy Alderson’ ear “don’t trade Reyes, viagra rx in canada we’ll pay him but keep it on the down low”?

Viagra rx in canada How about on the day the deal is final, viagra rx in canada Einhorn announces that he is taking bids from area sculptures for a statue of Tom Seaver that will be placed in the newly renamed Metropolitan Rotunda with Jackie Robinson’s 42 and tribute to John McGraw.

Viagra rx in canada How great would it be if Einhorn came out against the black unis and caps.

Viagra rx in canada How about letting everyone know that #8 will never be worn by a Mets player ever again and as soon as Gary Carter lets the organization know he’s up to it, viagra rx in canada the Mets will celebrate Gary Carter Day with a number retirement ceremony  

Viagra rx in canada  How about if his kid’s say to him “Dad bring back Banner Day”

Viagra rx in canada Since Einhorn is a family man maybe he will take into account that not all family men run hedge funds but most work at jobs that pay far less. Viagra rx in canada So he will institute family packs at Citi Field for reduced tickets and concessions. Viagra rx in canada Not everyone can feed a family of four at the Shake Shack you know.

Viagra rx in canada Maybe this all just my imagination running wild too. Viagra rx in canada I don’t know what the future holds with Minority Einhorn but from reading about this guy, viagra rx in canada he didn’t get into this partnership to sit back and watch the Skill Sets piss away what’s left of this organization. Viagra rx in canada The next couple of months could be the most interesting and crucial months in Mets history.

Viagra rx in canada Join me tonight at 11PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN as my guest Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr) of The Real Dirty Mets and I recap tonight’s Mets-Pirates game and talk about the on and off the field Mets news on Blog Talk Radio. Viagra rx in canada If you can’t join us live you can hear the podcast here at Kranepool Society (bottom right side bar) or at our show page on Blog Talk Radio or download the show on iTunes.

Viagra rx in canada  THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN is part of the Seamheads National Podcasting Network.   

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Viagra tablet There were a few interesting Mets news items so while I try to wake up and start to focus on the series with the Phuck Phaces let’s take a gander:

Viagra tablet The Pedro Feliciano Highlander/Mets feud just won’t end. Viagra tablet The Mets, viagra tablet particularly Old School Dan Warthen, viagra tablet seem to be the most level headed in this whole deal. Viagra tablet Warthen told the truth, viagra tablet that the Mets felt giving Feliciano a multiyear deal was dumb since they worked the shit out him the last three years. Viagra tablet Now Pedro has a broken heart and had decided to take his frustrations on, viagra tablet Ike Davis? What the hell did Ike do to you Perpetual Pedro? Very surprised by the way Feliciano has reacted. Viagra tablet He always came off as muy macho. Viagra tablet I guess when you don those Highlander pinstripes in turns you into a whinny bitch.

Viagra tablet Speaking of Old School, viagra tablet it seems he’s like Felix the Cat as he unveils his bag of tricks, viagra tablet on wheels no less.

Viagra tablet There are still plenty of tickets left for the Friday home opener and for Saturday’s game you could get a ticket for the less than the price of a Shake Shack burger. Viagra tablet When I clicked on the Mets website I see they have now added a coupon for a $10 credit for food or merchandise to be used the day of the game you purchase tickets for. Viagra tablet At least there is a sign of creativity coming out of Citi.

Viagra tablet People ask me why I’m not a big Mike Piazza fan, viagra tablet well read this and click on the link to the radio interview of Piazza and Roger Clemens and that should explain why.

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Brand viagra professional Remember when I had to clean out a closet for my daughter, brand viagra professional so I had to relocate my baseball cards and memorabilia? Well I took pictures of some of the items:

The NY Daily News were selling these pins for a buck back in 1969. Brand viagra professional My father went over to the News Building to get me a couple of these pins. Brand viagra professional My dad worked downtown so he had to head to midtown on his lunch hour to get these for me. Brand viagra professional I miss that man everyday.

Check it out Jets fans, brand viagra professional 2 tickets from the 1968 AFL Championship Game played at Shea Stadium Jets 27 Oakland Raiders 23

The first game EVER for the Colorado Rockies was played at Shea Stadium and I was there allllllllllll the way up in the Upper Deck Reserve. Brand viagra professional Check out that price less that cheeseburger at Shake Shack

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Legally purchase viagra  16 days until pitchers and catchers

Legally purchase viagra I’m a bit cranky this morning so bare with me. Legally purchase viagra Last night I had to run to my local Walgreens’s on Hylan Blvd to pick up a prescription and I got stuck on the checkout line behind Staten Island Chuck who was buying hair gel and a bottle of Brut cologne. Legally purchase viagra Chuck was hoping to get a part on Jersey Shore after his cameo today at the SI Zoo (by the way Chuck didn’t see his shadow so it will be an early spring )

Legally purchase viagra Then this morning, legally purchase viagra the Dunkin Donuts I stop at every morning on Chambers St has changed up the counter personnel and I’m not very happy about that. Legally purchase viagra My two Hindu Princesses are no longer at this location (seems the guy who owns the Chamber St DD has a few of them around the city and has moved my two favorite ladies further uptown) and have been replaced with a couple of Latina’s with bad attitudes. Legally purchase viagra My order is not complicated, legally purchase viagra XL coffee just milk, legally purchase viagra and I use a DD debit card to pay for it and NO I don’t want any fucking donuts with that!!!!!   

Legally purchase viagra Reading that Jose Reyes is ready for take off, legally purchase viagra takes a bit of the edge off the JJ Putz allegations of ineptness in the Mets front office from yesterday, legally purchase viagra and I was enjoying Kevin Kernan’s article until I got to this paragraph:

Legally purchase viagra   Mets GM Omar Minaya watched Reyes work out last week and was thrilled. Legally purchase viagra Executive VP David Howard was at yesterday’s session, legally purchase viagra and after watching Reyes blaze down the exact same kind of track that is used in Olympic races, legally purchase viagra noted, legally purchase viagra “Mets fans have forgotten how good he is.”

Legally purchase viagra This fucking David Howard is turning into the reincarnation of M. Legally purchase viagra Donald Grant. Legally purchase viagra Why is the Executive of Business Operation watching a workout of a player? Shouldn’t Omar and John Rico and Wayne Krivisy and Jerry Manuel, legally purchase viagra be the guys making the evaluation of Reyes along with Ray Ramirez and his staff? What’s next for David Howard, legally purchase viagra overseeing the chop meat at the Shake Shack? No Shyster Dave, legally purchase viagra we have not forgotten how good Reyes is. Legally purchase viagra Dumb ass !

Legally purchase viagra This isn’t hard. Legally purchase viagra Players play. Legally purchase viagra Coaches coach. Legally purchase viagra Owners own. Legally purchase viagra Fans bitch. Legally purchase viagra VP of Business Ops handles the clubs business. Legally purchase viagra What Howard should be doing is busting the balls of the guy who owns SpongeTech

Legally purchase viagra Jarrod Washburn has taken out a restraining order against the Mets from ever contacting him.

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Uk viagra sales according to Jon Heyman, uk viagra sales the Mets have traded for Gary Mathews Jr. Uk viagra sales Still waiting to hear who the Mets gave up, uk viagra sales but if it’s more than two Shake Shack burgers then we wuz robbed.

Uk viagra sales Listening to Jon Heyman on WFAN he says the Angels will pick up close to $20 mil of the $23 mil owed to Mathews but Luis Castillo is NOT part of the deal. 

Uk viagra sales The only thing that sucks more than Mathews Jr coming here is that Castillo is not going to Anaheim.

Uk viagra sales Much a fucking do about nothing.

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Buying cialis Lynn Cohen works tirelessly for her Pitch In For A Good Cause foundation and as her last event of the season she has a deal for you  remember, buying cialis there will come a day during the winter that you wish you were at a ball game even to watch this bunch of slugs :

Come celebrate with GKR and our loyal supporters! Food, buying cialis free GKR tee, buying cialis stand on the Citi Field warning track during anthem, buying cialis raffles and fun, buying cialis fun fun! Get 15% off tickets and all GKR merchandise for blog readers only now through August 15th. Buying cialis Use coupon code “blogger”

Buying cialis In April 2009, buying cialis a bright-eyed woman named Lynn Cohen began exciting plans for the second annual fundraising event for her beloved foundation, buying cialis Pitch in for a Good Cause (aka Buying cialis Hope for the future couldn’t have been more rosy, buying cialis and the inaugural event at Shea Stadium had sold out so fast that she’d had to add extra tickets. Buying cialis Surely the final weekend of Citi Field’s first season would be just as thrilling, buying cialis if not more so. Buying cialis Hey, buying cialis maybe our Mets would already be in the playoffs by then!

Buying cialis Optimistic Lynn purchased 800 tickets in the Big Apple seating area at Citi Field for the October 3, buying cialis 2009 game. Buying cialis With those tickets, buying cialis she happily added on 800 “meal plans, buying cialis” including a tasty gourmet appetizer extravaganza and a $15 swipe card to be used anywhere in the ballpark–more than enough for Shake shack burger and shake! What a gorgeous day it will be, buying cialis she thought. Buying cialis And the cheering, buying cialis smiling GKR fans would send our Metsies off into October baseball…

Buying cialis Clearly Optimistic Lynn will not be working as a fortune teller anytime soon. Buying cialis Her powers of telling the future are alas way less potent than her ability to design a supercute t-shirt. Buying cialis Who could have foretold what our August 2009 lineup would look like? Where’s our slugging first baseman, buying cialis our lightening fast short stop, buying cialis our brand new 8th inning set-up pitcher, buying cialis our multi-Gold Glove center fielder? Lynn could swear this team looked different when she bought those shiny new tickets…

Buying cialis On August 10th, buying cialis Less Optimistic Lynn woke up and said “UH OH.” Obviously if the team is firmly in 5th place, buying cialis the fundraiser is in danger! What to do with all of the tickets and swipe cards on the desk? Let’s make it a party, buying cialis she thought. Buying cialis Not an end of the year party, buying cialis but the beginning of a new one! A 2010 New Beginning party. Buying cialis Come to Citi Field with your GKR friends to purge the bad moments of 2009 and celebrate the good ones…and the even better ones that are sure to come next year. Buying cialis

Buying cialis Roses are red
Violets are blue
Come to our party and
Let’s start anew!

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