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Was last night THE GAME? Most seasons there is THE GAME, buy pfizer viagra in canada THE GAME you look back on when the season turned around, buy pfizer viagra in canada (or GULP went down the drain) THE GAME they do documentaries about, buy pfizer viagra in canada THE GAME that books are written about, buy pfizer viagra in canada Yeah THAT GAME.


For all the problems with empty seats, buy pfizer viagra in canada obstructive views and figuring out whether to eat at the Shake Shack, buy pfizer viagra in canada Mama’s or the Taqueria, buy pfizer viagra in canada last night was the first REAL Mets game of the $iti Field era. Buy pfizer viagra in canada Yesterday on his bloviating radio show, buy pfizer viagra in canada Mike Francesa railed against the New Highlander Stadium that there was “no juice in the building” and the overpriced seats in the front row are unoccupado, buy pfizer viagra in canada well, buy pfizer viagra in canada Mets fans hold your heads high as the same can not be said about you at $iti Field last night.


Now I wasn’t there but on SNY it came through my TV like the crowd was totally into the game and why not, buy pfizer viagra in canada in the fine tradition of Seaver, buy pfizer viagra in canada and Gooden we now have the newest must see, buy pfizer viagra in canada can’t miss a start, buy pfizer viagra in canada starting pitcher in Johan Santana. Buy pfizer viagra in canada If the Skill Sets are thinking of erecting a statue of the The Franchise outside $iti, buy pfizer viagra in canada they better save some bronze for The Franchise II, buy pfizer viagra in canada Santana.  


Why did J-Man take Santana out after 7 innings? I know his spot came up in the order with Sheffield on 1st and 2 outs but the Putz was not available and Santana had only threw 101 pitches, buy pfizer viagra in canada in the 7th he threw just 9 pitches (6 K’s) and the Mets took the lead and he was on extra rest, buy pfizer viagra in canada the adrenaline rush from the crowd would have put him over the top. Buy pfizer viagra in canada God forbid he would be allowed to pitch a complete game and shut out our most hated rival. Buy pfizer viagra in canada I don’t know about you but when I saw Feliciano come in to pitch the 8th  I started think about the puke bucket.


I think the reason Jason Werth Mackey Sasser-ed the ball in right that arrived there due to Pedro Feliz error in the 7th was he couldn’t tell if Delgado was running or standing still.


Enjoy your trip to purgatory Ollie. Buy pfizer viagra in canada


Mike Vaccaro is my hero. It’s all about the FUNDIES. Buy pfizer viagra in canada The most frustrating aspect of coaching is showing a player something and the player not able to execute it. Buy pfizer viagra in canada I have kids with great arms that pitch for me but trying to explain the mechanic of pitching they just can’t grasp it. Buy pfizer viagra in canada I’ve simplified it by just asking that they land on the ball of their front foot and bend they knee. Buy pfizer viagra in canada When the do that they throw a low strike and look back at me in amazement. Buy pfizer viagra in canada But on the next pitch, buy pfizer viagra in canada they go right back to the bad habit of landing on their heel and the ball flys right out of the strike zone. Buy pfizer viagra in canada UGGH!


Nice to see Jon Niese get the start over Ken Takahashi. Buy pfizer viagra in canada Niese’ record is nothing to get excited over (0-2  6.55 ERA in 5 starts) but it could be a factor of pitching for a very bad Buffalo Bisons team. Buy pfizer viagra in canada One encouraging number for Niese is his 25/8 K/BB so maybe moving up with the big club will help him.


Not only does Denis POTVIN SUCK but he’s out of work as well. Buy pfizer viagra in canada Hey Fishstick fans your boy is more associated with the Florida Panthers than he is if the soon to be KC Scouts LOL. 





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Who turned up the heat?  WHEW!!!! It was a hot one at $iti Field today but leave it to Ollie Perez to turn a beautiful day to shit.

Today had to be Omar Minaya’s worst nightmare.  A guy he could have been rid of in O.P. Women use viagra  whose contract is ready to bypass Luis Castillo’ as the worst deal signed in the Minaya Era. Women use viagra Daniel Murphy played LF again without a clue and it’s not all the kids fault as he has never played there so in Mets logic he’s the perfect candidate for the outfield job. Women use viagra Then Jesus Flores the former Mets famer who was stolen in the Rule 5 draft smacked Mets pitching around.  Then after the game Casey Fosum was DFA’s and 40 year old (Omar is a cougar chaser) LHP Ken Takahashi. Women use viagra Oh yeah and now there is talk that OP will be skipped in his next start (vs. Women use viagra Philly) and banished to the pen when Tim Redding decides it’s time to earn a paycheck. Women use viagra But the good news is Carlos Beltran saved the Mets some money on bleach again as he pulled up at 2nd base on a steal attempt. Women use viagra Quite the gentleman that Beltran.

I have to say I’m not angry or disgusted in the play of this team so far in fact I’m quite intrigued on what the front office will do to get this thing in the right direction. Women use viagra   The players can give quotes on how they are a good team and how they will get it together and all that but we know better that it’s just bullshit right now the story here is how does Omar Minaya save his job as Mets VP and GM and that of his staff.

Minaya won’t be axed during the season but without a post season game in the House That Jeffey Built, women use viagra there will be a second demolition in two years at 126th and Roosevelt Ave. Women use viagra     


Couple of things from $iti Field today. Women use viagra I love the Jackie Robinson Rotunda but why does everyone think it’s the only entrance to the ball park? We entered at the Right Field Gate and there was no one on line to get in.

When it got to 8-1 we went to get something to eat and of course the lines at the Shake Shack were ridiculous. Women use viagra But we hung in there and got some burgers and found refuge down by the visiting bullpen where the old Apple resides. Women use viagra Its’ a great spot with tables and shade but one little problem, women use viagra you can’t see the game from there and there are no TV’s either. Women use viagra Now the Field Level where you can see the game from any place you stand has more TV’s on display than P.C. Women use viagra Richards showroom. Women use viagra I think it would be wise to move a TV or two to that little picnic area by the pens.

I was very happy to see the Mets Yearbook and Media Guide was finally available. Women use viagra Last week they were selling neither  so there is some progress.

If today’s game was played at Shea there would have been a mass exodus to the exits by the 6th inning. Women use viagra The Mets were losing, women use viagra the game was lousy and it was hot as hell but a game like this gives you a chance to enjoy the amenities of $iti Field. Women use viagra I would not be off base if I said there were more fans in the center field food court than in the seats by the 7th inning. Women use viagra  






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I’ll be honest here I watched very little of last nights Mets game. order viagra The game of the night was at The World’s Most Famous Arena that was a loud as I’ve heard it in years. order viagra When the Garden Faithful are in full voice it is one of the most intimidating buildings to play in kind of like Shea Stadium in the 80’s. order viagra I’m sure $iti Field will be that way in 30 years when it’s falling apart and the Board of Health closes the Shake Shack.


From switching back and forth during between periods and commercials of the Rangers-Caps game it just seems that every game that is not a Johan Santana start are all the same. order viagra Starting pitching stinks, order viagra no one can get a big hit, order viagra and a miscue or two in the field. order viagra So I guess I really didn’t miss much last night.


What more is there to say? J-Man will alter his lineup today with Dan Murphy getting a day off (WOW how the fan base has turned on this kid. order viagra Folks it’s not his fault ) in favor of Sheffield, order viagra Omir Santos gets the start behind the plate (take your time getting back Brian Schneider) and Beltran will go to the 3 hole with Rob Deer, order viagra I mean David Wright going down to 5. order viagra But really who cares? Unless Livan Hernadez goes 7 innings today odds are the Mets will lose again today. order viagra


The worst part here is I’m not even mad anymore. order viagra It’s three weeks into the season and I’m borderline apathetic about this team. order viagra You know how they say a team takes on the personality of its manager ? Well I’m close to becoming a fan taking on the personality of my favorite baseball team by not giving a shit if they win or lose.


Let’s face it sure it’s April but what have we seen so far that says this season won’t end like the last two? The last two editions of the NY Mets talked the talked but could never walk the walk and this one looks headed in the same direction.


The good thing about a complete failure of this team is all of the Anti-Omar contingent (and the numbers of loyalist to this group grows with every uninspiring loss) will get their pound of flesh as anything less than a Wild Card berth would have to trigger a total house cleaning.


I can’t believe I just wrote that. order viagra It’s April and I’m contemplating cleaning house in Flushing but how else can you think as this Mets team is so uninspiring.


You must check out Dave Singer’s NY Sportsdog for his Keith Hernandez “Slumpbuster” I want one to wear this weekend at $iti Field.


Check out Brooklyn Mets Fan as he has video of his interview with former Mets star and graffiti artist Dwight Gooden and also check out the pilot of a show he’s pitching to SNY called “Stars and Fans of the NY Mets”


Don’t forget tonight Pro Baseball Central at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio.





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So where do we begin with the First Night of $iti Field?


The opening was very nice I hear (I Tivo’d the pre game and I’ll watch it tonight as I ran a practice for my Babe Ruth League team last night that I wanted to do an hour and lasted two hours instead ) as The Franchise and Mike Piazza staged a sequel to the closing of Shea with the first pitch at $iti. When do i take viagra At least The Franchise stayed for the game as Piazza I guess scared of having to answer any questions about PED’s took a powder after the ceremony. When do i take viagra Should have brought Jerry Grote in instead, when do i take viagra he never ducked anything.


You know what’s missing from $iti Field? Signage  Not enough advertising signs <eye’s rolling>


Okay yes I get it the food is wonderful at the new ballpark. When do i take viagra The team can’t catch and has pitching question marks and clutch hitting is still a foreign substance but the food is really good <both eyes rolling> Maybe the team will perform as good as the Shake Shack or Box Frites some day.


I guess Big Pelf couldn’t build off his last start where he started like shit but finished strong. When do i take viagra I wasn’t concerned until I heard J-Man on the post game saying he was concerned about Big Pelf so now I’m concerned and I guess you should be too.


Like a lot of Mets bloggers I was a Heath Bell fan and thought the Mets handled him badly but you know what Heath? Time to shut the fuck up! You too Duaner, when do i take viagra especially you Duaner. When do i take viagra If you put half the energy into to training that you do in running your mouth you might still be here. When do i take viagra Sanchez has questioned why he had to prove himself in spring training as he is clueless that he never stepped up when counted on last year. When do i take viagra Enjoy San Diego fellas’ and the dog days of August when you’re in last place.


I know with the novelty of the new stadium (I’m going Saturday and I’m leaving my scorebook home as I know I’ll be spending more time out of my seat than in it) and everyone is milling about but the site of ass-less seats behind home plate can not make the Skill Sets happy.


I love the cat running on the field last night. When do i take viagra I didn’t get a good look at the fleet feline until this morning when I picked up the Daily News and I did a double take as the cat looks just like one of our cats (Sandy) I have to frame that back cover.



I hope Omar read the game summary of the Dodgers-Giants game last night.




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The one bright spot in Daniel Murphy’s error yesterday was it verified my rant to every Little Leaguer I’ve ever coached “CATCH THE BALL WITH TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!


Murphy the outfielder is a work in progress and if you just read the headline you’d think Johan Santana was looking to jack up Murphy for costing him and the Mets a win but after you read the quotes, cyalis levitra sales viagra Santana came off showing leadership qualities instead of being a finger pointer:


 “It’s one mistake that he made. Cyalis levitra sales viagra It cost us the whole ballgame, cyalis levitra sales viagra but its part of the game, cyalis levitra sales viagra” Santana said of Murphy’s gaffe. Cyalis levitra sales viagra “I know he’s in a learning process. Cyalis levitra sales viagra This is not going to be the first time. Cyalis levitra sales viagra I don’t think it’s going to be the last one, cyalis levitra sales viagra either. Cyalis levitra sales viagra The only thing is we learn from our mistakes. Cyalis levitra sales viagra That’s all I can say. Cyalis levitra sales viagra I’m pretty sure he’ll be back and try to do better.”


“We cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes, cyalis levitra sales viagra” he continued. Cyalis levitra sales viagra “We were out by one game last year. Cyalis levitra sales viagra Every game is very important. Cyalis levitra sales viagra We have to do the routine plays, cyalis levitra sales viagra and I’m pretty sure (Murphy) was trying his best there and it didn’t work out.”


I have no problem with want Santana said as it’s true. Cyalis levitra sales viagra Its basic baseball, cyalis levitra sales viagra don’t give the opposition more than 3 outs. Cyalis levitra sales viagra When you do, cyalis levitra sales viagra you lose and Murphy’s error was negligence. Cyalis levitra sales viagra I still love you Danny Boy but next time “TWO HANDS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you get the feeling that if J-Man could have one wish it would be to have someone other than Gimp Castillo playing 2nd base?


How about this, cyalis levitra sales viagra on this day in 1962 the New York Mets had their inaugural home opener at the Polo Grounds losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3. Cyalis levitra sales viagra The “crowd” that day was 12, cyalis levitra sales viagra 447 which will be the same amount standing in the cue at the Shake Shack concession stand tonight at the Grand Opening of $iti Field.


Wouldn’t have been a nice idea to incorporate the first ever home game for the Mets with the first game at the Shea and $iti? You could introduce the starting lineups from each Mets team (or a surviving member of the players family) and how about this, cyalis levitra sales viagra Shea opened on April 17th 1964 also against the Pirates and the Pirates won that one 4-3 as well. Cyalis levitra sales viagra If MLB had used their heads and made the Pirates the Mets opponent in this first series then maybe Opening Day at $iti would have been in the day time?


Check out Adam Rubin’s Mets-Padres preview and to all you are headed to $ti tonight, cyalis levitra sales viagra ENJOY!!!!!!!  






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Natural viagra alternative I’m amazed how much some folks have their balls in an uproar over Gary Sheffield joining the team. Natural viagra alternative Some are worried about team chemistry, natural viagra alternative how did that chemistry hold up the last two seasons? This team needs a bad ass even if it’s an over the hill one. Natural viagra alternative The chemistry issued should be moot now that it’s known Sheff signed here because the “face of the franchise”, natural viagra alternative D-Wright called him and said that the Mets were the team for him.

Natural viagra alternative What are you all afraid of? If Sheffield falls on his face he’ll be gone by the All Star break, natural viagra alternative if he produces, natural viagra alternative guess what? Your favorite team just might win the NL East

Natural viagra alternative For all of you concerned with the psyche of Ryan Church think about this. Natural viagra alternative Maybe Church needs a kick in the ass to get motivated. Natural viagra alternative No, natural viagra alternative I’m not drunk, natural viagra alternative think about it. Natural viagra alternative In spring training J-Man said the Dan Murphy was a better hitter and that Fernando Tatis would be Church’s partner in RF an now they bring in Sheffield as a way to put a carrot in front of Church to produce. Natural viagra alternative I guess we won’t read about this from the scribes who have access to the team on a daily basis as they are too busy stuffing their faces at the Shake Shack concession at $iti.

Natural viagra alternative Which brings me to Ollie Perez and it’s good thing it was cold and shity and $iti since most fans were busy trying eat their way from left field to right. Natural viagra alternative You know what the season didn‘t start yet but I’m already fed up with how good he food is at $iti Field if it’s a choice of great food or a championship baseball team, natural viagra alternative I’ll eat a fucking bowl of Alpo okay!

Natural viagra alternative Perez had no feel for the ball today he claimed as he not only lacked command but a clue as well but then again that’s Ollie Being Ollie.

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We can’t predict exactly how the Mets will fare in the field this season (I really, online generic cialis 100 mg really want to go to a parade in October) but one thing is for sure, online generic cialis 100 mg we lemmings of $iti Field will be well fed, online generic cialis 100 mg in fact they may need to open a CRUNCH Gym in the Iron Triangle.


After reading Lawrence Weibman’s NYC Food Guy blog and his $iti Field food preview I have to say those roomier seats will not be a luxury but a necessity.


Just looking at the wonderful pictured that Lawrence posted had me drooling especially the Grandma Pie, online generic cialis 100 mg I love Grandma pizza which is a Sicilian pie made thin with fresh mozzarella (pronounced mutz-a-rell ) tomato sauce and basil.


I’m glad that Mama’s of Corona still has a presence at $iti and on my first game to $iti my biggest decision will be to have either the Turkey with mozzarella on a semolina roll or hit the Shake Shack for a burger. Online generic cialis 100 mg There was a time where I’d hit eat both then grab a pizza wash it down with about 6 Bud’s and stop at the Lemon Ice King on the way home. Online generic cialis 100 mg Those days are looooooooooooooooooooooong gong. Online generic cialis 100 mg In fact after going to $tit I may not eat for a week so as not to spoil my boyish figure.


Check out Lawrence site for all the food options at $iti Field as he gives us Mets fans a great gastric game plan.       



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Viagra testimonials Com’on how lucky can we get. Viagra testimonials Ty Wiggington non-tender by the Houston Astros is EXACTLY who the Mets need to bring in as a platoon partner for Danny Murphy in LF. Viagra testimonials Nothing against Fernando Tatis as he would also be a big off the bench guy for the Mets but Wiggy brings grit and if there is anything that’s missing on the Mets it’s grit. Viagra testimonials Plus I’m sure Wiggy would be stone cold Gangsta’ enough for J-Man.

Viagra testimonials Also buh-bye Scott Schoeneweis I don’t care if Conner Robertson even makes it to St. Viagra testimonials Lonesome in March or flips burgers at the Shake Shack, viagra testimonials this is still a great addition by subtraction move by the Mets. 

Viagra testimonials Have I mentioned how badly I want the Mets to re-sign Ty Wiggington!

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Get cialis online I spent the morning at the Staten Island Ice Pavilion watching my daughter ice skate. Get cialis online I was really enjoying myself  watching her glide along the ice and my XL Dunkin Donuts coffee and drifting off into thoughts of what will happen next week at the Winter Meetings especially since I will be joining Joe McDonald starting Monday night at 9PM EST on Pro Baseball Central with live reports from Las Vegas. Get cialis online I’m trying to tell myself that Francisco Rodriguez is the missing piece to the pen. Get cialis online But then I contradict myself with thoughts of Kerry Wood closing and then passing the torch to Eddie Kunz, get cialis online Bobby Parnell or Bradley Holt. Get cialis online I drift off in the thought of Omar Minaya pulling a deal that no one saw coming like this nutty one I read this morning. Get cialis online I even day dreamed of D-Wright working out with a mind set of leading his team to the post season and an MVP award. Get cialis online It felt sooooo good to think good baseball thoughts that I could see and feel myself in my Mr. Get cialis online Met t-shirt, get cialis online shorts and flip flops on a beautiful 80 degree Saturday waiting on line at the Shake Shack stand at $iti Field Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh But of course someone has to drop a turd in my punch bowl.

Get cialis online  

Get cialis online As soon as I heard “Well we’ll sign C.C  then Burnett and Texiera and that will put us back where we belong” Ughhhhhhhhhhh Highlander fans. Get cialis online Can’t a man enjoy a Saturday morning without these blow hards? Then blow hards buddy Nit Wit chimes in “Yeah and wit Joba and Wang we’s will have da best rotation in baseball because we is da Yankees ya know” and they both laugh like retards. Get cialis online Now I try to ignore them and just chill with my java but of course they can’t leave well enough alone. Get cialis online “We ain’t like dem looosers da Mets” says Blow Hard to which Nit Wit replies “Uhhhhhhhh Da Mets suck” 

Get cialis online  

Get cialis online Now my morning is ruined. Get cialis online I’m ready to get my daughter to go find their daughters and do a Tonya Harding on their ass but then I decide to do my own dirty work. Get cialis online I pull my Mets cap a little more down in the front and turn to them and say “If I were you guys I’d worry more about the Red Sox and Rays than the Mets, get cialis online since you can’t beat either of them” They see the Mets cap and reply to me how the Mets choked and how they are losers and yada, get cialis online yada yada. Get cialis online I answer them the best way I could. Get cialis online I told these jokers that at least Mets fan realize their team’s flaws and are intelligent enough to look over the possibilities available to them to fix their problems and go back and forth with each other unlike Highlander fans who just say “buy whoever is out there”

Get cialis online  

Get cialis online Both dopes knew nothing about the teams farm system other then they both thought Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy should be traded and that Joba will win the Cy Young. Get cialis online After I heard that I was thankful my daughters lesson was over and we could leave and I did with a good feeling knowing that it’s good to be a Mets fan.

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