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Viagra online pharmacy This past weekend a cadre of Mets fans led by Darren Meenan of The 7 Line converged on Wrigley Field for a fine weekend of baseball. Viagra online pharmacy Shannon from The Mets Police was there as well and today he has a post on his site that is a must read for not only every Mets fan but for Mets management as well.

Viagra online pharmacy Shannon writes about the wonderful experience he had at the Friendly Confines. Viagra online pharmacy As someone who has been to Wrigley Field I am not surprised at all. Viagra online pharmacy A day at Wrigley Field is unlike any at Citi Field. Viagra online pharmacy In fact a day at any other ball park is unlike a day at Citi Field.

Viagra online pharmacy A few years ago I went to Chicago with a bunch of guys, viagra online pharmacy mostly cops and firemen for a weekend series of Mets and Cubs. Viagra online pharmacy We had spilt the group up where five of us would sit in field level seats for the Friday game and five would sit in the bleachers for the Saturday game.  My group of five sat in field level for the Friday game. Viagra online pharmacy An usher greeted us as we entered and saw that we were dressed in all our splendor in Mets gear. Viagra online pharmacy He said welcome to Wrigley Field “youes guys” and laughed. Viagra online pharmacy So did we. Viagra online pharmacy He showed us to our seats, viagra online pharmacy wiped them down told us to enjoy the game. Viagra online pharmacy We handed the guy a 20 dollar bill and he gave us a big smile back and said, viagra online pharmacy “That’s why I like you New York guys, viagra online pharmacy you know how to take care of people”. Viagra online pharmacy Yes sir we do as long as you are nice and pleasant we take care of you. Viagra online pharmacy If you’re nasty and surly and act like you hate your job as the ushers at Citi Field seem to, viagra online pharmacy we give you our ass to kiss.

Viagra online pharmacy As we sat, viagra online pharmacy we were taking pictures of the field and the ball park when a guy with the game day staff at Wrigley saw us taking pictures came over and took a group shot of us. Viagra online pharmacy When he took the picture, viagra online pharmacy we thanked him and he said “No, viagra online pharmacy thank you guys for coming to Wrigley Field” you could have knocked us over with a feather. Viagra online pharmacy  

Viagra online pharmacy It’s not just Wrigley Field game day personnel that treat people the way people should be treated. Viagra online pharmacy First time I went to Camden Yards, viagra online pharmacy my son was three years old so we still used a stroller to get around. Viagra online pharmacy As we entered the ball park my son was fussing so I took him out of the stroller and carried him, viagra online pharmacy my wife took the stroller along with a backpack we had with food for him, viagra online pharmacy jacket, viagra online pharmacy toys all stuff you need to bring when you have a toddler. Viagra online pharmacy An usher came right over to us and said “please let we give you a hand” he looked at the tickets, viagra online pharmacy which were just down the left field line and took the stroller and said “follow me please” walked us to our seats and got us situated. Viagra online pharmacy After saying to us “enjoy the game” I went to give him a tip the usher looked at me and said “oh no sir we do not accept gratuities, viagra online pharmacy put thank you. Viagra online pharmacy  WHOA!

Viagra online pharmacy Every Mets fan who has traveled to another ball park to follow the Mets have the same kind of stories, viagra online pharmacy whether it be Wrigley Field, viagra online pharmacy Camden Yards, viagra online pharmacy PNC Park, viagra online pharmacy AT&T or even CBP , viagra online pharmacy Mets fans have a better game day experience away from Citi Field that at our own home park. Viagra online pharmacy  

Viagra online pharmacy There is no reason whatsoever that a fan coming to park early to watch batting practice has to be held back by a big hairy arm telling you if you don’t have a ticket you can’t go down there. Viagra online pharmacy Same thing if you want to visit someone in another section. Viagra online pharmacy How many times has a friend been at a game you get a text “hey I’m in section 207 come down and we’ll meet up” you go to the section see your buddy and make an attempt to go to the seat when your stopped and interrogated to see a ticket?  That’s why the Shea Bridge area of the ballpark is popular it’s the Guantanamo Bay of Citi Field.

Viagra online pharmacy Mets fans don’t want t-shirts, viagra online pharmacy bobble heads, viagra online pharmacy lunch pails or other gimmicks to lure us to the ball park. Viagra online pharmacy Just give us a competitive team and show us the respect we deserve when we enter the ball park. Viagra online pharmacy Kindness goes along way with Mets fans.

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Viagra discount codes Ron Darling has a guest column in today’s NY Daily News about Mets Sr. Viagra discount codes Director of Media Relations Shannon Forde and her fight with Stage IV breast cancer and information on the fund raiser on her behalf. Viagra discount codes Check out Hope Shines For Shannon for all the details of this great event

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Viagra buy in uk online Last week at our monthly Met Bloggers night at Citi Field the friendly face I always look for was right there in the conference room where you see Terry Collins before and after every game. Viagra buy in uk online Shannon Forde, viagra buy in uk online the Mets Senior Director of Media Relations came over to give me and the other bloggers a big welcome.

Viagra buy in uk online Shannon and Danielle Parilleo the Mets Director of Communications are the Mets bloggers den mothers. Viagra buy in uk online They take us into the places we’ve all dreamed about being in, viagra buy in uk online the managers press conference, viagra buy in uk online on the field for batting practice, viagra buy in uk online arranging players for us to interview and assuring Jay Horowitz that we are not bad people. Viagra buy in uk online It’s people in the organization like Shannon and Danielle that make me root harder for this team to win because they work so hard they deserve a World Series ring as much as any player.

Viagra buy in uk online While watching BP last week at Citi Field myself and Ed Marcus went over to say hi to Shannon and tell her how much we missed her at the last bloggers meet up. Viagra buy in uk online Shannon has that personality that just makes you want to hang out with her to the point where she is much more interesting to talk to than any of the players, viagra buy in uk online the same players by the way who seem to have much love and admiration for her since they know firsthand how hard she works at her craft. Viagra buy in uk online Her work at Citi Field is just a part of what she does as she is a mom and a wife and handles all those responsibility flawlessly and with her trademark smile.

Viagra buy in uk online It was while we were hanging out by the Mets dugout that Shannon told Ed and me that she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. Viagra buy in uk online At that point both of our knees kind of buckled. Viagra buy in uk online But leave it to Shannon to stay positive and tell us she’s going to fight this and beat it and with the great support group she has both with the Mets and within her family, viagra buy in uk online I have no doubt that she will beat this insidious disease and continue to be one of the best and most important members of the NY Mets and continue to lead a bunch of nomad bloggers around Citi Field.

Viagra buy in uk online To support and give back to Shannon for all she has done for so many, viagra buy in uk online her friends have organized a fund raiser for her at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park NJ on Thursday night November 1st for 7PM to 11PM. Viagra buy in uk online Tickets for the dinner are $100 and that includes dinner dancing a cocktail hour and open bar. Viagra buy in uk online From 7:30PM to 9:00PM that evening, viagra buy in uk online there will be an autograph session featuring Darryl Strawberry, viagra buy in uk online Dwight Gooden, viagra buy in uk online John Franco, viagra buy in uk online Bobby Ojeda, viagra buy in uk online Edgardo Alfonzo, viagra buy in uk online Al Leiter, viagra buy in uk online Ed Charles and Eddie Kranepool. Viagra buy in uk online For $250 you get to meet with these members of Mets Royalty and get an autograph as well.

Viagra buy in uk online If you cannot make it to the dinner you can still make a donation. Viagra buy in uk online All the information is at Hope Shines For Shannon. Viagra buy in uk online  

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New drug for women viagra What a terrific day it was yesterday at the New York Mets 50th Anniversary Conference at Hofstra University. New drug for women viagra A big tip of my Mets cap goes to Greg Prince who work very hard to make the 3 day conference a huge success, new drug for women viagra and in the words of Yogi Berra, new drug for women viagra “made this day necessary” Dana Brand would be so proud of the conference and of you Greg.

New drug for women viagra I came away with this thought on the way home from Hofstra last night, new drug for women viagra the Skill Sets may hold the papers to the team, new drug for women viagra but it’s Mets fan who are the real owners and for that the whole Mets organization should be thankful.

New drug for women viagra It’s always fun to meet up with the Mets Blogger-ratzi at events like this especially my blogger panel teammates, new drug for women viagra John Coppinger and Taryn Cooper, new drug for women viagra as well as Shannon, new drug for women viagra Kerel, new drug for women viagra Michael, new drug for women viagra and the Mathews Callan and Artus . New drug for women viagra Let’s Go Mets!!!!!

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Gnc viagra I have to agree 1, gnc viagra000 % with two prestigious members of the Mets blogger-ari, gnc viagra Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing and Shannon of The Mets Police as they took the NY Mets to the wood shed for the spanking their deserved  on the teams handling of yesterday’s rain out.

Gnc viagra Yesterday’s game was no run of the mill April game, gnc viagra it was Tome Seaver Bobblehead Day. Gnc viagra Seaver is now and ever shall be THE FRANCHISE , gnc viagra so when the date was announced that his head and famous delivery would be honored with plaster and a springy thing in his neck, gnc viagra many Mets fans jumped on that date to buy tickets, gnc viagra in fact I bet for most it would be their first outing to Citi Field for the season and in this time of trying extra hard to sell tickets, gnc viagra yesterday would have been the day to put out the good dishes and make sure everyone had a smile on their face to sell the Citi Field experience. Gnc viagra Instead, gnc viagra the Mets are left with a lot of disgruntled customers who may feel it’s not worth the effort to head to Citi Field.

Gnc viagra This is why I hate to buy tickets in advance because when I do and you have a weather situation like yesterday it makes for a tension convention of a day. Gnc viagra You wake up early and it’s raining your family peppers you with question if the game is still on like it’s my call. Gnc viagra Nothing is worse than fighting the traffic on the Gowanus and BQE to go to Flushing and pay $20 to park a car and then find out no game today. Gnc viagra So add that $20 to the toll I have to pay to cross Verrazano-City Government Extortion Bridge and with gas at over $4 a gallon and the aggravation of driving back home with no plan B for the day, gnc viagra sometimes it better to not buy tickets in advance but just wait until day of game to buy them and print them out at home and go on your merry way.

Gnc viagra Mets management has to do a better job of calling games early enough as to not inconvenience fans/customers because its days like yesterday that will keep fans away more than the play on the field.

Gnc viagra The thing I love about Twitter is the way some folks on their take shit so seriously. Gnc viagra While I’m waiting for my assignment for the day, gnc viagra I see this tweet and felt I just had to answer it in a way to stir some shit up. Gnc viagra I love the response but even better was this response, gnc viagra so of course I had to counter that. Gnc viagra This is like my new life’s work anyone dissing the Mets who is not a member of the Church of Blue and Orange gets called out. Gnc viagra  Yeah I’m a little bit out of my mind.

Gnc viagra  

Gnc viagra  

Gnc viagra  

Gnc viagra  

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Cheap viagra I had the opportunity to sit down with the newest inductee to the New York Mets Hall of Fame, cheap viagra John Franco, cheap viagra before his appearance at the Citi Bank branch at Madison Ave and 42 Street in Manhattan. Cheap viagra Franco was there to promote the Citi Mets ticket pre-sale which is available to all Citi credit and debit card holders. The pre-sale is ongoing until 11:59 PM tomorrow.

Cheap viagra I’d like to that Marc Sausa of Citi bank and Danielle Parrillo and Shannon Forde of the Mets for setting me up with the opportunity to speak with Franco

Cheap viagra Click here for my conversation with John Franco.

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Buy cialis online If Angel Pagan is the Mets opening day center fielder I’m going to be pissed off. Buy cialis online  A lot of my angst over Pagan has to do with his inconsistent play especially in the outfield and some of it has to do with what is perceived as a “me” attitude that looks as if it chaps the mangers ass as well. Buy cialis online Terry Collins was miffed when Pagan took himself out of a game last year claiming he had a stomach virus and was dehydrated but never told the manger he was headed to the porcelain palace in the clubhouse as his turn to bat was up. Buy cialis online Pagan also bitched and moaned about batting leadoff when Jose Reyes was out with his blown up hammy, buy cialis online solidifying his rep as a selfish player

Buy cialis online Mike Silva wrote a piece on how Pagan may be the best of what’s out there as far as centerfielders go, buy cialis online but why do the Mets always have to settle?  If it’s going to cost at least $5mil to sign Pagan why not go a couple of million more and sign David DeJesus?

Buy cialis online DeJesus would be a upgrade over Pagan in the outfield for sure and  an upgrade in the lineup as well as DeJesus has a better ability to get on base than that of Pagan.

Buy cialis online Sandy Alderson has targeted the pitching staff, buy cialis online zeroing in on the bullpen, buy cialis online as job one this off season but he also needs to address the defense which was one of the worst in baseball last year. Buy cialis online  The up the middle D was especially poor (Jose Reyes by the way was -11 in Runs Saved ) so if the organization can’t afford to go all out to get some decent arms then maybe an upgrade on the defensive side would help the arms the Mets have now?

Buy cialis online I think this post by Shannon at  Mets Police says it all about being a Mets fan.

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Women who take viagra Busy morning for me as I Have to finish empting out the contents of the Kranepool Society World Headquarters (a/k/a my basement) as renovation of the command center will take place next week. Women who take viagra I need to get a lot done this morning so I can head downtown to St George to watch the Brooklyn Cyclones take on the Baby Highlanders. Women who take viagra The Cyclones clinched the NY-PENN League wild card spot last night and will play the Baby Highlanders in the 1st round of the playoffs starting Tuesday.

Women who take viagra Check out this great post that Shannon of The Mets Police has today about bringing back the traditional Banner Day celebration they many of us grew up with as Mets fans. Women who take viagra This may be the pet project of the off season writing posts about what should be included in the 50th Anniversary celebration. Women who take viagra  No matter what the Mets do the Mets blogging community needs to get together to let the Mets know, women who take viagra NO BANNER DAY, women who take viagra NO PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Viagra jokes Quite the evening at Citi Field last night. Viagra jokes This post may start to ramble for a while so if you want to stay for the full ride I suggest you make a trip to the rest room, viagra jokes grab some coffee and get a comfortable chair.

Viagra jokes Last night was another installment of Mets Bloggers Gone Wild at Citi Field. Viagra jokes  In this episode, viagra jokes which by the way, viagra jokes SNY is making a huge mistake not taping our blogger outings at Citi Field. Viagra jokes The reaction of me and my fellow bloggers in arms when we gain access to areas of the ball park we never thought in a million years we’d enter is priceless. Viagra jokes  I know for myself I feel like a 5 year old again and I’m at some old relatives home and my mother grabbing me by my arm imploring me to not to touch anything and mind my manners. Viagra jokes  

Viagra jokes At the last bloggers gathering, viagra jokes we were invited to listen to Terry Collins pre-game press conference and we were given access to be on the field during batting practice. Viagra jokes As the main streamers sat in the Mets dugout, viagra jokes Shannon Forde, viagra jokes the Director of Media Relations (and all around sweetheart who sets up these events) told our group we could sit in the dugout as well. Viagra jokes What? Say that again? So into the Mets dugout we went. Viagra jokes  As hard as I tried to stay out of people’s way, viagra jokes I felt an arm on my shoulder and voice saying “excuse me” the arm belonged to Daniel Murphy, viagra jokes the shoulder was mine. Viagra jokes I apologized for being in the way (“Oh sorry Daniel”) and Murph patted my back and said “not a problem”. Viagra jokes So just when you think that was a best day ever, viagra jokes you have a day like yesterday.

Viagra jokes My day at Citi Field started off with the bad news about David Wright and his stress fracture in his back. Viagra jokes I arrived a bit earlier than expected and as I waited to get my credential, viagra jokes Shannon saw me and invited me to sit in on the Wright press conference. Viagra jokes I told you she’s a sweetheart.  As Wright spoke about the MRI and then revealed he had a stress fracture in his back from the play in April involving Carlos Lee, viagra jokes I wanted to yell out “oh shit” and kick the chair in front of me but I had to remember that in these situations I can’t be a fanboy. Viagra jokes It was interesting watching the media taking notes and asking questions nice and calm, viagra jokes while all Mets fans receiving this news were freaking out. Viagra jokes    

Viagra jokes As I waited for the rest of the blogger-ratzi to arrive, viagra jokes Caryn Rose, viagra jokes Kerel Cooper, viagra jokes Mike Silva, viagra jokes Matthew Artus, viagra jokes Rob Castellano and Ceetar, viagra jokes  I sat near Jay Horowitz who was on his phone spreading the word that Wright was going for a second opinion on his back and relaying the successful surgeries of pitchers Chris Young and Jenry Mejia . Viagra jokes As Horowitz got off the phone, viagra jokes he let out a sigh and looked over at me with a smile and said hello. Viagra jokes I almost did one of those look over the shoulders and then point at myself as to say “you talking to me” and with a “hiya Jay, viagra jokes busy day eh”? he replied shaking his head “that’s for sure”

Viagra jokes When the other bloggers arrived, viagra jokes we were set to start out tour of the new food products available at Citi Field and of the clubs in the ballpark.

Viagra jokes I’ve been a critic of some of the food stands and the emphasis that is put on what to eat at the ballpark, viagra jokes but after meeting Scott Kleckner, viagra jokes Resident District Manager, viagra jokes Sports & Entertainment for Aramark, viagra jokes I have to switch my position. Viagra jokes The enthusiasm that Kleckner has for the food concessions and clubs reminds me of how Terry Collins talks about his team. Viagra jokes  I still would rather sit in the stands at a ball game on a warm summer night with a hot dog and drink and from talking to Kelckner, viagra jokes he not only understands folks like me, viagra jokes he respects that fan mindset and wants you to be able to go to any concession stand and get the best hot dog and drink that you could possibly have. Viagra jokes  He puts his degree in Hospitality and Management to excellent use. Viagra jokes Kleckner is proud of the quality of the food and the amenities of the clubs at Citi Field, viagra jokes and he should be.

Viagra jokes Kleckner and his staff brought us around to different concessions to try some of the new food items available at Citi Field. Viagra jokes We first went to Catch of the Day stand to sample Popcorn Shrimp and Shrimp Po’Boy ‘s. Viagra jokes  I’m not a big seafood eater but I loved the Popcorn Shrimp. Viagra jokes The shrimp had a nice breading and wasn’t overly greasy (that was the one thing with the fried food we tried it never had a greasy taste) from there we moved to Keith’s Grill to sample the Mex Burger. Viagra jokes This burger was put together by Keith Hernandez and consists of a Brooklyn Burger, viagra jokes cheddar and jack cheese, viagra jokes bacon, viagra jokes guacamole, viagra jokes chipotle aioli and jalapenos. Viagra jokes That’s a spicy burger. Viagra jokes I’m not much for spicy food so I favor the Gold Glove burger myself, viagra jokes which has cheese , viagra jokesbacon lettuce, viagra jokes tomato, viagra jokes ketchup on one side of the roll and mustard on the other   . Viagra jokes My one problem with Keith’s Grill is they make the burgers one at time which is great but they need to add another Keith’s Grill somewhere else in the ball park. Viagra jokes During the last home stand, viagra jokes my wife waited 30 minutes on the line to get four burgers; on her behalf I field a protest with Mr. Viagra jokes Kleckner.

Viagra jokes We then went over to Cascarino’s Pizza.  This is my least favorite concession, viagra jokes the pizza is good (we sampled the thin Sicilian with fresh mozzarella) but I just have a tough time paying over 6 bucks for a slice. Viagra jokes  We also tried a new fried chicken sandwich at Blue Smoke which was good but a little too much on the mayo but then again any mayo is too much for me. Viagra jokes I hate mayonnaise.

Viagra jokes We then went to what I feel is the best new concession to taste the Hot Pastrami. Viagra jokes WOW!!! The meat is hand carved nice and thin and very tender and seasoned to perfection. Viagra jokes The pastrami may move ahead of the turkey and mozzarella at Mama’s of Corona as my food at choice at Citi Field.

Viagra jokes After stuffing ourselves at the concessions we moved on to the clubs. Viagra jokes As I say I’m not one for the stadium clubs but again I loved Scott Kleckner’s enthusiasm and passion for the product the staff puts out. Viagra jokes  Kleckner raved about the eggplant parmigiana hero in the Delta 360 Club. Viagra jokes It was outstanding. Viagra jokes The eggplant was just how I like it, viagra jokes sliced thin, viagra jokes seasoned and breaded nicely and not tough or stringy or mushy, viagra jokes and the tomato sauce had nice flavor not acidy, viagra jokes the roll was nice and crusty as well. Viagra jokes You were right Scott that is a hell of a sandwich.

Viagra jokes After all that noshing, viagra jokes we were set to watch the game. Viagra jokes Shannon then informed us that we, viagra jokes the bloggers could sit in the press box. Viagra jokes Yes you read that right, viagra jokes we, viagra jokes the bloggers were invited to sit in the Citi Field press box during a real live Major League game. Viagra jokes Talk about an awkward feeling. Viagra jokes It’s nowhere near Jackie Robinson breaking the color line I know, viagra jokes but never in my wildest imagination did I think I would go from a non-pants wearing , viagra jokes basement dwelling lunatic ranting about his favorite baseball team to having a seat in not just a Major League press box but the Citi Field press box. Viagra jokes  We all handled ourselves correctly, viagra jokes no cheering in the press box and when we spoke to each other it was in hushed tones as people were working. Viagra jokes We got a few stares but the box wasn’t very crowded. Viagra jokes The best part for me were all the stat sheet  handouts they have, viagra jokes it reminded me of when Sal “Red Light” Messina did color on  NY Ranger games on radio, viagra jokes he’d always slip me the media notes for the game, viagra jokes class all the way was Red Light.

Viagra jokes So the state of baseball reporting survived an invasion of Mets bloggers sitting in their Ivory Tower. Viagra jokes The bedrock of Manhattan didn’t shift, viagra jokes the Atlantic Ocean didn’t erupt and flood Coney Island and Jay Horowitz didn’t suffer a nervous breakdown. Viagra jokes Now if one of the beat writers would have come over and put his arm around us, viagra jokes like Pee Wee Reese did to Robinson, viagra jokes the night would have been complete.

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Cialis samples Tonight at 10PM ET join me for This Call ToThe Bullpen Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio. Cialis samples My guest will be Shannon Shark of The Mets Police, cialis samples we will be talking about the Jekyll and Hyde NY Mets and look at some of the Mets-centric improvements Mets management has made at Citi Field. Cialis samples We’ll also talk about Mets tradition and our love for all things Blue and Orange and why we despise the Black uni’s and hats.

Cialis samples So join us live tonight at 10PM ET on Blog Talk Radio

Cialis samples If you can’t join us live then you can listen to podcast at your leisure right here at Kranepool Society (check out the lower left sidebar) or on our show page at Blog Talk Radio  or download the show via iTunes.

Cialis samples  

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