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Buy cialis without prescription Time again for Mets News and Views:

Buy cialis without prescription METS SET SIGHTS ON STARTING PITCHING

Buy cialis without prescription Music to my ears. Buy cialis without prescription I know most of you have a deep respect for wood a la Larry David, buy cialis without prescription but without pitching you can have all the ash, buy cialis without prescription maple and old hickory you want, buy cialis without prescription you won’t win. Buy cialis without prescription Pitching wins period.

Buy cialis without prescription The top pitcher around that the Mets could get is Roy Halliday but the cost both player/prospect wise and money wise makes Halliday a dream that won’t come true. Buy cialis without prescription The next on the list is John Lackey, buy cialis without prescription who is doable. Buy cialis without prescription Contract wise that is. Buy cialis without prescription If it takes an AJ Burnett 5yr/$82 mil deal to get Lackey here so be it. Buy cialis without prescription Sure he comes with a warning label as he hasn’t made over 30 starts in the last two seasons but the Mets are dessssssssssssperate for a #2 to Santana’s #1 and the they can piece together the rest of the rotation by adding two of the usual suspects from Jason Marquis, buy cialis without prescription Joel Piniero, buy cialis without prescription Randy Wolf, buy cialis without prescription Jon Garland, buy cialis without prescription and the coming off injuries, buy cialis without prescription Ben Sheets, buy cialis without prescription Erik Benard, buy cialis without prescription and Noah Lowry, buy cialis without prescription and my trade up specials Aaron Harang, buy cialis without prescription Bronson Arroyo and Gil Meche to go with Mike Pelfrey as the 4th or 5th starter then and only then will progress be made in Flushing.

Buy cialis without prescription By the way I agree with this from Mack’s Mets to make John Maine the 8th inning set up man to Frankie Rodz and I would also make Ollie P a reliever as well and have Bobby Parnell and Perpetual Pedro Feliciano as my 7th inning mix and match set and throw Sean Green in for shits and giggles.

Buy cialis without prescription Nothing gets accomplished here until the pitching is squared away.


Buy cialis without prescription Can’t you just imagine, buy cialis without prescription Jeffey Skill Set saying that? How out of touch can you be about your fan base and the history of the close to <places right pinky to right corner of mouth> $1 billion dollar baseball franchise he and his family own?

Buy cialis without prescription The Skill Sets had to be hit over the head by their fan base to paint the walls blue and orange, buy cialis without prescription add a Mets Hall of Fame that even the great unwashed can gain entrance to, buy cialis without prescription and go back to the uniform that the vast majority of Mets fans revere.

Buy cialis without prescription METS-MARLINS IN SAN JUAN, buy cialis without prescription WHO NEEDS TWO?

Buy cialis without prescription

Buy cialis without prescription So MLB wants the Mets and Marlins to play a series in San Juan which would be taken from the Marlins home schedule. Buy cialis without prescription Now how does this help the Marlins? The only time they get big crowds at Your Name Here Stadium is when the Mets come to town, buy cialis without prescription plus with the construction of a new ball park shouldn’t the Marlins be trying build a better relationship with their fan base so they fill the new place once it’s up? The weird thing about the Marlins fans is they support the team very heavily through TV and Radio so maybe it doesn’t matter if they play in San Juan or San Quentin.

Buy cialis without prescription Also in this story there is a blurb about the Mets looking at signing Jack Cust. Buy cialis without prescription Hopefully it’s for a bartender’s job at the Acela Club.

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100mg viagra So there was Derek Lowe sailing, 100mg viagra or should I say sinking along through five innings when the Philletes got the break of the game when Rafael Furcal decides to lose all good judgement to eat the grounder by Shane Victorino and throws wildly past James Loney at first send Victorino to second. 100mg viagra This woke up the crowd which looked splendid in their brand new Phillies duds as this new phenomena of baseball has taken over a city in which the Iggles and Flyers are the top two teams with the AHL Phantoms third. 100mg viagra From there Lowe got a bit rattled (by the way, 100mg viagra Lowe was sweating like a pig going to slaughter last night I know it’s unseasonable warm here in the east but Lowe looked like he was pitching on an August night) and went away from what was working all night, 100mg viagra killing worms with his sinker, 100mg viagra as he got two fastballs up to Utley and Burrell who hit it out of the South Philly Band Box to put the game away for Phinks. 100mg viagra As tough as it is who have to keep the ball in the ball park against Philly as that is about the only way they score, 100mg viagra hold them homer-less and you stand a good chance of winning.

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100mg viagra How hard was it to listen to the televison audio of last night s game? Just when you could not think the duo of Mc Fullofshit and Doofus Joe could get any worse they reached an all time low last night. 100mg viagra The constant hammering of Manny Ramirez is to the point of unprofessionalism on the part of the FOX duo. 100mg viagra How many more times do we need to hear about Manny shoving the Red Sox traveling secretary? The story always comes out the same way Manny asked for more tickets to a game the TS said he couldn’t get him anymore and Manny knocked him on his ass. 100mg viagra My question is what did the TS say or do to make Manny react that way? Did Manny just knock him down for shits and giggles or was he provoked. 100mg viagra I’m not trying to be a Manny apologists here but there has to be two sides to this story.

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100mg viagra That’s why this afternoon, 100mg viagra if Tim Mc Fullofshit and Doofus Joe don’t go in depth on Brett Myers punching his wife in the face last year in Boston or the fact that Jimmy Rollins had to disciplined by Charlie Manuel twice this season then they are more gutless and vile than I make them out to be. 100mg viagra It seems both of these putz’s have an “agenda”

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100mg viagra Check this out from the Mets Police. It’s a slide show shot from the top of Shea on the final day. 100mg viagra The pics are outstanding.

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100mg viagra If there is an afterlife I know one guy I do not want to come back as and that’s Clint Marlarchuk.  

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100mg viagra Thanks to Lodge 13 for the props on my rant on $iti Field. 100mg viagra It seems the Skill Sets are also slow in refunding the dough they received from fans who bought post season tickets. 100mg viagra My advice to those fans is to call Andrew Cuomo, 100mg viagrathe State Attorney General and advise him of this scam the Skill Sets are pulling.

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