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Herbal risk viagra Think about this for a minute, herbal risk viagra the Mets have lost their closer for the remainder of the season and maybe part of next season and instead of panic and angst, herbal risk viagra Mets fan are celebrating like the team just won the NL Pennant. Herbal risk viagra Francisco Rodriguez has torn ligaments in his right thumb, herbal risk viagra HOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herbal risk viagra Any other season the scramble would be on to find someone to pitch the 9th inning, herbal risk viagra instead Mets fans are full of optimism that the team will void Rodriguez contract. Herbal risk viagra Fans don’t even care if they can legally do this it’s more like the want to see Rodriguez suffer and maybe that the great legal mind of David Howard can take on the MLBPA and win, herbal risk viagra what could be the most important contest the Mets have been involved in two years. 

Herbal risk viagra Speaking for myself, herbal risk viagra I don’t care if the Mets have to pay K-Rod the rest of this year and next, herbal risk viagra although I’d think if the Mets could win a case against Rodriguez a ticker tape parade down Roosevelt Ave would be appropriate, herbal risk viagra I just want to see the front office show some fight and send a message that they actually give a shit about the team and are tired of being portrayed as bungling douche bags.

Herbal risk viagra Maybe the tide is turning in Flushing, herbal risk viagra as the Mets not only signed their number one pick RHP Matt Harvey but they went over slot price as well.

Herbal risk viagra As another Mets season goes down the shitter, herbal risk viagra what better time to worry about next years contract right? That’s what’s on the mind of Pedro Feliciano. Herbal risk viagra Daily Pedro will be a free agent after this season and is looking to re-up with the Mets and raise up his salary from this years $2.9 mil. Herbal risk viagra I’m sure Feliciano will be looking for a healthy bump in pay and years but at what point do the Mets say farewell as the price in both cash and time becomes prohibited? A LOOGY on a mediocre team is a luxury you don’t really need so it’s more the Mets missed the boat at the trading deadline by not dealing Feliciano. Herbal risk viagra I’m pretty sure you can find a Quadruple A or league average player to play the LOOGY role for a fraction of the price of Daily Pedro.

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Who sells generic viagra Has there ever been two groups so closely aligned but such poplar opposites like Mets fans and Mets management? The one thing both groups have in common is they both root for the Mets to win (as inept as ownership is they want to win, who sells generic viagra they don’t have a clue as to how to accomplish that but they want to win) and that’s where the similarities end.

Who sells generic viagra Mets fans are furious with the way this team has gone into the shitter on this past road trip. Who sells generic viagra If your fans are going to stay up until 1AM then goddamnit we want a win. Who sells generic viagra But with the anemic offense and the bumbling managerial tactics, who sells generic viagra this was one of the worst west cost trips ever for the Mets.

Who sells generic viagra When the team left Flushing after losing four of six games to the Reds and Braves, who sells generic viagra we figured the All-Star break would be a good tonic for the club to recharge and get rested for the second half before the start of an 11 game West Coast road trip. Who sells generic viagra I think we all felt if the Mets could go 6-5 on this trip that would be great. Who sells generic viagra The road has been a house of horrors for the team all year but this would be a test for the team and a good trip would solidify the Mets as a true contender in the NL. Who sells generic viagra Who knew that the 11 game trip would turn into Armageddon!  

Who sells generic viagra So from optimism, who sells generic viagra we Mets fans have turned into an angry mob, who sells generic viagra something we’ve gotten very good at the last couple of seasons, who sells generic viagra and we want a body. Who sells generic viagra Someone has to be sacrificed, who sells generic viagra but who?

Who sells generic viagra There’s talk of Howard Johnson getting either fired or reassigned in the organization. Who sells generic viagra HoJo is a Mets lifer but quite frankly firing HoJo is just window dressing. Who sells generic viagra In fact firing any of the coaches makes no sense as it’s not coaches’ fault this team can’t hit. Who sells generic viagra So that leaves the manager.

Who sells generic viagra If any coach gets the boot, who sells generic viagra and Jerry Manuel gets to stay on then that is just an insult to Mets fans and a good reason for them to keep their credit cards in their pocket and to stay off to but tickets. Who sells generic viagra The news I would like to see today is Ken Oberkfell named as interim manager, who sells generic viagra then reassign HoJo to manage Buffalo and leave the rest of the staff intact.

Who sells generic viagra After the season, who sells generic viagra then it will be time for an organization wide colonic. Who sells generic viagra Reassign Omar Minaya to head of scouting, who sells generic viagra in fact give his a fancy title like Czar of Player Development and Scouting and make it like it’s a real important high fluent position that will shape the feature of the franchise and then go out find a GM who is not locked in the dark ages. Who sells generic viagra A guy who understands that statistical analysis is a must for success but can also meld that in with good old fashion boots on the ground scouting. Who sells generic viagra    

Who sells generic viagra Seems to me, who sells generic viagra Bobby Valentine is kind of forcing the Mets hand to make some sort of move by throwing his hat in the ring to succeed Lou Pinella in Chicago.  Most Mets fans are split between Bobby V and Wally Backman as to who they’d like see manage the Mets and with BV open politicking for the Cubs job he’s let it be known he’s more than ready for a high profile managing position.

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Viagra deaths Ok, viagra deaths now that Christmas and New Years are over, viagra deaths time to get back to work. Viagra deaths That means you Omar Minaya. Viagra deaths It’s nice that Jason Bay is going to turn his head and cough for the Mets quacks and the cold cut platter from King Kullen will be laid out at the Shotgun Shuba Room at $iti Field by tomorrow but until Omar and Co. Viagra deaths sign or trade for at least two legitimate starting pitchers, viagra deaths well just call me under whelmed.

Viagra deaths The Sports God’s must really hate me my guts. Viagra deaths First, viagra deaths they torture me all summer with the Mets and then they tease me with the New York Football Giants going 5-0 and then amp me up with a game against the undefeated Nawlin’s Saints only to get the ass handed to them. Viagra deaths From that game, viagra deaths the season went down the shitter. Viagra deaths Now the Boston Celtics, viagra deaths the one team I root for that shows any heart and fight, viagra deaths are now bitten by the injury bug. Viagra deaths Down goes Paul Pierce, viagra deaths KG, viagra deaths Marquis Daniels, viagra deaths and my man Rondo. Viagra deaths The NY Rangers either win or lose games 2-1 depending on whether Marion Gaborik scores 1 or 2 goals. Viagra deaths My only hope for a good run through the playoffs are the C’s as long as the PP, viagra deaths KG, viagra deaths and Rondo can stay on the court.

Viagra deaths Let me add my voice to the “Bring David Cone to SNY” campaign. Viagra deaths Talk about your no-brainers. Viagra deaths Coney in studio and as a back up to Mex and Ron Darling is a perfect fit. Viagra deaths In fact how about letting Gary Cohen get a day off or two and put Mex, viagra deaths Darling and Coney to do the play by play. Viagra deaths  Com’on SNY this one is on a platter for you guys.

Viagra deaths A must see today is this post from The Mets Police, viagra deaths with a exquisite collection of Mets Pennants. Viagra deaths It makes me think back to when the vendors would be outside Shea with  souvenir boards filled with pennants, viagra deaths buttons with action shots of Mets players, viagra deaths and key chains with Mr. Viagra deaths Met on them.

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Viagra without prescription Just coming bck from the Magic Kingdom and looking at video of today’s Mets 9-0 win over the Cards and a few things stand out for sure:

Viagra without prescription When does the training staff take a hit here a la Tony B after the latest hammy buster by Jon Niese. Viagra without prescription I feel bad for young Niese as he has to go under the knife to fix his ripped hamstring this on top of the news that Gary Sheffield’s hammy is barking (it seems Sheff felt it wasn’t worth his while to run out a ball in the gap for double due to this leg problems and you want to know why this team is in the shitter?) and Jose Reyes “cramp” is now scar tissue. Viagra without prescription With all the pulled muscles and miss diganosies the whole training and strength and conditioning staff needs to be looked at.

Viagra without prescription I’m starting to wonder about Daivd Wright? How the hell didn’t he charge the mound and pummel the shit out of Brad Thompson after that fastball wizzed by his head? Don’t give me this “he held his compsure for the good of the team bullshit” this team is going no place but home after Oct 3rd it would have done the team some good to see the face of the franchise show some mettle.

Viagra without prescription Please excuse the more than usual spelling errors as it is 12:45 AM and I’m beat

Viagra without prescription Later

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