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How to get viagra Baseball Bloggers Alliance founding father and Cardinal blogger par excellence Daniel Shoptaw was kind enough to invite myself and other Mets bloggers in the BBA to participate in his Playing Pepper series.

How to get viagra Besides myself the Mets bloggers interviewed for this series were Paul of Paul’s Random Baseball Stuff, how to get viagra Kerel Cooper of On The Black, how to get viagra Jon Preser of The Shea Faithful, how to get viagra Jeff Yurcan of Metsprospectus, how to get viagra Freddy Vasquez of Mets Hot Corner, how to get viagra Jon Lewin of Subway Squawkers, how to get viagra and AC of Mets Public Record.

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Viagra by online Before I get started here let me first send out best wishes and speedy recovery to Mets VP of Media Relations, viagra by online Jay Horowitz and to Director of Media Relations, viagra by online Shannon Forde who are both hobbling around on injured ankles. Viagra by online Jay seems to have it the worst as he scheduled to have surgery Monday on his broken ankle, viagra by online so hopefully both Jay and Shannon get better soon.

Viagra by online Time for a little self- promotion, viagra by online first for all you who are football fans reading this site, viagra by online I co-host a football podcast on Blog Talk Radio called NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE with Frankie “The Sports Guy” Maniscalo. Viagra by online Last night we had running back Chris Ogbonnaya  of the Houston Texans as a guest. Viagra by online Tonight I will be co- hosting another episode of NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE at 9PM ET with Anthony DiMoro of Viagra by online Our guest will be Green Bay Packers blogger, viagra by online J.C. Viagra by online Lombardi of

Viagra by online Last night, viagra by online I was also a guest on Baseball Bloggers Alliance President, viagra by online Daniel Shoptaw’ Cardinal 70 podcast. Viagra by online Daniel and I spoke about the Mets and the upcoming 10th Anniversary of September 11th and about how I became a Mets fan.

Viagra by online Also on the podcast front, viagra by online the folks over at Mets Kult of Personality had the pleasure of interviewing former Mets pitcher Gary Gentry last night on their show.  Gentry in his rookie season of 1969, viagra by online got the win in Game 3 of the NLCS and a win in Game 3 of the World Series. Viagra by online Both games were saved by Nolan Ryan and the World Series win was a nice tidy 5-0 shutout where Gentry and Ryan out dueled Jim Palmer.

Viagra by online I’m already overwhelmed with the coverage of the 10th Anniversary of the attack of September 11th 2001, viagra by online maybe its because every day for me is a remembrance of 9-11, viagra by online since I work four blocks from Ground Zero. Viagra by online I also see the U.S. Viagra by online Coast Guard ships equipped with machine guns escorting the SI Ferry I ride to and from work, viagra by online and the NYPD Hercules Task Force, viagra by online decked out in their full fighting regalia guarding the Subway stations. Viagra by online I see the Angel’s Corner in the Grasmere section of Staten Island just off Hylan Blvd where the residents of Staten Island who were murdered that day are memorialized. Viagra by online  I see the people who have moved downtown and in Tribeca, viagra by online young people, viagra by online young couples with young children who give me hope that maybe this city, viagra by online this part of town, viagra by online after ten years is back and as vibrant as ever. Viagra by online   There is nothing better than walking down Greenwich St on a late summer afternoon with the restaurants busy and kids from Stuyvesant High School and Manhattan Community College filling the streets laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Viagra by online Sunday will be a very solemn day in NYC as the people who lost friends and loved ones will meet at the sight of their murder but instead of having their time to reflect and mourn, viagra by online they will be inundated by gas bag politicians who will give speeches and make sad faces and make believe they actually give a shit about them and those they lost. Viagra by online In the days after the attack, viagra by online the country pulled together and showed the pride and guts that makes the United States the great country it is, viagra by online but ten years later, viagra by online that’s all gone. Viagra by online  It’s all about prepackaged, viagra by online over made up, viagra by online and uniformed media whores going on every cable news channel to tell you that they are the person to lead this country to glory when all they are style without  substance.

Viagra by online Think about it, viagra by online in the ten years since the attacks, viagra by online the U.S. Viagra by online Government has spent trillions on two wars we should have never had been involved in nor could win and even if we did win what was the prize, viagra by online while schools are still underfunded, viagra by online a health care system that would ensure all Americans the right to have medical coverage is mocked and torn apart which wouldn’t be so bad if the critics had a another plan, viagra by online which they don’t, viagra by online we’re told that Social Security is a bad thing as is raising taxes on the richest 1 % of Americans. Viagra by online But it is still ok to fuck over the working class American who does more in an hour than some ass hat Congressman or Senator does in a full term of office.

Viagra by online Yes they will all be here downtown on Sunday in their dark suits with speeches in hand, viagra by online especially the Dwarf Emperor of NYC who defied the law that said all you get is two terms in office and you move on but that law did not pertain to a man with billions. Viagra by online He will praise the FDNY, viagra by online the same FDNY that he wanted to close the firehouses they work in and are at the ready to leave at a moments notice into situations most would run away from. Viagra by online He will then talk about the heroism of the NYPD the same NYPD that he decided had too many member’s and needed to be cut.    

Viagra by online Yes they will all be there, viagra by online gas bags of every size, viagra by online shape and political party trying to outdo each other in the grief and outrage of the day. Viagra by online Me? I’ll go get a slice a pizza and hang out on  Greenwich St and marvel at the people of NYC who deal with terrorist attacks and threats, viagra by online earthquakes, viagra by online hurricanes, viagra by online blizzards, viagra by online heat waves and phony do nothing politicians by never giving up and never backing down. Viagra by online That’s the American way.

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Viagra from canada Daniel Shoptaw is the President of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and he is also a St. Viagra from canada Louis Cardinals fan and runs a Cardinal site called C70 at the Bat. Viagra from canada Daniel does a feature where he does a Q & A with bloggers of other team called Playing Pepper. Viagra from canada His most recent PP is up at his site and it featured yours truly along with my fellow Mets bloggers Anthony of Long Live Shea, viagra from canada Paul of Paul’s Random Baseball Stuff , viagra from canada Kerel Cooper of On The Black, viagra from canada AC Wayne of Mets Public Record, viagra from canada M.W. Viagra from canada Strout of Mets Fans For Life, viagra from canada Phil Hoops Jr. Viagra from canada of Hoops Approved, viagra from canada and Dave Doyle of the Mets Report

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Cialis once daily Today is Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) Day, cialis once daily and as a member from the beginning of the Alliance and the NY NL Chapter President, cialis once daily I’d like to tell you about the BBA.

Cialis once daily The BBA was founded in 2009 by Daniel Shoptaw, cialis once daily who blogs about the St. Cialis once daily Louis Cardinals at his C70 at the Bat site. Cialis once daily Daniel had e-mailed me about the BBA and asked if would like to join up and I immediately said yes. Cialis once daily What I liked about the BBA was it was a place for someone like me who is passionate about my team to meet up with other passionate baseball fans who are also bloggers. Cialis once daily  My membership in the BBA has been a tremendous help in doing my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN radio show and in hosting the BASEBALL BLOGGERS ALLIANCE BASEBALL TALK SHOW on Blog Talk Radio, cialis once daily as I can always find a blogger to come on and talk about their team when they are facing the NY Mets, cialis once daily to give me a fans/bloggers eye view of ups and downs of their team, cialis once daily which helps myself and my listeners get a better idea of the opponent facing the Mets in that series.

Cialis once daily Besides the BBA Talk Radio show, cialis once daily we also vote on season ending awards in the same fashion as the Baseball Writers of America, cialis once daily in fact they seem a bit worried about our views as they issued a cease and desist letter for the BBA not use the terms they use for their award. Cialis once daily We wear that C & D as a badge of accomplishment.

Cialis once daily The BBA is 230 members strong, cialis once daily with chapters which are history oriented, cialis once daily cover fantasy baseball, cialis once daily the analytical part of baseball and those who cover general baseball news and views. Cialis once daily The majority of the membership though is of team specific sites and I am very proud to say that the New York Mets have the highest number of bloggers in the BBA at 19.

Cialis once daily So I’d like for you to take a little time today and visit our BBA site and also check out our broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio. Cialis once daily    

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Generic viagra safe A very busy couple of days kept me away from here yesterday. Generic viagra safe It all started Tuesday morning. Generic viagra safe I had a 5:30 game that evening so I wanted to get my work done in the morning so I could take a couple of hours off. Generic viagra safe I get an e-mail from fellow BBA member, generic viagra safe Daniel Shoptaw of C 70 at the Bat to see if I could pinch hit as host for the BBA Baseball Talk podcast that night. Generic viagra safe With my game at 5:30, generic viagra safe there is a curfew of 2 hours after first pitch as we have no lights at the field where we play. Generic viagra safe The podcast was scheduled for 11PM so it all works out for me.

Generic viagra safe The way the game started for our team I thought it might even be an earlier night as there is a 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings. Generic viagra safe We were down 6-0 after 3 as our pitchers didn’t throw many strikes and the one’s they did were hit hard. Generic viagra safe After showing my annoyance with my offense for not being aggressive at the plate (“enough window shopping fellows, generic viagra safe time to make purchase, generic viagra safe swing the bats, generic viagra safe next guy who takes a called third strike will need some big tweezers pull the splinters out of their butts”) they took my advice and got aggressive, generic viagra safe that and the opposing pitcher getting gased, generic viagra safe we get back in the game and make it 6-5 in the bottom of the 6th (we play 7 innings) and it’s getting darker and darker. Generic viagra safe Now to this point we have bases loaded two outs and as I say not much offense, generic viagra safe I tell my runner on 3rd to get a good lead as he’s not being held and the pitcher is focused on the batter. Generic viagra safe First pitch, generic viagra safe my runner goes more than half way down the line, generic viagra safe and the pitch is a strike. Generic viagra safe When he gets back I tell him, generic viagra safe if the ball gets past the catcher, generic viagra safe run to the plate. Generic viagra safe Sure enough the next pitch is in the dirt, generic viagra safe I scream to my runner (I coach 3rd base) GO! GO! GO! So he tears down the line and as he attempts his slide in the plate the catcher puts the tag right on his lead leg and is called out. Generic viagra safe Game over.

Generic viagra safe It took me a good half hour to leave the field. Generic viagra safe The kids were pissed off and I told them this loss is on me, generic viagra safe I told him to run and if you guys want to be mad at anyone be mad at me. Generic viagra safe I know one of my other coaches wasn’t happy with my decision and I’m sure some of the parents weren’t happy either but to tell you the truth I don’t care. Generic viagra safe I play aggressive and sometimes it works sometime it bites you in the ass, generic viagra safe so Tuesday night I had a sore ass.

Generic viagra safe Now by the time I get home, generic viagra safe it dawns on me, generic viagra safe “oh shit, generic viagra safe I’ve got to host the BBA Podcast.” So I scramble to get some material together and at 11PM Daniel and I are on the air. Generic viagra safe Check out the show here I think it went pretty good for two guys pinch hitting at the last minute.

Generic viagra safe So yesterday I took a mental health day as my managerial decisions were still driving me crazy.

Generic viagra safe Metsermized online has a great must read post on the events of April 22, generic viagra safe 1970, generic viagra safe the day Tom Seaver struck out 19 San Diego Padres, generic viagra safe the last 10 batters in a row. Generic viagra safe How fitting is it that The Franchise is in town to help inaugurate the new Mets Alumni Association where former Mets players from all eras of Mets history will be on hand at $iti Field and also represent the Mets at community events. Generic viagra safe I’m ecstatic over this new Met Alumni Association because, generic viagra safe it’s long over due and the initiative of the association of having former Mets on hand at the ball park and having them rep the organization at events has been something I’ve been advocating for some time. Generic viagra safe Maybe someone in the front office is reading this stuff if they are, generic viagra safe thank you. 

Generic viagra safe Looks like my projection of Carlos Beltran coming back to the lineup around the All Star break now looks like an optimistic view.

Generic viagra safe If Mets fans want to be ignorant enough to boo David Wright that’s there prerogative, generic viagra safe but as bad as Wright has looked at the plate the last week, generic viagra safe I still believe if Jason Bay and the suddenly ice cold Frenchy could start getting productive it would help Wright. Generic viagra safe No doubt the middle of the batting order is not very productive right now and maybe it’s time for a big shake up like say, generic viagra safe moving Wright to the lead off spot and Reyes to the 3 hole? Then move Castillo to 8 and Pagan to 2 ? The lineup would look like this:

Generic viagra safe Wright

Generic viagra safe Pagan

Generic viagra safe Reyes

Generic viagra safe Bay

Generic viagra safe Francouer

Generic viagra safe Davis

Generic viagra safe Barajas

Generic viagra safe Castillo

Generic viagra safe Pitcher

Generic viagra safe All this is moot if you have a healthy Beltran and a productive Bay, generic viagra safe in fact with both those player in the lineup and productive with the very good pitching the team has gotten early, generic viagra safe the 6-9 record the Mets have would be no worse than 9-6 or 10-5 and with the Phillies at 9-5 in first place, generic viagra safe Mets fans would be in a much better state of mind.

Generic viagra safe Ryota Igarhashi going down with a strained hammy is a killer right now. Generic viagra safe I guess Tobi Stoner can’t be called back up for 10 days from the time he was sent down so it looks like we’re stuck with Manny Acosta.

Generic viagra safe Now that we know Carlos Beltran is a couple of months away from rejoining the lineup, generic viagra safe can we please give GMJ his release and bring up Chris Carter ?

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Online viagra gel to buy I hope you can join me tonight at 10PM ET  on Blog Talk Radio for THIS  CALL TO THE BULLPEN. Online viagra gel to buy My guest will be be Pat Nester, online viagra gel to buy who write for NYB Blogs and Daniel Shoptaw of the Cardinals blog C70 At The Bat and the founder of  the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.

Online viagra gel to buy Pat and I will talk Mets and Yankees to start the show and then I will discuss the weekend series between the Mets and the St Louis Cardinals.

Online viagra gel to buy If you can’t join us live, online viagra gel to buy  you can listen to the archived show right here at Kranepool Society (sroll down on the left hand side) or at the show page at Blog Talk Radio, online viagra gel to buy

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Viagra how much Tonight at 11 PM ET, viagra how much on Blog Talk Radio, viagra how much the Baseball Bloggers Alliance will debut its new weekly radio program, viagra how much BBA Baseball Talk.

Viagra how much The show will feature a rotating cast of bloggers (yours truly will be co-hosting the April 13th show along with Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham) tonight BBA founder and St. Viagra how much Louis Cardinal blogger, viagra how much Daniel Shoptaw of the site C70 At The Bat will co-host with Ron Kaplan of Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf.

Viagra how much Daniel and Ron will be taking listeners phone calls so call in at (347) 884-8690

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Buy viagra now I’ve told my kids, buy viagra now if I start to get crotchety and nasty when I get old they have permission to dump me at the Port Authority and never worry about me again. Buy viagra now I don’t think Murray Chass made that deal with his kids.

Buy viagra now As you see on the right hand side of this site, buy viagra now I am a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and I should say a proud member. Buy viagra now I am also honored to be a member from the beginning when Daniel Shoptaw, buy viagra now writer of C70 At The Bat (a St Louis Cardinals blog) sent me an e-mail about his idea. Buy viagra now I could not write back to him faster to say “thanks for asking me and yes, buy viagra now I’m all in”. Buy viagra now It was one of the best moves I’ve made since I started blogging.

Buy viagra now The BBA has grown so much between writing, buy viagra now podcasting and having our own SABR chapter that I guess with success comes the slings and arrows of jealousy. Buy viagra now That’s where Murray Chass comes in.

Buy viagra now Even though he wrote with a pro-Highlander slant, buy viagra now due to being the Highlander beat man for the Times until 1985 when he was bumped up to the National baseball beat. Buy viagra now His baseball columns in the NY Times were always must reads. Buy viagra now When labor strafe hit baseball, buy viagra now no one had the access and the coverage of the negogation like Chass. Buy viagra now He is also in the Baseball Hall of Fame by way of wining the J.G.Taylor Spinks Award in 2003. Buy viagra now Chass “retired” from the NY Times in 2008. Buy viagra now I put quotation marks on retired because it was more a buy out that a voluntary decision on Chass’ part. Buy viagra now Chass was in poor health for awhile and I can sincerely say I am glad he is back to full strength and healthy once again.

Buy viagra now But I do have a problem with Chass and that is because he has a problem with me. Buy viagra now Well, buy viagra now not just me, buy viagra now but baseball bloggers in particular. Buy viagra now The BBA sent out a press release which had a few spelling, buy viagra now math an grammar errors on them. Buy viagra now Instead of just hitting the delete button, buy viagra now Chass thought this would an excellent time to prove his point that bloggers are an embarrassment to the written word. Buy viagra now He pointed out every grammatical mistake and ridiculed the spelling errors. Buy viagra now He laughed  at the BBA because we felt that with Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven getting 74.468 % of our votes in the BBA Hall Of Fame, buy viagra now because we rouned the number off to 75 %. Buy viagra now Chass berated us for not having basic math skills.

Buy viagra now Now, buy viagra now when Daniel sent out the response he received in a e-mail from Chass that made the bloggers of the BBA seem to uneducated buffoons, buy viagra now my first response was to act like an uneducated buffoon. Buy viagra now I was ready with a post filled with F-bombs, buy viagra now and disparaging remarks about his employer showing him the door, buy viagra now but one of the best reasons to be a member of the BBA is I was the only uneducated buffoon to act this way.

Buy viagra now See, buy viagra now even though Chass has a strong dislike to the folks who make up the BBA because we don’t have a college degree in English or Journalism, buy viagra now or some of the membership write and analyze baseball via Sabermetrics, buy viagra now or the fact that some of us are just fans who have played, buy viagra now coached, buy viagra now or watched baseball our whole lives and have now found a new way to express our love for the game, buy viagra now just like Ol’ Murr. Buy viagra now In fact, buy viagra now while old thinkers like Murray Chass are sent to the showers, buy viagra now the NEW kids on the block are getting hired for jobs at websites to show their graphs with pitch f/x, buy viagra now UZR, buy viagra now VOPR BABIP and all the other facts and figures that not only give insight to fans but to front offices all around baseball as well, buy viagra now to that the old fedora, buy viagra now cigar smokin’ writers react to like Dracula to a cross.

Buy viagra now The other thing that set the BBA apart is they know how to respond to such slights. Buy viagra now As I said, buy viagra now I was ready to go jihad on old Murray, buy viagra now but Daniel Shoptaw said “no” and so did a bunch of other members. Buy viagra now What Shoptaw did was send Chass a reply e-mail, buy viagra now thanking him for pointing out the errors in the press release and for making him send out future releases for proof reading by other members of the BBA before the are published. Buy viagra now Clear, buy viagra now rational, buy viagra now ADULT behavior but Daniel Shoptaw proved that he is twice the man that Murray Chass is.

Buy viagra now Oh by the way Murry, buy viagra now I see you have a website now and I really shouldn’t link to it since you can’t stand me or what I do but I link to your site as a public service to my readers to show what you wrote about the BBA and to hopefully show my readership it’s best to grow old with gracefully.

Buy viagra now I apologize for any grammatical mistakes or spelling error in this post. Buy viagra now I’m not a writer, buy viagra now I just play one in cyberspace.

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