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Viagra fun I’m sure many Mets fans bailed out of this game after the 2nd inning, viagra fun down 4-0 with Miguel Batista on the mound in Filthadelphia really doesn’t make Mets fans very optimistic but maybe this team and the manager are telling the truth that they don’t listen to the negativity from the media and some in the fan base and they really don’t give a shit what the naysayers think of them.

Viagra fun Last night Batista started off shaky but after the 2nd inning, viagra fun he settled down to give the team a very good 3.1 innings until he ran out of gas. Viagra fun Manny Acosta took over and came up huge getting out of a 2nd and 3rd 1 out jam with a ground out by Joe Blanton and punching out J-Roll to keep the score deficient to 3 runs.

Viagra fun I love when a player steps up when all eyes are on them to make decisions by the front office difficult. Viagra fun Andres Torres came back to the team when his understudy Kirk Nieuwenhuis broke out as a major contributor to the team. Viagra fun  Torres has stepped in and produced both at bat and in the field and now the Mets will have a major decision to make when Jason Bay comes back. Viagra fun There is no place for Bay on this team right now and if Bay is force fed into the lineup while this outfield is as productive as it is, viagra fun the front office will take a huge credibility hit with the fan base. Viagra fun  While Bay’s ribs are healing hopefully Sandy Alderson is exhausting all options to deal Bay. Viagra fun Any type of removal from the team of Bay is going to coast money so if the Skill Sets want to prove to the fan base that they are back in the game they will authorize Alderson to move Bay by any means necessary.

Viagra fun The word on Josh Thole is not very encouraging. Viagra fun It seems Thole has been concussed before so it looks like a stay on the 15 day DL is more realistic than the short stay 7 day concussion DL. Viagra fun This will be a huge problem for the Mets in two areas. Viagra fun Between Mike Nickeas and Rob Johnson, viagra fun the Mets just took a major downgrade in the catching department. Viagra fun Nickeas can’t hit but he’s superior to Johnson behind the plate and quite frankly Johnson is only in the big leagues because of the dearth of catching talent in baseball. Viagra fun One thing is for sure, viagra fun Johnson will not be behind the plate with The Dickster is on the mound as Johnson has a problem catching conventional pitches he’d need a tuna net to catch the knuckle ball.

Viagra fun The other obvious problem is replacing Thole’ bat. Viagra fun  With Ruben Tejada on the DL, viagra fun the bottom third of the Mets batting order could become a Black Hole. Viagra fun The Mets have to hope that Valdespin can hit at least .250 and get on base at least MLB average of .315 because what can you expect from Nickeas at the plate a .220 BA ?  When Johan Santana and R.A. Viagra fun Dickey start it would not be crazy to bat them 8 and Nickeas 9th.

Viagra fun While your sitting at your computer at lunch time checkout Greg Prince’s writeup of the Mets 50th Anniversary Conference at Hofstra University. Viagra fun You can thank me later.

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Viagra young men There is nothing better than watching your favorite team come from behind to win a game, viagra young men then to top it off, viagra young men one of your favorite players not only makes a game saving defensive play but then comes up to the plate with the winning run in scoring position and comes through with the game winning hit.

Viagra young men There is something different about Daniel Murphy so far this season. Viagra young men I saw some of it this off season when I got the chance to interview him at the Thurman Munson dinner with other writers and media people but when the main streamers moved on, viagra young men it was just me and Murph. Viagra young men I shut off my recorder so I could have an “off the record” conversation with Murphy as we talked about some stuff other than baseball, viagra young men mostly how the weather in NYC this winter was almost as nice as his native Jacksonville, viagra young men where he worked out all winter and his getting a kick out me trying to sell him on living in Brooklyn as I brought up his short stay as a Cyclone. Viagra young men  We also spoke of the negativity that from outside forces that was surrounding the team and Murphy gave me a smirk and told me that stuff doesn’t bother him or his teammates as the players, viagra young men coaches and especially the manager won’t let negativity enter the clubhouse. Viagra young men  So far Murph was right this team as the club seems to have stayed below the noise with this hot start.

Viagra young men I agree 100 % with what Bobby Ojeda said in the post-game show though, viagra young men everyone is sky high happy as they’re winning ball games, viagra young men what you want to look at is if this attitude remains during the first 4 or 5 game losing streak as Bobby O pointed out, viagra young men in the past this team would wilt and get real quiet during the tough times. Viagra young men That will be the real test for the 2012 Mets, viagra young men their reaction to adversity.

Viagra young men I’ve said it before that sometimes I enjoy seeing a pitcher who is struggling try to find himself during a game and righting himself than watching a guy dominate a line up and last night Mike Pelfrey gave one of those find yourself performances. Viagra young men  His first inning had me squirming in my chair after three straight hits by Danny Espinosa, viagra young men Ryan Zimmerman and Adam LaRoche as it looked like it was going to be an early Big Pelf meltdown but only one Nat crossed home plate so disaster averted. Viagra young men Pelf threw a lot of pitches and it seemed he was getting squeezed by home plate ump Todd Tichenor especially in the 6th when it looked like he stuck out Xavier Nady to end the inning but Tichenor blew the call and gave Nady life and on the next pitch Nady singled to center, viagra young men prolonging the inning and ending Pelfs night and his attempt to go 6 full innings.

Viagra young men Pelf threw strikes and walked only one but he was tagged for ten base hits. Viagra young men He relied a lot on his sinker and slider most of the night but cranked up his four seamer to 90+ MPH when he needed it. Viagra young men It wasn’t a great start or an awful start but it was better than normal Big Pelf start.

Viagra young men I want to see the Mets get into a bench clearer this season just to see who is dumb enough to take on Jon Rauch, viagra young men that’s one guy I’d hate have mad at me.

Viagra young men Ed Marcus a/k/a Rusty Jr over at Real Dirty Mets has a great review of R.A. Viagra young men Dickey’s book. Viagra young men If you haven’t bought Dickey’s yet shame on you.

Viagra young men By the way I will have a special announcement of a contest I will be running here on Friday that you won’t want to miss.   

Viagra young men  

Viagra young men  

Viagra young men  

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Canada online pharmacy viagra After getting sick and tired of having a co-worker tell me how great the Highlanders are and how bad the Mets are, canada online pharmacy viagra right before the season I decided to make a bet that the Mets would have a better record than the Highlanders at the seasons end. Canada online pharmacy viagra The winner takes the loser to Katz’s Deli for lunch and the loser has to wear a t-shirt or jersey of the winner’s team. Canada online pharmacy viagra After I shook on this bet, canada online pharmacy viagra I got a bit queasy, canada online pharmacy viagra not over the prospect of paying for pastrami and knish but the idea of wearing any type of Highlander clothing makes my skin crawl.

Canada online pharmacy viagra When I told people of this wager, canada online pharmacy viagra Mets fan and Highlander fan alike, canada online pharmacy viagra they gave a look like I was a bit off in the head or more off than usual, canada online pharmacy viagra and believe me I doubt what I did as well, canada online pharmacy viagra but a glance at the standings this morning, canada online pharmacy viagra  shows all is not lost:

Canada online pharmacy viagra Highlanders 20-15

Canada online pharmacy viagra Mets  17-20

Canada online pharmacy viagra The next 13 games for the Highlanders are against the Red Sox, canada online pharmacy viagra Rays, canada online pharmacy viagra Orioles, canada online pharmacy viagra Mets and Blue Jays so I’m rooting for a nice 3-10 slide for the Bronx Bastards. Canada online pharmacy viagra I’m feeling Pretttttty, canada online pharmacy viagra Prettttty, canada online pharmacy viagra Prettttty good about my wager so far. Canada online pharmacy viagra I may not win the bet but I want to make my wagering  partner sweat a bit.

Canada online pharmacy viagra Speaking of the Highlanders, canada online pharmacy viagra I bet Pee Wee Cashman has the Mets bullpen over the arsonists he has in his.

Canada online pharmacy viagra If Lucas Duda wasn’t suffering from a back injury he would have been the choice to replace Ike Davis at first base and some are calling for Josh Satin to get make the jump from Bingo to Flushing but Satin is not on the 40 man and with Nick Evans not hitting, canada online pharmacy viagra it came down to bringing up Fernando “ $10 Co-Pay “ Martinez instead.  Seems Terry Collins will just give F-Mart a spot start here and there and some pinch hitting duty during his hopefully short stay while Ike recuperates from his ankle woes . Canada online pharmacy viagra To me this makes no sense since Jason Bay has done nothing at the plate why not platoon the two in LF until Ike gets back and if Martinez is playing well then leave it be. Canada online pharmacy viagra If Bay doesn’t like this idea, canada online pharmacy viagra with all due respect, canada online pharmacy viagra tough shit. Canada online pharmacy viagra Send a message hot bats stay in the line up limp lumber hits the bench.

Canada online pharmacy viagra By the way, canada online pharmacy viagra why is Chin-ling Hu still here?

Canada online pharmacy viagra Nice right up in the Daily News on Darren Meenan of The 7 Line. Canada online pharmacy viagra I wear my In Dickey We Trust t-shirt proudly

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