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Viagra doses So when is Sandy Alderson going to make it official that Terry Collins will be back as Mets manager in 2014?  If Collins is “his guy” then why wait? Give him a raise and another year plus an option. Viagra doses  What’s the hold up?

Viagra doses Could it be there is a schism in the front office think tank? From this quote from Alderson there could be:

Viagra doses “I think I’ve been pretty open about my support of Terry, viagra doses” Alderson told reporters. Viagra doses “I think he’s done an excellent job across the board with the talent that he’s had, viagra doses with the injuries that he’s had to endure, viagra doses with the other changes in personnel. Viagra doses I think he’s handled all of those situations and individual events exceptionally well. Viagra doses On the other hand, viagra doses we haven’t won, viagra doses and that’s always an issue. Viagra doses But it’s not always a result that can be pinned on the manager.

Viagra doses From that statement it seems that one or more of Alderson’s cabinet members is playing the Win Card. Viagra doses Alderson states what is a huge indictment on the team and organization when he says the club is not exactly oozing with talent, viagra doses the old chicken salad out of chicken shit theory, viagra doses but all are not buying into it.

Viagra doses Who or whomever on the staff that’s pitching the “yeah but” on Collins coming back is on the same page as me. Viagra doses If (when) it’s announced that Collins will be back in the manager’s office for the Mets next season, viagra doses I won’t kick and scream about it but it’s also not the move I’d make if I were the GM. Viagra doses  

Viagra doses I would not fire Collins, viagra doses I’d reassign him to the job he is very good at, viagra doses minor league coordinator. Viagra doses Yes, viagra doses the team plays hard for Collins and they do compete but in order to get this team back to relevancy, viagra doses the Mets need a manager who puts the premium on winning. Viagra doses Collins seems to find a silver lining wherever he can, viagra doses like finishing in 3rd place in the NL East. Viagra doses Seriously, viagra doses who gives a shit, viagra doses 3rd  4th or last, viagra doses if you ain’t in first you ain’t shit. Viagra doses     

Viagra doses Bringing Collins back as manager is just treading water, viagra doses the GM has to make a huge statement this winter as does ownership in making the team relevant again. Viagra doses Right now the Mets are at NJ Devils level of nobody cares.

Viagra doses Alderson keeps saying he’s in Collins corner and feels he’s done well with the hand he’s been dealt, viagra doses so if that’s the case what’s he waiting for? Could it be his lieutenants are making a better case for change in manager?

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Buy viagra in england You know who I feel bad for in this whole Michael Bourn saga? The young man the Mets draft with the 11th pick in the entry draft because if he doesn’t turn into the next coming of Willie Mays or Walter Johnson he will be scared for life.

Buy viagra in england So the Mets finally free up money to make not only a competitive offer but an offer that Bourn was eager to sign, buy viagra in england if the reports are accurate, buy viagra in england that Bourn’s first choice was the New York Mets. Buy viagra in england So a bit of a silver lining for Mets fans to embrace here that the Mets were in position to make an offer on a free agent and the free agent wanted to be a Met. Buy viagra in england The only thing it seems between Bourn flying around Citi Field as a Met or going elsewhere was that priceless 11th pick and Scott Boras doing his Scott Boras thing, buy viagra in england taking his clients best offer and trying to get an even better best offer. Buy viagra in england  Remember his midnight phone call to Pee Wee Cashman when Carols Beltran was to become a Met where he all but begged Pee Wee to match the Mets offer. Buy viagra in england While it seems that the Mets and Bourn were just a signature away, buy viagra in england Boras came back with an offer from the Cleveland Indians that matched the Mets offer and went one better with a 5th year option based on goals reached in that 4th year . Buy viagra in england Did that scare off Sandy Alderson?  Did it piss him off that maybe he was being played by Boras? Could be a little of both.

Buy viagra in england Who knew that not sucking enough in 2012 would hurt the Mets for 2013? Maybe going on a bit of tear after the 16-1 embarrassing loss to the Phillies wasn’t the best thing that could have happened late last season.  The big question I have is why did it take the Mets this long to contest the clause in the CBA on compensation for the inability to sign a draft pick? When going over the CBA didn’t anyone, buy viagra in england not just the Mets but any team, buy viagra in england look at that clause and say, buy viagra in england “something is wrong here”. Buy viagra in england It’s ridiculous that the Pittsburgh Pirates get rewarded for incompetence and not doing their due diligence in know what it would take to sign RHP Mark Appel last season. Buy viagra in england   I’m not taking the Mets and Sandy Alderson off the hook here either they totally dropped the ball on this, buy viagra in england even without the Bourn signing shouldn’t the Mets GM have been fighting  to get to the 10th pick anyway since the Mets had the 10th worst record in baseball?

Buy viagra in england All through this Bourn saga, buy viagra in england I’ve wavered back and forth and now that it’s done and Bourn is not a Met because of this 11th pick and more importantly the slot money the Mets would lose. Buy viagra in england I’m pissed off that Alderson couldn’t finish the deal with Bourn/Boras.

Buy viagra in england That fact that Bourn, buy viagra in england if he signed with the Mets would have been the second best  everyday player on the team, buy viagra in england he also would have added speed at the leadoff spot, buy viagra in england a bonafide top notch centerfielder and most important the message that the Mets are back in the baseball business. Buy viagra in england All of these factors in my opinion outweigh a draft pick and a couple of million dollars of slot money. Buy viagra in england Signing Bourn would have boosted the fan base moral and made the baseball establishment sit up and take notice.

Buy viagra in england Bourn to the Mets would have capped off a fantastic off season for Alderson. Buy viagra in england He signed David Wright to 8 year deal, buy viagra in england he dumped Jason Bay and he show his onions trading R.A. Buy viagra in england Dickey in turn making the Mets future look brighter. Buy viagra in england That’s what has me puzzled over not signing Bourn. Buy viagra in england Why not sign him and then go to the MLBPA and argue the stupidity of the compensation rule. Buy viagra in england If you have the balls to trade not only a reigning CY Young Award winner but also one of the most popular Mets players in recent history, buy viagra in england why lose your courage over a draft pick? Roll the fucking dice.

Buy viagra in england Alderson made a terrific offer to Bourn/Boras who in turn said I see your offer of 4 years and raise you a vesting option on a 5th. Buy viagra in england Alderson looked at his cards showing an 11th round pick on a player who odds are will never make an impact on the Mets, buy viagra in england and the slot money, buy viagra in england which I believe is more important to Alderson that the pick itself and said I’m out. Buy viagra in england That’s what has me mad as hell, buy viagra in england Alderson found a strange time to lose his nerve. Buy viagra in england He should have matched the Indians offer. Buy viagra in england He’d have been a hero today. Buy viagra in england I hope to hell he has another plan up his sleeve if not he should lay low and stop with the wise ass jokes , buy viagra in england I’m really not in the mood.

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Viagra recipe When it comes to the Skill Sets financial situation it seems we Mets fans are better off ignoring what they say and instead focus on what they do. Viagra recipe From the outstanding reporting of Eno Sarris of Amazin’ Avenue, viagra recipe  we discovered that the Skill Sets have hired  CRG Partners , viagra recipe a firm that works with businesses swimming in red ink and tries to either help them turnaround their business or it they are too far gone, viagra recipe file for bankruptcy. Viagra recipe From reading the story, viagra recipe it looks like the Skill Sets are ready to be made comfortable for the inevitable, viagra recipe their loss of the Mets.

Viagra recipe Sure, viagra recipe as Mets fans we should be rejoicing that the end of the Wilpon/Katz reign of ownership is closer to a conclusion than ownership as led on, viagra recipe and that has been the primary problem with the Skill Sets, viagra recipe their inability to be truthful with their fan base. Viagra recipe If there is one thing indisputable about the Mets fans base, viagra recipe it is loyal and forgiving but it you take their kindness for weakness, viagra recipe you will feel their wrath. Viagra recipe I truly believe if Fred Wilpon came to Mets fans with honesty over  the  grave financial situation that has alter severely the way the Mets have done business, viagra recipe instead of the “keep moving nothing to see here, viagra recipe we’re doing great ” deny, viagra recipe deny, viagra recipe deny spin, viagra recipe he would have had the backing of the fan base in trying to keep the team in his and his families stewardship, viagra recipe instead the constant false reports of selling minority shares, viagra recipe or tickets selling like “hot cakes” , viagra recipe or reports of a payroll north of $100 mil with money left for taking on a big contract for a pennant run which in realty is a payroll struggling to reach $90m and the only players signing are non-descript bush leaguers grateful for employment. Viagra recipe No one ever learns, viagra recipe the cover up is always worse than the crime.

Viagra recipe So due to the disrespect of the Mets fans intelligence, viagra recipe we have a mob with pitch forks and torches at the ready to run the Skill Sets out of Queens. Viagra recipe One silver lining in all this though is the emergence of the of writers like Sarris and Howard Megdal, viagra recipe who dig and do the dirty work to bring Mets fans the truth behind the shell game being run at Citi Field. 

Viagra recipe I wonder if the news that Bank of America has put notice on small businesses they lend money to that they are calling in the loans on those businesses they feel is a bad risk.  Mets have just taken out a $40 mil note from BOA, viagra recipe what would happen if that loan was recalled?

Viagra recipe As much as we all want the Skill Sets out of the way and a new owner with deep pockets to take over our beloved Mets, viagra recipe how can we as a fan base be happy with all this financial bullshit that has had a negative effect on our beloved baseball team? My wanting the Wilpon’s out of the owner’s box at Citi Field is not due to personal malice, viagra recipe it’s due to the destruction of the core of my favorite baseball team. Viagra recipe I don’t want to care about the Wilpon’s financial straights but I have to as it has an adverse effect on something I love, viagra recipe The New York Mets. Viagra recipe That pisses me off to no end.

Viagra recipe  

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