My blogging the rest of the week will be sporadic as last night my mother, who was just short of turning 97 years old, passed away.

My mother was born in  County Sligo Ireland and came to America when she was 16 years old. Her and my Dad were married for 57 years until he passed away back in 1994.  She leaves behind four children, twelve  grand children, eight great grand children and more neices and nephews than I can count both  here in the U.S., Ireland and England.

She was like no other woman of her generation,   if you think I’m an opinionated, my mom had me beat. She did read this blog once and awhile and didn’t care for the language I sometime use and she felt I was a little too much of a wise ass but between her and my dad we were raised in such a way that you were free to express yourself as wanted.  When most mom’s  fought with their son’s to get haircuts, mine encouraged me to grow mine long.  She couldn’t stand Rock music but never told me to turn it down.  Our home was filled with books and music, lot’s of friends and lots and lots of good times.

Even though she lived a long and fabulous life, as a son my heart aches but she would smack me upside the head if she knew I’d moped around after her death.

After my dad died mom was asked how she was coping living alone.  Her answer always was “I don’t live alone, I live by myself”  She was never alone there was always someone around her, either me or my brothers, my sister, my wife my sister in law, her grand kids, her great grand kids her friends, it was because of that whenever she would see an elderly person pushing a shopping cart or walking to the store alone, or god forbid eating a meal by themselves,   it sadden her.  She loved it when we’d take her to the mall how we fought over who was going to pay for her dress or shoes? She said she hated it when we made a fuss over her but I never believed it. How could we not?   She wonder how is it she could pick the phone call one of us and get picked up and taken anywhere she wanted? We told her it was payback for the way she took care of us our whole lives.

If you go to a house of worshiper this weekend in your prayers think of all the people in the world that are alone and have no family to watch over them. Prayer for parents who are estranged from their children, that they can find a way to settle whatever difference it is that split them apart.

That’s was another lesson my mother taught us, always look out for the less fortunate because of how blessed we were.

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My son’s class is on a school trip to Philadelphia today. When the trip was formulated the school principal called the house to see if my wife would come on the trip as a chaperone. When she said she wasn’t sure if she would be free for the day I called out “Tell him I’ll go”, it seems the he knows of my Mets fanaticism and said “NO WAY DO WE WANT YOUR HUSBAND WITH US IN PHILLY” The same thing happen just this past weekend. My wife and her sister thought it would be fun for all of us to go away for the Thanksgiving weekend. Sounded good to me and I thought Lancaster PA would be great as we love the Willow Valley resort and we could do some Christmas shopping while the kids go to the pool and get involved in the other activities at the resort. My wife, sister in law and brother in law all looked at each other and said “Maybe we would do better going upstate” Okay I’ll go along with that. Then friends of ours from Harrisburg called and I said “hey maybe with the kids on Christmas vacation we will come up and visit you guys”  the response on the other end of the phone was “Uhhhhh Steve you know what, we’re coming down to Brooklyn so how about we come over to your place”? Sure any time you know that you guys are always welcome” Now I admit I’m not always the sharpest tool in the shed but after I got off the phone I confronted my wife “Why the hell won’t anyone let me go to Pennsylvania”?


All she said was “look in the mirror “. I did and I saw a long sleeve Mets t-shirt, a Mets watch on my wrist and a Mets cap on my head. My Mets socks soon to be joined by my Mets Reeboks and then my Mets jacket.  I then asked OK so what? She said look at what you’re wearing, all the Mets stuff.  All you wear is Mets stuff you even have a Mets tie for the once in a blue moon time you have to wear one” Then she explained that everyone who is relative or close friend  knows that me and my wardrobe plus the Phillies world series win and Phillies fans is not a very good mix. They also know that is it’s not Mets gear on me it would be Rangers or Giants apparel which would be a problem as well. So I asked my dear wife “what will it take for us to go to Pennsylvania”? She said “well, you would have to start dressing like an adult and no Mets, Giants or Rangers shirts, hats or jackets” So I guess I won’t be visiting the Keystone state any time soon. Just as well those Amish annoy the shit out of me anyway.


You know I was doing pretty good with this Citi Group contract that the Mets are reaping big benefits from, even though the thought of 50, 000 workers being let go and the government is now an owner of the firm angers the shit out of me.  My father worked for 46 years for Citi (back then it was known as First National City Bank) and my mother still reaps some nice benefits from his retirement package so I have a vested interest here. But I still hate corporate names on stadiums and arenas because not only does it look like shit on the facility marquee, these deals never last and every two three the names are changed and no one is innocent. But I ranted and raved but I was content that the ball park will be great and all the state of the art amenities will take the sting out of the $iti name on the façade. The same way I talked myself into saying that losing my hair is great as I save money on hair gel. But (always a but) my pal Jeffey had to go and open his big yap and now my balls are in an uproar all over again. Here are some of the quotes that have me hooked up to a blood pressure machine:


{We’re proud to be partners with Citi, ” Wilpon said. “They’ve received some money to help them through tough times. But if they do a good job of marketing, and we can help them bring eyeballs to help sell their brand, they’re going to come out of this and pay back the public.”}



What kind of positive marketing are we talking about? The managemennt of CitiGroup has run an institution that has been around over 100 years into the ground so how does naming rights solve incompetent management? How are the Mets going to “sell the brand”?  Are they going to up the money market interest rate for every game the Mets win?  If I open a checking account do I get a night in the Citi Corp suite? Do I show my Citi Group ATM card at the Shake Shack for a free burger? ‘Splain Jeffey “Splain.?


Then we have Eric Eve who must be a Skill Set relative as he also makes no sense when he speaks:


{ Eric Eve, Citigroup’s senior VP of global community relations, also addressed questions about how Citi can justify a $400 million naming-rights expenditure (over 20 years) while receiving $20 billion in taxpayer-funded bailout money.


“This is a smart business decision, and it’s a smart business decision we made two years ago, ” Eve said. “From a marketing platform, these games will be seen by a global audience, so it’s still a smart business decision by Citi and we stand by that decision.


“We recognize these are trying times for everyone. But coming here today, I see people working. I’m able to see all of the nonprofits that we’re going to be able to bring to this field and enjoy these games. Yes, it’s smart business, but it’s also smart and important for us to build and strengthen community relationships.”}



THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!!!!!! If this business decision is so smart then why is the U.S. government bailing out the firm to the tune of $20 billion dollars? Who is the Citi Group CEO? Ralph Kramden?


Then we have this golden nugget from Jeffey-Poo:


 Wilpon stressed the idea that Citigroup needs to continue making money if it is to pay back its bailout money.


{“They have to be able to keep doing business, ” Wilpon said. “To protect the taxpayers’ money, they have to be a going concern. If they stop marketing, all of the other companies they’re competing against will zoom right past them, and they’ll never have a chance to catch up again.” }


Hummmmmmm Jeffey, they already got “ZOOMED” that’s why we the taxpayers are bailing them out? YESSSSSSSH!



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