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Viagra women The mantra of Terry Collins the second half of this dismal season has been “this is the time for some guys to show they belong here’ here being in the big leagues. Viagra women So far the vast majority of Mets players have not measure up to that test. Viagra women What should infuriate Mets fans even more is that the wild card race has become a wide open affair in the National League.

Viagra women For most of the season it looked as though the Braves and Pirates would be playing in the one game knockout tournament. Viagra women The Dodgers then went out and made the deal of the millennium and the Giants lost Melkey Cabrea to doping charges. Viagra women It seemed like the Giants would drop out and the Dodgers would take over the NL West. Viagra women  The opposite occurred with the Giants players bonding in the wake of the Cabrea suspension and the fact that the Melk Man wasn’t man enough to face his teammates to apologize for abandoning them. Viagra women It seems that back turn by Cabrera has been a rallying cry for the Giants. Viagra women The Dodgers on the other hand have stopped scoring runs (sound familiar?) and the Pirates returned to form losing 15 of their last 20 games, viagra women same for the Cardinals who have dropped 12 of last 20 while the Braves have tread water at 10-10. Viagra women While those teams hit the skids the left for dead Phillies and Brewers have both gone on 15-5 streaks to get them back in the thick of wild card contention. Viagra women  Have you noticed I’ve failed to mention our beloved NY Mets in this conversation? Why is it that some teams like the Phillies and Brewers can go into slumps but then not give up the season and fight for a spot? How is it that team’s like the Pirates, viagra women Dodgers and Cardinals are now in slumps, viagra women at the worst time of the season to do so, viagra women but are still fighting to stay in the hunt while the New York Eeyores just plod along?  

Viagra women This should be the message that Terry Collins sends his players in his pre-game talk with them. Viagra women Let them know that these three games with the Brewers are a test, viagra women a test to see if they have the heart and guts to compete with a team that rose from the ranks that the Mets have made permanent residence in, viagra women the also ran’s, viagra women to a team in contention. Viagra women  Let them know that this is their time to have an impact on the season to help alter the course of the post season race. Viagra women To me this is a real test of Collins and his players to show that they actually give a shit about winning. Viagra women  If this team can’t find it in itself to show some competiveness and some pride in this series and Terry Collins comes out in the post-game and says he saw some good things and that guys tried, viagra women I’m going to sue the Mets for the price of a 55” Samsung TV because I will throw the remote control through my television if that happens.

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Baby on viagra ……..Your New York Mets were winning 13 of their last 20 games. Baby on viagra While you were worrying about what will happen in July, baby on viagra the Mets have a winning record on the road so far this year going 10-9 and so far on this current road trip they are 3-1.

Baby on viagra The Mets pitching staff has posted a team ERA under 3 (2.86) for the month so far, baby on viagra led by a light’s out bullpen that is a baseball best 4-1 with a miniscule .052 ERA.

Baby on viagra Frankie Rodriguez has converted his last 11 save opportunities  and Jason Isringhausen has been outstanding as the 8th inning set up man. Baby on viagra With Pedro Beato, baby on viagra the best reliever in the pen before he was injured and Bobby Parnell on the DL, baby on viagra Taylor Buchholz and Ryota Igarashi have stepped up to fill the void. Baby on viagra Spaceman Byrdak when allowed by Terry Collins, baby on viagra has been doing his LOOGY thing holding left handed batters to a .231 average.

Baby on viagra We know that Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have been carrying the offense of late (even before hi s injury Ike was slumping a bit) and that D-Wright and J-Bay have been in deep slumps (could last night ignite their bats ?) but look at the records of all the teams in MLB, baby on viagra with the exception of the Phuck Phaces (I’m loving the resurgence of the Tribe but I’m not ready to put them on a level of the Phuck Phaces yet) there is no great team in baseball, baby on viagra hell, baby on viagra the overrated Highlanders are but 4 games over mediocrity.

Baby on viagra So instead of obsessing on where to trade Jose Reyes, baby on viagra Calros Beltran and David Wright, baby on viagra maybe you should shut down Twitter for a night and enjoy your NY Mets. Baby on viagra  I’m taking the pledge to stay off Twitter during Mets games as I’m starting to see the light that Josh Thole saw, baby on viagra some of you folks make rooting for the Mets a fucking chore. Baby on viagra The constant doom and gloom over every at bat is really tiring. Baby on viagra Yes D-Wright has not been productive but  I urge you to read this post by James Kannengieser at Amazin’ Ave on Weighted On Base Average (wOBA) postion by position, baby on viagra as tough a season as DW has had he still ranks 3rd in wOBA  among all 3rd basemen in MLB.

Baby on viagra So instead of going  “you suck “ to “your great”  from one tweet to the next, baby on viagra just sit back and enjoy this team and see how it plays out on the field instead of on Twitter.

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