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Generic viagra The only team in baseball having a better October than the Mets are the SF Giants. Generic viagra The introductory press conference for Sandy Alderson proved a point on why the Highlander organization and fan base fear the Mets more than any team in baseball.

Generic viagra Highlander high strung manager, generic viagra Joe Girardi was signed to a three year extension the other day and the reaction by the NY sports media was “that’s nice but did your hear? Sandy Alderson will hold a press conference on Friday”. Generic viagra To those too young to know this, generic viagra there was a time around here that everyday was like yesterday, generic viagra where folks walked around town with Mets hats and jackets and greeted one and other with “Hey, generic viagra how ‘bout those Mets”. Generic viagra The Alderson era brings Mets fans hope and that has not been in abundance around here for a long time. Generic viagra Sandy Alderson also has a plan, generic viagra another strategy missing in Queens as well, generic viagra and most importantly he wants the same exact thing for the Mets franchise that we all want, generic viagra respect and accountability.

Generic viagra Alderson knew just what to say yesterday. Generic viagra First when he talked about the NY Mets being an iconic franchise, generic viagra my face was flush. Generic viagra I’ve gotten on my soap box time after time here about the Mets being the flagship team of the National League and how our lineage goes back to 1876 when the New York Mutuals played the first NL season and then of course in 1883 when our ancestors the New York Giants came to be. Generic viagra The NY Highlanders were not even a glint in Ban Johnson’s eye when NL ball was featured in NYC and for Sandy Alderson to acknowledge that made an outstanding first impression on me.

Generic viagra Alderson was asked about his choice for manager as Mets fans are nervous nellies because the reports and track record of Alderson’ is he goes for the weak silent type. Generic viagra After surviving the Dead Manger Era (Art Howe) and the Clueless Manger Era (Jeff Torborg) we waited to hear what our the new leader of free Mets world would say. Generic viagra When the words “I like a manager who kicks ass and takes names” rolled off his tongue, generic viagra it was 1964 at the Ed Sullivan Theatre all over again. Generic viagra All I needed to hear was “and the Black uniforms and caps have already been shit canned” then I’d have had to been resuscitated. Generic viagra Alderson gets it. Generic viagra He knows that he not only has to build a winning team but he has to build an entertaining team and a team Mets fans want to embrace. Generic viagra Rooting for a losing team sucks but being a supporter of a team you can’t stand is heartbreaking.

Generic viagra Think about the dimension we are about to enter Mets fans. Generic viagra We have gone from a GM who had no time for statistical analysis of which he called “false hustle” which was really Omar Minaya verifying he was behind the times and quite frankly lazy as a GM, generic viagra to a man who will use those numbers and a consensus from his staff and scouts on player evaluation for drafting, generic viagra trading and free agent signing purposes. Generic viagra Welcome to the 21st Century Mets fans.

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