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Viagra usa One of the Mets sites I check on a regular basis is Mack’s Mets. Viagra usa I checked out his latest post today and I was relived to see I’m not the only one who feels helpless every day trying to write something about the Mets.

Viagra usa To tell you the truth, viagra usa I pretty much sick and tired about reading about Matt Holiday, viagra usa Roy Halladay , viagra usa John Lackey and most of all Orlando Hudson. Viagra usa Let me say this if you think O-Hudson is the answer as an up grade at second base on as a so called leader in the words of Mike Francesa “Yer Lawst”

Viagra usa The more reports I read the more pessimistic I get about the 2010 season and it all comes back to the ownership/management of this team.  As Mets fans I feel we must get it through our heads that the Mets will not contend for a post season berth in 2010. Viagra usa You hear people in sports say that teams take on the persona of its manager or head coach, viagra usa well the Mets have taken on the persona of its ownership, viagra usa weak, viagra usa clueless and a lack of guts.

Viagra usa You all know my distain for Jeffey Wilpon and after reading “The Road to Hockeytown” by Jimmy Devellano, viagra usa my disgust about the ownership of the Mets has increased.

Viagra usa For those of you are not hockey fans, viagra usa Jimmy D is one of the best scouts/ front office men in NHL history. Viagra usa He started out as an unpaid scout for the then expansion St Louis Blues and worked his way to head scout of the NY Islanders and worked with Bill Torrey to build the Islander dynasty and then went on to become the GM of the Detroit Red Wings and lead them back into NHL Stanley Cup Champions. Viagra usa In his career Jimmy D was responsible for the personnel of 7 Stanley Cup Winners.

Viagra usa The one place where Devellano felt was a lost opportunity to win was in St. Viagra usa Louis. Viagra usa The Blues at the time were managed by Lynn Partick  and Scotty Bowman, viagra usa two hockey legends  but the reason why in Jimmy D’s view the Blues didn’t win the Cup was due to Sid Solomon III, viagra usa the son of the Blues owner Sid Solomon. Viagra usa Here is Devellano’ view of life with a son who knows nothing about a sports team he inherited:

Viagra usa {When I first got to St. Viagra usa Louis in 1967 there were two pretty good hockey people already there, viagra usa by the names of Lynn Patrick and Scotty Bowman.

Viagra usa

Viagra usa That St. Viagra usa Louis Blues team might have one day become a great organization and the Blues might have eventually won Stanley Cups after starting with two fine hockey people like that. Viagra usa Who knows, viagra usa they could have had a dynasty there after the great start they had in their first three seasons.

Viagra usa

Viagra usa But unfortunately, viagra usa the owners son, viagra usa Sid Solomon III, viagra usa while a very nice guy, viagra usa was awfully involved with the hockey club and was an awful meddler. Viagra usa We couldn’t keep mangers and coaches like Scotty Bowman because of his constant meddling. Viagra usa Sid was a good but he wasn’t a hockey person. Viagra usa He just didn’t know hockey. Viagra usa How could he have? He made his money in the insurance business, viagra usa not the hockey business. Viagra usa He didn’t have a feel for the game.

Viagra usa His interference caused a lot of turmoil in St. Viagra usa Louis. Viagra usa They couldn’t retain good people they had in place, viagra usa like Bowman an (Al) Arbour and it cost them dearly. Viagra usa The Solomons eventually lost their team through bankruptcy and that didn’t need to happen}

Viagra usa Is that not the Mets? Is Jeffey not Sid the IV? It’s not just Jeffey, viagra usa I am totally sick and tired of David Howard, viagra usa who really needs a heaping plate full of Shut the Fuck Up.

Viagra usa The Skill Sets have been very successful in the real estate world that’s what they are good at but when it comes to running a baseball team they are an out and out disaster. Viagra usa They have no clue on how to build a team and they have absolutely no people skills (I should call them the Non-Skill Sets) in other words they are not the Mets but the Mess.

Viagra usa This Mets team has a ton of holes. Viagra usa Starting pitching is the biggest followed by a strong defensive catcher, viagra usa a big corner bat and a solid second baseman. Viagra usa The injuries of last season are a smoke screen to what this team needs to get back to being a contender. Viagra usa Even with a healthy Jose Reyes, viagra usa Carlos Beltran, viagra usa Johan Santana and a rejuvenated David Wright, viagra usa this team still has no grasp of the fundamentals of baseball and a lack of physical and metal toughness. Viagra usa If you were a major league free agent why would you want to play for the Mets?

Viagra usa Maybe the best move the Mets could make this winter is to put up a for sale sign.

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