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Cialis next day I’m back from covering the Mets holiday party where the club invited about a 100 kids from P.S. Cialis next day 43 and The Scholars Academy both in Far Rockaway to meet Santa (John Franco) Claus and his Elf’s R.A. Cialis next day Dickey and Ike Davis. Cialis next day Also on hand was Mets GM Sandy Alderson.

Cialis next day After spending time with the children and giving out gifts the players and the GM were available for some Q & A time. Cialis next day  After spending some time with all three I have some observations:

Cialis next day R.A. Cialis next day Dickey looked and sounded puzzled, cialis next day hurt and a bit defiant when he spoke of his situation now with the club. Cialis next day From the way I see it, cialis next day the Mets first priority with Dickey is to trade him and they are waiting out teams that are interested in trade to offer more in return to the Mets than has been offered now. Cialis next day How long this plays out is anyone’s guess right now but make no mistake for the Mets this is a stone cold baseball business decision and honestly I hate it and from listening to Dickey this morning he understands it’s business but he’s not happy with the way it’s played out so far either.

Cialis next day Dickey also declared that once the season starts he will not negotiate a contract extension, cialis next day nor should he. Cialis next day  I don’t know which end of the organization is playing by these hardball rules whether its Sandy Alderson looking to fill the massive gaps in personnel this team has or if it’s The Skill Sets looking to nickel and dime the 2012 Cy Young Award winner. Cialis next day If it’s the baseball ops guys being hard ass’s I can understand it, cialis next day that doesn’t mean I like but if it’s  Jeffey trying to win at a negotiation, cialis next day then I’ll be totally outraged.

Cialis next day What Dickey is asking is not just more than fair; I believe he’s selling himself short. Cialis next day Dickey’s agent has proposed a 2 year extension for $28 mil, cialis next day how in the hell is that excessive? Dickey should have proposed a deal well north of $30 mil for 2 years. Cialis next day As much as I want to believe it’s the Skills Sets acting like hard ass’s here I feel it’s more Alderson and his baseball ops who are dragging this out to see if they can get a trading partner who will send back quality and quantity in a trade. Cialis next day  The worst part of this situation is it’s starting to get ugly and could breakout in a lot of nasty if not rectified soon.

Cialis next day It was Ike Davis’ turn to meet with us and as down and dourer as Dickey was Davis was very upbeat and effervescent. Cialis next day  It could be that Davis is 100 % healthy as he said he just had his lungs x-rayed and they are clear so he has no more effects from Valley Fever and his ankle is a good as ever. Cialis next day He was very happy that Wright received his contract extension and he hoped that something can work out with R.A. Cialis next day Dickey staying with the Mets. Cialis next day  You can check out the conversation with Ike by clicking here

Cialis next day Sandy Alderson made his way into the press area and I don’t hide the fact that I’m an Alderson fan. Cialis next day I think he has a plan to rebuild this organization (even though he’s not allowed to utter the dreaded “R” word because it gives any Mets fans a case of the vapors) but I think the reason I admire him is every time I talk to him he comes off very cool and collected. Cialis next day You can’t make him flinch. Cialis next day There is no emotion in how he is running the baseball operation of this organization in that way he’s the anti-Omar.

Cialis next day Alderson was bombarded as expected with question on R.A. Cialis next day Dickey and his status with the Mets. Cialis next day Alderson gave a name, cialis next day rank and serial number answer saying that he is still speaking to clubs about dealing R.A. Cialis next day and at the same time looking to negotiate contract extention as he said the situation is the same as it was last week. Cialis next day The contrast in Alderson talking about this situation and Dickey talking about it are quite a contrast. Cialis next day Dickey’s answers were of an emotional nature whereas Alderson was from the business end. Cialis next day Alderson has no problem trading R.A. Cialis next day Dickey but he wants a solid return back, cialis next day he’s not going to give him away. Cialis next day  If he can’t find the right trade for Dickey I think he’ll sweeten the extension offer and get Dickey under contract for an additional two years.

Cialis next day Alderson claims there is money to spend but he’s not going to spend just to spend, cialis next day he doesn’t seem to care about winning the back pages of the tabloids in December. Cialis next day The impression I was left with is Alderson will not be the first to blink. Cialis next day He’s not tipping his hand on who he’s looking at to sign or trade for.

Cialis next day I’m as confused and frustrated as any Mets fan, cialis next day in fact coming back for Citi Field today with Ed Marcus we were both in such deep discussion about what we just heard from the Mets GM we kind of forgot what a pain in the ass traffic jam we were stuck in trying to get back to Staten Island. Cialis next day  No matter if you like or dislike Alderson you have to admit he’s one shrewd dude. Cialis next day Now if nothing changes personnel wise between now and spring training I may have to alter my view but I’m trying to stay patient which is very hard for me to do but I’m trying my best.

Cialis next day To hear my chat with Sandy Alderson click here.

Cialis next day To hear the total media Q & A click here.

Cialis next day  

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P2 pharmacy uk From spending time at the Mets  Citi Kids event at Citi Field, p2 pharmacy uk a few things stood out:

P2 pharmacy uk When you bring up Manager Terry Collins name, p2 pharmacy uk especially to the younger Mets players, p2 pharmacy uk you get a big smile. P2 pharmacy uk Dillon Gee, p2 pharmacy uk Josh Thole and Bobby Parnell are all familiar with Collins from his days as the Mets Minor League Coordinator. P2 pharmacy uk When asked about the new manager the description they all use is “high energy”. P2 pharmacy uk They also laud Collins preparation and the detail he puts in to his workouts.

P2 pharmacy uk One of the questions to R.A. P2 pharmacy uk Dickey was about him coming into spring training knowing he has a job and how does that affect his routine in camp. P2 pharmacy uk Dickey said that working on getting right handed hitters out more consistently, p2 pharmacy uk especially switch hitters who bat from the right side against him as “it’s a more comfortable at bat for them”, p2 pharmacy uk he can now work on finding ways to take away that comfort level. P2 pharmacy uk  One of Dickey’s concerns he said was “that last year was not an anomaly, p2 pharmacy uk and it’s my hope it’s the natural evolution of the journey that I’ve started with the knuckle ball”  

P2 pharmacy uk Dickey was asked about meeting and talking to Terry Collins and he said he enjoyed the conversations they’ve had but there will be a feeling out process between the manager and the players, p2 pharmacy uk “a learining curve “ was how he put it. P2 pharmacy uk  R.A. P2 pharmacy uk said  “He  respect his (Collin’s)  baseball knowledge”  and he loves Collins’ intensity something Dickey said “that has not been seen around here in the last few years”.  I asked Dickey about the team being a contender and he told me “Gosh I hope so, p2 pharmacy uk but there are some boys down the road who may not agree with me but we have the pieces in place, p2 pharmacy uk how competitive will play out over the season.  Dickey went on to say that “clubhouse culture” is a big factor “getting people to realize their maximum potential is a big part of it (contending) “   Dickey also feels a “new sense of energy” from last season to now with the new regime taking over he used the term “a high tide raises all ships” stating that the high energy of the manager and the more positive outlook from the front office is a breath of fresh air from the defeatist attitude the Mets organization had had over the past few years.  Dickey told me it’s about getting a “network of guys” to buy in to the positive attitude that it will spread through the team.

P2 pharmacy uk Dickey pulls no punches when asked about the second half malaise of last year, p2 pharmacy uk “We were ill prepared, p2 pharmacy uk in the sense that we weren’t ready there was no sense of urgency” Dickey included himself in that category as well.  He also spoke vaguely of the “hypothesis” of Beltran coming back from injury and the shifting of roles that wasn’t done too smoothly. P2 pharmacy uk Dickey claims with all the guys (save for Johan Santana) coming into camp healthy and “rip-roarin’” it will make a world of difference.

P2 pharmacy uk Dickey then talked of Josh Thole and how “blessed” he is to have him catch him. P2 pharmacy uk He called Thole “Selfless and that’s not something you can say about a player in most clubhouses” He also went to rave about the time and hard work that Thole puts into his craft. P2 pharmacy uk It was a theme amongst the pitchers when asked about Thole, p2 pharmacy uk they all started with praise of his work ethic and his communication skills. P2 pharmacy uk I asked Thole what it’s like to work with the veteran pitchers like Santana, p2 pharmacy uk Frankie Rodriguez and Pedro Feliciano when he was here. P2 pharmacy uk He said those guys were great to him and he implored them to let him know anything he was doing wrong and from talking to Dickey and Mike Pelfrey that straightforwardness of Thole has gone a long way in his gaining the respect of the pitching staff.

P2 pharmacy uk Of course no conversation with R.A. P2 pharmacy uk Dickey is complete with some literary recommendation. P2 pharmacy uk He told us he just about done reading My Name Is Asher Lev, p2 pharmacy uk and he highly recommends it.

P2 pharmacy uk Jose Reyes was more than accommodating with his time for us but one thing he didn’t to talk about was injuries. P2 pharmacy uk As far as Jose is concerned injuries are a negative and in keeping with the positive energy of the Mets, p2 pharmacy uk Reyes pronounced himself fit and healthy and ready to get to St. P2 pharmacy uk Lonesome to workout. P2 pharmacy uk   When I asked him about the managers proclamation that he is the leadoff hitter with no stupid games as to maybe he’ll bat third Reyes was Reyes, p2 pharmacy uk he had a wide smile and said he spoke to Collins who told him “he wants him more involved in the offense” and you can tell that was just what Jose wanted to here. P2 pharmacy uk  Reyes said he likes the energy and passion Collins begins as manager. P2 pharmacy uk There wasn’t much on the prospects of a new contract from but Reyes reiterated how he wants to stay a Met especially when it was brought up to him that he is longest tenured Met.

P2 pharmacy uk During the event we found out that Terry Collins had told Mike Pelfrey that he will be given the opening day assignment and when we got to talk to Big Pelf, p2 pharmacy uk you could see how happy he was getting that news.  Pelf told us during his lunch with Collins that he could tell the manager was ready to get to camp as he was going over cutoffs and how to back up bases on throws from the outfield. P2 pharmacy uk  Pelf was asked about last year’s trading deadline and the inability of the team to make a deal; he said it was frustrating that the club didn’t try to bring in a player or two to spark the club. P2 pharmacy uk Pelf also said he was very happy (as did Bobby Parnell) that Dan Warthen was retained as pitching coach. P2 pharmacy uk Both Pelf and Parnell spoke of Warthen’s strong communication skills and how he works with the pitchers. P2 pharmacy uk  The biggest thing Pelfrey is looking for from himself in2011 is consistency, p2 pharmacy uk the ability to go out and give the team seven-eight quality innings every start. P2 pharmacy uk  Pelfrey agrees with most that the Chris Capuano signing was great “under the radar” as he said, p2 pharmacy uk same with Chris Young and as we all feel with the pitching reclamation projects brought in by the front office, p2 pharmacy uk everything is prefaced with “if healthy”

P2 pharmacy uk Pelfrey talked about his use of his secondary pitches and his slump of August. P2 pharmacy uk He said learned a lot form that slump but knows that everything he does works off his fastball. P2 pharmacy uk It seems that when Pelf has his fastball working it raises his confidence to use his two-seam knowing that he get out trouble with the fastball.

P2 pharmacy uk Confidence, p2 pharmacy uk Energy, p2 pharmacy uk Positivity that just about sums of the Mets off season.

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