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Buy viagra online A very busy couple of days kept me away from here yesterday. Buy viagra online It all started Tuesday morning. Buy viagra online I had a 5:30 game that evening so I wanted to get my work done in the morning so I could take a couple of hours off. Buy viagra online I get an e-mail from fellow BBA member, buy viagra online Daniel Shoptaw of C 70 at the Bat to see if I could pinch hit as host for the BBA Baseball Talk podcast that night. Buy viagra online With my game at 5:30, buy viagra online there is a curfew of 2 hours after first pitch as we have no lights at the field where we play. Buy viagra online The podcast was scheduled for 11PM so it all works out for me.

Buy viagra online The way the game started for our team I thought it might even be an earlier night as there is a 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings. Buy viagra online We were down 6-0 after 3 as our pitchers didn’t throw many strikes and the one’s they did were hit hard. Buy viagra online After showing my annoyance with my offense for not being aggressive at the plate (“enough window shopping fellows, buy viagra online time to make purchase, buy viagra online swing the bats, buy viagra online next guy who takes a called third strike will need some big tweezers pull the splinters out of their butts”) they took my advice and got aggressive, buy viagra online that and the opposing pitcher getting gased, buy viagra online we get back in the game and make it 6-5 in the bottom of the 6th (we play 7 innings) and it’s getting darker and darker. Buy viagra online Now to this point we have bases loaded two outs and as I say not much offense, buy viagra online I tell my runner on 3rd to get a good lead as he’s not being held and the pitcher is focused on the batter. Buy viagra online First pitch, buy viagra online my runner goes more than half way down the line, buy viagra online and the pitch is a strike. Buy viagra online When he gets back I tell him, buy viagra online if the ball gets past the catcher, buy viagra online run to the plate. Buy viagra online Sure enough the next pitch is in the dirt, buy viagra online I scream to my runner (I coach 3rd base) GO! GO! GO! So he tears down the line and as he attempts his slide in the plate the catcher puts the tag right on his lead leg and is called out. Buy viagra online Game over.

Buy viagra online It took me a good half hour to leave the field. Buy viagra online The kids were pissed off and I told them this loss is on me, buy viagra online I told him to run and if you guys want to be mad at anyone be mad at me. Buy viagra online I know one of my other coaches wasn’t happy with my decision and I’m sure some of the parents weren’t happy either but to tell you the truth I don’t care. Buy viagra online I play aggressive and sometimes it works sometime it bites you in the ass, buy viagra online so Tuesday night I had a sore ass.

Buy viagra online Now by the time I get home, buy viagra online it dawns on me, buy viagra online “oh shit, buy viagra online I’ve got to host the BBA Podcast.” So I scramble to get some material together and at 11PM Daniel and I are on the air. Buy viagra online Check out the show here I think it went pretty good for two guys pinch hitting at the last minute.

Buy viagra online So yesterday I took a mental health day as my managerial decisions were still driving me crazy.

Buy viagra online Metsermized online has a great must read post on the events of April 22, buy viagra online 1970, buy viagra online the day Tom Seaver struck out 19 San Diego Padres, buy viagra online the last 10 batters in a row. Buy viagra online How fitting is it that The Franchise is in town to help inaugurate the new Mets Alumni Association where former Mets players from all eras of Mets history will be on hand at $iti Field and also represent the Mets at community events. Buy viagra online I’m ecstatic over this new Met Alumni Association because, buy viagra online it’s long over due and the initiative of the association of having former Mets on hand at the ball park and having them rep the organization at events has been something I’ve been advocating for some time. Buy viagra online Maybe someone in the front office is reading this stuff if they are, buy viagra online thank you. 

Buy viagra online Looks like my projection of Carlos Beltran coming back to the lineup around the All Star break now looks like an optimistic view.

Buy viagra online If Mets fans want to be ignorant enough to boo David Wright that’s there prerogative, buy viagra online but as bad as Wright has looked at the plate the last week, buy viagra online I still believe if Jason Bay and the suddenly ice cold Frenchy could start getting productive it would help Wright. Buy viagra online No doubt the middle of the batting order is not very productive right now and maybe it’s time for a big shake up like say, buy viagra online moving Wright to the lead off spot and Reyes to the 3 hole? Then move Castillo to 8 and Pagan to 2 ? The lineup would look like this:

Buy viagra online Wright

Buy viagra online Pagan

Buy viagra online Reyes

Buy viagra online Bay

Buy viagra online Francouer

Buy viagra online Davis

Buy viagra online Barajas

Buy viagra online Castillo

Buy viagra online Pitcher

Buy viagra online All this is moot if you have a healthy Beltran and a productive Bay, buy viagra online in fact with both those player in the lineup and productive with the very good pitching the team has gotten early, buy viagra online the 6-9 record the Mets have would be no worse than 9-6 or 10-5 and with the Phillies at 9-5 in first place, buy viagra online Mets fans would be in a much better state of mind.

Buy viagra online Ryota Igarhashi going down with a strained hammy is a killer right now. Buy viagra online I guess Tobi Stoner can’t be called back up for 10 days from the time he was sent down so it looks like we’re stuck with Manny Acosta.

Buy viagra online Now that we know Carlos Beltran is a couple of months away from rejoining the lineup, buy viagra online can we please give GMJ his release and bring up Chris Carter ?

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