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Natural viagra There has to be a reason why Sandy Alderson is keeping Oliver Perez around. Natural viagra  I haven’t look in detail to the Sunday night Mets bowling league but I know lefties (as I am of that ilk) possess a natural curve when they  bowl so Ollie may be better at getting the 7-10 spilt than inducing the 6-4-3 double play? I mean there has to be a valid explanation on why OP has not been DFA’d.

Natural viagra One theory is that since he doesn’t draw a paycheck until opening day and now that he has proven he’s not starter worthy, natural viagra a trip to the pen is not really taking innings away from a pitcher that needs work. Natural viagra I’m sure any appearance that Perez makes will be in a split squad game away from St. Natural viagra Lonesome. Natural viagra By keeping him around, natural viagra Alderson could be waiting until the last possible day to cut Ollie hoping that a team suffering a pitching injury will be soooooooooo desperate they take Ollie off his hands for 50 cents on the dollar. Natural viagra Okay that’s a long shot.

Natural viagra The second theory, natural viagra and I have not seen or heard this one any place so I will claim it as my own, natural viagra Alderson/Collins give Perez a shot as a reliever. Natural viagra Perez shits the bed as usual. Natural viagra Alderson/Collins have a heart to heart with OP and Scott Boras with Alderson holding two pieces of paper in his hand, natural viagra one is his release, natural viagra the other an agreement to a minor league assignment. Natural viagra Alderson makes it known that he has no problem signing off on the DFA along with a $12 mil severance check but he is willing to allow Perez to save some face and show that he wants to work his way back to the big leagues by either staying in extended spring training using a sudden (wink, natural viagra wink) injury or going outright to Triple A a la Steve Trachsel, natural viagra thus putting all the pressure on Perez and Boras.

Natural viagra Alderson is a smart man; he knows OP has no shot of being a reliever so why not give him one last shot at redemption of taking the demotion that he should have agreed to last season. Natural viagra I mean really, natural viagra how great is a Buffalo Bison-Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees Kai Igawa v. Natural viagra Ollie Perez matchup?

Natural viagra As long as OP is not on the 25 roster come April 1 its fine by me. Natural viagra I can see Perez now agreeing to a minor league assignment. Natural viagra Alderson has given Perez every chance to show he’s not the suck ass pitcher we all think he is and Perez has not shown one iota of hope that he can pitch competitively in the big leagues. Natural viagra I can see Alderson laying this all out to Ollie and Boras, natural viagra in fact how great would it be if Alderson made up one of those leather bound books that Boras makes up for his clients when they are free agents. Natural viagra Alderson could call it the Book of Suck.

Natural viagra Can’t you see Alderson telling Perez. Natural viagra “I’ve done everything you requested when you came to camp, natural viagra you asked for a shot at the starting rotation, natural viagra and you failed. Natural viagra You asked to go to the bullpen and that was a disaster as well. Natural viagra  I’ve held back the fans and media and taken the slings and arrows shot at you and what did I get back? A big bucket of suck. Natural viagra  So look me in the eye Ollie and tell me why the hell should I even give a shit about you”?

Natural viagra Enjoy Buffalo OP!

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Neither cold, what color is viagra rain nor gloom of night can stop the baseball talk so let’s look at some of the Mets scuttlebutt:


Looks as though the Omar/Jeffy Skill Set edict of addition by subtraction is going full steam ahead with the hot rumor that the Mets are ready to deal Scott Schoenweis for Jason Marquis which would solve the 5th starter dilemma. 


To fill the 4th spot the Mets would love to re-sign Ollie P but not at some pie in the sky 7yr deal but it could be that Omar waiting for Derek Lowe and AJ Burnett to sign then come to Scott Boras and OP with 3yr/$36 mil “the clock is running” proposal and I could see OP signing on the dotted line.


Today is non-tender day and if the story is true that Marcus Thames will be non-tendered by the Tigers then Thames would be a perfect fit for the Mets.


More interesting names on the non-tender list that could be Mets-centric like Daniel Cabrera or a utility man like Jose Batista.


The Rule 5 Draft brought two bullpen arms in Darren O’Day, what color is viagra a Joe Smith clone and Rocky Cherry who will be a split squad all star. What color is viagra Check out this link from Kevin Goldstein on the Mets 5 X5’s:


 {Mets: Darren O’Day, what color is viagra RHP, what color is viagra Angels

O’Day basically becomes an instant $50, what color is viagra000 replacement for Joe Smith, what color is viagra who was included in the 12-player deal that netted them J.J. What color is viagra Putz. What color is viagra Like Smith, what color is viagra O’Day is a sidearmer who struggles against lefties but is effective against righties and gets ground-ball outs. What color is viagra A nice find this late.


Mets: Rocky Cherry, what color is viagra RHP, what color is viagra Orioles

The oldest of the Rule 5 selections, what color is viagra Cherry has been an up-and-down guy for some time now due to his plus velocity, what color is viagra and this pick is basically designed to add to the competition this spring, what color is viagra as the Metropolitans’ two Rule 5 selections compete with newly acquired Sean Green for what might be just one spot in the Mets’ revamped bullpen.}





Now we know how where the Highlanders are getting all this money. What color is viagra From today’s NYPD Daily Blotter in the NY Post:






Cops are searching for the Lower East Side would-be bank robber pictured above. What color is viagra


The suspect entered a Bank of America branch on Grand Street near Orchard Street Wednesday at around 2:30 p.m. What color is viagra and passed a demand note to a teller, what color is viagra detectives said. What color is viagra But he then apparently lost his nerve and fled empty-handed, what color is viagra sources said. What color is viagra


The hapless criminal is described as Hispanic, what color is viagra in his late 30s, what color is viagra 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8, what color is viagra and weighing between 180 and 200 pounds. What color is viagra He was wearing a Yankees hooded sweatshirt and a baseball cap with the letters “PR” on it, what color is viagra cops said. What color is viagra }





When Omar sits down with Scott Boras and his Oliver Perez is Sandy Koufax propaganda folder all Minaya has to do to trump it is to pull out of this column from The Hardball Times.


I’m never too crazy about teams changing uniforms especially old school teams like the Boston Red Sox but I must say the new road uni with its 80 style looks fly but the new lid is definitely a keeper.  A guy could be proud to wear this brim on the streets of Southie.



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