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Viagra from canada Chipper Jones makes his last appearance as a major league baseball player in NYC this weekend. Viagra from canada The Mets, viagra from canada like other teams around the league, viagra from canada will honor Jones as he sails off into retirement. Viagra from canada Most of you will boo and kill the organization for honoring a player who was a thorn in the Mets side for the last 19 years. Viagra from canada Your anger towards Jones is ill advised, viagra from canada your anger should be towards the Skill Sets for not heading the lesson that Jones was teaching the Mets whenever they were the Braves opponent, viagra from canada that lesson was “you need me to be a Met”.

Viagra from canada Think about it, viagra from canada Jones owned the Mets, viagra from canada not just with his lifetime .314/.410/.553 splits against them or the 49 home runs he hit against them either, viagra from canada what Jones tried to show the Mets was, viagra from canada you need to act and think like a winner as to become one. Viagra from canada When Jones would come to NY he played the stage better than any Tony award winning actor. Viagra from canada We chanted “LAAAAAARRRRRYYYYYY, viagra from canada LAAAAAAARRRRRYYYYYYY” and he ate it up. Viagra from canada He loved the fact that Mets fans had a passion, viagra from canada fire, viagra from canada and desire that matched his. Viagra from canada For a guy born in the South, viagra from canada he had a New York mentality and I think a want to play here as well.

Viagra from canada Why didn’t the Mets ever make a strong move on Jones when he was a free agent?  You would have thought an owner whose team was owned by a superstar player who had that balls to the wall, viagra from canada win at all cost mentality, viagra from canada  would say “hell if I can’t beat him then I want to join him”.

Viagra from canada As much as Jones loved the Braves, viagra from canada Atlanta and playing in the South, viagra from canada I have to think is the Mets made an offer above and beyond like they did to land Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran, viagra from canada Jones would have had a difficult time turning them down. Viagra from canada We know his love for the city and Shea Stadium was so strong he named one of his sons Shea. Viagra from canada   Back in 2000, viagra from canada Jones signed a 6 yr/$90mil deal with Atlanta but when that deal was up, viagra from canada he re-signed for 3yrs at $40 mil, viagra from canada this was in the days of the Mets swimming in Madoff bucks so the thought that Freddy Skill Sets couldn’t have raised the stakes for Jones is ridiculous. Viagra from canada I don’t remember if there was talk of the Mets making a pitch for Jones back in 2000 or even in 2006, viagra from canada I doubt there was but in hind sight there should have been. Viagra from canada It could be that the Skill Sets felt that going after Jones and even signing Jones would have led to fans revolting that a despised opponent would join their beloved Mets. Viagra from canada  Well, viagra from canada I guess we see what happens when you give in to the lunatic fringe of your fan base.

Viagra from canada This is why, viagra from canada as much as I loathe the Highlanders and old Boss George, viagra from canada he knew players like Darryl Strawberry, viagra from canada Doc Gooden and David Cone were the kind of players he needed to win championships. Viagra from canada You think he cared that they were former Mets? Hell, viagra from canada he signed Wade Boggs to play 3rd base who played for a team and organization he hated with a passion.

Viagra from canada Think about Chipper as a Met. Viagra from canada Imagine him with a kid like Jordany Vladespin ? Remember he called out Jason Heywood who came up as one of the hottest prospects in baseball for not playing due to fatigue. Viagra from canada Jones went right at Heywood and made the Braves right fielder grow up fast.  I can’t say the Mets would have won a World Series championship with Jones on the team but I could guarantee he would have had no problem stepping up and holding his teammates accountable for their play. Viagra from canada  I’m also sure he would have gone down as one of the greatest Mets players of all time.

Viagra from canada So when Chipper Jones comes up to bat for the first time on Friday night, viagra from canada what Mets fans should do is turn towards the owner’s box at Citi Field and give the Skill Sets a rousing standing boo not just for never pursuing Jones when he was a free agent but for not having the smarts to understand the lesson Chipper was teaching.

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