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Cyalis levitra sales viagra

Cyalis levitra sales viagra                                                                                    The Late Lamented Yankee Doodle

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Cyalis levitra sales viagra I really cannot figure out why anyone would root for the NY Highlanders. Cyalis levitra sales viagra Sure the championship aura that is slammed down everyone’s throat is the major reason and I understand that the majority of Highlander loyalist are really fans of the championships and not the team itself but my God is there a more boring tight ass sports organization than the Bronx bastards?

Cyalis levitra sales viagra I admit I follow very few of the Highlander beat writers on Twitter or bloggers for that fact but I read all the stories out of Tampa and a few of the blogs (until my head hits the desk from dozing off) and I feel like I’m back in the 6th grade reading about the Dewey decimal system or constellations of the solar system (I hated science when I was a kid, cyalis levitra sales viagra most my time in science class was spent surveying the girls trying to determine who was wearing a bra and who still wore t-shirts, cyalis levitra sales viagra my own little science lesson Ha! Ha!) The Highlanders are sooooooooooooooooooo uninteresting.

Cyalis levitra sales viagra The Sainted shortstop, cyalis levitra sales viagra who not only lacks range in the field is inadequate when it comes to social situations as well. Cyalis levitra sales viagra I love that Bobby Valentine gave him a poke over his overrated flip play back in 2001 ALCS. Cyalis levitra sales viagra Instead of Jeter coming with a witty retort, cyalis levitra sales viagra pointing out that Valentine only saw what was on his TV since that’s where his ass was parked in front ofit for that post season, cyalis levitra sales viagra he gave the same lack of passion response he gives to every question.

Cyalis levitra sales viagra Same with Alex Rodriguez, cyalis levitra sales viagra who quite frankly has turned into the clock watcher we’ve all had the displeasure of working with in our life. Cyalis levitra sales viagra A-Rod has become a pick up my paycheck guy who cares more about which starlet he’ll share his lair with than his on field performance it seems. Cyalis levitra sales viagra  He has figured out that his contract is so toxic and he is so broken down that an act of Congress would be the only way to get him out of town, cyalis levitra sales viagra so why not sit back and enjoy.

Cyalis levitra sales viagra You look at the Mets and what the team lacks in money it makes up in personality. Cyalis levitra sales viagra  Are there any Highlander players on Twitter? The only one I can think of is Nick Swisher but I’m sure his Tweets are monitored by the Steinbrenner Information Teams version of Bagdad Bob.  I don’t see any of the creative Highlander fans on Twitter coming up with the best hash tag in Twitter history, cyalis levitra sales viagra thanks to Jed Smed who came up with the daily #MetsHashTags that  trends around the world. Cyalis levitra sales viagra   

Cyalis levitra sales viagra Maybe they are out there but where are the Highlander media folk or bloggers at spring training send back reports about the team and the goings on in camp? Didn’t the Highlanders get booted from last year’s post season in the first round? With a $200 mil + payroll would that be considered a colossal FAIL? Where are the critical commentaries? Isn’t there a story how the Core Four is about to be reduced to Core Two and eventually One once we know Mariano Rivera’s “secret”? Has there been a story where a reporter asks Joe Girardi about the improving AL East and what will it take for his team to make the post season? By the way can you even fathom, cyalis levitra sales viagra Joe Giradi taking questions from bloggers as Terry Collins did earlier this week? His flattop haircut would catch fire.

Cyalis levitra sales viagra Now I know after I post this and some fans of the Bronx Bastards read it, cyalis levitra sales viagra the feedback I’ll get is that I’m an asshole and the Mets suck. Cyalis levitra sales viagra They would be half right.

Cyalis levitra sales viagra Highlander fans don’t yell Mets Suck not out of hate but out of fear. Cyalis levitra sales viagra Don’t think the fans and the hierarchy of 161 St and River Ave are not just a bit nervous that the Mets will be not only a good baseball team but a story of the summer, cyalis levitra sales viagra because as we’ve seen with the NY Giants and the NY Knicks, cyalis levitra sales viagra New York loves a sports story, cyalis levitra sales viagra especially one with a great plot. Cyalis levitra sales viagra The Giants with their 7-7 record and win or go home final four games of the season, cyalis levitra sales viagra topped off by a Super Bowl win will be chronicled in many to be published books. Cyalis levitra sales viagra  The ongoing saga of the NY Knicks and Jeremy Lin could turn out to be as big a story as Willis Reeds Champion Knicks, cyalis levitra sales viagra but if this Mets team shows it is not the downtrodden bunch that many make them out to be, cyalis levitra sales viagra it will be a Highlander nightmare.

Cyalis levitra sales viagra As it is now, cyalis levitra sales viagra this past week it’s very close as to which team was featured on the back of the tabloids the most between the Knicks and Mets. Cyalis levitra sales viagra One day it’s Jeremy Lin, cyalis levitra sales viagra the next it’s Johan Santana. Cyalis levitra sales viagra It seems the only time the Highlanders get in the papers is when some trollop of Cashman’s comes forward.

Cyalis levitra sales viagra Think of the story lines, cyalis levitra sales viagra if Mets play above the negative expectation, cyalis levitra sales viagra owner’s with debt up to their fake tanned foreheads cut more payroll than any team in history but the teams manager instills a confidence in his players that they are major leaguers and have to play like major leaguers. Cyalis levitra sales viagra The Ace of the pitching staff comes back like no one ever has from a devastating shoulder injury to breathe life into the rest of the staff. Cyalis levitra sales viagra The solid number two who possess a mesmerizing knuckleball and a spot on the NY Times Best Seller list wins baseball games and a Pulitzer. Cyalis levitra sales viagra  Ike Davis, cyalis levitra sales viagra David Wright, cyalis levitra sales viagra Lucas Duda and a back from the dead Jason Bay on the cover of Sports Illustrated as “Air Flushing” due to the resurgence in their home run hitting prowess. Cyalis levitra sales viagra  Mets sweep the Subway Series with one of the games a no hitter tossed by Mike Pelfrey and as the game ends, cyalis levitra sales viagra the Twitter servers blow up like the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks display.

Cyalis levitra sales viagra Can it happen? Who knows? But, cyalis levitra sales viagra get your popcorn ready just in case. Cyalis levitra sales viagra   

Cyalis levitra sales viagra  

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What color is viagra An excellent post on the state of the Mets minors and the lack of aggressiveness can be found here at Productive Outs and Cracker Jacks.

What color is viagra Our only hope is, what color is viagra from all accounts, what color is viagra John Ricco is a sharp dude, what color is viagra maybe he can get through to Jeffey that the draft and farm system are the life blood of a sports organization. What color is viagra Maybe he could put together a flash card presentation showing how the  Rays or the Angels have built pennant contenders.

What color is viagra Or better yet, what color is viagra if Ricco can pursued Jeffey to do what he does best and cash his pay check from his daddy’s real esate business the better for the world of Blue and Orange

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