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A little Irish greeting to all the  Mets critics on the eve of St Patrick’s Day

Cialis woman There have been some stories the last few days from the dead media (a/k/a newspapers) about ticket sales at Citi Field for single game tickets not being particularly brisk. Cialis woman These newspapers wasted time and money to send reporters to Citi Field to see if anyone was buying Mets tickets. Cialis woman The reporters were SHOCKED that weren’t lines snaking around 126th street with fans holding fists full of cash clamoring for Mets tickets.

Cialis woman The story in this case was not the dearth of ticket buyers at Citi, cialis woman instead it should have been WHY would people go to Citi to buy tickets? Back before we were unable to “fire through the internet” going to Shea Stadium for ticket day was a happening for some. Cialis woman People enjoyed sleeping in front of Shea to get tickets while freezing and peeing into bottles just for a shot at opening day, cialis woman Highlander games and gym bag day, cialis woman I was never one of that ilk.  Back then I’d rather pay a premium for a ticket while sleeping nice and cozy in my own bed, cialis woman but to each his own.

Cialis woman Why would anyone schlep to Citi for tickets when you can turn on a computer, cialis woman pick the game you want and print the ticket yourself (yes the $2.50 fee to use your own printer and your own ink is total bullshit)

Cialis woman There just seems to be a MSM conspiracy to kill the Mets any way they can. Cialis woman There are some who follow the team that really hate their job (I’m looking straight at you Andy Martino) and just really hate the Mets (That would be you Klap) that anything they say or write about the team I ignore.

Cialis woman The Mets don’t do enough to fight the perception that they are inept in all facets of the baseball business but most media and general baseball fans that belittle the Mets are out and out assholes. Cialis woman I put them in the same category of people who now participate in the new sport of bashing union workers especially government workers because they think our medical and pension benefits are bankrupting the country. Cialis woman We union workers wish we were living as well as you think we are, cialis woman the folks who are raping this country’s economy run the financial intuitions that most of our critics work in. Cialis woman But I digress.

Cialis woman Our Mets are far from perfect but we are not a disaster the club is portrayed as. Cialis woman  Yes the owner has fucked up something awful and the financial where with all that the club has enjoyed for years is gone but I bet if the Skill Sets put the For Sale sign up at Citi Field then you’d really see a line forming around Citi Field.

Cialis woman This will all come to a head soon as the Skill Sets will either survive paying off the Madoff trust with either enough dough to keep the Mets or they will get cleaned out where they have to sell the club, cialis woman SNY and Citi Field to pay off the lawsuit but you what it doesn’t matter to us we’re “Webees” We be here when the Skill Sets got here and We be here when they’re gone. Cialis woman  Mets fans are the one constant in Flushing. Cialis woman As have been and always will.

Cialis woman If it’s the Skill Sets who keep the team or a new owner for the club, cialis woman there needs to be a plan to fight the negative perception that follows the organization. Cialis woman Does anyone in the Mets front office get pissed off as the fans do? I hope with the new front office this would change because it really bugs the shit out me that the Mets fans, cialis woman bloggers and Tweeters are the only ones with the guts to fight this perception.

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Viagra tablets sale And it’s St. Viagra tablets sale PATRICK not St. Viagra tablets sale “PADDY’ S Day as the name “PADDY”  and any time I hear someone use the term I make sure they know my distaste  for that term.  One of the best things about this St. Viagra tablets sale Patrick’s Day is it falls on my day off which means I don’t have to put up with the arseholes from the suburbs who make their once a year trip to the city. Viagra tablets sale I also hope that someday soon  the great group of Irish-Americans, viagra tablets sale Ancient Order of Hibernian remove the shillelagh that is up their arses ‘s.

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