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Levitra vs cialis I have had my issues with Bob Costas but his eulogy at Stan Musial’ funeral Mass was powerful and Costas at his best. Levitra vs cialis

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Effects of viagra Before I get started with some Mets-cellaneous items, effects of viagra a moment of silence please to remember both Earl Weaver and Stan Musial two baseball titans who passed away this past Saturday.

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Effects of viagra I would like to congratulate David Wright on the announcement of his engagement to his long time squeeze Molly Beers. Effects of viagra I’ll be checking the mail for my wedding invitation

Effects of viagra The Bitter Bill got to meet R.A. Effects of viagra Dickey last Saturday night at the New York Baseball Writers dinner and found out what everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting and talking to R.A. Effects of viagra discovered, effects of viagra he’s not only a gentleman but one of the most interesting people you’ll ever run into in your life. Effects of viagra  

Effects of viagra It took me awhile to wrangle this but I am proud to announce I was able to purchase the sponsorship of Ed Kranepool’s player page on Baseball-Reference.  The other pages I sponsor are, effects of viagra Ken Boswell, effects of viagra Duffy Dyer, effects of viagra Jay Hook, effects of viagra 1947 NY Giants, effects of viagra and 1977 NY Mets. Effects of viagra It’s the least I can do for all the info I pluck from the Baseball-Reference site.

Effects of viagra So Sandy Alderson made a funny at the baseball writer’s dinner:

Effects of viagra There’s been a lot of talk about our outfield. Effects of viagra And I want you to know that I’m in serious discussions with several outfielders I met on the Internet. Effects of viagra There’s one I really like. Effects of viagra He says he played at Stanford.’’

Effects of viagra  and some folks are upset that he made a joke about the Mets outfield situation. Effects of viagra Really? Seriously? Lighten up!

Effects of viagra The San Francisco Giants honored their New York roots this past weekend by bringing not only the 2012 World Series trophy to town but the great Willie Mays as well. Effects of viagra  By the way, effects of viagra with all the debate over retiring numbers that we Mets fans seem to love argue about, effects of viagra how a dialog about retiring #24 to honor the greatest player in baseball history?

Effects of viagra You should also read this column by George Vecsey on the Giants World Series trophy tour of NY.  I let out a big “SIGH” when I was done reading.

Effects of viagra Oh the Cubs had a FanFest over the weekend. Effects of viagra Tip O’ the Mets cap to Mets Police for the linkage and for putting me in a more pissed off mood about the baseball team I love.

Effects of viagra Hey look whose back, effects of viagra Perpetual Pedro all recovered from shoulder problems and full of Highlander bucks has come home albeit with a minor league deal. Effects of viagra Feliciano will join Robert Carson, effects of viagra Josh Edgin, effects of viagra Darin Gorski, effects of viagra Aaron Laffey, effects of viagra and post-op Tim Brydak as the Mets attempt to form the first all left handed bullpen in history of baseball.

Effects of viagra My podcast mate on Mets Kult of Personalities Tayrn Cooper, effects of viagra has penned a guest column on Jeff Pearlman’s website, effects of viagra taking up the cause for Mike Piazza’ enshrinement into the Hall of Fame and calling out the voters for short sightedness in not voting Piazza in his first year of eligibility. Effects of viagra Pearlman will also be guest on Coops Gall For All Seasons Podcast this week as well.

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Listen to internet radio with Mike Silva on Blog Talk Radio

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Buy viagra pill On the latest edition of the Sports Media Watchdog Podcast, buy viagra pill Mike Silva and I talk about the Manti Te’o and Lance Armstrong controversies , buy viagra pill the NBA playing regular season game in Europe, buy viagra pill the deaths of baseball legends Stan Musial and Earl Weaver and a look at the NFL Championship Sunday.

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Dirt cheap viagra Well now that Chipper Jones has bid adieu to Flushing, dirt cheap viagra it leaves Mets fans with not much to discuss until the off season. Dirt cheap viagra I have to admit, dirt cheap viagra I watched maybe 5 minutes of yesterday’s game as the first Sunday of NFL action had me mesmerized for most of the day( NFL Red Zone on FiOs GREATEST….THING….EVER). Dirt cheap viagra It was encourage seeing that the majority of Mets fans in attendance at Citi Field showed how classy Mets fans can be by giving Jones a standing ovation. Dirt cheap viagra I know a few of the backwards cap wearing, dirt cheap viagra beer swilling, dirt cheap viagra longtime fans since 1999, dirt cheap viagra and feel that the fans who acknowledge Jones for his fine Hall of Fame career should have their Mets fan card revoked but all that does is display their lack of Mets and New York baseball education.  Stan Musial’ “The Man” nickname came from Brooklyn Dodgers fans. Dirt cheap viagra Willie Stargell killed the Mets a la Jones but whenever the Pirates came to town Stargell was always given a warm reception as his talents as a player and team leader were respectfully acknowledged. Dirt cheap viagra    

Dirt cheap viagra As much as I admire Jones, dirt cheap viagra I’m glad he’s gone off into the sunset so some of us can concentrate on watching Matt Harvey, dirt cheap viagra Jeurys Familila  Jenrry Mejia and tonight’s starter Collin McHugh pitch to determine if they are part of the solution to get the Mets back to contending for a NL Pennant, dirt cheap viagra the rest can get back to figuring out how many empty beer cups they can balance on their heads.

Dirt cheap viagra The Brooklyn Cyclones dropped game 2 of the NY-Penn League playoff series against the Hudson Valley Renegades to even the best of 3 series to 1 game apiece and the deciding game tonight in Wappinger’s Falls. Dirt cheap viagra  I have a lot of faith in tonight’s Brooklyn starter Luis Cesa as I saw his last start against Lowell where he went 8.2 innings for the win at Coney Island. Dirt cheap viagra     

Dirt cheap viagra  Last night I joined Mike Silva on his show at WGBB to talk about the relationship of late between reporters covering teams and how it has changed over the years and we also discussed the Chipper Jones farewell at Citi Field.

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Viagra forums I guess the rumblings from the fan base inquiring about the Mets ability to release Mike Pelfrey and using that money to hire someone who can actually throw strikes, viagra forums forced the team to come clean and let us know that Pelf has been suffering from a high ankle sprain that is finally feeling better. Viagra forums Okay so that means no excuse next time out right?

Viagra forums Andres Torres calf injury doesn’t seem too serious but it does put the spotlight again on the lack of depth on this team. Viagra forums Maybe Sandy Alderson is waiting until the end of spring to see what’s available on the scrap heap but decent or serviceable centerfielders don’t usually end up in the dumpster so why not improvise and put Jordany Valdespin in CF. Viagra forums The last guy we need to see in CF is Jason bay, viagra forums sure it’s noble of him to step up in a time of need but Terry Collins should say thanks but no thanks. Viagra forums Valdespin has a lot of issues with a reputation of a piss poor attitude and not very good approach at the plate but you know what he’s 24 years old, viagra forums he’s athletic so why not? I’d love to see the organization challenge him to shit or get off the pot.

Viagra forums Even though Mets fans still hold their breath on every pitch, viagra forums it looks like Johan Santana’s get better and better both health wise and stuff wise so maybe opening day is not a pipedream but a reality for Santana.

Viagra forums Larry Jones has announced he will retire at the end of the season. As much as he has killed the Mets over the years, viagra forums I have tons of respect for him and will give him a standing ovation at his last at bat in Citi Field. Viagra forums If anyone has ever been down the 3rd base side at Shea or Citi during a home stand the Braves were here know why I have such respect for Jones. Viagra forums He knew how to play to the fans as he never said no to an autograph to fans dressed head to toe in Mets paraphernalia and he always got a kick out the Mets faithful. Viagra forums The way Stan Musial was respected by Brooklyn Dodger fans and Willie Stargell was held in high esteem by the Shea crowd you can add Chipper in that group as well.

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Viagra suppliers The NY NL Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance is proud to cast its vote for the 2010 Stan Musial Award given to the leagues Most Valuable Player. Viagra suppliers The Chapters vote is as follows:

Viagra suppliers 1st Place-Joey Votto

Viagra suppliers 2nd Place-Albert Pujols

Viagra suppliers 3rd Place-Carlos Gonzalez

Viagra suppliers 4th Place-Troy Tulowitzki

Viagra suppliers 5th Place-Adrian Gonzalez

Viagra suppliers 6th Place-Matt Holliday

Viagra suppliers 7th Place-Ryan Zimmerman

Viagra suppliers 8th Place-Dan Uggla

Viagra suppliers 9th Place-Ryan Howard

Viagra suppliers 10th Place-Aubry Huff

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