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Viagra online deals I know we are supposed to be all hopped up for baseball, viagra online deals with opening day just days away (I am very anxious to get to Citi Field early on Thursday) but I have to take time out to salute my NY Rangers on win #50 last night.

Viagra online deals This has been the best Rangers season in years. Viagra online deals This may not be the most talented Rangers team ever but it may be the best loved by the fans, viagra online deals with the exception of the 1994 Cup Champs. Viagra online deals Even the most jaded of Rangers fan has a tough time criticizing anyone on this team, viagra online deals oh they try by getting on Dubi or Boyle or Richards but they look foolish doing it.

Viagra online deals I have no idea what will happen in the Stanley Cup playoffs, viagra online deals I will be rooting my ass off for a Cup and a parade but right but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Viagra online deals But before the playoffs start I want to thank the Rangers players, viagra online deals Coach Torterella and a guy I have been nasty to for years Glen Sather for giving Rangers fans a great season and for bringing us a team we are so proud of.

Viagra online deals The video I posted gives me goosebumps every time I see it when I’m at MSG. Viagra online deals I had NY Rangers season tickets from the mid-70’s to about 1990 when kids and a mortgage made me shift my time and money obligations but I still make sure I watch every game on TV and try to get to at least 10 games a year.

Viagra online deals Like the message in the video says “I AM A RANGER”

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Generic cialis sale You can add any vile and nasty words you want to that slogan as well. Generic cialis sale If Warlord Jerry and Omar Minaya have any motivational brains they will use the hatred that seems to be universal around baseball to help bond the ’09 team.

Generic cialis sale I totally confess to be the world’s biggest sore loser. Generic cialis sale As much as I hate the NY Islanders I always admired Isles goalie Billy Smith who never joined the hand shake line during the Stanley Cup playoffs as he said “why shake hands with a guy who is trying to take bread off my table”? Well said. 

Generic cialis sale This “We Hate You” mantra that has been vented toward the Mets needs to be embraced by the owner, generic cialis sale the GM, generic cialis sale the Manager, generic cialis sale the fans, generic cialis sale and most importantly the players. Generic cialis sale What all this “hate” tells me is the NL has no respect for the Mets because the see them as a “me” and not a “we” team. J-Man touched on that when he was given the total reigns of the clubhouse and it’s up to him to drive this Bring the Hate message to his players. Generic cialis sale It’s is up to Omar to bring in players who take offense to being hated. Generic cialis sale This team of 2008 took the hate in stride. Generic cialis sale Remember the Elijah Dukes incident with Mike Pelfrey? It was good that Brian Schiender stepped between Dukes and Big Pelf but being that there is a history of disrespect between the Nats and Mets, generic cialis sale Schiender should have Varetek-ed Dukes. Generic cialis sale By Vartek-ed I mean how Jason Vartek smacked the shit out of A-Rod as he was tired of his bullshit. That’s what a team does. Generic cialis sale Is this neanderthal macho dumb ass thinking?  Of course it is.  But this turn the other cheek bullshit ain’t working in Flushing.

Generic cialis sale So line up you fucking haters and takes us on. Generic cialis sale BRING THE HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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