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Viagra cialis levitra As promised in my last post, viagra cialis levitra it’s time for the 2013 NY Mets first half report card.  Unlike years past there is room for optimism even though the team has not had a winning monthly record since June of 2012, viagra cialis levitra that’s seven consecutive months of losing, viagra cialis levitra but the tide seems to be turning.  There is optimism in that the young arms are starting to emerge as we see today with Matt Harvey being named the starter for tomorrow nights All Star Game. Viagra cialis levitra Zack Wheeler has shown some growing pains but he should figure it out and Noah Syndergarrd talk is all the rage.

Viagra cialis levitra But the club needs bats and needs them badly but that’s a post for another day. Viagra cialis levitra On to the grades:

Viagra cialis levitra John Buck Grade C

Viagra cialis levitra Took off like a rocket in April with the bat hitting 9 HR and driving in 23 runs. Viagra cialis levitra From months May thru July, viagra cialis levitra Buck has hit 5 HR and knocked in 23 runs. Viagra cialis levitra The biggest aspect of catching is defense, viagra cialis levitra while Buck is not a great catcher; he is a vast improvement over what the Mets have had the last two years. Viagra cialis levitra He’s holding the seat warm until Travis D’Arnaud gets himself healthy and ready for the big leagues, viagra cialis levitra most likely next season.

Viagra cialis levitra Ike Davis Grade F

Viagra cialis levitra UGH! What a mess Ike is. Viagra cialis levitra So far the great re-invention of Ike Davis approach at the plate has been a failure.  His first couple games when Ike came back from Las Vegas there was a bit of an improvement but the last week he’s back to his ass going one way and his arms going the other. Viagra cialis levitra UGH! I sense Sandy Alderson’ patience are wearing thin with Ike and with Davis arbitration eligible next season  Ike looks like a lock for non-tender status.

Viagra cialis levitra Daniel Murphy Grade D

Viagra cialis levitra Who doesn’t love Murph? He plays his ass off, viagra cialis levitra worked very hard to be a serviceable 2nd baseman and has battled serious injury to come back strong.  But Murphy like Ike is at a crossroads in his career. Viagra cialis levitra He’s making just a shade under $3mil this season and would be looking for a raise towards the $5mil mark in 2014. Viagra cialis levitra He’s 28 years old he doesn’t draw walks and he hits with little power and is not a solid fielder. Viagra cialis levitra Add 2nd base as another position the Mets will need to upgrade in 2014.

Viagra cialis levitra Ruben Tejada Grade F

Viagra cialis levitra I’ve never been a fan of Tejada’s and never understood what some baseball people saw in him. Viagra cialis levitra He’s in Las Vegas now and will most likely be there until September. Viagra cialis levitra Call this addition by subtraction.

Viagra cialis levitra David Wright Grade A+

Viagra cialis levitra Just put a decent bat behind Wright and he’ll put up numbers like have never been seen in Flushing. Viagra cialis levitra Just having a decent bat like Marlon Byrd protecting him has allowed Wright to put up solid numbers. Viagra cialis levitra His defense has also improved to where you might as well give him the Gold Glove now. Viagra cialis levitra He has also embraced the role of Captain showing more leadership on the field than we’ve ever seen. Viagra cialis levitra David Wright is one of the top 10 players in baseball and we are damn lucky to have him on our team.

Viagra cialis levitra Lucas Duda Grade C

Viagra cialis levitra Duda and Josh Satin could be the demise of Ike Davis. Viagra cialis levitra Duda will never see left field again as a Met and that’s a major plus. Viagra cialis levitra It’s not Duda’s fault that he was a lousy outfielder, viagra cialis levitra he never played outfield and when he was moved back to his natural position of 1st base he looked like a new man. Viagra cialis levitra But then he went down with a strained intercostal muscle pull and hasn’t be heard from since. Viagra cialis levitra  Duda’s 14 % BB rate and .204 ISO is what has me not quitting on him, viagra cialis levitra I’d love to see him get back soon healthy and coupled with Satin as a very productive 1st base platoon. Viagra cialis levitra Sorry Ike.

Viagra cialis levitra Juan Lagares Grade D

Viagra cialis levitra Tough grade for the young center fielder but when you break it down his offense is an F and his defense is an A. Viagra cialis levitra Thought of giving him a C but he lost his job to Kirk Nuienhuis so that dropped it to a D

Viagra cialis levitra Marlon Byrd Grade A

Viagra cialis levitra All the Sandy Alderson critics were screaming “where’s the bargain signing that pays off” well here you have him in Marlon Byrd. Viagra cialis levitra Now no one, viagra cialis levitra even the Mets GM , viagra cialis levitrathought Byrd would contribute as much as he has. Viagra cialis levitra Byrd leads the team in HR’s (15) and Rib Eyes with 51 his wOBA is solid .346 and his play in right field has been stellar. Viagra cialis levitra So where do you fall? Keep Byrd, viagra cialis levitra Trade Byrd? I get the feeling Byrd will stay as the Mets GM is sick of his team sucking in the second half and is looking for a strong finish to build on for 2014. Viagra cialis levitra Byrd stays.

Viagra cialis levitra Omar Quintanilla Grade D

Viagra cialis levitra Best part of Q’s game is he takes a walk as in base on balls with an 11% BB rate. Viagra cialis levitra His defense is plausible and he’s 31 years old so he’s not the future. Viagra cialis levitra Mets have a big ? at shortstop

Viagra cialis levitra Jordany Valdespin Grade F

Viagra cialis levitra Good bye and good riddance.  If Valdespin had called John Buck the name he called Terry Collins, viagra cialis levitra he’d be getting fit for dentures today.

Viagra cialis levitra Mike Baxter Grade D

Viagra cialis levitra Still can’t understand why he had to go to Las Vegas and JV1 got to stay big big mistake. Viagra cialis levitra Baxter better lefty bat off the bench than Vladespin.

Viagra cialis levitra Justin Turner Grade D

Viagra cialis levitra Teammates love him and his pies but where does he fit on this team on the field? Isn’t Josh Satin Justin Turner but with talent?

Viagra cialis levitra Kirk Nieuwenhuis Grade C

Viagra cialis levitra Looks like Kirk has won the CF job and the last couple of weeks his bat has come alive and his play in centerfield has been solid. Viagra cialis levitra A C grade may be a bit generous but Kirk gets a little more love due to grit.

Viagra cialis levitra Anthony Recker Grade Incomplete

Viagra cialis levitra Poor guy doesn’t play enough but when he does he hits with pop with a .237 ISO but it’s a very limited sample. Viagra cialis levitra He could find his way as a Sunday catcher with Mets when Travis d’Arnuad makes his debut

Viagra cialis levitra Josh Satin Grade Incomplete

Viagra cialis levitra Again small sample size but he has forced Terry Collins hand as Ike Davis regresses and the team looking to win games and stop the loser mentality Satin has played his way into the lineup. Viagra cialis levitra Easy guy to root for.

Viagra cialis levitra Terry Collins Grade C

Viagra cialis levitra Some days I’m pro-Collins some days I’m looking for his replacement. Viagra cialis levitra Collins handles the press and his clubhouse as well as anyone in the game but when it comes to in game strategy and handling his bullpen, viagra cialis levitra Collins is playing checkers while the opposing manger is playing chess. Viagra cialis levitra Second half of the season will determine if Collins is the Mets skipper in 2014

Viagra cialis levitra Tomorrow the pitching staff.

Viagra cialis levitra  

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Cheap viagra So much has been made of the DJ Carrasco-Ryan Braun-Terry Collins-David Wright spectacle from last night, cheap viagra it taken the focus off of Dillion Gee and the second straight start that he was a very hittable pitcher. Cheap viagra Gee has had a problem this year making fat pitches to batters, cheap viagra he’s throwing strikes but they are very hittable strikes as his .346 BAP will attest to. Cheap viagra  Gee’s ground ball to fly ball rate has jumped to 2.14, cheap viagramuch higher than any time in his three year big league career so you could say with the lack of range in the middle infield with Rony Cedeno and Daniel Murphy has hurt him in his last two starts.

Cheap viagra When was the last time we saw David Wright get all worked up like he was last night after Terry Collins lifted him in the 7th inning ? I was happy to see that from Wright and I was glad that after he blew up, cheap viagra he came back to the dugout and went over to Terry Collins to explain his side of being pulled. Cheap viagra What we are seeing is Wright not only showing leadership with this club but finally being comfortable in that role. Cheap viagra I also like that Collins made his decision to take both Wright and Murphy (who also was pissed to be lifted) and let both guys vent and then explained why he made the move he did.

Cheap viagra I agreed with Gary Cohen’ take on Carrasco hitting Braun , cheap viagra no one knows what was in his heart if he was throwing at him on purpose or if the pitch just got away from him but to think that Carrasco, cheap viagra a guy whose job is on shaky ground, cheap viagra would just  throw at player and get kicked out of a game in which he needed to show that he can pitch effectively, cheap viagra makes no sense. Cheap viagra I’m sure Collins will talk to Carrasco today and let him know that if he was throwing at Braun on purpose it was a stupid move. Cheap viagra I’m sure David Wright will let Carrasco know it as well.

Cheap viagra So something we knew would happen was officially announced today that the NY Mets will host the 2013 All Star Game at Citi Field in 2013. Cheap viagra I am looking forward to this event and all the festivities that surround the Game. Cheap viagra I’ve been to one All Star game in my life, cheap viagra in 1977 at Highlander Stadium and I missed the 2008 one as I was on a camping trip, cheap viagra I’m more excited for the Fan Fest at the Javits Center and all the pomp and circumstance that will surround the city than I am for the actual game.

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Cialis daily I don’t blame him. Cialis daily We all know as does Beltran that he will not be a Met much longer.  The rest of MLB seems to know the same. Cialis daily The Giants gave him and Jose Reyes a lift to Phoenix for tonight’s All Star Game, cialis daily a round about way of collusion I guess and Beltran being a vet of being wooed in the last year of a deal, cialis daily is enjoying the dating process.

Cialis daily Not only are the Giants  interested in a relationship with Beltran but the Red Sox seem to want to pitch some woo too.

Cialis daily It will interesting to see where Beltran lands and what Sandy Alderson gets back in return. Cialis daily As Mets fans we should enjoy the last days of Carlos Beltran becuse we will miss him when he’s gone.

Cialis daily Now the Frankie Rodriguez has signed his soul away by joining forces with Scott Boras, cialis daily Sandy Alderson should allow Boras to to be his broker in dealing K-Rod out of  Flushing.  Now when he’s dealt no tears will be shed.

Cialis daily What’s wrong with Mets fans not tuning in to SNY to watch Mets games? Seems the eyeballs that tune into to watch the Amazin’s have dropped off significantly and that is puzzling to me. Cialis daily This team is not only winning more than we thought they would but they a very easy to root for. Cialis daily I know it’s not the troika of Gary, cialis daily Keith and Ron who are the best in the business.  I’d blame Chris Carlin, cialis daily I think he scares kids when they see him on TV.

Cialis daily It’s hot as hell upstate  so the scout masters lodge is full to capacity as we bask in the air conditioning. Cialis daily Yes, cialis daily we are a bunch of candy asses I admit but there ain’t a breeze to be had out here and after cooking a breakfast of bacon and eggs I feel I deserve a little me time. Cialis daily Besides all the kids are at merit badge classes so we have no one to yell  at.

Cialis daily Go NL Go

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Viagra prescriptions The Mets are pulling out all stops to get Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran elected to the starting lineup for the July 12th All-Star Game from Phoenix AZ. Viagra prescriptions Voting ends on Thursday at 11:59PM. Viagra prescriptions As an added bonus the Mets are running a contest where one lucky voter has a chance to win 2 tickets to an up coming Mets game at Citi Field and a meet and greet with Jose Reyes. So vote early and often and good luck

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Buy viagra pill Another day another story of the Skill Sets getting duped in another hocus-pocus financial scheme. Buy viagra pill The NY Times has a story on Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul getting involved with a guy named Samuel Israel III in a hedge fund that went sour and ended costing Freddy and Saul $13 mil to get out of hot water. Buy viagra pill I swear, buy viagra pill I my take a leave of absence from my job to write a screen play for a movie about the Skill Sets and their financial hanky panky.

Buy viagra pill Of course when you go public with news that part of your team is up for sale, buy viagra pill you get every Tom, buy viagra pill Dick and Civil Rights leader coming out of the woodwork saying they want in. Buy viagra pill They all want in at 20-25 % AND want a say in what goes on in the comings and goings of the team. Buy viagra pill Remember what I told you about the devil you know.

Buy viagra pill Oh yeah, buy viagra pill as a real co-winky dink, buy viagra pill MLB has award the 2013 All Star Game to the Mets. Buy viagra pill  The Used Car Salesman will help the Skill Sets by any means necessary as he faces a real shit storm here with the Mets taking on water and the battling McCourt’s  in LA tarnishing his two top NL franchises.

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Alternative to viagra Motivation to blog about the Mets is a real challenge today. Alternative to viagra Everyday at the Winter Meetings is Groundhog Day. Alternative to viagra But I guess there are a few moves that need to be addressed so here we go:

Alternative to viagra Scott Boras has entered the building and I agree with Mike Silva, alternative to viagra Boras needs the Mets to get in the mix for Matt Holiday just to drive the price up. Alternative to viagra The Mets, alternative to viagra Cardinals, alternative to viagra Red Sox and maybe the Angels are Holiday’s best bets and with Boras blowing smoke up Mets managements ass about having the wherewith all to sign Holiday it’s quite clear that playing for a winning team is not paramount to Holiday signing a contract.

Alternative to viagra “The Mets have a network and they have an infrastructure there that is, alternative to viagra I mean, alternative to viagra it’s a juggernaut economically, alternative to viagra” Boras said at the winter meetings Wednesday afternoon. Alternative to viagra “We’ve seen what NESN has done and they’ve become if not a multi-billion, alternative to viagra over a billion-dollar franchise. Alternative to viagra The YES Network is a multi-billion dollar network and franchise. Alternative to viagra The infrastructure that they’ve built with the SNY network follows. Alternative to viagra They’ve got a brand new ballpark. Alternative to viagra They’re in New York City. Alternative to viagra Their revenues are in the top three or four in baseball. Alternative to viagra I mean, alternative to viagra the New York Mets have a lot of choices. Alternative to viagra And the Wilpon family is very successful. Alternative to viagra Sure, alternative to viagra the Mets can sign any player they want to if they so choose to.”

Alternative to viagra There is nothing in that statement that you can argue with. Alternative to viagra If you are a Mets fan, alternative to viagra Scott Boras just did you the biggest favor of the off season by calling bullshit on the Mets inactivity. Alternative to viagra Of course he doesn’t give a shit about you or me or any Mets fan but by calling out the ownership to get in the game, alternative to viagra we owe him some gratitude.

Alternative to viagra

Alternative to viagra The piece of baseball news I’ve heard so far these winter meetings was that Peter Gammons has left the WWL and will join and the MLB Network. Alternative to viagra I have had the pleasure of watching the Cape Cod League All Star game with Gammons a few years ago in Orleans and he was a real gentleman. Alternative to viagra We not just talked baseball but he is a real encyclopedia of Rock and Roll history as well. Alternative to viagra Congratulations Pete!

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