While I was riding the Staten Island Ferry on my way home from the Mets finale at Citi Field yesterday, I was reading over the notes I took during the game. I decided to invoke my “sleep on  it before writing” rule because it was quite an emotional day and even after “sleeping on it” I’m still having a tough time deciphering where this organization is headed, positive or negative. It’s the most confused and befuddled I’ve ever been in my 47 years of Mets fandom.  

Before my stream of semi-conscience begins please turn to page 1986 in your Mets Missalette to read the words of fellow Mets blogger/fan/Staten Islander by way of Brooklyn, Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus who lays out the events of yesterday quite eloquently.

Usually when I ride the 7 train to Citi Field, it’s filled with a full platoon of uniformed Mets fans excited to be headed to see their beloved Metropolitans. Yesterday on an 11AM 7 train out of Times Square, I was the lone infantry man in the car. If there was an invasion of Loyal Order of Red Legs. I’d have fought a losing battle.

I spent the time on the train reading this outstanding book, I had no real emotion about the day. It wasn’t until we left the 111 St station and Citi Field was on the horizon, I stared having flashbacks to Mets games of yore, good days, days when you could not get to the ball park fast enough. Games I went to that Tom Seaver pitched in, for some reason the game he struck out Manny Sanguillen for his 200 K back in 1975 to become the first pitcher to K 200 batters in eight straight seasons, popped in my head, another obscure game I was at that flashed in my mind was the walk off home run by Steve “Hendu” Henderson against the Giants in 1975. What sticks out for me in that one is, my friends and I bet on the Mets in this game for the sole reason we had hung out at a bar in Bay Ridge with Pete Falcone the weekend before and he was the games starting pitcher. I have to come clean and let you know we didn’t stay for the whole game, and we didn’t know the outcome until we got back to the neighborhood when we were informed of our “busted ass” luck.

When I got off the train at Citi Field-Willets Point the depression set in. The weather didn’t help that grey muggy one second it’s warm, the next it’s chilly temps, just like our Mets. After a summit on the Shea Bridge that Ed reported on, I headed to the Shake Shack for a burger (the line was long but not the usual four wraparounds) and then made my way to my $2 (Stub Hub-a Hub-a) buck seat in Section 519, just in time to see Jose Reyes’ first at bat of the day. Little did I know it would be his only at bat of the day.

This is why I invoked “my sleep on it rule” because at the moment Reyes came out of the game I was one ornery fucker. What bother me the most and still does was THE WAY he came out of the game. Reyes should have gone to his shortstop position and have Bastia step off and call time and then let Turner enter into the game. Would I have liked to see Reyes play the whole game? Of course, but his coming out of the game to protect a batting title is not unprecedented.

What also conflicts me with Reyes is the fact I really like him as a player and a person and I hope he’s back as a Met next year but if he signs elsewhere I’m not going to be sad or heartbroken. I still feel that Jose wants to stay a Met but I’m sure there will be One Dumb Owner who will make an offer that Sandy Alderson can refuse.

It’s time for us Mets fans to face facts, and the to face those facts we are fortunate to have someone like Howard Megdal to report the facts as he does here in his piece for New York Magazine which lays out the awful truth about the Skill Sets, their finances and the direction the club his headed due to money that would have been funneled into the baseball team will instead go to lawyers, creditors and maybe the Madoff Trust.

If you don’t have the stomach for some tough times in Flushing, it may be time for you to find another rooting interest in baseball because it looks like a very rocky road here for a couple of years. The team in the Bronx may have some openings, especially after the Mowtown Cats sweep them in the ALDS.

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Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don’t like Mondays.
I want to shoot
The whole day down.





First the Giants spit the bit, then this morning the 6:40 AM Staten Island Ferry was canceled so my usual Monday morning foul mood is intensified today. The Giants better hope that the new stadium they are building has some kind of wind baffle built in it because for all his heroics, Eli Manning turns into Tim Wakefield when the wind gets to 20 mph or more. Oh and thank you Plaxico Buress for letting down your teammates, fans and the whole Giants organization for your stupidity. Next time you want to shoot yourself, aim the gun a little fucking higher.


I’ll be rooting hard for the Cardinals on Sunday especially for my favorite Irish-American wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.


Count me as a huge Joe Posnanski fan. On his blog he has a great post on Adam Dunn and Willie Bloomquist.    I wanted Bloomquist on the Mets but he signed with the Royals where he will get a lot of playing time but Posnanski shows the difference between Dunn fans and Bloomquist fans and his analysis is right on the money I am most definitely a BLOOMQUIST FAN.


Today is Hall of Fame day and the one guy we know for sure who is getting in is Rickey Henderson and the reason there is an MLB Network is just for Rickey’s acceptance speech which I have no doubt will be right there with FDR and JFK Inaugural speeches in fact I would love for Rickey to write Barrack Obama’ speech for his inauguration:


                       “The only thing we need to fear, is an opponent with an inside straight”


If I had a vote (that’ll be the day) here is how my ballot would look:


Rickey Henderson

Bert Blyleven

Jim Rice

Tim Raines


Rickey is a no brainer. Blyleven was a strike out machine and I also feel that longevity in the game is a plus and not a detriment (or as Mike Francesa would say “he’s a compylah” to me that’s not a knock) The thing with Rice, when you look at straight numbers you could make a case that Dewey Evans was as good as Rice but I always remember that Rice was feared by the opposition but I don’t remember Evans in that way. Rock Raines was the total package of hitting/speed/defense.    


On the same subject, Mike Silva had Darren Viola (a/k/Repoz) of BBTF fame on his NY Baseball Digest show last night, discussing the HOF ballot for this year. First Mickey Rouke on Letterman and now Repoz on with Silva W-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is best interview/guest pairing sense Joe Franklin and Dee Dee Ramone!


I don’t know if this is old news or not but the Mets are intreseted in Derek Lowe and or Oliver Perez. In fact the Mets are hoping Lowe PAYS the Mets for the right to play for them.



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Omar Minaya should heed the advice as to not overindulge in alcohol during the holiday’s as that has to be the reason for him to even contemplate trading for Andruw Jones. Sure it would have rid the Mets of Gimp Castillo, who the Mets couldn’t rid themselves of even with the promise of delivering him with a suitcase full of Mets Money, but as bad as Castillo is at least he has a position unlike the chubby Curacaoian who plays centerfield one of three position where the Mets need no upgrade. As for Jones playing right field,  didn’t we try that before playing two centerfielders with Beltran and Mike Cameron? How did that work out (OUCH!)


The Skill Sets need to cut the bullshit and give Omar the go ahead to sign Manny and Derek Lowe. Or better yet make the Andruw Jones deal this way I know that the Mets don’t give a shit about winning and I go on and enjoy my summer doing something else.


Did you hear the one about the two Cuban baseball players that defected?


Happy 73rd Birthday to the greatest left-handed pitcher in the history of baseball.


According to reports today, over 47 million tourists visited NYC this past year and every one of those fuckers rode the Staten Island Ferry every night at rush hour.



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With a report that another group of “pirates”  (Does the leader of these swashbucklers give out “stars” for their headgear a la Pops Stargell?) have attempted to take over a cruise ship,   I wonder if the patrolman of New York’s Finest who patrol the Staten Island Ferry would cease flirting with the female passengers if the boat were over run by marauding pirates? Just the thought of that makes me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. As for the SI honeys who take the ferry, it’s amazing Staten Island doesn’t have palm trees as the amount of Aqua Net these ladies use most certainly has put a hole in the boro’s ozone layer.


On to news and links:


How sad is that back page of today’s NY Daily News? Dead Eye Plax and Deadwood Steph both are looking pathetic and lame, in Burress’ case very lame.  How fucking stupid can someone be? The Giants gather all their players in training camp to tell them if they have any firearms they’ve brought with them from other states to surrender them and the team will secured them and give them back when the season is over. Then the NFL offers to have a guard accompany these nit wits with their bling and bullshit as they go out on the town and still you have morons like Plaxico Burress. Thank God no one other than Burress was injured so I can laugh my ass off that someone could so fucking ignorant on how to use a firearm as to shoot himself in the leg.  My thirteen year old son who has shot rifles and shotguns can’t believe what an asshole Burress is and has offered his services to the NFL as a good Boy Scout, to teach the rank and file of the NFL how to safely handle a weapon. Our Mayor Mike III is goin’ real Gangsta’ on Plax as he has put DA Morgenthau (no shit, DA Morgenthau is so old he is the last remaining Dutch settler on Manhattan island) on notice no plea bargain for Burress but a cot at Rikers instead.


As for Marburry,   as someone who has followed him since his Lincoln High School (I even attended his announcement that he was committing to Georgia Tech as it was held at Skinflints a bar/restaurant I frequented back in the day in Bay Ridge) this chapter in his career is not surprising. Marburry has always be a “me” guy and he will always be a “me” guy but that doesn’t get the Knicks off the hook as they should have ended his employment last summer when Isaiah Thomas was sent packing. Not only does Mike D’Antoni skive Stephon but his teammates despise him as well.


A very good read from the folks at Beyond The Box Score (by way of the fabulous Baseball Primer) with a comparison of Ted Williams and Barry Bonds by using fancy sabermetircs.


Brooklyn Mets Fan gives a look at Rene Rivera a catcher the Mets signed to a minor league deal


Joe DeMayo’ Rumor Mill over at NY Baseball Digest is a must read especially this tasty tidbit:


•Derek Lowe remains the top target to be signed as a starting pitcher. The Mets seem comfortable going into spring training with a battle for the 5th spot in the rotation between Jon Niese and a “scrap-heap” pickup type. If the Mets fail to land Lowe, then Oliver Perez, Jon Garland and Randy Wolf could come into play out of free agency, or via trade they can look at Tampa’s Andy Sonnanstine, Edwin Jackson, or the White Sox’s Javier Vazquez. A name that is starting to garner some buzz is Daniel Cabrera who may get non-tendered by the Orioles. If he is non-tendered, it’s possible the Mets would look at him to compete with Niese for the 5th spot.


Cabrera is a very interesting name to ponder. His numbers are not very good and he needs a Garmin to find home plate but if he is non-tender a switch to the NL could help him.


Mike Hampton has turned his back on the Atlanta Braves and has taken his broken down left arm to Houston as it seems he wants to be closer to his children who live in Arizona with his ex-wife. That’s one helluva school bus ride to Denver for his kids to get that quality education Hampton bragged about when he left the Mets.


I’ll leave you with this. On this date in 1991 Bobby Bonilla signed a 3yr/$29mil deal with the Mets some of which I think the Skill Sets are still paying off.


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If I were building a football team I’d build I’d do it from the inside out. Which means I’d build my offensive and defensive lines first then go with running backs, linebackers and so forth. It looks like the Mets plan is similar as they look to be going from back to front.

The first order of winter business seems to be closer which is now between Francisco Rodriguez and Brain Fuentes which is fine by me. What isn’t fine is the way the Mets are going about signing these players as they are using the government contract rule where the lowest bidder gets the deal. As someone in government and as a daily passenger of the Staten Island Ferry (4 boats that are less than five years old at a cost of $30mil a piece that breakdown for months at a time) I can tell you this method of business doesn’t always work out for the best.

What Omar and Co. need to do is decided which closer they want and damn the money. If K-Rod checks out medically and he’s the guy then if it takes four years guaranteed then do it. If Fuentes is your man then sign him. Don’t dick around here pick your guy and sign him.

I think they want K-Rod but at a reduced price than he wants and I have a feeling Rodriguez’ agent is at a disadvantage going up against Omar and Tony B.

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