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Get online viagra As if there is not enough snow here on Staten Island, get online viagra my family has decided it would be good idea to go upstate NY for New Years Eve and the weekend to snow board and ski, get online viagra two activity’s I will not be involved in. Get online viagra So I don’t know how much access I’ll have to a wi-fi hot spot so I’d like to wish everyone you comes to this site a very Happy New Year and more importantly an healthy and safe New Year.

Get online viagra I’m so glad that when I turned on the news this morning, get online viagra that Times Square is clear of snow and that the million or so people can now enjoy standing in a area blocked off by NYPD barricades for the next 12-14 hours to watch a ball drop from a building.  As a life long New Yorker it stuns the shit out of me that people come from all over the world to do this. Get online viagra Once your in those pens, get online viagra you can’t leave even to go to the bathroom. Get online viagra If you have a real bathroom emergency you have to hope there is a sympathetic cop guarding your holding pen to let you out to find a bathroom.

Get online viagra If you can’t make it to Times Square, get online viagra you can always stop off downtown at the NYPD’s central booking station by the courts and have the same experience as those revelers in Times Square.

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Overnight delivery cialis This post may be all over the place as I’m suffering from a lack of focus today. Overnight delivery cialis I went to Rangers-Caps last night at MSG and unfortunately the game was broadcast on Versus which meant the game started a half hour later than usual and there are more stoppages of play. Overnight delivery cialis There is nothing sillier than watching hockey players standing around with nothing to do while waiting for a TV timeout to end. Overnight delivery cialis So because of all that, overnight delivery cialis the game ended late and I had to catch an 11PM boat to Staten Island so I didn’t get home until a quarter to 12. Overnight delivery cialis Then it doesn’t help that one of our cats doesn’t realize I’m off on Wednesday’s or I think he just doesn’t give a shit, overnight delivery cialis and wants to eat at 5:30AM, overnight delivery cialis and I just can’t feed him and go back to bed because (a) Once I wake up, overnight delivery cialis I’m up and (b) my kids get up at 6:30 to get ready for school so it’s a moot point.

Overnight delivery cialis Then I have an episode of The Wire on DVR, overnight delivery cialis DirecTV has been running The Wire every week from the first episode and I’m hooked all over again. Overnight delivery cialis There is no show in the history of television that can stand with The Wire. Overnight delivery cialis No argument, overnight delivery cialis The Wire is TV’s greatest show ever.

Overnight delivery cialis I have the Sports Pope on Yes on in the background and a commercial comes on to hawk commemorative coins for the 10th anniversary of the attack of the September 11th on the World Trade Center. Overnight delivery cialis This has to be the most vile, overnight delivery cialis disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time. Overnight delivery cialis Is YES that desperate for revenue that they’d run this ad?  How can anyone with a conscience sell this coin and make money off it? And who is soulless fuck that would buy this coin? I bet the same person that is outraged that a Muslim community center is being built downtown.

Overnight delivery cialis Sandy Alderson will go down to Puerto Rico to meet with Carlos Beltran as Beltran opens his Academy. Overnight delivery cialis Nice gesture by Alderson to reach out to Beltran but I’m sure Alderson is more interested in the condition of Beltran’s knee and his ability to play centerfield and I’m sure he’ll reinforce to Beltran that he days of distrust with the front office are over.

Overnight delivery cialis The Charlie Samuels saga gets more sordid everyday. Overnight delivery cialis  A lot of things are coming into focus with the revelations that Samuels was not just stealing equipment and selling it (to the point that the market is saturated with Mets memorabilia supposedly keeping the prices down, overnight delivery cialis I guess Charley didn’t get his grubby little hands on those minor league batting helmets the club has been selling at $iti Field ) he was the Skill Sets mole. Overnight delivery cialis The Skill Sets must have seen the shit flying in the air towards the fan and in turn decided it was time to call in the Marines. Overnight delivery cialis Again, overnight delivery cialis this story will get worse before it’s over.

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What color is viagra Eat the Rich: there’s only one thing they’re good for
Eat the Rich: take one bite now – come back for more
Eat the Rich: I gotta get this off my chest
Eat the Rich: take one bite now, what color is viagra spit out the rest

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What color is viagra I love the outrage from Highlander fans that Mets fan and other non-believers in the Pinstripe religion have the gall to mock the former World Series champs as they went down in flames to a team from a football mad state. What color is viagra Maybe the Flock form the Bronx will now realize that there are 29 other fan bases out there all deserving of their slice of the World Series pie. What color is viagra Nah, what color is viagra those who don the “look at my 27 TIME WORLD CHAMPION jacket” or the my favorite the big gas guzzling SUV with the huge NY on the back window, what color is viagra a staple for Highlander fans from Staten Island, what color is viagra only care about winning, what color is viagra as rooting for the Highlanders makes up for some deficiency in their lives.  Now I’m not saying all Highlander fans are like that and not even the majority but mostly the younger 20-30 year old fans are that way. What color is viagra There whole grasp of Highlander history is the organization has won 27 World Series titles and that’s it. What color is viagra So maybe with their team out of the post season they could sit down and do some research on the history of their team ? Nah never happen all they want to here is Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford are signed for a quarter of a million dollars, what color is viagra because it’s not scouting or sabermetric analysis that fuels the Highlanders it’s dead presidents baby.

What color is viagra Congratulations to the SF Giants for winning the 2010 NL Pennant and for playing in one of the best baseball games I’ve seen a long time. What color is viagra I have to tip my Mets cap to Bruce Bochy, what color is viagra who I’ve never been a fan of, what color is viagra for bring in The Freak to pitch the 8th inning. What color is viagra What a concept, what color is viagra bringing in your best pitcher to win a game. What color is viagra Even though Lincecum got in trouble with two on and one out, what color is viagra Brain Wilson came in and did what he did a lot of this season, what color is viagra get a 5 out save.

What color is viagra As a Mets fan it’s tough to root for Cody Ross who as a Fishhead killed the Mets and rubbed their noses in it but to go from cast off to NLCS MVP is impressive.

What color is viagra How about Bengi Molina? No matter what he gets a World Series ring and a check.

What color is viagra The one thing that has me skittish about Sandy Alderson taking over as Mets GM, what color is viagra is his philosophy of hiring non-descript managers. What color is viagra Alderson like the guy in the white short sleeve dress shirt with the blue tie and tie clip. What color is viagra Mets fans are looking for more of an aggressive Carhartt wearing type of dock boss as field general. What color is viagra Maybe that’s why this process is dragging out and that Josh Byrnes is getting a call back interview. What color is viagra Could it be the guy who says, what color is viagra he’s cool with Wally Backman being the manager gets the job?

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Natural viagra A few nuggets as I pray my roof doesn’t leak tonight, natural viagra it may be a long, natural viagra long night on Staten Island:


Natural viagra

Natural viagra Says who? Says Matt Pignataro of 7 Train To Shea that’s who. Natural viagra Matt’s source tell him that Minaya will be relived of his GM duties and WIL NOT be reassigned in the organization. Natural viagra It’s the only move to make. Natural viagra Just pay him and wish him well we’ve got rebuilding to do around here. Natural viagra By the way, natural viagra Matt will be my guest this Tuesday night Oct 5th at 10PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO.

Natural viagra ITEM: WHO STAYS WHO GOES ?

Natural viagra Adam Rubin on ESPNNewYork has a Take ‘Em or Trash ‘Em poll on the website. Natural viagra Some of the more interesting results are 58 % of the voters say to Trash Carlos Beltran. Natural viagra I’m sure the organization would love to move him but how much of his contract would the Mets eat to get Beltran out of town? It will be tough enough to move Beltran due to his salary but now with this lastest flare up with his knee, natural viagra it could be near impossible. Natural viagra I love how the Mets and Beltran are talking up the fact that the MRI on his knee show that it’s just inflammation and that his knee has healed nicely since the surgery. Natural viagra It seems to me the only thing Mets management and Beltran agree on is they both hate each others guts.

Natural viagra 97% say Trash Luis Castillo, natural viagra my question is who are the 3 % who voted to keep him? Same with the 2% out of 100 % who say keep Oliver Perez.

Natural viagra 93 % say David Wright needs t stay and 77 % think Jason Bay will rebound in 2011. Natural viagra The voters also overwhelmingly want The Skill Sets, natural viagra Omar, natural viagra and Manuel out of here with a huge negative vote. Natural viagra Oh boy is this going to be one helluva winter!


Natural viagra Yeah I know it’s not Mets related but this bugs the living shit out of me. Natural viagra I despise Tiki Barber, natural viagra always have while he played for the G-Men as he always came off as a selfish “Me-First” prick and I do not feel he belongs in the NY Giants Ring of Honor. Natural viagra Seems Barber could not take the high road when promoting the unveiling on Sunday night of the Ring of Honor as Big Mouth Tiki trashed Coach Tom Coughlin saying he was losing the team and that Coughlin has to treat people with more respect. Natural viagra A guy who cheated on his pregnant wife giving advise on treating people with respect, natural viagra WOW what an A-1 scumbag.

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Cialis woman I have a question to the fans who attended last night Mets-Pirates game. Cialis woman Why? 

Cialis woman At 5pm I was in a car driving from Rego Park to Lower Manhattan the closer we got to the Manhattan the darker the sky became. Cialis woman Going over the Williamsburg Bridge, cialis woman you could see what looked like a funnel cloud fly over us. Cialis woman As we hit the Lower East Side, cialis woman the sky opened up with a combination of driving rain and hail. Cialis woman By the time we got to our TriBeca office the rain was a drizzle and the wind calm.

Cialis woman It wasn’t after we handed in our work and clocked out to head to Staten Island that we realized what the hell was happening. Cialis woman A 12 mile ride that takes on a rough traffic day 45 minutes, cialis woman took 2 hours last night. Cialis woman Trees down, cialis woman floods, cialis woman truck over turned, cialis woman what a disaster. Cialis woman Trying to get a traffic report we switch on 1010WINS and as they were giving the low down on the traffic and disastrous weather they announced that the Mets-Pirated game would be delayed 15 minutes. Cialis woman What? The Mets are still playing? Well I guess both teams are at the park but there can’t be people there right? Right?

Cialis woman Now I know it was just a smattering of people at the game, cialis woman I guess between 5 and 8, cialis woman000 but I just wonder, cialis woman how the hell did these people get to the game?

Cialis woman If you were at the game last night please post a comment on how you arrived and departed Citi Field to get home? I know there was no 7 subway service and the LIRR was out as well. Cialis woman The Grand Central was at a standstill (some people just left their cars on the shoulder and walked home) and from the news reports of downed trees and power lines why would anyone go out when it wasn’t necessary ?

Cialis woman Mack Ade has a post up at his site about all the Mets blogs that have bit the dust this year and some that are posting very infrequently. Cialis woman I have to say the last few weeks have been the toughest for me in the 9 years I’ve run this site. Cialis woman How much ranting and raving can you do about management and the lack of a team in contention?  How many times can you right about all the speculation of who will be the manager and General Manager in 2011? How many times can you beat up Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo to where you look like the asshole more than the over paid underachieving player? It’s gotten so bad that I’m Tweeting about how Casterino’s Pizza at $iti Field is overpriced and sucks.

Cialis woman The one sliver lining here is the winter will be more interesting than the summer when it comes to the Mets. Cialis woman Hopefully the summers will get interesting sooner than later.

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Generic omnigen viagra Even though it was sweltering today, generic omnigen viagra I wore this hat as soon as I found it while shopping with my wife in Khol’s on Staten Island. Generic omnigen viagra This little jewel was on sale for 18 bucks.

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Viagra order cheap It seems Highlander fans have selective memory. Viagra order cheap Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn Cyclones-Little Highlanders game at the Richmond County Bank Ball Park in the Land That Urban Development forgot A/K/A Downtown Staten Island. Viagra order cheap Of course I was decked out in my Brooklyn attire because (a) the Cyclones are of course a Mets farm team and (b) I still consider myself from Brooklyn, viagra order cheap I just happen to have a home in Staten Island and to tell you the truth I don’t know who Staten Islanders despise more Brooklynites who moved to the Island or Muslims but I digress. Viagra order cheap As I went into the ball park the Highlanders were leading the Mets 4-0 after a Mark Teixeira Granny against the suddenly ordinary Johan Santana. Viagra order cheap When the game ended the public address announcer comes on and asks for everyone’s attention. Viagra order cheap Now I’m thinking that since it was getting very dark and windy, viagra order cheap looking as if a huge thunderstorm was on the way he’ll anounnce that  all the folks out in the open seating area should prepare to go to the concourse in case of severe weather, viagra order cheap no that wasn’t the announcement. Viagra order cheap The big announcement was the Bronx Bastards beat the Mets 4-0 thus taking 2 of 3 from the Amazin’s.

Viagra order cheap Now a Highlander fan next me looks over and says “Well, viagra order cheap now we know who the best team in NY is” so I say “We do? The season series  is now tied at 3 wins apiece” Mr.  Doodle Dandy (in his JETER 2 shirt of course. Viagra order cheap I swear to God, viagra order cheap you can always tell the dumbest Highlander fan by what shirt the wear and it just seems like the biggest assholes wear JETER 2 shirts) looks at me and says “this is the only time they played each other this year” of course I say “Au contraire my simple minded friend, viagra order cheap the Mets took 2 of 3 at Citi Field back in May” Then Mr. Viagra order cheap Doodle Dandy gave me the line of the day, viagra order cheap week, viagra order cheap month, viagra order cheap year, viagra order cheap decade and I’d add the century:

Viagra order cheap “I don’t pay that much attention to the team until October”    

Viagra order cheap STUNNING!!!!!  

Viagra order cheap By the way the SI Highlanders beat Backman’s Boys for the first time in this first three game series.

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Canada generic viagra A very busy Memorial Day weekend continues, canada generic viagra first it was a trip to the Staten Island Homeport for Fleet Week and a visit on the battleships in port, canada generic viagra then yesterday it was chillin’ and grillin’ in the backyard and today my family is honored to march in the Staten Island Memorial Day parade as both my kids will be flag bearers and then off to another barbeque. Canada generic viagra How can anyone like winter over summer ? I dread heading to work tomorrow for the fact I have to wear real pants and a shirt, canada generic viagra I could be extremely happy spending the rest of my life in shorts, canada generic viagra t-shirt and flip flops.

Canada generic viagra Take time out of your busy weekend to give a thought about the brave men and women of our military who have put their lives on the line for us and for our country and if there is a parade in your area today try to get out to it and show your support for those who have given the supreme sacrifice.

Canada generic viagra I’m not happy with just one win in Milwaukee this weekend, canada generic viagra if this Mets team would have gone 11-12 on the road, canada generic viagra to go with that great home record of 19-9 that’s 30-21 overall just a shade under .600 ball and in 1st place in the NL East. Canada generic viagra Now it’s on to the 1st place SD Padres and their top ranked pitching staff, canada generic viagra 2 out of 3 here for the Mets would be sweet.

Canada generic viagra At some point Jeffey Skill Sets has to have a sit down with Ollie Perez and Scott Boras to get Perez to go to Buffalo. Canada generic viagra I’m sure Perez’ teammates are not happy by his selfishness and me attitude but when the team comes back home this weekend, canada generic viagra just the sight of Perez at the ballpark will set off an ugly reaction by the fans. Canada generic viagra Jerry Manuel said in so many words that it would take a disastrous situation before he calls Perez on the bullpen phone so really Ollie man up and go to Buffalo.

Canada generic viagra Fernando Tatis was in the lineup for Ike Davis yesterday and batted clean up. Canada generic viagra That’s worse that the other Manuel line up staple of whoever plays 2nd must bat 2nd.  Do any of the other coaches go to Jerry and say enough is enough with these ridiculous lineup he puts together ?

Canada generic viagra If my vote means anything I vote YES on brining Dontrelle Willis to the Mets.

Canada generic viagra There is nothing sadder than seeing a house without an American flag outside of it especially on a holiday like Memorial Day.

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Levitra viagra Sorry for the fragmented posts but I’m tired. Levitra viagra I did THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN from 10Pm to 11PM then I co-hosted with Michael Jong of Marlins Maniac on BBA TALK also on BLOG TALK RADIO so I’m a bit tired and if you are reading my Tweets, levitra viagra I am one cranky bastard today.

Levitra viagra So thankfully I’m off today from work and due to the rain and cold I canceled baseball practice for this afternoon, levitra viagra for the good of the kids because when I am in my cranky bastard mood and add in that we practice at a field next to South Beach on Staten Island and it’s cold and damp, levitra viagra that is a very explosive combination. Levitra viagra Add in that my pitchers have been falling into the bad habit of pitching from behind on just about every hitter that last three games, levitra viagra nothing would good would come from being around people today.

Levitra viagra So I will hit my Man Cave at 1PM to watch the Mets-Nats, levitra viagra close the door and activate the OLD MAN IS CRANKY alert to serve as a warning.

Levitra viagra

Levitra viagra You’re surrounded LeBron, levitra viagra  come out with your hands up!

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How to make viagra I was able to go to last night’s game on one of those spur (or as Archie Bunker used to say “sperm” ) of the moment deals. How to make viagra My son was with his friends when one the boys’ dads called and said he had gotten tickets to the game from his job. How to make viagra My son called me and asked if we could go and I said “Giddy up! Let’s go”

How to make viagra First it was the latest I’ve ever left for a game, how to make viagra 90 minutes before first pitch. How to make viagra I’m usually in the ball park at least two hours before game time, how to make viagra but when the folks we were going with had to get home from work so, how to make viagra you do what you can do.

How to make viagra Now from my shack on Staten Island to $iti Field it’s approximately 23 miles. How to make viagra In a place like say, how to make viagra Bismarck North Dakota, how to make viagra a 23 mile trip may take 15 minutes but in the Greatest City on Earth at rush hour it takes close to 90 minutes. How to make viagra We got our seats just before first pitch.

How to make viagra Needless to say, how to make viagra I did not get to inspect my brick in the Fan Walk, how to make viagra but I did get a glimpse of the old Home Run Apple which looks like it has found the perfect home. How to make viagra We passed by the new McFaddens which looked awfully dark. How to make viagra The bouncers at the door, how to make viagra one really big dude who had a chin like a Jai-Alai Cestna, how to make viagra scared the shit out of me so I didn’t look sideways at the place or ask a question but I’ll pose it here to any of y’all who have been inside the place. How to make viagra I believe it’s open all year round and on non game days? If so, how to make viagra who in that neighborhood is going to frequent the place? Do they serve food or is it a joint just to get a load on?

How to make viagra We sat in Section 106 down the right field line, how to make viagra close to the field but we had these annoying Asian tourists in the five rows in front of us who felt the urge to take photographs during game action. How to make viagra In the first inning the crowd in the section just called out “Yo sitdown” but by the third inning it was the whole section screaming “SIT THE FUCK DOWN” which I guess were the magic words as all cameras were finally put away.

How to make viagra By the third inning I had seen enough of John Maine and decided it was time for the Shake Shack and Box Frites. How to make viagra Seeing that I was comped tickets and a ride to the game, how to make viagra the least I could do was offer a Shack Burger, how to make viagra Fries and a beer to my host. How to make viagra Even though the crowd was as large as any I’ve ever seen for a second game of the season, how to make viagra 90 degrees in April will do that (remember when the Mets used to do Second Opening Day ? Rodney Dangerfield was a guest one year when they did this promotion as the second game of the season gets “no respect, how to make viagra no respect at all”) and I’ll be honest if it were 35 degrees and windy, how to make viagra my ass would have been on the couch at home watching this game, how to make viagra but I digress. How to make viagra It only took an inning and a half to get my Shake Shack order and beer but to cart the provisions back, how to make viagra I looked like a contestant on “Minute To Win It”. How to make viagra It’s not easy balancing four burgers, how to make viagra four fries and two beers from the center field food court to section 106. How to make viagra But here is the best part of the night, how to make viagra as get to the steps of the section and feeling a great sense of accomplishment that I have not dropped nor spilled any of this fine fare, how to make viagra the usher…..opps excuse me…the Hospitality Attendant, how to make viagra seeing me struggle to get to my row has the balls to ask to see my ticket. How to make viagra I give this dolt a look and say to him “Are you fuckin’ kidding”? Now get this? This asshole is offended by my language. How to make viagra I tell him call a supervisor or a cop and as soon as I put this food down I’m coming back up to show you my ticket. How to make viagra  He then says “no that’s all right”.

How to make viagra After I eat my burger I go back up to tap a kidney, how to make viagra on the way back I find Mr. How to make viagra Hospitality Agent ( I wish I wrote down this guys name as I’d put it in this post, how to make viagra in fact because of this guy, how to make viagra for now on, how to make viagra whoever pisses me off at $iti Field will have their named printed on this site) and I ask him, how to make viagra “let’s look at the logic here, how to make viagra I have two arms full of food and drink, how to make viagra you know my ticket is in my pocket. How to make viagra Since my hands are occupied, how to make viagra how did you think I was going to get the ticket out of my pocket, how to make viagra to show you”? “And your not cute enough for me to let you put your hand in my pocket” All this guy could do was turn a nice shade of crimson. How to make viagra Now I could have stopped there but I couldn’t, how to make viagra I had to add, how to make viagra “Don’t you feel foolish”? What can he say or do? He can’t call a supervisor because he’ll look like a dope and he can’t argue with me because now I’ve got a posse backing me up all he could do was apologize. How to make viagra Asshole!

How to make viagra Oh yeah the game! Not only was John Maine ineffective, how to make viagra he looked very uncomfortable on the mound. How to make viagra Jerry Manuel can run this start through the spin cycle all he wants there’s no way he or the front office are not concerned with Maine’s start last night. How to make viagra His location on the majority of his pitches weren’t even close to hitting their target and it seemed every Marlin hitter started their at bat with a 2-1 or 3-1 count. How to make viagra I don’t think Maine ever topped 90mph on his fastball all night and the speed of his fastball and change was much different.

How to make viagra There’s not much I can add about the bonehead play by Fernando Tatis in the 7th that ran the Mets out of a potential big inning. How to make viagra You have to know your home court. How to make viagra The backstop at $iti is not very deep but also, how to make viagra with your best hitter at the plate and two out, how to make viagra Tatis shouldn’t even think of running unless the ball went off the backstop and up the first base line. How to make viagra Bad baseball right there. How to make viagra Give Tatis some props for manning up after the game and talking to the press and admitting he fucked up.

How to make viagra That Tatis throw out at the plate, how to make viagra by the way, how to make viagra emptied $iti Field. How to make viagra There was a mass exodus complete with heads shaking and faces etched in disgust.

How to make viagra Hey Jenry Mejia, how to make viagra We’re not in St Lonesome anymore uh?

How to make viagra I know, how to make viagra I know it’s only two games but I’ve seen enough of Mike Jacobs.

How to make viagra Tough to kill D-Wright on the steal of second in the 9th that set up the IW of Jason Bay. How to make viagra GMJ is about the only guy in the lineup besides Wright, how to make viagra Bay or Frenchie that gives you any confidence as a Mets fan to get anything done. How to make viagra How sad is that?

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