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Online pharmacy cialis Roberto Alomar had one of the more bizarre tenures as a NY Met. Online pharmacy cialis How did a now Hall of Fame player, online pharmacy cialis go from hitting .336/.415/.541 with 30 stolen bases and 100 RBI along with 113 runs scored topped off with 66 xbh along with an All Star appearance, online pharmacy cialis Gold Glove Award and a fourth place finish in the MVP vote in 2001, online pharmacy cialis become a underachieving malingering  pariah as a NY Met in 2002?

Online pharmacy cialis Talk about your unsolved mysteries. Online pharmacy cialis Alomar just could not find comfort in Queens. Online pharmacy cialis He never fit in with the Mets. Online pharmacy cialis Maybe it was going from a first place Indians team to a losing situation with the Mets? Maybe all the baggage that Alomar checked in with at Shea Stadium, online pharmacy cialis the Hrishbeck spitting saga which weighed on him considerably and the constant meddling of fans and media about his sexual preference led to his down fall with the Mets, online pharmacy cialis I don’t know but I do know that he was one of the most hated Mets of all time.

Online pharmacy cialis When the deal was made though, online pharmacy cialis we Mets fans were a giddy bunch even praising Smarmy Steve Phillips for obtaining a talent of Alomar’s caliber but we didn’t get the 2001 Roberto Alomar, online pharmacy cialis instead we received a cheap knock off. Online pharmacy cialis It sure was a bad time to come to Mets as a “savior” or a difference maker and not produce and also come off as a malcontent. Online pharmacy cialis The club came off a great 2000 by winning the NL Penannt but losing to the Highlanders in the World Series. Online pharmacy cialis In 2001 the Mets got off to an awful start but rebounded in the second half of the season with a 44-29 recorded but the club faltered down the stretch and most folks didn’t care at that point as we all dealt with the attack on September 11th. Online pharmacy cialis  So on December 11th of 2001 when it was announced that the Mets had made a deal with the Indians for Alomar, online pharmacy cialis it brought hope to Mets fans that this move would get the team back into a post season berth. Online pharmacy cialis No need for revisionist history of the failure all around the organization during this time but Roberto Alomar was the guy who took the bulk of the beating from Mets fans, online pharmacy cialis venting their frustration with boos and cat calls until he was mercifully dealt to the Chicago White Sox in 2003.

Online pharmacy cialis In a story in the NY Times the day after he was dealt to the White Sox, online pharmacy cialis some evidence of Alomar’s unhappiness came out:

Online pharmacy cialis Exactly why Alomar was not himself in 222 games with the Mets will seemingly remain a mystery. Online pharmacy cialis Alomar said in a conference call with reporters yesterday that he liked New York, online pharmacy cialis and he made sure to add that he had great teammates.

Online pharmacy cialis He did not sound as if he could cope with the malaise that came from losing, online pharmacy cialis and the Mets lost 20 more games than they won while he was here.

Online pharmacy cialis ”The team, online pharmacy cialis maybe, online pharmacy cialis I didn’t really feel comfortable with the situation, online pharmacy cialis” said Alomar, online pharmacy cialis who batted .265 with the Mets, online pharmacy cialis far below his career average of .302. Online pharmacy cialis ”Sometimes, online pharmacy cialis teams don’t work for you. Online pharmacy cialis I think the New York Mets weren’t the right team for me.”    

Online pharmacy cialis When Alomar went to the South Side of Chicago, online pharmacy cialis guess who greeted him as skipper of the Pale Hose, online pharmacy cialis the Gangsta’ himself:

Online pharmacy cialis There was not much doubt even at the start of the regular season that Alomar would be the Mets’ second baseman, online pharmacy cialis but the team began to founder, online pharmacy cialis and Alomar became a target of the fans, online pharmacy cialis who thought he was not playing hard enough.

Online pharmacy cialis  ”I’ve seen a lot of players have a tough time in New York, online pharmacy cialis” Jerry Manuel, online pharmacy cialis the manager of the White Sox, online pharmacy cialis said in Chicago last night before his team beat Minnesota. Online pharmacy cialis ”New York is a tough place to play.”

Online pharmacy cialis Tough place to play, online pharmacy cialis tough place to be a manager too.

Online pharmacy cialis I’ll say this for Alomar with all the scandal that has followed him since leaving New York; his induction speech should be riveting.

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Viagra soft Howard Megdal has challenged Steve Phillips to a debate on  what makes a good General Manager but Phillips has declined the invitation to meet with Megdal and discuss baseball management issues in a public forum. Viagra soft Part of me understands why Phillips is dodging Megdal, viagra soft it’s a no win situation for him. Viagra soft Philips is seriously lacking in the “skill sets” needed to take on a man of Howard Megdal’ stature. Viagra soft Howard is a straight shooter when it comes to his idea of running a baseball team whereas Phillips, viagra soft as we have seen with his “I’d trade Stephen Strasburg for Roy Oswalt” declaration on the Pompous Ass radio show, viagra soft isn’t capable of running a t-ball team and add in his skirt chasing behavior he is now radioactive when it comes to prospective employers  in MLB.

Viagra soft But on the other hand, viagra soft Phillips would learn a thing or three from Megdal which would be helpful if he did want to get back into baseball.

Viagra soft For once in your life Steve Phillips MAN UP and take Howard Megdal’ challenge !!!!!!!!

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Buy viagra in england Some quick hits for a snowy Saturday:

Buy viagra in england Growing up in a full blooded Irish household, buy viagra in england we were always taught to never ever air your dirty laundry in public, buy viagra in england so I guess that’s why I have such a hard time finding sympathy for Steve Phillips. Buy viagra in england Phillips yesterday spent a full two hours on Mike Francesa’ WFAN radio program and for ninety of those minutes talked about his sex addiction.  If it weren’t for the USA Olympic hockey game being one sided and the Moltrin kicking in to soothe my back from shoveling snow I’d have shut the show off.

Buy viagra in england Phillips mentioned the pain and suffering he inflicted on his wife and children and all I kept thinking was how does it help alleviate that pain by you coming on this radio show talking about your addiction to sex?  I’ve never hid the fact that I never like Steve Phillips as he always came off to me as huckster and  a phony and I guess I was right. Buy viagra in england I just think that this was Philips way of getting himself back into the game, buy viagra in england maybe not as a scout or front office guy but back into broadcasting. Buy viagra in england Those therapy session tend to get expensive I guess. Buy viagra in england Maybe what Phillips needs is some “Irish therapy” a good ass kicking and stiff drink.

Buy viagra in england The first thing that comes to my mind of course is how can Alex Cora be a better signing than Felipe Lopez? Both players will make the same about of cash this season. Buy viagra in england Talent wise Lopez is the superior player and he’s five years younger than Cora. Buy viagra in england Mets fans have a right this morning to question why the Mets didn’t sign Lopez. Buy viagra in england The Mets won’t come right out and say it but Lopez for all his talent, buy viagra in england has played on six different teams in nine years. Buy viagra in england A couple of weeks ago he was interviewed on MLB Hot Stove and was questioned if it was his attitude or some other issues were scaring off teams to sign him and Lopez got very defensive and got his back up a bit so maybe as the outside of the package looks appealing, buy viagra in england the contents may be over priced when it comes to Felipe Lopez.

Buy viagra in england Mack Ade has some great links on his site this morning including David Wright brining a PB & J sandwich with him to a Mets media event at $iti Field this winter. Buy viagra in england You hear me making fun of Wright for that as I bring the same sandwich with me to work at least twice a week. Buy viagra in england Also Buster Onley states that if Ike Davis could make a run on the starting first base job this spring. Buy viagra in england Again, buy viagra in england Daniel Murphy would have to flop big time and Davis would have to hit about 15 HR’s this spring for this to happen. Buy viagra in england No need to rush Ike. Buy viagra in england If it comes down to Frank Catalanotto or Mike Jacobs for the 25 spot on the roster, buy viagra in england Catalanotto will get the nod.

Buy viagra in england I feel so bad for my favorite Van-Cougar Curler, buy viagra in england Cheryl Bernard settling for the Silver medal for Canada after the loss to Sweden last night. Buy viagra in england If there is anything I can do Cheryl, buy viagra in england take you to lunch or a Caribbean cruise, buy viagra in england please drop me a line.

Buy viagra in england Geez you look familiar, buy viagra in england you kinda look like Arturo Lopez?

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What was up with Big Pelf last night? Was he channeling his inner Doc Ellis? Did he spend part of the day in Height-Ashbury? Or is he trying to be the new Bill Lee, viagra discount uk a/k/a The Space Man? Long strange trip for Big Pelf. Viagra discount uk  IF it weren’t for the brain farts leading to 3 balks, viagra discount uk Pelf would have had a stellar afternoon in Frisco. Viagra discount uk The best part of his performance was the 10 ground ball outs he got so I’d say it was still a positive outing for Pelfry.


What you’re shocked that Steve Phillips sounded like a total douchebag last night during the ESPN telecast? Whoever came up with the idea to add Smarmy Steve to the booth needs to be fired. Viagra discount uk Still smarting over getting canned by the Mets eh Stevie boy ? Well you sucked as a GM and you suck as a TV analyst in fact all you’re any good at is banging secretaries. Viagra discount uk When Joe Morgan becomes the voice of reason in the ESPN booth then the apocalypses is near. Viagra discount uk Jon Miller should be arrested for the fucking shirt and tie he wore last night. Viagra discount uk That outfit was gayer than a weekend on Fire Island.


Tip of the Mets cap to Dave Singer at NY Sportsdog for calling out J- Man for pinch hitting for Daniel Murphy. Viagra discount uk As I posted on Dave’s site, viagra discount uk whatever crime Ryan Church committed to get in the J-Man doghouse, viagra discount uk Daniel Murphy must have been an accomplice as he is not getting the Chateau de Bow Wow treatment. Viagra discount uk With Delgado gone (I think he’s gone for good) can we just let Murphy play first base? Either that or offer the Orioles Jeremy Reed and Eddie Kunz for Aubry Huff.


My evening started out great as I was a guest on The Seven Train To Shea radio show and had a great time with those guys. Viagra discount uk But after that the night sucked as my Boston Celtics had the rigors of old legs, viagra discount uk lack of size and lack of depth catch up with them to lose to the Magic (enjoy it now Orlando as you guys will be gone in 4 to the Cleveland Le Brons) and then the Mets loss coupled with the embarrassing announcing crew on ESPN topped off the evening.          





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