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Soft gel viagra So the Mets are a win away from closing out a 5-3 West Coast road trip. Soft gel viagra Not bad for a team that most Mets fans felt threw in the towel because the GM failed to make a trade deadline deal.

Soft gel viagra Chris Young goes for the Mets and hopefully he can bounce back from his poor showing in his last start against the Snakes. Soft gel viagra  A win today would be a huge boost to the team after such a dismal start to the second half. Soft gel viagra Again the resilience of this team is to be admired.

Soft gel viagra So Jordany Valdespin got his first taste of veteran wrath yesterday in San Fran. Soft gel viagra Seems Mets have a rule that collared shirts must be worn on the road. Soft gel viagra JV1 must have thought that rule wasn’t meant for him so he wore a white t-shirt to the ballpark. Soft gel viagra Someone in the clubhouse decided it was time for a little rough justice and the Valdy’ tee was destroyed. Soft gel viagra I love the fact that whoever gave out the punishment wrote El Hombre on the shirt because Valdespin does walk around like he is “THE MAN” and I bet he embraces that nickname unlike the original El Hombre who despises it. Soft gel viagra  Seems after first getting pissed off, soft gel viagra Valdy realized the error in his ways and laughed it off to the point he wore the shirt during batting practice.

Soft gel viagra The big knock on Valdespin is his maturity in fact it was such a problem in Binghamton that Wally Backman told the Mets brass that if Valdy kept it up he was going to ring his neck. Soft gel viagra  Valdespin still irks some in the Mets clubhouse but hopefully yesterday was just another chapter in the Big League Education of Jordany Vladespin.

Soft gel viagra So the hot rumor is the Mets offered Jason Bay to the Fish for Heath Bell and John Buck. Soft gel viagra All three stink and all three are overpaid but all three are in dire need of change of scenery. Soft gel viagra I voted in favor of this deal as I’d wager that Bell will bounce back from this season of suckitude much more than Bay by the way, soft gel viagra have you ever seen a player with as bad of body language as Bay recently?  I actually feel sorry for him as he knows he’s at the end of the line not just with Mets but with playing major league baseball, soft gel viagra and Buck as bad as he’s been this year would automatically become the best catcher in the Mets organization. Soft gel viagra Not saying much I know. Soft gel viagra   

Soft gel viagra When you look at the money involved in this deal starting in 2013 Bay would cost $19 mil while Bell and Buck are due $24 mil. Soft gel viagra I can’t see the Mets making this deal man for man, soft gel viagra they would insist in the Fish sending both players to them along with a check for the $5 mil difference. Soft gel viagra      

Soft gel viagra Anyway the deal never happened but the end of the line for Bay is close like this weekend close. Soft gel viagra The Mets won’t cut Bay this season but this off season they will either sit down with him to work out a buy out or they will try very hard to trade him. Soft gel viagra Bet on the buyout release.

Soft gel viagra A Wall-Mart next to Citi Field? Forget that. Soft gel viagra Now a Costco with their $1.50 hot dog/soda combo? OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Viagra pill splitter I’m already feeling Mets fatigue as the stories out of St Lonesome other than Santana’s healthy and Matt Harvey is a stud, viagra pill splitter all the other news has the stink of negativity to it. Viagra pill splitter But is it really that bad or is it because it’s the Mets that it’s portrayed that way?

Viagra pill splitter Sure the rash of pulled obliques is a concern but is it serious enough to where some fans are going off the deep end? Of all the pull muscles in the abdomen area that bother me it’s Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ because I thought he had a real shot of making the team but this will most likely stall his major league debut. Viagra pill splitter Scott Hairston’ is somewhat disconcerting but he’s a 4th outfielder who can be replaced by a waiver pick up at end of spring. Viagra pill splitter Lucas Duda’ back looks to be fine as his Grand Slam yesterday is testament to.

Viagra pill splitter Tim Byrdak is having his knee operated on today and contrary to all the bridge jumpers he’ll be back by mid-April. Viagra pill splitter Is there a fan base in baseball that would get all worked up about a LOOGY missing 4 weeks of action in spring, viagra pill splitter some Mets fans reacted like idiots over the news of Byrdak’s injured knee.

Viagra pill splitter If you want to throw yourself on the ground and kick up a tantrum, viagra pill splitter then do so over David Wright’s sore side. Viagra pill splitter That’s the injury to watch.

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Cialis dosage Not for anything but as long as Mike Bloomberg has been Mayor of NYC, cialis dosage the town ran like Swiss clock. Cialis dosage Crime dropped, cialis dosage tourism rose, cialis dosage snow was removed in a timely fashion and there was never much controversy, cialis dosage until he told the voters of NYC to shove their term limits referendum up their ass, cialis dosage “I want to be King of NYC forever”

Cialis dosage Unfortunately, cialis dosage like a  rotting fish or a visting relative who over stays his welcome, cialis dosage Bloomy is starting to stink. Cialis dosage Whether it’s his appointment of Cathie Black as President of Board of Education, cialis dosage whose solution to over crowding in NYC public schools is to tell people to practice birth control and then at a meeting of parents of children who will be displaced by their school closing, cialis dosage ignores them as she falls into a Blackberry induced stupor. Cialis dosage Of course there is his cluster fuck of snow removal, cialis dosage his annoyance with cops and firefighters who after pulling out bodies and trying to save lives on September 1tth 2001, cialis dosage have developed illnesses that have rendered them disabled and are collecting pensions. Cialis dosage Pensions that were earned from blood, cialis dosage sweat, cialis dosage tears and collective bargaining.

Cialis dosage Now to add to his tarnished legacy he is failed attempted at a joke against the Irish  while speaking at the Irish Historical Center in Manhattan has solidified to me that Bloomy has lost his mind and this city.

Cialis dosage Bloomberg own the NY Mets? HA! He can kiss my narrow back Irish-American ass.

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Paypal viagra Oh boy lot’s of stuff to ponder today so let’s have at it:


Paypal viagra Alex Cora is what he is, paypal viagra a backup infielder who most people around the Mets claim is a positive influence in the clubhouse and a manager in waiting. Paypal viagra One more name to add to the “who will succeed Jerry Manuel by Memorial Day” list. Paypal viagra What I can’t get through my thick skull is the amount of money and contract he received, paypal viagra 1yr with an option for 2011 and $2mil. Paypal viagra Now 2 mil to the Mets is nothing but what I don’t get and the thing that makes my blood boil about this idiotic operation is, paypal viagra they never go over slot on a draft pick but they will overspend for JAG’s (Just Another Guy) and with all his leadership and his ability to play hurt last year Cora is a first class JAG and they come much cheaper than 2 mi. Paypal viagra This is a typical Mets move. Paypal viagra The Mets front office is as clueless when it comes to spending money on players as trailer park white trash hitting Mega Millions. Paypal viagra At least the trailer park trash spends their fortune on malt liquor and cigarettes.

Paypal viagra I read Chris Coste’ book and even though he had the stink of Philadelphia all over him, paypal viagra I admired his hard work and perseverance in making the big leagues. Paypal viagra When I heard last night that he had signed with the Mets, paypal viagra again even with that Phillies stink all over him, paypal viagra I looked past that and thought, paypal viagra well he’s hard working vet who not only can catch but play some 1st and 3rd base and would be a great help to Josh Thole, paypal viagra but then Coste made a major blunder and inserted his foot and shin guard in his mouth:

Paypal viagra Of all teams to come calling, paypal viagra Coste wasn’t expecting to sign a free-agent deal with the hated New York Mets. Paypal viagra But that’s just what he did on Monday afternoon, paypal viagra agreeing to a one-year split deal.

Paypal viagra

Paypal viagra “It was the Mets, paypal viagra” Coste told CSN. Paypal viagra “It’s the last team I ever saw myself playing for. Paypal viagra I knew I was going to accept it, paypal viagra but had to think about it for a few days.”

Paypal viagra

Paypal viagra “I will always be a Phillie, paypal viagra” Coste told CSN this evening.

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Paypal viagra It it wasn’t my choice to leave Philly, paypal viagra” Coste said. Paypal viagra “I never wanted to leave Philadelphia, paypal viagra I will always consider myself a Phillie.”

Paypal viagra

Paypal viagra Are you kidding me? Wait let me rephrase that, paypal viagra Are you FUCKING kidding me?  If this doesn’t prove how clueless Mets management is it’s this signing. Paypal viagra It’s bad enough that Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard have big mouths, paypal viagra in a way I can accept that as they are big time players, paypal viagra but when a bush leaguer comes out with this bullshit…Are you FUCKING kidding me? If the Mets don’t void this broken down busher’s contract after that…………..well……..ahhhhh who am I kidding there isn’t a pair balls in the whole organization.


Paypal viagra Shoppach had a sub-par season in 2009 but was fantastic in 2008 and is a strong defensive catcher and is 30 years old. Paypal viagra So of course the Mets had no interest. Paypal viagra If he forged a birth certificate to show he was 38 years old and born is Santo Domingo, paypal viagra he’d be a Met today.




Paypal viagra Let’s see Polanco is a terrific fielder with great range at 2nd base. Paypal viagra He hits doubles and has some pop in his bat. Paypal viagra Won a  two Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger and he’s DOMINICAN!!!! Ah but do we do with Rogers Castillo?


Paypal viagra I agree with Joe Janish, paypal viagra this could be the dark horse signing of the off season.


Paypal viagra I don’t think Schneider will be quoted saying “I’ll always be a Met” but you know he’ll go 4 for 4 the first time he plays against the Mets. Paypal viagra So anyone still think the Lastings Milledge for Scheider and Ryan Church was a win for the Mets?


Paypal viagra Metsgrrl has received her invoice for her Mets season tickets and it’s safe to say she is not a happy consumer but then again when it comes to customer relations the Mets make the Dept of  Motor of Motor Vehicles look like the happiest place on Earth.  I’m holding out hope that there will be more 97 cents days at $iti in 2010

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How much to buy viagra in pounds Lynn Cohen works tirelessly for her Pitch In For A Good Cause foundation and as her last event of the season she has a deal for you  remember, how much to buy viagra in pounds there will come a day during the winter that you wish you were at a ball game even to watch this bunch of slugs :

Come celebrate with GKR and our loyal supporters! Food, how much to buy viagra in pounds free GKR tee, how much to buy viagra in pounds stand on the Citi Field warning track during anthem, how much to buy viagra in pounds raffles and fun, how much to buy viagra in pounds fun fun! Get 15% off tickets and all GKR merchandise for blog readers only now through August 15th. How much to buy viagra in pounds Use coupon code “blogger”

How much to buy viagra in pounds In April 2009, how much to buy viagra in pounds a bright-eyed woman named Lynn Cohen began exciting plans for the second annual fundraising event for her beloved foundation, how much to buy viagra in pounds Pitch in for a Good Cause (aka How much to buy viagra in pounds Hope for the future couldn’t have been more rosy, how much to buy viagra in pounds and the inaugural event at Shea Stadium had sold out so fast that she’d had to add extra tickets. How much to buy viagra in pounds Surely the final weekend of Citi Field’s first season would be just as thrilling, how much to buy viagra in pounds if not more so. How much to buy viagra in pounds Hey, how much to buy viagra in pounds maybe our Mets would already be in the playoffs by then!

How much to buy viagra in pounds Optimistic Lynn purchased 800 tickets in the Big Apple seating area at Citi Field for the October 3, how much to buy viagra in pounds 2009 game. How much to buy viagra in pounds With those tickets, how much to buy viagra in pounds she happily added on 800 “meal plans, how much to buy viagra in pounds” including a tasty gourmet appetizer extravaganza and a $15 swipe card to be used anywhere in the ballpark–more than enough for Shake shack burger and shake! What a gorgeous day it will be, how much to buy viagra in pounds she thought. How much to buy viagra in pounds And the cheering, how much to buy viagra in pounds smiling GKR fans would send our Metsies off into October baseball…

How much to buy viagra in pounds Clearly Optimistic Lynn will not be working as a fortune teller anytime soon. How much to buy viagra in pounds Her powers of telling the future are alas way less potent than her ability to design a supercute t-shirt. How much to buy viagra in pounds Who could have foretold what our August 2009 lineup would look like? Where’s our slugging first baseman, how much to buy viagra in pounds our lightening fast short stop, how much to buy viagra in pounds our brand new 8th inning set-up pitcher, how much to buy viagra in pounds our multi-Gold Glove center fielder? Lynn could swear this team looked different when she bought those shiny new tickets…

How much to buy viagra in pounds On August 10th, how much to buy viagra in pounds Less Optimistic Lynn woke up and said “UH OH.” Obviously if the team is firmly in 5th place, how much to buy viagra in pounds the fundraiser is in danger! What to do with all of the tickets and swipe cards on the desk? Let’s make it a party, how much to buy viagra in pounds she thought. How much to buy viagra in pounds Not an end of the year party, how much to buy viagra in pounds but the beginning of a new one! A 2010 New Beginning party. How much to buy viagra in pounds Come to Citi Field with your GKR friends to purge the bad moments of 2009 and celebrate the good ones…and the even better ones that are sure to come next year. How much to buy viagra in pounds

How much to buy viagra in pounds Roses are red
Violets are blue
Come to our party and
Let’s start anew!

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