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Best prices on viagra The NY Mets hired a new Strength and Conditioning coach for 2013, best prices on viagra his name is Jim Malone. Best prices on viagra Malone was hired in early November in an effort to upgrade the way the players in the organization physically conditions themselves for the 2013 season and beyond, best prices on viagra especially when little nagging aches and pains have some guys taking time off due to soreness not injury, best prices on viagra you would also think his first duties as the S&C coach would be to meet with Johan Santana and oversee a workout plan for him after the abrupt end of his season. Best prices on viagra I mean, best prices on viagra it stands to reason right that Santana’s health would be of optimum importance to the Mets?

Best prices on viagra I don’t just look at Santana as the Ace of this Mets staff, best prices on viagra I also look at him as Sandy Alderson’s prime blue ribbon steer, best prices on viagra the one commodity that Alderson has left to sell off for some much needed calf’s to restock the Mets farm. Best prices on viagra Santana should have been given the best feed and a comprehensive workout program that would strengthen his surgically repaired shoulder and his endurance. Best prices on viagra He was given none of that by the Mets, best prices on viagra and now Alderson is surprised that Johan Santana cannot make the proclamation that 99.9 % of players make when they report to spring camp that “he is in the best shape of his life”.

Best prices on viagra Talk about not doing due diligence, best prices on viagra how in the world did the Mets not monitor the lefties off season workout activities?  I would think that every player in the organization sits down with the training staff and strength and conditioning staff and charts out a winter routine to make sure guys report to St. Best prices on viagra Lonesome in tip top shape. Best prices on viagra This isn’t reserve clause era baseball anymore where players have to take jobs selling insurance or laying brick, best prices on viagra the biggest job most players have is staying out of their wives way, best prices on viagra so I’m sure vast majority of baseball players hit the gym in the winter time, best prices on viagra because as I said in the above paragraph all we here from players today at reporting time is they are “in the best shape of their lives”.

Best prices on viagra All the talk now is about getting Santana ready for an opening day start at Citi Field. Best prices on viagra Seriously, best prices on viagra that should not be the top priority, best prices on viagra no the Mets need for Santana to work at getting that left shoulder strong and if that means he doesn’t come up North until the beginning of May then so be it. Best prices on viagra Santana’s value to the Mets isn’t what he brings in his starts, best prices on viagra no, best prices on viagra his importance to the Mets is what he can bring back in trade.

Best prices on viagra Johan Santana is the last of the high priced players of the Omar Minaya era and the last real trade chip Sandy Alderson has left that isn’t named Harvey or Wheeler, best prices on viagra if he is healthy. Best prices on viagra  Right now the Mets need Santana and Malone to sit down and work out a conditioning plan that gets him back on the mound with a strong left wing that throws strikes. Best prices on viagra If it takes the next 4 weeks of spring and a DL stint and a couple of rehab starts in Las Vegas then so be it.

Best prices on viagra This is not to disparage Santana or to call him out for not working out this winter, best prices on viagra not at all. Best prices on viagra Santana when healthy was a force with the Mets  a guy who not just competed but rose to challenges  when faced with them. Best prices on viagra  Of course there was last years no hitter which will leave Santana (and Mike Baxter) mark on Mets history. Best prices on viagra  His first year with the Mets on July 27th 2008, best prices on viagra a day after the Mets used every pitcher on the roster in a 14 inning loss to the Cardinals; Santana pitched a complete game and beat the Cards 9-1. Best prices on viagra Then on September 27th Santana beat the Marlins 3 hit shutout on 3 days rest to keep the Mets playoff chances alive. Best prices on viagra Oh yeah he did that with a torn meniscus in his knee as well.

Best prices on viagra Santana is as tough as a two dollar steak, best prices on viagra coming back from the meniscus tear, best prices on viagra elbow chips and reconstructive shoulder surgery. Best prices on viagra No question Santana will now work to get back into the rotation but now in the last year of his contract with the Mets, best prices on viagra the cold reality is, best prices on viagra he’s a short timer. Best prices on viagra  The question Mets fans should have about Santana isn’t if he will make the opening day start, best prices on viagra it should be can Sandy Alderson move Santana to a contending team for a blue chip outfield prospect by the July trade deadline.

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Viagra uk  

Viagra uk Today we take time out to acknowledge the anniversary of Felix Unger’s wife asking him to remove himself from their place of residence.

Viagra uk The Mets have hired Jim Malone as their new strength and conditioning coach and as we all know if there is a team in MLB that is dire need of strength and conditioning it’s the Mets. Viagra uk Hopefully Malone will work closely with Ruben Tejada to help fortify his stamina so the poor kid doesn’t suffer from fatigue in August like last season. Viagra uk Maybe mega-doses of Flintstones vitamins will do the trick. Viagra uk Yaba-Daba-Doo.

Viagra uk Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing is conducting a fantastic contest titled 50 Sheas of Krane in which you answer 50 questions about the legendary and iconic Mets player Ed Kranepool (bows head). Viagra uk The winner of this contest will be awarded the must have item for everyone who calls themselves a Loyal to the Orange and Blue Mets fan, viagra uk the New York Mets 10 disc 50th Anniversary Edition DVD package.

Viagra uk Speaking of must have Mets memorabilia, viagra uk the folks at have put together a  reprint compilation of New York Times stories highlighting great moments in Mets history  all printed on newspaper stock and encased in a acid free envelope to protect this fantastic Mets keepsake.

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Free viagra Take a bow Mets fans, free viagra you did it. Free viagra You voted and voted until you couldn’t make up any more e mail address and got Jose Reyes the starting job at short stop in the All Star Game. Free viagra

Free viagra In years past I’d be totally pissed off after the Mets lost 2 of 3 to the Highlanders at home, free viagra but yesterday’s comeback win and the way it unfolded makes this years’ series  loss a little easier to take. Free viagra This is not the same old Mets anymore.

Free viagra Besides the fact that you can see this team actually hates to lose and I can write every clichés about toughness, free viagra the one thing that is clear is the reputation of the Mets being a bunch of losers has all been erased. Free viagra Sure, free viagra they are not a championship team yet but they are creeping into “team we hate to play” status. Free viagra Have you noticed there are no more “Replace-Met” stories or writing on and on about when the injured stars will be back? It sucks big time to lose 2 of 3 at home to the Highlanders but if the Bronx Bastards (along with the Phuck Phaces and the Sawx) are the gold standard of baseball, free viagra the Mets a close to silver status which is a pretty good jump from last year’s given up status.

Free viagra The biggest fallacy written about Jose Reyes is that he is injury prone. Free viagra In 2009 the organization was much to blame for his injuries as they tried to change his running style was bad but the inept strength and conditioning staff made it worse. Free viagra Last season he missed the start of the season due to illness more than injury  but that doesn’t stop hacks like Joel Sherman to play up to the ignorance of his readership that Reyes is injury prone. Free viagra   Here is the breakdown of games played by Reyes since 2005 which is when he took over as the everyday shortstop after the other great idea of converting him to 2nd base so the great bust of Tokyo Kaz Matsui could be the starting shortstop:

Free viagra 2005 161 g

Free viagra 2006 153 g

Free viagra 2007 160 g

Free viagra 2008 159 g

Free viagra Even with the illness and injury from trying to come back to soon last season, free viagra Reyes played in 133 games. Free viagra So far this year he’s played 80 games. Free viagra He took off yesterday due to the tweak of his hammy (a grade 1 strain) and he may take the next few games off before the All-Star Game as well.

Free viagra We do see that Sandy Alderson may be won over by Jose Reyes and from meeting him myself it’s hard not to be. Free viagra Alderson seems ready to make a very competitive offer to Reyes (I think we can forget all the Don’t Trade Reyes angst he’s not getting dealt) as he sees the contribution Reyes makes on and off the field.

Free viagra If this weekend becomes the turning point where the Mets gain respect throughout baseball for being a team to avoid and Sandy Alderson decides that Jose Reyes is worth fighting to keep, free viagra then losing 2 of 3 to the Highlanders ain’t to tough to take.

Free viagra Last up certainly not least, free viagra I want to wish all of you a happy and safe 4th of July. Free viagra I have a couple of more days here in the Pocono Mountains, free viagra surrounded by Phuckadelphians in there Phuck Phace shirts and jerseys. Free viagra Makes me sick.

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Discount phentermine viagra While the Skill sets obsess over their falling financial empire, discount phentermine viagra I’m obsessing over Jose Reyes. Discount phentermine viagra Maybe I’m wrong but I wish he were one of the players already working out in St. Discount phentermine viagra Lonesome. Discount phentermine viagra Sure D-Wright is there and a number of other players and Reyes doesn’t have to report until next week (technically he doesn’t have to report until March 1 as per the CBA) but the thought of him and Wright working out together and   doing some strength and conditioning work would lift my winter/my team is run by a bunch of brokesters blues.

Discount phentermine viagra This is the biggest year of Jose’s career and I would think he’d be breaking down the gates to get to camp and get ready to prove to Sandy Alderson that he’s of sound mind and baseball body for the 2011 season.

Discount phentermine viagra Or maybe it’s just that I would love to see a positive story that includes the words New York Mets

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Where to buy viagra online Just coming bck from the Magic Kingdom and looking at video of today’s Mets 9-0 win over the Cards and a few things stand out for sure:

Where to buy viagra online When does the training staff take a hit here a la Tony B after the latest hammy buster by Jon Niese. Where to buy viagra online I feel bad for young Niese as he has to go under the knife to fix his ripped hamstring this on top of the news that Gary Sheffield’s hammy is barking (it seems Sheff felt it wasn’t worth his while to run out a ball in the gap for double due to this leg problems and you want to know why this team is in the shitter?) and Jose Reyes “cramp” is now scar tissue. Where to buy viagra online With all the pulled muscles and miss diganosies the whole training and strength and conditioning staff needs to be looked at.

Where to buy viagra online I’m starting to wonder about Daivd Wright? How the hell didn’t he charge the mound and pummel the shit out of Brad Thompson after that fastball wizzed by his head? Don’t give me this “he held his compsure for the good of the team bullshit” this team is going no place but home after Oct 3rd it would have done the team some good to see the face of the franchise show some mettle.

Where to buy viagra online Please excuse the more than usual spelling errors as it is 12:45 AM and I’m beat

Where to buy viagra online Later

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