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Don’t sleep in the subway, generic supplier viagra darling

Generic supplier viagra Don’t stand in the pouring rain
Don’t sleep in the subway, generic supplier viagra darling
The night is long
Forget your foolish pride
Nothing is wrong
Now, generic supplier viagra you’re beside me again

Generic supplier viagra So here we are arriving yet again for another Subway Series that has surpassed his expiration date a while ago.  As Mets fans, generic supplier viagra we have to endure anther three days of watching Luis Castillo drop a pop up and Rogers Clemens take off Mike Piazza’ head because we live in a city where the main stream media, generic supplier viagra both print and electronic have thrown in the towel on creativity and substance.

Generic supplier viagra In reading some of these stories this morning about both teams you’d think the Highlanders were having some kind of special season, generic supplier viagra maybe they are in a negative kind of way. Generic supplier viagra The Mets on the other hand are mocked because they have suffered a series of injuries that have forced the club to go with players summoned from their Triple A team in Buffalo. Generic supplier viagra Why this is supposed to be embarrassing is beyond my comprehension, generic supplier viagra shouldn’t it be a positive that the club has lost Johan Santana and then Chris Young to shoulder surgery, generic supplier viagra Ike Davis to a sprained ankle, generic supplier viagra David Wright to a stress fracture in his back, generic supplier viagra Pedro Beato to tendonitis, generic supplier viagra and Angel Pagan to the chic aliment of sore oblique muscle and still play winning baseball (17-11) after a horrendous start of the season?  So the players that have been brought in to replace the injured have stepped up in such a way that the team is playing as good as any team in baseball. Generic supplier viagra Isn’t the mark of a good team that they have guys who step up when other guys go down with injury?   

Generic supplier viagra It’s ok to say that Terry Collins is doing a fine job as manager. Generic supplier viagra It’s ok to say that slowly but surely Sandy Alderson is changing the culture of the organization. Generic supplier viagra It’s ok to go to Citi Field and root for this team.

Generic supplier viagra Are there any Mets fans who feel the Highlanders are “rivals” to the Mets? Because they’re not. Generic supplier viagra The Highlanders are more of a nuisance than anything and their fans a very good source of comedy relief. Generic supplier viagra Yesterday after the Mets win, generic supplier viagra I left the radio when the Sports Bloviator came on. Generic supplier viagra I was in the midst of writing up a bunch of paper work so I left him on. Generic supplier viagra Boy, generic supplier viagra am I glad I did. Generic supplier viagra When he went to the phones, generic supplier viagra he took calls from Highlander fans in a rage over Joe Girardi taking out Bartolo Colon and replacing him with Mariano Rivera. Generic supplier viagra  I cannot believe I just typed that last sentence and Francesa couldn’t believe these callers were saying these words of blasphemy. Generic supplier viagra  

Generic supplier viagra It’s the same attitude many Highlander fans have with Derek Jeter. Generic supplier viagra Mets fans have a higher regard for Frank Taveras than the Highlander fan has for El Capitan. Generic supplier viagra Why? Beats me, generic supplier viagra some things just can’t be explained.

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Effects of viagra Quite the evening at Citi Field last night. Effects of viagra This post may start to ramble for a while so if you want to stay for the full ride I suggest you make a trip to the rest room, effects of viagra grab some coffee and get a comfortable chair.

Effects of viagra Last night was another installment of Mets Bloggers Gone Wild at Citi Field. Effects of viagra  In this episode, effects of viagra which by the way, effects of viagra SNY is making a huge mistake not taping our blogger outings at Citi Field. Effects of viagra The reaction of me and my fellow bloggers in arms when we gain access to areas of the ball park we never thought in a million years we’d enter is priceless. Effects of viagra  I know for myself I feel like a 5 year old again and I’m at some old relatives home and my mother grabbing me by my arm imploring me to not to touch anything and mind my manners. Effects of viagra  

Effects of viagra At the last bloggers gathering, effects of viagra we were invited to listen to Terry Collins pre-game press conference and we were given access to be on the field during batting practice. Effects of viagra As the main streamers sat in the Mets dugout, effects of viagra Shannon Forde, effects of viagra the Director of Media Relations (and all around sweetheart who sets up these events) told our group we could sit in the dugout as well. Effects of viagra What? Say that again? So into the Mets dugout we went. Effects of viagra  As hard as I tried to stay out of people’s way, effects of viagra I felt an arm on my shoulder and voice saying “excuse me” the arm belonged to Daniel Murphy, effects of viagra the shoulder was mine. Effects of viagra I apologized for being in the way (“Oh sorry Daniel”) and Murph patted my back and said “not a problem”. Effects of viagra So just when you think that was a best day ever, effects of viagra you have a day like yesterday.

Effects of viagra My day at Citi Field started off with the bad news about David Wright and his stress fracture in his back. Effects of viagra I arrived a bit earlier than expected and as I waited to get my credential, effects of viagra Shannon saw me and invited me to sit in on the Wright press conference. Effects of viagra I told you she’s a sweetheart.  As Wright spoke about the MRI and then revealed he had a stress fracture in his back from the play in April involving Carlos Lee, effects of viagra I wanted to yell out “oh shit” and kick the chair in front of me but I had to remember that in these situations I can’t be a fanboy. Effects of viagra It was interesting watching the media taking notes and asking questions nice and calm, effects of viagra while all Mets fans receiving this news were freaking out. Effects of viagra    

Effects of viagra As I waited for the rest of the blogger-ratzi to arrive, effects of viagra Caryn Rose, effects of viagra Kerel Cooper, effects of viagra Mike Silva, effects of viagra Matthew Artus, effects of viagra Rob Castellano and Ceetar, effects of viagra  I sat near Jay Horowitz who was on his phone spreading the word that Wright was going for a second opinion on his back and relaying the successful surgeries of pitchers Chris Young and Jenry Mejia . Effects of viagra As Horowitz got off the phone, effects of viagra he let out a sigh and looked over at me with a smile and said hello. Effects of viagra I almost did one of those look over the shoulders and then point at myself as to say “you talking to me” and with a “hiya Jay, effects of viagra busy day eh”? he replied shaking his head “that’s for sure”

Effects of viagra When the other bloggers arrived, effects of viagra we were set to start out tour of the new food products available at Citi Field and of the clubs in the ballpark.

Effects of viagra I’ve been a critic of some of the food stands and the emphasis that is put on what to eat at the ballpark, effects of viagra but after meeting Scott Kleckner, effects of viagra Resident District Manager, effects of viagra Sports & Entertainment for Aramark, effects of viagra I have to switch my position. Effects of viagra The enthusiasm that Kleckner has for the food concessions and clubs reminds me of how Terry Collins talks about his team. Effects of viagra  I still would rather sit in the stands at a ball game on a warm summer night with a hot dog and drink and from talking to Kelckner, effects of viagra he not only understands folks like me, effects of viagra he respects that fan mindset and wants you to be able to go to any concession stand and get the best hot dog and drink that you could possibly have. Effects of viagra  He puts his degree in Hospitality and Management to excellent use. Effects of viagra Kleckner is proud of the quality of the food and the amenities of the clubs at Citi Field, effects of viagra and he should be.

Effects of viagra Kleckner and his staff brought us around to different concessions to try some of the new food items available at Citi Field. Effects of viagra We first went to Catch of the Day stand to sample Popcorn Shrimp and Shrimp Po’Boy ‘s. Effects of viagra  I’m not a big seafood eater but I loved the Popcorn Shrimp. Effects of viagra The shrimp had a nice breading and wasn’t overly greasy (that was the one thing with the fried food we tried it never had a greasy taste) from there we moved to Keith’s Grill to sample the Mex Burger. Effects of viagra This burger was put together by Keith Hernandez and consists of a Brooklyn Burger, effects of viagra cheddar and jack cheese, effects of viagra bacon, effects of viagra guacamole, effects of viagra chipotle aioli and jalapenos. Effects of viagra That’s a spicy burger. Effects of viagra I’m not much for spicy food so I favor the Gold Glove burger myself, effects of viagra which has cheese , effects of viagrabacon lettuce, effects of viagra tomato, effects of viagra ketchup on one side of the roll and mustard on the other   . Effects of viagra My one problem with Keith’s Grill is they make the burgers one at time which is great but they need to add another Keith’s Grill somewhere else in the ball park. Effects of viagra During the last home stand, effects of viagra my wife waited 30 minutes on the line to get four burgers; on her behalf I field a protest with Mr. Effects of viagra Kleckner.

Effects of viagra We then went over to Cascarino’s Pizza.  This is my least favorite concession, effects of viagra the pizza is good (we sampled the thin Sicilian with fresh mozzarella) but I just have a tough time paying over 6 bucks for a slice. Effects of viagra  We also tried a new fried chicken sandwich at Blue Smoke which was good but a little too much on the mayo but then again any mayo is too much for me. Effects of viagra I hate mayonnaise.

Effects of viagra We then went to what I feel is the best new concession to taste the Hot Pastrami. Effects of viagra WOW!!! The meat is hand carved nice and thin and very tender and seasoned to perfection. Effects of viagra The pastrami may move ahead of the turkey and mozzarella at Mama’s of Corona as my food at choice at Citi Field.

Effects of viagra After stuffing ourselves at the concessions we moved on to the clubs. Effects of viagra As I say I’m not one for the stadium clubs but again I loved Scott Kleckner’s enthusiasm and passion for the product the staff puts out. Effects of viagra  Kleckner raved about the eggplant parmigiana hero in the Delta 360 Club. Effects of viagra It was outstanding. Effects of viagra The eggplant was just how I like it, effects of viagra sliced thin, effects of viagra seasoned and breaded nicely and not tough or stringy or mushy, effects of viagra and the tomato sauce had nice flavor not acidy, effects of viagra the roll was nice and crusty as well. Effects of viagra You were right Scott that is a hell of a sandwich.

Effects of viagra After all that noshing, effects of viagra we were set to watch the game. Effects of viagra Shannon then informed us that we, effects of viagra the bloggers could sit in the press box. Effects of viagra Yes you read that right, effects of viagra we, effects of viagra the bloggers were invited to sit in the Citi Field press box during a real live Major League game. Effects of viagra Talk about an awkward feeling. Effects of viagra It’s nowhere near Jackie Robinson breaking the color line I know, effects of viagra but never in my wildest imagination did I think I would go from a non-pants wearing , effects of viagra basement dwelling lunatic ranting about his favorite baseball team to having a seat in not just a Major League press box but the Citi Field press box. Effects of viagra  We all handled ourselves correctly, effects of viagra no cheering in the press box and when we spoke to each other it was in hushed tones as people were working. Effects of viagra We got a few stares but the box wasn’t very crowded. Effects of viagra The best part for me were all the stat sheet  handouts they have, effects of viagra it reminded me of when Sal “Red Light” Messina did color on  NY Ranger games on radio, effects of viagra he’d always slip me the media notes for the game, effects of viagra class all the way was Red Light.

Effects of viagra So the state of baseball reporting survived an invasion of Mets bloggers sitting in their Ivory Tower. Effects of viagra The bedrock of Manhattan didn’t shift, effects of viagra the Atlantic Ocean didn’t erupt and flood Coney Island and Jay Horowitz didn’t suffer a nervous breakdown. Effects of viagra Now if one of the beat writers would have come over and put his arm around us, effects of viagra like Pee Wee Reese did to Robinson, effects of viagra the night would have been complete.

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