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Cialis online sales Not for anything but as long as Mike Bloomberg has been Mayor of NYC, cialis online sales the town ran like Swiss clock. Cialis online sales Crime dropped, cialis online sales tourism rose, cialis online sales snow was removed in a timely fashion and there was never much controversy, cialis online sales until he told the voters of NYC to shove their term limits referendum up their ass, cialis online sales “I want to be King of NYC forever”

Cialis online sales Unfortunately, cialis online sales like a  rotting fish or a visting relative who over stays his welcome, cialis online sales Bloomy is starting to stink. Cialis online sales Whether it’s his appointment of Cathie Black as President of Board of Education, cialis online sales whose solution to over crowding in NYC public schools is to tell people to practice birth control and then at a meeting of parents of children who will be displaced by their school closing, cialis online sales ignores them as she falls into a Blackberry induced stupor. Cialis online sales Of course there is his cluster fuck of snow removal, cialis online sales his annoyance with cops and firefighters who after pulling out bodies and trying to save lives on September 1tth 2001, cialis online sales have developed illnesses that have rendered them disabled and are collecting pensions. Cialis online sales Pensions that were earned from blood, cialis online sales sweat, cialis online sales tears and collective bargaining.

Cialis online sales Now to add to his tarnished legacy he is failed attempted at a joke against the Irish  while speaking at the Irish Historical Center in Manhattan has solidified to me that Bloomy has lost his mind and this city.

Cialis online sales Bloomberg own the NY Mets? HA! He can kiss my narrow back Irish-American ass.

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Index 762c3 generic viagra I’m home today still sick but I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow just in time to shovel about 7 inches of snow that’s supposed to hit NYC. 762c3 generic viagra After waking up from a Nyquil stupor I was perusing the ‘net for Mets stories and of course my first stop was Mathew Cerrone’s Metsblog, 762c3 generic viagra in which a few posts had me thinking: 762c3 generic viagra It’s about time for the Mets and Omar Minaya to call Jason Bay’ bluff. 762c3 generic viagra Tell him and his agent “here’s the deal 4yrs/$68-70mil take it or leave it” then give him 48 hrs to decide. 762c3 generic viagra If he can get more from this mystery team that’s out there, 762c3 generic viagra so be it. 762c3 generic viagra Time for the Mets to man up and let Bay take them for assholes. 762c3 generic viagra Same thing with Bengi Molina. 762c3 generic viagra There is no team in any baseball league-MLB, 762c3 generic viagra Japanese League, 762c3 generic viagra Little League, 762c3 generic viagra or Men’s Sunday softball league , 762c3 generic viagra that will give Bengi a 3 yr deal. 762c3 generic viagra Again Omar needs to make a take it or leave it 2yr deal an if Molina balks then go to Rod Barajas or Miguel Olivo (two better choices ) or go with the Blanco/Santos later in the year Josh Thole catching troika. 762c3 generic viagra 3 yrs for Bengi Moilina? Keep dreaming 762c3 generic viagra Good to see that the Mets are taking my advice and speaking to the Cincinnati Red Stockings about Aaron Harang and or Bronson Arroyo. 762c3 generic viagra This wanna be GM’ing is tough so how about a finders fee to me Jeffey? 762c3 generic viagra It’s amazing that the Jose Reyes/Mike Francesa sit down from Wednesday is still getting so much buzz. 762c3 generic viagra Reyes handled himself beautifully with the FAN Bloviator as he let his personality and passion show thru. 762c3 generic viagra Instead of hearing from second and third sources we heard right from the shortstops mouth that he never had a problem with Willie Randolph and understood full why he was benched for non-hustle and the fact that he wanted to come back to play so badly last year that he injured himself more. 762c3 generic viagra Reyes also said his personality is what it is and he’s not about to change and he told it like it is about the handshakes and celebrating, 762c3 generic viagra how what he does is tame to what other teams do. 762c3 generic viagra The sad part of the interview was Francesa telling the audience that he had to plead with the Mets to let Reyes come on with him. 762c3 generic viagra It just shows how out of touch management is. 762c3 generic viagra Reyes and Jeff Francouer have done more for goodwill amongst the fan base this week that even the incompetent Jeffey Skill Sets should be able to see that but I may be asking for too much.

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