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Viagra in canada My God, viagra in canada it’s day one of pitchers and catcher reporting to St Lonesome and I’m already sick of the Ollie Perez stories.

Viagra in canada Perez came to camp and proclaimed he wanted to compete for a starting spot in the Mets rotation.  The Mets plan for Perez was to compete with Tim Byrdak, viagra in canada Mike O’Conner, viagra in canada and Taylor Tankersley for the role of LOOGY in the Alderson/Collins production. Viagra in canada But OP had other plans when he had his sit down with the GM and manager letting them know he wants a shot at the two spots up for grabs.

Viagra in canada Odds are long that Perez is going to out pitch Chris Capuano, viagra in canada Dillon Gee or Chris Young and Terry Collins is concerned about his mind set which shows some nativity on Collins part as no one, viagra in canada not even Perez  knows what’s going on in that noggin.

Viagra in canada What hurts Perez is of course his inability to throw strikes and that’s due to some of the worst mechanics this side of the constantly out of service escalator at the South Ferry subway station. Viagra in canada  Perez is full of bad habits, viagra in canada awful arm angle on release, viagra in canada bad balance in his delivery and not really understanding how to pitch. Viagra in canada Perez is a classic thrower. Viagra in canada Add in two straight years of constant nagging injuries and hard headedness you wonder, viagra in canada why bother with this guy? All these deficiencies lead to the bane of Perez’ problem, viagra in canada  his command and control is awful  which lead to base on balls which lead to loads of base runners, viagra in canada base runners who wind up touching home plate at an alarming rate.

Viagra in canada  The fans can’t stand the sight of him and they’re not wrong. Viagra in canada If OP would have taken management’s advice and agreed to accept a minor league assignment to work out his problems, viagra in canada the fan base would be much more sympathetic and in fact I bet those fans who are repulsed by Perez would rally behind him. Viagra in canada  But Perez in essence told the Mets management and fans “Fuck You” and the fans responded with “Fuck Me”? No. Viagra in canada “Fuck You”

Viagra in canada It would a major upset and disappointment if Perez makes the 25 man roster. Viagra in canada I don’t think he will, viagra in canada in fact he’ s only around because he’s not drawing a paycheck yet for 2011 (players don’t start getting paid until opening day they get per diem during spring) as once he does I’m sure it will be as a former Met.

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Viagra from canada

Viagra from canada Ever have days where you feel like this guy? First, viagra from canada I attempted to make a turkey sandwich to bring to work but I got bum rushed by our two cats and it cost me two slices of roast turkey to thwart the attack. Viagra from canada Then when I get to the Chambers St Subway station, viagra from canada I realize I have but seventy-five cents left on my Metro card so before I exit I go renewed it at one of the two kiosks near the exit. Viagra from canada Both kiosks are occupied so I run over to the newsstand in the station to pick up the News and the Post. Viagra from canada I can not break the habit of buying these tabloids; it’s kind of like the last remnants of the “olden” days when all my info came from newspapers, viagra from canada and a hard habit to break.

Viagra from canada Anyway, viagra from canada I go back to the Metrocard kiosks and this young lady seems to be playing these machines like your old Aunt Bess works the slots at the Borgota in A.C.  Seems her credit card wasn’t going through on either unit, viagra from canada so instead of clearing them out she just walks away. Viagra from canada Are you fucking kidding me? Even though she was damn cute I still had to give her a “oh, viagra from canada what the fuck”?, viagra from canada early in the morning. Viagra from canada So now I have to clear the machine and as I’m doing that, viagra from canada a 2 train from Brooklyn rolls in and of course the Brooklynites getting off the train need to recharge their cards as well and with me clearing the machine and dipping my credit card and putting in my zip code I start getting the “oh what the fuck treatment” I don’t have time to tell them my story as I still have to get coffee and go punch in, viagra from canada so it’s off to my favorite Dunkin Donuts on Chambers St.

Viagra from canada Now I’ve written about the change in personnel at this DD and the service has gotten worse, viagra from canada where as the Hindu Princess that worked the counter would see me and have my XL coffee, viagra from canada milk only ready. Viagra from canada They even knew my signs better than any Mets player did from Razor Shines last year. Viagra from canada They’d point at the dounuts and bagels and if I pointed at my stomach that meant “no way, viagra from canada too fat today”  If I did want something I’d just flash the number of fingers that corresponded to the breakfast special on the board, viagra from canada like a basket ball point guard calling out a play. Viagra from canada By the time I reached the front of the line my order was ready. Viagra from canada Life was good. Viagra from canada Now there are two Latina Princess behind the counter and quite frankly I don’t mess with them because I think they can kick my ass. Viagra from canada One is nice but slow the other is pissed off to be working there and always has a smirk on her face. Viagra from canada Everyday the line gets longer and longer but today topped it off. Viagra from canada The line was out the door and onto Chambers St, viagra from canada the actual street! Now I had no time to wait so it was off to Plan B the 7-11.

Viagra from canada Not bad coffee is very fresh, viagra from canada nice big cups and it’s even cheaper than DD. Viagra from canada One problem the dickhead behind the counter is too busy looking at his bills to come to the register. Viagra from canada So it what could be a record, viagra from canada I had my second “Oh, viagra from canada What the fuck”? of the morning and it wasn’t even 7:30 yet. Viagra from canada  So I get to work, viagra from canada punch it, viagra from canada open my yogurt (yes it’s an I’m too fat day today) open up the Post to read Mike Vaccaro’s telling me  “what we have here in St Lonesome is a failure to communicate” as it pertains to Jose Reyes and his Thyroid.

Viagra from canada It can’t be this difficult can it? Player goes for tests. Viagra from canada Tests results come back. Viagra from canada Doctor calls player with results. Viagra from canada Player tells agent who in turn tells management. Viagra from canada Management, viagra from canada medical staff, viagra from canada player, viagra from canada player agent either meet or set up conference call to get all the facts straight in order to send out press release. Viagra from canada So who lost their way here? Why is this so difficult?

Viagra from canada So far we know that Reyes either has or doesn’t have a Thyroid condition. Viagra from canada If he does , viagra from canadait can be regulated by diet or medicine. Viagra from canada He will or won’t be back at spring training this week. Viagra from canada It’s either very early in the spring or it’s getting late to worry about Reyes. Viagra from canada Reyes will either lead off on opening day or bat 3rd. Viagra from canada My head will either explode by noon or I will bang my head into my office wall.

Viagra from canada Wait for the press release.

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Who should not take viagra When the Mets unveiled the model of $iti Field not only did the envision a state of the art ball park but they also were of the belief that there would be so much money flowing through it’s coffers Freddie Skill Set could afford to buy Jeffey a personality but lo and behold the economy tanked and Bernie Madoff ripped off the Skill Sets fortune leaving the club not exactly swimming in currency. Who should not take viagra As opening day approches what we thought was a tough ticket, who should not take viagra the first game at $iti Field, who should not take viagra are as plentiful as the AM/NY give away newspapers at a Subway station. Who should not take viagra So what’s a team to do?

Who should not take viagra Well, who should not take viagra first you try and bribe the fan base by offering a ticket to game 1 of the $iti Field era for the purchase of 5 more games. Who should not take viagra This is head spinning because the Mets wanted to be rid of us Seven-Pack ticket buyers as we were a nussience as it wasn’t worth the time and trouble to keep us on because the ticket demand at $iti would be off the charts. Who should not take viagra Well for the cheaper seats they were but the high rollers who wouldn’t know a curve ball from a High Ball are now hurtin’ for certain in this weak economy.

Who should not take viagra So becasue of that the Mets are now auctioning off opening day tickets in the exclusive Stuff Shirt section of the ball park so if you have an extra $525 laying around the couch cushions log on and put your bid in or better yet keep that cushion cash, who should not take viagra order a pizza and watch the game on TV.

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