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Buy cheap purchase uk viagra While I sit and wait for the Skill Sets to pick a new baseball czar, buy cheap purchase uk viagra there is post season baseball to revel in starting today with a triple header on TBS. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra As viewers, buy cheap purchase uk viagra we can be thankful that this year we won’t get “fisted” while watching the coverage but he have to hope that Ernie Johnson knows the difference between a suicide squeeze and a pick and roll. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra On to my predictions:

Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Phuck Phaces vs. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Cincin-NATTA Red Stockings

Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Let’s be truthful here the Phuck Phaces have the best three man rotation in the playoffs with Halladay, buy cheap purchase uk viagra Oswalt and the Girlie Man so this is a tough assignment for ol’ Dust-aroo and his Queen City Rollers. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra If Edison Volquez can beat Doc Halladay in game 1 we could have the makings of a great upset but that’s asking a lot but if the Reds can win game 1 and then have Mike Francesa Boy Toy, buy cheap purchase uk viagra Bronson Arroyo going in game 2 then their will a ton o’ pressure on Cholly Chuckles boys. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra I want to say Reds in 4 but it ain’t gonna happen. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Phuck Phaces in 4

Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Small Cox vs The Fuck Yeahs

Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Has word gotten to Braves fans that their team is in the post season? Maybe a couple of them would like to go to a game or two ? My rooting interest is with the San Francisco By Way of W 155 St & 8th Avenue Giants. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra It’s part nostalgia and part that I’m a Tim Lincecum fanboy and part I find the Braves and the city of Atlanta revolting. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra The Bochy Boys have too much pitching to lose here in fact I’m calling this one Giants in 3.

Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Lone Stars vs Men in Plaid

Buy cheap purchase uk viagra This is a tough choice here as I love Nolan Ryan but I find Joe Maddon cute and goofy plus there is the Stu Sternberg Brooklyn/Mets fan factor so I’ll go with the Rays in 4. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Of all the game 1 match ups today the Cliff Lee -David Price engagement is the best. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra  It’s a shame that this game is not the prime time game but hey, buy cheap purchase uk viagra it’s my day off so I’ll have ass in seat at 1:30 to watch it.

Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Bronx Bastards vs. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra Gardy’s Gang

Buy cheap purchase uk viagra It’s that time of year kids, buy cheap purchase uk viagra time to get your Highlander Hate On. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra You know I’m going all out to root for the Men of the Land O Lakes and I think they will dispose of the Highlanders in 5 games, buy cheap purchase uk viagra Just to make it even more painful for those who call themselves Disciples of the Bronx Robber Baron, buy cheap purchase uk viagra let’s have Delmon Young hit a game tying homer of Joba and Jim Thome, buy cheap purchase uk viagra the game winner off Mariano in game 5. Buy cheap purchase uk viagra By the way who wants to join me on Halloween to go egg the Robber Baron’s plaque in Monument To Douchebagery Park ?

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Bio viagra herbal First things first, bio viagra herbal my condolences to Dan Werthen  and his family for the loss of his brother, bio viagra herbal and prayers and good thought to Angel Pagan and his family as his daughter undergoes eye surgery.

Bio viagra herbal Unlike this time last year, bio viagra herbal this playing out the schedule is not as depressing as last season. Bio viagra herbal Mostly due to the young players who have shown promise and the win last night was an example of that. Bio viagra herbal I loved how Keith Hernandez reacted to Gary Cohen’ query to whether the Mets should but on the suicide squeeze with Ruben Tejada at bat. Bio viagra herbal Mex’ voice went up a couple of octaves when he answered “Why? Let him swing the bat” Hernandez then tried as delicately as he could to hint that these games men nothing but the fact that you can see what guys like Tejada and the other young’ens can do in a big spot. Bio viagra herbal Tejada did swing the bat to the tune of a game winning double and for a guy who struggled at the plate it was a great reward for his perseverance.

Bio viagra herbal The TV guys were also a bit critical of Jerry Manuel for lifting Big Pelf in the 8th with one out and one on and the score 2-1. Bio viagra herbal It’s nice that Manuel is still managing like these games mean something but moves like that seem to me selfish on Manuel part, bio viagra herbal like he’s trying to prove a point that he can still manage even though he knows that Sunday is his last game as Mets manager. Bio viagra herbal I would have loved to see Big Pelf work out of that situation.

Bio viagra herbal As I opened with last night on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN RADIO SHOW, bio viagra herbal I watched the first hour of Ken Burns’ sequel to great BASEBALL nine part series, bio viagra herbal The Tenth Inning and found it disappointing. Bio viagra herbal I would have loved to see more on the Montreal Expos, bio viagra herbal it would have been nice to get more in depth on the situation that led to the Expos leaving Montreal for DC. Bio viagra herbal  The other gripe I have with the program is the timing of airing it the last week of baseball’s regular season. Bio viagra herbal  The perfect time to schedule this program would be in February or March when we need to get our baseball fix. Bio viagra herbal  I think that’s the reason I couldn’t get into the show last night as I kept wanting to checkout what the Mets, bio viagra herbal Highlanders, bio viagra herbal Rays and Reds were doing.

Bio viagra herbal I have a bad feeling about Carlos Beltran’ right knee now that he was removed from last night’s game. Bio viagra herbal Beltran is scheduled to go for an MRI this morning and hopefully he is on the same page with management on this doctor’s trip.

Bio viagra herbal Today’s first game of the Mets-Brewski’s double dip is sponsored by Rosita’s Brazilian Hot Wax, bio viagra herbal today’s  matchup is Bush vs. Bio viagra herbal Dickey, bio viagra herbal

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If Erik Aybar puts that bunt down, order viagra prescription Mike Scioscia is a genius but because Aybar could not take that 2-0 fastball and drop one down as Reggie Willits was bustin’ ass down the third base line and Jason Varatek had to haul his big ass plus tools of ignorance down the third baseline to tag Williets on the butt for the out, order viagra prescription Scioscia is now one dumb fuck. Order viagra prescription Amazing simply amazing. Order viagra prescription Was it the right call? For the Angles yes it was because that’s the way the Angels play baseball and quite frankly I love that kind of play as I also love the hit and run , order viagra prescription the stolen base and batters who work the count to their advantage. Order viagra prescription If you say “wait a minute , order viagra prescription there was one out so you have two shots to get Willets in from third sure you do but as I said this is the way the Angles play so it was no surprise that Scioscia called for the suicide squeeze and that missed bunt is the difference between sugar and shit.


Now the Angles need to take a big swig of Shut The Fuck Up.


The Rays are a hybrid of the 1969 and 1986 Mets. Order viagra prescription Going from the last to first with pitching, order viagra prescription defense and timely hitting is the ’69 Mets part and take no bullshit, order viagra prescription  charge the mound ask questions later is the ’86 component. Order viagra prescription So this series against the Old Town Team should be must watch TV this week. Order viagra prescription


I never thought as a proud Brooklynite I’d ever root for the Hollywood Carpet Baggers but St Joseph of Torre and his healing green tea about to make the Corky Steinbrenner look more special ed than ever and future Met Manny Ramirez taking on the Phucking Phillies  this one is easy GO BUMS!!!!!!!!!!


Tim Dierkes at MLB Trade Rumors has a link to 10 gallon Tracy’s column that Manny from The Heights is looking for a 5yr/$85 mil deal and speculation (as it is has the last three off seasons) Omar is ready to make the offer to the Boras Extortion Agency to hook Manny. Order viagra prescription


So with the financial crisis hitting our country how does this affect the sacred sanctuary of sports team, order viagra prescription the luxury suite? According to Mets Mouth Organ David (The Lawyer) Howard there is no financial crisis:


   {Executives at Yankee Stadium are monitoring the economic situation but have not seen any effect, order viagra prescription said Alice McGillion, order viagra prescription a spokeswoman. Order viagra prescription She did not provide specific sales figures, order viagra prescription but the luxury suites are nearly sold out, order viagra prescription according to news reports. Order viagra prescription The same is true at the Mets’ Citi Field, order viagra prescription said Dave Howard, order viagra prescription the team’s executive vice president for business operations. Order viagra prescription

“Timing is a part of this, order viagra prescription” he said. Order viagra prescription “The firms we’ve sold to haven’t had any major issues, order viagra prescription and the people who have them realize they’ve got great value for the quality of what we’re offering here.”}


I, order viagra prescription like Calcaterra, order viagra prescription think this is a smoke screen as well, order viagra prescription who did the Mets and the Highlanders as well, order viagra prescription sell these dens of greed and excess too? The only guys making enough coin to buy a luxury box drink their cordials from a pimp chalice.  And who is to say that by opening day $ti Financial will still be in business? The Mets could be taking the field at Cathouse Stadium come April. Order viagra prescription


That’s why this financial crisis hasn’t hurt me at all as I’ve invested all my money in illegal gambling, order viagra prescription prostitution and out of state cigarettes and I’m livin’ large!



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