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Buy inurl viagra viagra I don’t know if you heard but the Mets are rebuilding…………shhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep it on the downlow.

Buy inurl viagra viagra Rod Barajas has been emancipated and is on his way home to LA and the team he rooted for as a boy, buy inurl viagra viagra the Hollywood Bums. Buy inurl viagra viagra This wavier deal works out for everyone as Barajas had a great month or two as a Met and Josh Thole has earned an everyday promotion with Hank White as the sage back up. Buy inurl viagra viagra Too bad Barajas couldn’t sneak Ollie Perez in his suitcase.

Buy inurl viagra viagra Apparently there is a bit of dissension in the Mets clubhouse. Buy inurl viagra viagra First, buy inurl viagra viagra a few players were upset with HoJo taking them to task and now when Barajas was waving bye-bye, buy inurl viagra viagra an unnamed Mets player wished he was joining him. Buy inurl viagra viagra When “One Met says” and “an unidentified player” show up, buy inurl viagra viagra you know the end is near.

Buy inurl viagra viagra “Dant-dadant-dadant-dant-dant, buy inurl viagra viagra dant-dadant-dan-da” (Flag of Victory) KINER’S KORNER is back!!!!!! Pay attention kids, buy inurl viagra viagra pay attention!!!!!!

Buy inurl viagra viagra F-Mart is hurt again (you don’t say?) what makes me happy about this is at 52 years old, buy inurl viagra viagra I’m in better shape than the 21 year old Martinez.

Buy inurl viagra viagra Good bye Sweet Lou, buy inurl viagra viagra you had a great run.

Buy inurl viagra viagra Vin Scully will be back for another season so that means at least another year of late nights for me watching and listening to Dodgers games via Extra Innings.

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Get cialis Maybe all those who jumped off the Mets bandwagon will end up like a European tourist stuck at JFK, get cialis while those of us who stick by our team, get cialis through good times and bad, get cialis in pulled hamstrings and very rare good health till death or utter disgust do us part, get cialis can feel a little better about our favorite baseball team. Get cialis It was more than the debut of Ike Davis that has put a spring in my Mets fan step this morning, get cialis maybe it was the opponent, get cialis the Cubbies, get cialis Sweet Lou Pinella, get cialis whose every day personality was similar to an Icelandic volcano has turned docile. Get cialis This is Pinella’ last season on his managerial contract and he’s acting like a guy who is ready to go back to Florida and hit the Golden Corral for the 4PM early bird special. Get cialis It’s kind of sad to see the man who once as a player for the Highlanders challenged Earl Weaver and the whole Baltimore Oriole dugout to a fist fight turn into a guy hoping Walgreen’s is open late so he can pick up his Flomax prescription.

Get cialis Sure the marquee story today is Ike Davis and how nice is it to see a Met on the back page of the newspaper this morning and word to the Highlander fan, get cialis your team did not invent the shaving cream pie to the face, get cialis that ritual is as old as Yogi Berra’s tired stupid sayings, get cialis and besides A.J. Get cialis Burnett started his pro baseball career with the Mets so he could have learned that skill way back then. Get cialis I know most of you Highlander fans didn’t know Burnett was once a Mets farmhand. Get cialis Most self-centered blowhards never look beyond what’s in front of them. Get cialis (as I type this I’m listening to Beningno and Roberts first call they take is a Highlander fan who went to the Mets game last night and claimed he wore his Highlander cap to the game and was impressed by Ike. Get cialis It just proves my theory that Highlander fans will drop their allegiance to their team in a Manhattan minute when things go sour and jump on the Mets bandwagon.  You Highlander fans who troll this site know I’m right. Get cialis The Highlanders biggest fear is not the Red Sox, get cialis it’s the Mets. Get cialis That’s why that fan base loves to ridicule us and act the fools that they are because of fear, get cialis they fear that someday the light switch in Flushing will go on and the Mets will become a contending team and take over the town. Get cialis It will happen. Get cialis There are far more Highlander fans that go to Mets game than vice versa and you don’t need to interrogate  them a la Jack Bauer for them to tell you our ball park is where the cool kids hang out unlike their shrine to pomposity)

Get cialis Jon Niese showed what the “spit tobacco juice in a cup” baseball guys like to say, get cialis a lot of bulldog. Get cialis When a pitcher has all his pitches working and is in command for most of the games, get cialis fans go overboard with praise but for me when a youngster like Niese pitches a game where he gets into jams, get cialis doesn’t panic and gets out of those situation more on the plus side and not, get cialis that is the true test of a big league pitcher. Get cialis Niese threw a lot of pitches in a limited amount of innings but he threw strikes, get cialis got more ground balls than fly balls and only three line drives.

Get cialis Angel Pagan has done the only thing that could stop J-Man from using GMJ, get cialis he has produced at a high level. Get cialis Hopefully it continues as Carlos Beltran is off to Colorado to get his knee checked and even if he comes back with a positive report I doubt we’ll see him back until after the All-Star break.

Get cialis Welcome back Jason Bay

Get cialis Sure I’m overly giddy today after last night’s game, get cialis I don’t apologize for it and your right it most likely is a premature ejaculation of optimism but I just hope our baseball season started last night. Get cialis Mets fans just want to have fun!!!!!

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