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Viagra london Bob Melvin is sure sounding like a guy who will be gainfully employed as Mets manager :

Viagra london Bob Melvin, viagra london in his own understated way, viagra london wants to open the door to the Mets’ clubhouse and give players a swift kick in the pants.

Viagra london “It’s not a talent problem, viagra london” Melvin said yesterday after his second interview with Mets officials for the team’s managerial opening. Viagra london “It’s the mindset. Viagra london Get back to the confident mindset this team needs to win and compete in that division.”

Viagra london “I don’t look at it as a rebuilding process, viagra london” he said. Viagra london “I look at it as we have the pieces with this club to compete, viagra london I don’t think there is any doubt about that. Viagra london Certainly with the payroll this team has, viagra london it gives you the resources to compete every year. Viagra london It’s just getting everybody going in the right direction and getting everybody healthy.”

Viagra london I have to agree 100% with Melvin on this. Viagra london I thought Jerry Manuel’ biggest downfall was his lack of leadership and his inability to motivate his players. Viagra london  I’m not talking Knute Rockne “RAH-RAH-RAH WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER” motivation but the ability to put the right people in the right situation to have them succeed. Viagra london  The Mets were always a three game losing streak from turning tail and retreating, viagra london and that’s on the manger. Viagra london  You never got the impression there was any sense of urgency with Manuel, viagra london who loved to say “there’s a lot of baseball left” when the team was floundering. Viagra london “There’s a lot of baseball left”, viagra london is baseball speak for “I’ve got no clue on how to right this team” and that’s the mindset that Sandy Alderson was brought in to change.

Viagra london Getting everybody going in the right direction and getting everybody healthy.” The two words that stand out to me in that quote are direction and healthy. Viagra london The biggest problem the last front office regime had was a lack of organizational direction. Viagra london Omar talked “pitching, viagra london defense and athleticism” but never went out and traded, viagra london signed or drafted with that mindset. Viagra london There was no organizational structure in the minor league system and First Year Entry Draft would have been better served by using copies of Baseball America to draft players, viagra london but that way of doing business is over.

Viagra london I feel there is a large segment of Mets fans that would bitch and moan even if John McGraw, viagra london Branch Rickey and Ed Barrow were all reincarnated and brought into the Mets organization. Viagra london You want to get me excited over a manager? Then name Christina Hendricks the Mets field boss (WHOA!!!!!!!! Is it hot in here or is it Christina???????????)

Viagra london The foundation of the Mets organization has a huge crack in it and the basement has very bad water damage until the farm system and mindset of how the Mets do business gets fixed and back on solid ground, viagra london it doesn’t matter who sits in the manager’s office. Viagra london   If it sounds like I’m drinking the Sandy Alderson Kool –Aid, viagra london you’re damn right I am, viagra london the man has a proven track record of building a strong foundation he’s Tom Silva and Norm Abram all in one package. Viagra london So Mets fans give the man a little room to operate and if Wally Backman is not named manager then buy this DVD and get over it.

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Pfizer viagra With a win under their belt in thrilling fashion no less, pfizer viagra the talk this morning is not about Big Pelf’ outstanding performance pounding the strike zone down low like a blacksmith, pfizer viagra but about a former Met who is still on the Skill Set dole as a roving instructor, pfizer viagra SNY commentator and the now the spokesman for management John Franco.

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Pfizer viagra Those statements that Franco made on Sirius/XM  MLB Home Plate channel with Jeff Joyce and Kevin Kennedy was part Franco’ observation and mostly it was John doing his duty for the Skill Sets. Pfizer viagra The only thing missing was at the end of the interview hearing Jeffey Skill Set saying “I’m Jeff Wilpon and I approve this message”

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Pfizer viagra See Jeffey wants no part of taking on his team, pfizer viagra instead of himself waiting for the team to come home and going into the clubhouse and letting them know that he does not hold Omar Minaya, pfizer viagra Jerry Manuel or any of the front office people responsible for this slide and is putting the bulls eye right on the players back. Pfizer viagra And I (I hope you all are sitting down) applaud him for that. Pfizer viagra I just wish he would have the balls to do it himself and not send Clemenza Franco to do his dirty work. Pfizer viagra Franco in fact went out of his way to praise Jerry Manuel and his coaches for giving the players the proper instruction during spring training and working extremely hard in the ‘fundies” and making it out that it’s the players who are at fault. Pfizer viagra It’s about time that the players got a good swift kick in the ass. Pfizer viagra The message from management is loud and clear to the team “Don’t worry about what management is doing, pfizer viagra just shut the fuck up and play”

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Pfizer viagra Nothing that Franco said was out of line in fact in fact isn’t in a convenient  winky-dink that as Franco was telling Joyce and Kennedy that he feels the Mets play more like individuals than as a team and that some players are more “me” than “we” guys that J-Man had all his ladies take the bus”  Franco called out the team as looking at padding their stats than worrying about moving runners over and stealing a base when it’s to the teams advantage and not the individuals gain, pfizer viagra and how many times have we wanted D-Wright to take the reins of the clubhouse ?

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Pfizer viagra I know this for a fact Franco will have no problem walking into that clubhouse when the team arrives back in Queens on Tuesday. Pfizer viagra Ask any Met who played with Franco and they will tell you he was the most feared guy in that clubhouse, pfizer viagra and I guarantee that if D-Wright wants a sit down with Franco, pfizer viagra Johnny will be more than happy to accommodate him.  

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Pfizer viagra What this message does as well is let the players, pfizer viagra media and fans know that Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya are not getting fired today, pfizer viagra tomorrow or next year but if I were a Mets player I’d be careful buying green bananas.

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So let me get this straight all of the fans that wanted Manny to the Mets are now a bunch of assholes as the revelation that Manny was juiced comes to light. Canadian pharmacy viagra First don’t give the Skill Sets too much credit here for not signing Manny as they had no inside info on what we learned yesterday and the main stream sports media shouldn’t be laughing at fans who were pro- Manny, canadian pharmacy viagra if anything they should be embarrassed that with all the clamoring for Manny to the Mets not one reporter in this city ever took the initiative to look into any allegations of Manny’s drug use. Canadian pharmacy viagra Jose Canseco who is the equivalent to the cops junkie snitch, canadian pharmacy viagra made noise that Manny was into PED’s. Canadian pharmacy viagra Maybe if the reporters who go “tisk tisk you stupid fans” used their resources they may have had this story that would give their dying industry a boost it sorely needs.


Seeing that Manny is a Scott Bora$ client and that many of the PED positives have come from Bora$ clients maybe Congress should call Bora$ on the Hill to see what he knew and when he knew it?


It wasn’t a stellar performance by Big Pelf last night (the second straight start with no K’s has me worried) but he seems to be able to make adjustments during his start and that is a big positive. Canadian pharmacy viagra Last night he was pounding a way with his fastball low and he seemed to go primarily with the fastball and got a lot of ground balls in return. Canadian pharmacy viagra Pelf also went deep into the game by going 7 innings and he is 4-0 so let’s all put a happy face on this start.


It’s safe to take your D-Wright jerseys out of the closet. Canadian pharmacy viagra Our boy is back.


It will be a shame if J-Man gets suspended for bumping that tub of shit Bill Welke last night as Welke deserved a swift kick in the ass for his atrocious call of interference on Shit Victorino by Jose Reyes. Canadian pharmacy viagra I hope someone on the Mets files that elbow that the Poi Boy threw into Reyes for the next time the teams meet and plants a Rawlings in Doosharinos ribs. Canadian pharmacy viagra Same with the ball that went behind Wright, canadian pharmacy viagra it’s payback time fellas’


Watching Carlos Delgado run is makes my hip hurt. Canadian pharmacy viagra I think J-Man will have to spot Delgado the rest of the year like two games on, canadian pharmacy viagra one game off to keep him off the DL. Canadian pharmacy viagra The Mets have Tatis, canadian pharmacy viagra and Murphy to man first to give Delgado time off.


After being used just about every other day Brain Stokes has become a forgotten man in the Mets bullpen. Canadian pharmacy viagra With Jon Niese getting the start tonight I’d venture a guess that Stokes may be the first guy up in the pen tonight.


So much for J-Man losing Shrek after pinch hitting for him looks like it was the kick in the ass he needed.


Watching Keith Hernandez mixing with the great unwashed in the centerfield food court was laugh out loud funny last night. Canadian pharmacy viagra Gary and Ron acted like Keith lost a bet with them and the payoff was doing something Hernandez hates, canadian pharmacy viagra mingling with the Mets fan masses. Canadian pharmacy viagra Hernandez finally ended up in the Acela Club with his feet up and a glass of Chardonnay just how he likes it.


If you’re a Highlander fan and you booed Mariano Rivera last night you should hang your head in shame.


R.I.P Dominic Di Maggio, canadian pharmacy viagra The Little Professor


Also best wishes go out to Jerry Remy as he fights a reoccurrence of lung cancer. Canadian pharmacy viagra I met the Rem Dawg last summer in Hyannis and that was a real pleasure. Canadian pharmacy viagra He will be off the Red Sox telecast for awhile but hopefully not too long Get Well Soon Rem Dawg!


Sorry about last night’s Pro Baseball Central for some reason the show wasn’t streaming and after a couple of attempts to fix it it just wouldn’t stream and since I’m an idiot when it comes to this stuff I couldn’t get it fixed but we will try again next week (fingers-crossed)





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