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Free consultation viagra Poor Freddy Skill Sets, free consultation viagra whenever he speaks Mets fans shout “BULLSHIT”. Free consultation viagra Every spring, free consultation viagra Freddy usually with his sidekick/brother in law Uncle Saul Katz, free consultation viagra putz around on a golf cart and stop long enough to tell the main stream media that covers the Mets that everything surrounding the team is sunshine and fucking lollipops. Free consultation viagra This spring is no exception except for Freddy tag team partner Uncle Saul not in attendance.

Free consultation viagra There is nothing more side splitting funny than following along on my Twitter timeline when Freddy gives his State of the Mets Spring Speech. You know the old expression “If bullshit were electricity you’d be a powerhouse”? Well, free consultation viagra if I had a buck for every time the word “bullshit” came up in Tweets on my timeline, free consultation viagra I’d have enough money to buy a ML outfield and donate it to the Freddy’s club.

Free consultation viagra Freddy told the masses today at Port St. Free consultation viagra Lonesome that he and his family are flush with cash, free consultation viagra thank you very much for asking. Free consultation viagra Between the real estate businesses and his stock holdings rebounding and the success of SNY (which puzzles the living shit out me because other than Mets games what the hell is there to watch on the network? Beer Money???? Loudmouths???? Suckitude TV) has helped the Skill Sets Empire to rise again. Free consultation viagra In fact, free consultation viagra Freddy says that times are so good, free consultation viagra we Mets fans could see the payroll rise to the heights it was at during the Minaya administration, free consultation viagra when Ex-GM Omar Minaya was handing out overinflated contracts like he ran Haliburton. Free consultation viagra And to that the Mets fan base rises as one and replies “BULLSHIT”

Free consultation viagra Poor Freddy not matter how he tries to convince Mets fan that he has enough Dead Presidents to sign players that will make major contributions to his team and make Septembers in Flushing meaningful again, free consultation viagra no one believes him. Free consultation viagra It’s got to suck to be Freddy.

Free consultation viagra Maybe Freddy is telling the truth, free consultation viagra maybe there is cash to be spent. Free consultation viagra It seems the Mets were willing to give Michael Bourn 4 years and $48 million dollars to be a Met but when Bourn and his agent wanted that 5th year vested option that it seems would be easy to attain, free consultation viagra Sandy Alderson pulled the plug on the negotiation leaving the Cleveland Indians to get bamboozled into give giving Bourn/Boras what they wanted. Free consultation viagra Can’t say I blame Alderson for not going 5 years on Bourn.

Free consultation viagra Alderson was very forthcoming with Pope Mikey I when he stated that they miscalculated on the dealing with Scott Hairston. Free consultation viagra It seems from listening to Alderson, free consultation viagra Justin Upton was his number one target to trade for and he thought he had enough trade chips to make a deal but it seems Kevin Towers insisted on either Zack Wheeler or Matt Harvey as headliners in any deal for Upton, free consultation viagra which of course killed that dialog. Free consultation viagra So Plan B was go after Bourn but that draft pick, free consultation viagra slot money and vested option became a major road block and that went south as well. Free consultation viagra During all this Hairston signed with the Cubs and as Alderson said letting Hairston go wasn’t due to contract reasons but playing times issues as it seems the Mets GM was sure of landing either Upton or Bourn and instead he has neither.

Free consultation viagra Now for this next part, free consultation viagra you will have to put on your Freddy Says Decoder Ring because I’m pretty sure Freddy is speaking on code or in tongues, free consultation viagra I’m not sure:

Free consultation viagra “I think we would anticipate being big investors if that were appropriate, free consultation viagra” Wilpon said. Free consultation viagra “That depends on what the market is. Free consultation viagra If the market is such that that’s where we have to be to be competitive and winners, free consultation viagra yeah.

Free consultation viagra Let’s see the Mets need better players and since many of the better players in the organization are barely old enough to shave I’d say yeah to be competitive you will have to invested in some proven major league talent and that will cost money, free consultation viagra but if Freddy is on the level, free consultation viagra he claims he has the cash to make that dash.

Free consultation viagra “This is, free consultation viagra to me, free consultation viagra a breakeven business. Free consultation viagra I always strive to break even. Free consultation viagra I’m not looking to make any money. Free consultation viagra I strive to break even. Free consultation viagra So if [fans] don’t show up, free consultation viagra that’s hard. Free consultation viagra So you have to balance it. Free consultation viagra We fed it pretty good the last five or six years. Free consultation viagra I think if the market was such, free consultation viagra yes, free consultation viagra the payroll could go up, free consultation viagra but not to just have payroll go up so you can write headlines — if that, free consultation viagra in fact, free consultation viagra improves the team.

Free consultation viagra OK now this is Bullshit. Free consultation viagra  When did the New York Mets become a no-profit organization? What did you feed that last five or six years? Your attorney’s? CRG Partners to access the damage of the Madoff mess? Sure wasn’t invested in baseball players.

Free consultation viagra “I don’t know what the market will be at that point. Free consultation viagra But the payroll will be commensurate with anything we’ve ever done because we can do it. Free consultation viagra Remember, free consultation viagra the people have to come to the ballpark obviously. Free consultation viagra If you have a competitive team, free consultation viagra they will. Free consultation viagra Everything that was in the past, free consultation viagra that you guys saw the pain that we went through, free consultation viagra is gone. Free consultation viagra It’s gone.

Free consultation viagra Freddy, free consultation viagra Freddy, free consultation viagra Freddy there are only a few of us diehards left who support your team in good times and bad. Free consultation viagra You have lost a whole generation of fans to the Bronx Bastards. Free consultation viagra If you have the financial wherewithal you claim now would be a good time to show it off. Free consultation viagra The amount of diehard fans for any sports franchise in this town is much less than the bandwagon “I love a New York event “crowd. Free consultation viagra If what you are telling us is correct and you are ready to go back to being Big Bad Freddy and make an investment in quality Major League players that will have your team in contention for a pennant and GULP!!! A World Championship, free consultation viagra Citi Field will be overflowing with customers on a nightly basis. Free consultation viagra Remember the 80”s Fred? Remember 3 million customers making the Shea Stadium turnstiles wiz like a carousel of cash ? Remember the television ratings that boosted a thrid rate TV station called SportsChannel into a must buy for FOX Sports? Break even? Freddy if you do this right and you are being honest with us, free consultation viagra you and Uncle Saul will be farting through silk boxers my friend. Free consultation viagra JUST DON”T BULLSHIT US AGAIN!!!!!

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How quick does a cialis work Really not much Mets stuff to talk about, how quick does a cialis work we’ve already covered Johan Santana and his left arm, how quick does a cialis work the new dimensions of the outfield walls at Citi Field and Daniel Murphy playing 2nd base.

How quick does a cialis work We’ve discussed Sandy Alderson on Twitter (@MetsGM), how quick does a cialis work the schedule for Mets bobble head days (no Kranepool bobbler though, how quick does a cialis work sad!) We talked about the pessimistic/optimistic Mets fan, how quick does a cialis work ticket packages, how quick does a cialis work Ike Davis ankle, how quick does a cialis work David Wright’s back and Lucas Duda outfield prowess.

How quick does a cialis work We’ve learned that Josh Lewin will be Howie Rose’s tag team partner in the Mets radio booth, how quick does a cialis work and that John Franco (not Edgardo Alfonzo) will be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame. How quick does a cialis work The new/old uniforms are back, how quick does a cialis work that’s been discussed and of course the financial state of the Skill Sets and the club has been expounded upon by experts and those who have trouble making change for a dollar.

How quick does a cialis work Just think we’ve discussed, how quick does a cialis work debated and beaten to death these and other subjects about our beloved Metsies even while Super Bowls were won, how quick does a cialis work hockey team looking like Cup Champs and a kid from Harvard has stolen the heart of hoops fans of NYC.

How quick does a cialis work The manager, how quick does a cialis work coaches and many players are in camp. How quick does a cialis work Dispatches with the address Pt. How quick does a cialis work St. How quick does a cialis work Lucie are now showing up on the fish wraps, how quick does a cialis work soon SNY will transmit pictures and sounds of our heroes in action and not a moment too soon as me thinks some of the fan base needs a baseball fix badddddddly.

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Who can take viagra 1 day until pitchers and 1, who can take viagra000, who can take viagra000 catchers march

Who can take viagra Even though I nearly busted my ass walking down my ice covered driveway this morning (my kids took the tea pot and a broom outside yesterday and said they are starting the Staten Island Curling Club with my driveway acting as the home arena) it’s good to know that the Mets catchers have seen their shadows (I picture all these backstops standing around like birds on a wire) so that could only mean 6 weeks of spring training.

Who can take viagra Speaking of catchers, who can take viagra yesterday the stories out of St. Who can take viagra Lonesome had Henry Blanco as the one catcher with a roster spot sewn up but Omar Minaya says he’s not an everyday player. Who can take viagra His tag team partner though changes everyday. Who can take viagra One day the stories are about Omir Santos, who can take viagra then today we read about how Josh Thole can hit in whatever league he plays in plus he worked this off season with Bob Natal the Mets Catching Coordinator on his receiving skills. Who can take viagra Now we are hearing that the Mets are working on signing Rod Barajas to either a minor league deal or a bargain basement ML deal. Who can take viagra It’s to the point now that every pitcher in camp will have his own personal catcher.

Who can take viagra JR of JR’s Sports Briefs did a video of the Mets Blood drive at $iti Field the other day. Who can take viagra Usually the Mets do this drive in the spring but I guess with the shortage of blood in area hospitals they decided to go with a winter drive as well as a spring one as well.

Who can take viagra Mike Silva is looking for the Mets promotional schedule on the team website but it’s no where to be found. I’m sure when they do decide to release the list of promotions it will be the same as every year, who can take viagra opening day schedule magnet, who can take viagra a couple of bobble head days, who can take viagra  drawstring bag day, who can take viagra notebook day, who can take viagra various t-shirts and lunch bag day.  Now I won’t kill these giveaway days as I have more Mets swag than I my basement can handle and I am a sucker for bobble heads but it would be refreshing to see something a little more imaginative from the Mets promo department. Who can take viagra I don’t expect that though.

Who can take viagra I don’t know why this bothers me but it does

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Cheap viagra from uk When it comes to thinking about the New York Mets this past weekend, cheap viagra from uk my mind was like a car stuck in the mud, cheap viagra from uk just spinning my wheels. Cheap viagra from uk Seriously it’s hard to come up with any more ways to analyze Jason Bay and a 5th year (isn’t every year now that the Mets are desperate to sign a big name and have to always over pay in either years or money? I thought the signing of Pedro Martinez, cheap viagra from uk Carlos Beltran and the trade and signing for Johan Santana was supposed to end that and make the Mets THE team that players wanted to join?) or if Ryan Garko or Garrett Adkins would make a great tag team partner for Daniel Murphy or if Matt Capps or Mike McDougal would make the best set up man for Frankie Rodz or if Ben Sheets, cheap viagra from uk Chin Ming Wang or Justin Duchschere would be the best slightly damaged merchandise scrap heap signing or how Omar will fill the four other spots in the starting rotation, cheap viagra from uk but we have talked about these moves almost as much as the NY Post has obsessed over who Tiger Woods has been banging.

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk My mood is very, cheap viagra from uk very glooming today due to the awful defensive display put on by the New York Football Giants last night against the Iggles from Philly. Cheap viagra from uk With the Dallas Cowgirls losing to the San Diego SuperChargers (if it’s December you know it’s wintertime and the Cowgirls will choke) and a big fuck you to Flozell Adams who if he played in the Staten Island Touch Tackle Football League (of which I played in some 30 years ago, cheap viagra from uk 30 YEARS!!!!!! HOLY SHIT)  would be in a hospital recovering from reconstructive surgery on a knee, cheap viagra from uk for being a cheap shot bitch, cheap viagra from uk but I digress……..what a time for the Giants D to come up small and for the special teams to fall apart as well. Cheap viagra from uk Oh, cheap viagra from uk an a word to Iggles Coach Andy, cheap viagra from uk (more Chins than the Hong Kong phone book) Reid, cheap viagra from uk your fat ass will not be going to the Super Bowl so enjoy your win over the Giants, cheap viagra from uk only coaches who haven’t won shit would chest bump with their players after a regular season win.    

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk Can you feel the holiday spirit just oozing out of me? After that Giants game last I got to think of all the teams I root for which gives me the most of my rooting interest, cheap viagra from uk Here are the candidates:

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk New York Mets

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk The first sports team I’ve ever rooted for and the team that gives me the most aggravation. Cheap viagra from uk More the way the ownership and front office go about its business is what infuriates me as the Mets are the only team I root for that does not embrace it’s history, cheap viagra from uk in fact the owner not only had to be shamed into honoring the teams past but is shocked that the fan base is so adamant in celebrating the history of the team. Cheap viagra from uk  Freddy Skill Sets ain’t exactly Tevye, cheap viagra from uk you know what I mean?

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk New York Giants

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk I got involved rooting for the Giants as a kid when I started playing football at age 12. Cheap viagra from uk My oldest brother had season tickets for the G-Men and I got to go once in awhile (at Highlander Stadium no less) and then my other brother became friendly with the Mara’s though business so it was a natural progression to become a Giants fan. Cheap viagra from uk Back in the 70’s, cheap viagra from uk the Giants were not very good but I was a kid and my older brothers were Giants fans so I went with the flow. Cheap viagra from uk But then came the 80’s and the G-Men were the cream of the NFL crop (thank you George Young and Bill Parcells) then it became cool to root for Big Blue. Cheap viagra from uk The Mara’s also celebrate the teams history fully as they have owned the team since it’s inception in 1925 and it doesn’t hurt they are proud Irish-Americans as well.

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk New York Rangers

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk No one in my family were hockey fans when I was a kid and now there are still no hockey fans in my family today but me. Cheap viagra from uk My relatives always said I was a little “different” but growing up my neighborhood in Brooklyn was a hockey hot bed. Cheap viagra from uk We had the finest roller hockey rink in the city on 53rd St and Ft Hamilton Parkway (it’s still there by the way) so as teenagers we spent a lot of fall and winter days playing hockey, cheap viagra from uk and of course we were Ranger fans. Cheap viagra from uk Saturday nights on Ch 9 were Rangers Hockey Night (your Schaffer Circle of Sports) I got to see Brad Park, cheap viagra from uk Eddie Giacomin and my all time favorite Ranger, cheap viagra from uk Walter Tkachuk play in their famous Blue sweaters. Cheap viagra from uk Again there is strong tradition with the Broadway Blueshirts as they were an Original Six (I love that title Original Six!!!!!!) While I watched the Rangers on Ch 9 and listened to them on radio, cheap viagra from uk I didn’t go to a Rangers game until I was 18 but the first hockey game I saw in person was a NY Raiders of the WHA game at Madison Square Garden back in 1973 (I was 15 and a bunch of us hopped the on the Sea Beach to Manhattan with our G.O cards and got blue seats for the Raiders for a couple of bucks, cheap viagra from uk the Raiders played at 1 PM and the Rangers at 7:30PM. Cheap viagra from uk We thought about finding a hiding place in MSG until the Rangers game at night but figuring we never told our parents about our field trip to Manhattan, cheap viagra from uk they might not be too happy if he didn’t come home until 11 PM or so) I held Rangers season tickets for 10 years but with a wife and two kids, cheap viagra from uk it’s hard to go to 40 games a season and when you can’t make the games and have to eat the tickets, cheap viagra from uk it gets quite expensive, cheap viagra from uk but I was there to see the Rangers win the Stanley Cup and remember the banner in the Blue Seats that night “Now I Can Die In Peace” Of all the fans in this city no fans are more loyal than the Garden Faithful of the Rangers.

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk Boston Celtics

Cheap viagra from uk  

Cheap viagra from uk I know what you’re saying, cheap viagra from uk “No Knicks?” No. Cheap viagra from uk Again every Sunday in the winter, cheap viagra from uk I’d watch the NBA on ABC with Chris Schenkel and Jack Tyman and it seemed every Sunday, cheap viagra from uk the Celtics were on TV. Cheap viagra from uk Sure I watched the Knicks on Ch 9 (WOR Ch9 was our sports channel only the upper crust in Manhattan had something called “cable tv” ) but I was mesmerized by John Havlicek, cheap viagra from uk JoJo White, cheap viagra from uk Coach Red Auerbach and the great basketball player of all time, cheap viagra from uk Bill Russell. Cheap viagra from uk Plus, cheap viagra from uk I thought they were all Irish because of the shamrock, cheap viagra from uk green and well they were the Celtics. Cheap viagra from uk Of all my rooting interests, cheap viagra from uk this team has won the most championships and I know a lot of fans hate the team and its fans for that fact. Cheap viagra from uk Tough shit!!!!!!!! It is weird though when I go to MSG to see the C’s dressed in my Celtics regalia and Knicks fans yell at me to “go back to Boston” and I yell back “I’m from Brooklyn, cheap viagra from uk asshole” Classy, cheap viagra from uk I know

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Viagra online cod

Viagra online cod Baseball’s garage sale begins tonight A/K/A the non-tendered players go on the free agent market and there are some players on the list that would help the Mets immeasurably like:

Viagra online cod RHP Kevin Corriea

Viagra online cod The Padres are trying to have the lowest payroll since the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings started paying players so a very good #4 pitcher like Corriea will be sitting out there to the highest bidder. Viagra online cod Right now Corriea would be better than anyone other than Johan Santana in the Mets rotation.

Viagra online cod Garret Atkins/Ryan Garko

Viagra online cod Either player would be an excellent compliment to Daniel Murphy as a right handed hitting tag team partner at first base.

Viagra online cod RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Viagra online cod Yes he is coming off injury and yes he is a Highlander but Wang is perfect for the Mets if sound as a ground ball pitcher, viagra online cod Wang won’t be ready to pitch until May but Omar has signed bigger question marks than Wang so he’s worth an incentive laden contract. Viagra online cod I’ll be surprised if the Highlanders let him go though.

Viagra online cod Alex Cora is in mid season form. Viagra online cod I guess the Mets will extend his contract now.

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