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Real viagra WHEW!!!!!  Yesterday’s Mets-Rockies game is like trying to eat a Carnegie Deli sandwich, real viagra where do you begin?

Real viagra I’ll start with Johan Santana who has topped everyone’s expectations so far this season. Real viagra  Santana relied on fastball/change up combo and I hate using this word, real viagra battled. Real viagra If you want to take Johan to task (I don’t know why you would) his walk rate 4.13 BB/9IP is high but as he progress through the season that should drop. Real viagra  The main thing that separates Santana from Mark Prior and Chen Ming Wang, real viagra the two pitchers who have had the same surgery as Santana, real viagra is he is a superior pitcher than either two. Real viagra Prior was more a thrower than a pitcher and Wang is a back of the rotation guy, real viagra Santana is an anchor. Real viagra Since his 1.1 IP performance in Atlanta on April 17 th, real viagra his last two starts have been outstanding, real viagra having  pitched 12.2 innings and given up 1 earned run dropping  his season ERA from 3.97 to 2.25. Real viagra See how easy life is with a solid #1 pitcher.

Real viagra Well somewhat easy I guess. Real viagra I have no problem with Terry Collins pulling Santana after 6 innings in a start where Johan had thrown 105 pitches in his last start with an extra day rest. Real viagra  So far the program the Mets have put together for Santana has been working so why get greedy, real viagra besides with the exception of Frank Frisco, real viagra the back end of the bullpen has been good. Real viagra Now would I have gone with Miguel Batista in the 7th inning? No, real viagra I’d have gone with Bobby Parnell, real viagra but when I thought about why TC would go with Batista in that spot, real viagra I thought it would be to show confidence in Batista after that awful start last Monday, real viagra putting him a spot to succeed. Real viagra Collins is the anti-Joe Girardi, real viagra he’s more a feel and from the gut kind of manager, real viagra he knows when a player needs a confidence boost and when a guy needs a day of reflection from the bench. Real viagra Binders? Terry Collins doesn’t need no stinkin’ binders. Real viagra Batista pitched a fine 7th inning and things were moving along nicely until………………

Real viagra We could scream and yell about home plate ump Paul Emmel squeezing the strike zone on Jon Rauch especially on the Michael Cuddyer at bat (as per pitch f/x, real viagra Rauch only hit the strike zone with a pitch once but look at the 4th and 5th pitch of the AB, real viagra can we have some consistency please !)But the Carlos Gonzalez at bat was the at bat to look at. Real viagra Rauch’ first pitch was a strike that was called a ball after that Rauch lost all control of the strike zone. Real viagra Getting Cargo there would have left Fowler on first with 2 out but instead it’s 1 out runners on first and second with Troy Tulowitzki up. Real viagra Rauch starts off with two straight strikes and then gets Tulo to hit the next pitch back to him for a 1-3 put out and it looked like Rauch was getting out of this jam until of course the Cuddyer base on balls and out goes an irate Jon Rauch and in comes Tim Byrdak to face Todd Helton with the bases loaded.

Real viagra Just like that, real viagra a slider that was middle in took away a stellar start by Santana, real viagra a breakout game for Ike Davis, real viagra the continued wonderment of Kirk Nieuwhenhuis, real viagra the continued rejuvenation of David Wright and of course a 4 run lead, real viagra went for naught as the ball of Helton’s climbed to the upper reaches of right field for a Grand Salami. Real viagra Heads of Mets fans were hung, real viagra obscenities were screamed, real viagra scapegoats were being named, real viagra jobs had to be terminated, real viagra but this Mets team laughs at your lack of faith, real viagra you think they packed all those cowboy clothes to wear to Houston for a loss, real viagra HELL NO!!! This Mets team does not go quietly.

Real viagra I guess it’s due to the Mets having had some bad managers the last few years from Art Howe, real viagra the Admiral James Stockdale of baseball managers (Who am I ? Why am I here?) The insecure and overmatched Willie Randolph and the “is it payday”?  skipper Jerry Manuel , real viagra we are still getting used to the passion of Terry Collins.

Real viagra TC has learned a hard lesson in baseball, real viagra his last three managerial stints ended very badly and he had to go back to baseball purgatory as a minor league coordinator to rebuild his resume. Real viagra Give the man credit, real viagra he could have left baseball, real viagra gone to a 9 to 5 job and just be another working stiff, real viagra instead he went back to the bushes and rebuilt his reputation as baseball man and worked on what were his short comings. Real viagra  If it weren’t for the financial fallout from the Madoff mess, real viagra Collins wouldn’t have gotten this shot. Real viagra He got the job because he came cheap and this cheap investment is paying dividends.

Real viagra Collins holds players accountable, real viagra you know Ike Davis was mad to be pinch hit for and I’m sure he was livid to be out the lineup but he wasn’t producing and as TC said I have faith in my players but it’s about the team and it’s about winning. Real viagra Since that time of his benching and with some work with hitting coach Dave Hudgins, real viagra Ike has picked up his hands and maybe using his anger as a positive, real viagra has started to look like the Ike we love. Real viagra Give tons of credit to Ike for his two run single in the top of the 11th that proved to be the game winner but don’t forget the manager for instilling a mindset into this team that they are a good baseball team and to the other 24 players who refuse to give up.

Real viagra  

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Viagra in spain I’m a little concerned about Angel Pagan, viagra in spain now that the Mets have sent him for a blood test to see what is causing him to be fatigued during games. Viagra in spain What also disturbs me is that Pagan has gone into a shell in the clubhouse. Viagra in spain With the thought of Carlos Beltran ready to be dealt away, viagra in spain his own poor play this season and the uncertainty that he will be brought back next year, viagra in spain has to be weighing on his mind. Viagra in spain Hopefully there is nothing medically wrong with Pagan.

Viagra in spain Most of the talk this morning is about what will happen after Carlos Beltran is traded. Viagra in spain From reading the quotes from Terry Collins it seems he understands what we Mets fans have figured out the last couple of years, viagra in spain some of these guys tend to lay down like dogs when they feel the season is over. Viagra in spain TC has made it known now that anyone he suspects turning canine the last two months of the season will become ex-Mets. Viagra in spain This has always been my main concern about the team that in the past, viagra in spain they have shown no heart in tough situations. Viagra in spain Collins made it known to me over the winter that that kind of mindset will not happen under his stewardship and so far this season he has live up to his promise.

Viagra in spain If anything this Mets team doesn’t roll over in fact, viagra in spain most non-Mets fans/followers have complimented the way the team plays, viagra in spain hard for 27 outs. Viagra in spain That’s why I have faith in TC to keep that mindset going forward. Viagra in spain I have to believe if a player doesn’t hustle or takes a play off, viagra in spain his ass will be fastened to the bench.

Viagra in spain I have been a Mike Pelfrey fan. Viagra in spain I’ve rooted for him to get his act together and become a solid front line starting pitcher. Viagra in spain I’ve kept saying “one more year and it will all click for Pelf” but more and more this seasons, viagra in spain my faith in Pelfrey drops after each of his starts. Viagra in spain I’m getting to the point where I’ll be surprised if he is a Met in 2012. Viagra in spain After reading some of his quotes today about life after Carlos Beltran I’ve become more secure in saying that we may be seeing the last of Mike Pelfrey as a Met:

Viagra in spain   “I understand that if you want to get something back for him you have to trade him (Beltran), viagra in spain” Pelfrey told The Post before the Mets beat the Reds 4-2 last night. Viagra in spain “But in the same sense I would think if we ended up getting rid of him, viagra in spain the front office’s view is that we don’t have a chance, viagra in spain because he gives us our best chance to win. Viagra in spain If he’s not here, viagra in spain then they felt we can’t rebound from where we’re at.”

Viagra in spain Mike, viagra in spain if you pitched better this season, viagra in spain the team would have had a better chance to compete for a post season berth. Viagra in spain Don’t worry about what the front office is or has to do. Viagra in spain It’s very simple, viagra in spain players play, viagra in spain coach’s coach, viagra in spain manager’s mange and the front office worries about trades and signings. Viagra in spain Quite frankly maybe your problem is you worry about shit that has nothing to do with you and you lose focus on what you need to do, viagra in spain which is to pitch better. Viagra in spain Hey who knows maybe your career will turn around next year when you’re a Kansas City Royal.

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Mexican viagra Since I had no plans for today myself and the heir to the Kranepool Society mis-fortune decided totake a trip up to the Boogie Down to see the Highlanders-Indians  game this afternoon. Mexican viagra  Amazingly, mexican viagra this will be our first trip to the new Stadium. Mexican viagra My second new stadium experience in three days as Friday night we ventured to Harrison NJ to see the NY Red Bulls with my daughter’s soccer team.  Tomorrow I will have a whole lot more on my experiences in both places.

Mexican viagra Ah Murph!!!!!!! You make that play inning over and maybe the game and back to the magic .500 level of mediocrity but in order to get offense into the lineup, mexican viagra TC has to make these type of moves.

Mexican viagra D.J. Mexican viagra Carrasco has been pitching very well for Buffalo so he gets the call back to the big club and Dale Thayer goes back to doing whatever it is Dale Thayer does.

Mexican viagra HoJo, mexican viagra really Hojo, mexican viagra stop with your critique of TC and the Mets handling of Jason Bay. Mexican viagra You look very small and petty when you do this; you don’t hear Collins ripping you for ruining David Wright do you? Maybe you’re the one that screwed up Jason Bay beyond repair. Mexican viagra There’s a reason you are no longer a member of the organization you know.

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Alternative drug new viagra These late inning collapses are wearing me out, alternative drug new viagra and I’m sure the manager and players feel the same way. Alternative drug new viagra So how do the Mets stop this rash of late inning chokes? Beat’s the shit out of me.  Is Pedro Beato feeling the effects of the tendonitis in his right bicep that landed him on the DL? Is Izzy feeling the fatigue from back to back appearances? Is Dale Thayer feeling the effects of being Dale Thayer? What’s a manager to do? Maybe TC can go with Bobby Parnell and Manny Acosta a bit more but really so far this season it doesn’t matter who is in that bullpen, alternative drug new viagra after a solid start the back end of the pen has become a problem and moving the pieces around isn’t solving anything. Alternative drug new viagra   

Alternative drug new viagra Jason Bay sounds like a guy who has given up. After reading these quotes it seems he asking Terry Collins to take him out of the everyday lineup:

Alternative drug new viagra  The underachieving Mets left fielder has been around long enough to realize every manager has a breaking point. Alternative drug new viagra Bay knows he needs to start hitting — or prepare for the possibility he will relinquish his everyday spot in the Mets’ lineup.

Alternative drug new viagra “That’s the reality of the situation we’re in, alternative drug new viagra” Bay told The Post. Alternative drug new viagra “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that is not an option. Alternative drug new viagra I’m pretty aware of what’s going on.”

Alternative drug new viagra “It’s a results business, alternative drug new viagra and this is a place where team-wise you need to win and you need to perform, alternative drug new viagra” Bay said. Alternative drug new viagra “Regardless of who you are, alternative drug new viagra you get enough chances and it’s like ‘OK, alternative drug new viagra let’s go [in a different direction].’ That’s out of my control.”

Alternative drug new viagra Watching Bay’s AB’s last night you can see he has absolutely no confidence in himself as a hitter. Alternative drug new viagra In the 4th inning he was HBP in his knee and never made an attempt to get out of the balls way. Alternative drug new viagra I guess he felt taking one for the team was the least he could do. Alternative drug new viagra In the 6th, alternative drug new viagra after getting ahead 2-0, alternative drug new viagra Bay missed on two fastballs, alternative drug new viagra fouling them off. Alternative drug new viagra He then took another ball to get the count to 3-2. Alternative drug new viagra He fouled off another pitch he was late on and then took a called third strike. Alternative drug new viagra As the ump called strike three, alternative drug new viagra Bay just looked at him calmly and asked where it was, alternative drug new viagra the ump told him and Bay just shrugged his shoulders, alternative drug new viagra got his glove and went to LF. Alternative drug new viagra It’s time for an intervention, alternative drug new viagra either platoon Bay or talk to him and his agent about going to Buffalo or St Lonesome to work out his problems at the plate. Alternative drug new viagra He will not be released and he has zero trade value so this would be the best thing for the team and for Bay. Alternative drug new viagra Lucas Duda is ripping up Triple A pitching, alternative drug new viagra he deserves a shot at the LF job.

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Viagra cheap canada I had the honor of being invited to a bloggers conference call with Mets manager Terry Collins last night. Viagra cheap canada Collins is upbeat , viagra cheap canada excited and quite confident about his team. Viagra cheap canada I posed the question to Collins on how will he keep this club together when adversity hits, viagra cheap canada as it always does in a 162 game baseball season. Viagra cheap canada Thanks to Michael Baron, viagra cheap canada here is my question and a full transcript of the conference call. I tip my Mets cap to Michael for doing this transcript under adverse conditions as there was a load of background noise during the call:

Viagra cheap canada Steve Keane: This Spring, viagra cheap canada camp has been upbeat, viagra cheap canada although there have been a few bumps in the road. Viagra cheap canada It seems the players have fed off your enthusiasm. Viagra cheap canada Over the course of the season, viagra cheap canada there will be losing streaks, viagra cheap canada and in the past, viagra cheap canada those spread and festered. Viagra cheap canada The Mets, viagra cheap canada over the past few years, viagra cheap canada haven’t been known to be mentally and physically tough. Viagra cheap canada How do you combat that?

Viagra cheap canada Terry Collins:   Not everyone has the answer. Viagra cheap canada People think there is a process we go through to get through it. Viagra cheap canada In a losing streak, viagra cheap canada a lot of guys get concerned with individual stats, viagra cheap canada and we need to combat that. Viagra cheap canada Its all about communication, viagra cheap canada and making sure they continue to believe in themselves. Viagra cheap canada Not sitting back, viagra cheap canada and waiting for things to happen.

Viagra cheap canada The toughest part of managing or coaching is getting your players to buy in to what preaching, viagra cheap canada getting them to put team ahead of self and so far this spring from the quotes and stories from Mets players, viagra cheap canada they seem to be buying what TC is selling.

Viagra cheap canada Caryn (Metsgrrl) Rose had a great question for Collins about him being a players manager and I think this was a real honest and revealing answer from TC:

Viagra cheap canada I think it means a lot – in the past, viagra cheap canada I was probably not a players manager. Viagra cheap canada Through the years, viagra cheap canada I have realized the importance of constant communication, viagra cheap canada and never taking anything for granted. Viagra cheap canada That is done with experience – from my first few years, viagra cheap canada I was worried about only managing the game, viagra cheap canada and thinking everyone was on board with it. Viagra cheap canada I look at it as a compliment.

Viagra cheap canada Keeping the lines of communication open is KEY for a manager. Viagra cheap canada When the players have to guess what you’re thinking or feel you’re playing head games, viagra cheap canada you are destine to lose that player and your team. Viagra cheap canada  I would say TC learned that lesson in Anaheim and will not make that mistake again.

Viagra cheap canada Izzy has agreed to stay in extended spring training for two weeks as the Mets try to fit this bullpen. Viagra cheap canada It worked out as well as Sandy Alderson could have hoped as he gets to keep two or the three relievers he had to decide on.

Viagra cheap canada The more these stories keep coming out about the Skill Sets shaky financial status, viagra cheap canada it seems the only conclusion I can see is the Skill Sets selling the team. Viagra cheap canada  Freddy Skill Sets has his heart set on keeping the team in the family for generations to come but I doubt if his wish will come true.

Viagra cheap canada As I was typing up this post, viagra cheap canada word came down that Luis Castillo has been cut by the Phuck Phaces. Viagra cheap canada Andy Martino is getting ready to file a discrimination lawsuit against the Phuck Phaces on behalf of Castillo.

Viagra cheap canada GET METS-MERIZED! GET METS-MERIZED! Cheesy? you bet Sharp Cheddar Baby!

Viagra cheap canada The everyday menu at Foley’s NY is always first rate but with the start of the 2011 Baseball Season, viagra cheap canada they have added a bunch of specials to commemorate the season openers:

Viagra cheap canada Appetizers

Viagra cheap canada Francona’s Terry-Yaki Steak Skewers: $5.00

Viagra cheap canada Thai (Cobb) Chicken Skewers: $5.00

Viagra cheap canada Dustin Pedroia’s Buffalo Shrimp: $5.50

Viagra cheap canada Miguel Cabrera’s Loaded Fries: $5.00

Viagra cheap canada Welkes’ Wings (Bucket = three orders): $12.50

Viagra cheap canada Entrees

Viagra cheap canada Cliff’s Phil-Lee Cheesesteak Sandwich: $5.95

Viagra cheap canada Justin Morneau’s French Dip $5.95

Viagra cheap canada Sean Casey’s Irish Burger $6.50

Viagra cheap canada Coursi’s Chicken Club Wrap $5.50

Viagra cheap canada Additionally, viagra cheap canada Foley’s has named a menu item for every team in the major leagues:

Viagra cheap canada NL

Viagra cheap canada Mets: David Wright Sandwich

Viagra cheap canada Phillies: Philly Cheesesteak Wrap

Viagra cheap canada Braves: Fried Chicken Dinner

Viagra cheap canada Marlins: Fried Fish Sandwich

Viagra cheap canada Nats: Washington Apple Pie

Viagra cheap canada Brewers: Bratwurst

Viagra cheap canada Cardinals: Toasted Ravioli

Viagra cheap canada Pirates: Pittsburgh Steak Salad

Viagra cheap canada Cubs: Chicago Dog

Viagra cheap canada Astros: Texas Sirloin Steak

Viagra cheap canada Reds: “Reds Hot” Chili

Viagra cheap canada Dodgers: LA Pizza

Viagra cheap canada Padres: Fish Tacos

Viagra cheap canada Rockies: Beer Battered Onion Rings

Viagra cheap canada Arizona: Chicken Southwest

Viagra cheap canada Giants: French Dip

Viagra cheap canada AL

Viagra cheap canada Yankees: “Swish” & Chips

Viagra cheap canada Red Sox: Shrimp & Scallops

Viagra cheap canada Toronto: Poutine (French fries topped by cheese curds and gravy)

Viagra cheap canada Orioles: Maryland Crab Cake Sliders

Viagra cheap canada Rays: Cuban Sandwich

Viagra cheap canada Tigers: Mini Chili Dogs

Viagra cheap canada White Sox: Chicago Dog

Viagra cheap canada Twins: “Juicy Lucy” Burger

Viagra cheap canada Royals: KC Burger

Viagra cheap canada Indians: Cleveland Carrot Cake

Viagra cheap canada Rangers: Texas T Bone

Viagra cheap canada Angels: Artie’s Nachos

Viagra cheap canada Mariners: Chicken Eggrolls

Viagra cheap canada A’s:  Garlic Wings

Viagra cheap canada Looks like tomorrow or Friday will be a long lunch day for me to sneak over to Foley’s

Viagra cheap canada Don’t forget to check out the THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Podcast from last night with my guest Matthew Silverman author of 50 AMAZIN’ SEASON . Viagra cheap canada You can listen here at Kranepool Society (lower right side bar) or at the show page or as a download on iTunes.

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Alternate to viagra

Alternate to viagra Happy Christmas Eve y’all I got so much shit to do but I hate doing it so while everyone thinks I’m busy doing stuff to get ready for tonight and tomorrow I’m sitting here typing out this post, alternate to viagra and why not no one gets yelled at on Christmas right?

Alternate to viagra Rob Castelano of Amazin’ Avenue was on a conference call with the new and improved Mets coaching staff and posted the entire transcript of the call. Alternate to viagra Looks like TC and Co. Alternate to viagra will hit the ground running at St Lonesome in Feburay. Alternate to viagra I’d advise the Mets players to leave the golf clubs at home.

Alternate to viagra I cannot believe that  Charles Wang has not reached out to Mikhail Prokhorov about adding the Islanders as  a tenant to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. Forget about building an arena in Queens, alternate to viagra Brooklyn is the place for the Isles.

Alternate to viagra As with Thanksgiving, alternate to viagra it’s not the official holiday with hearing Alice’s Restaurant on Christmas no gifts can be open until I play the only Christmas song I like.

Alternate to viagra Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Couldn’t miss this one this year!
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Couldn’t miss this one this year!

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